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Training Contract

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    Hi guys I'm really sorry if there is another thread for it already but I went through the first 5-6 pages of the law forum and couldn't find anything pertinent to my question so I'm starting this thread.

    Can anyone or any of the current law students tell me what is the condition of Training Contracts at LSE and KCl as of now. I'm thinking of applying to both of them and I've positive vibes that I may be able to get through at last one of them so what I wanted to know is how many of total LSE/KCL students managed to secure a training contract and what were their grades and extra curricular's like? I know it is really difficult to get training contarcts as of know but what are the prospects for a student with good extra curricular activities and good marks in his LLB degree two years from now (assuming recession is over by then).
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    Nobody here will be able to tell you exactly what your chances are or what the average grades and EC's of the typical KCL/LSE student will be. What we can say is that both universities have top Law schools and if you work hard and do well you stand not only a good chance of getting a TC, but also a good chance of getting a TC at some of the top firms. Yes, the recession will make the process harder and more competitive but it's certainly possible and even probable.
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    Both LSE and KCL are very good unis which will stand you in good stead for getting a TC. If you get a good 2:1, have a range of ECs, do good CVs/application forms/interviews and apply to a appropriate number of firms then you will have a great chance at getting a TC.

    The recession should be over by the time you graduate anyway.
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    Thanks guys. U have really given me a bit of piece of mind. Could you guys elaborate about the number of extracurricular activities that one should try to accommodate in his CV. How many Moots, Internships, Research papers would be good? I know putting a quantitative figure for them would be difficult as one great publication would be better than five average one's but could you just try to muster up a rough figure.
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    EC's are only useful insofar as they help to demonstrate qualities such as team working, time management, leadership, communication skills, commitment, etc. If you do one thing which demonstrates all of these things well then you'll stand out much better than somebody who's taken 10 EC's and demonstrated them all poorly. Things like voluntary work (pro bono), mooting and executive positions with societies are all really good but there isn't a "magic number" of EC's which firms are looking for. Take on what you feel is manageable, aim to get the most out of it and you will really be fine.
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    Definitely what Mr_Deeds said. Doing something really impressive will beat any number of small little things.

    I just want to add that how you phrase them on application forms is really important. Its very important to outline your level of involvement and what you learnt from the activities. Talking about what you personally learnt from debating - e.g. to consider different view points or communicate effectively - is much more effective then saying "I did debating", and provides much better interview fodder.


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Updated: August 3, 2009
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