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Would you say 40k a year is a good salary? What salary would you be happy with?

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    Depends on your job and location.

    If you're a 40 year old banker living in central london and working 60 hours, then you're being underpaid.

    If you're straight out of uni, working in middle management and living in Newcastle, then it's a pretty sweet deal.
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    40k is good.
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    (Original post by Paul McGann)
    how high just wondering?
    Well at this point in my life (at university) I don't really have a ceiling that I'm aiming for. As they say, the sky's the limit, and I very much live by that philosophy when I haven't even started in my career.
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    no, i will cry if I never hit above 200k x
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    It's alright. Nothing amazing, but not too shabby. I'd hope to be on that within five to ten years after graduating. Once you're married, though, and have children, and want to send them to school (independent, no-less) and university, and have a holiday home, and so on, then you will struggle.
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    Yes, very much so! £40k is really good! Obviously I'd love to earn as much as possible but £40k is a LOT of money and I'd be very happy with it.
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    I would be over the moon with that! Seeing that my household income has been just over £9,000 for years. So yes please
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    It depends on the person, what your expectations are. For me £40k would be amazing! I don't have the best degree and don't know where to start but most jobs I have in mind probably won't get me onto £30k for a long time
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    Good lord, all you people who seem to think 40K isn't worth getting out of bed for are in for a real shock when you enter the real world.
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    its a salary you want to achieve 4-6years after graduating

    ...i think
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    Yes, definitely would. In the kind of job I'll be doing once I graduate (Social Work) I won't be able to earn anything above 40k until I have some sort of managing role. I'm thinking I'll need at least 5-10 years experience to achieve this.

    40 to 50k would be ideal. :yes:
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    Although I'd rather work for myself, 40k is more than decent (depending on where you live and circumstances, obviously.)

    Anymore than what you really need is greed.
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    (Original post by BrinnyUnlimited)
    Good lord, all you people who seem to think 40K isn't worth getting out of bed for are in for a real shock when you enter the real world.
    No one's said even close to that, have they?

    It's true that if you have a family with 2 or 3 kids living in London, £40k isn't going to leave tons spare for fun. A mortgage on a four or even three bedroom house will eat up a pretty big chunk of that, and with a big mortgage comes big risk - you'll need to put away some of that remainder to save with in case you ever lost your job and somehow have to raise £2k a month just to pay off the mortgage. For a single person it's plenty, but since the OP didn't specify a context, it's crazy to just unswervingly say "It's fantastic! Get real you idiots!"
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    40k starting salary would be amazing, way above my expectations. I'd be happy getting that kind of salary after 5-10 years experience. Ideally at the peak of my career and beyond i'd like to earn in the region of 50k, but considering how much income tax you have to pay, perhaps a bit more than that.

    I'm surprised that a lot of people consider this an "ok" income but nothing special; and i thought i was overly ambitious. Assuming your partner also works, you would have a combined income of at least 50k which is a pretty decent income to raise a family on.
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    Most people on here are intolerably naive
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    Plenty if you ask me.
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    (Original post by ToastyCoke)
    Most people on here are intolerably naive
    please tell me that's not your car
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    completely relative to my circumstances. if i was on my own in relatively low income neighbourhood then i'd be doing very well. If i was somewhere like chilworth with multimillion pound houses and i had 8 kids to feed, then i would not be doing very well.
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    (Original post by abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz)
    please tell me that's not your car
    I won't tell you anything.
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    40k a year!? That's definitely more than enough!!

    If I left college with my course (level 3) once graduated, i'd be aiming at around 12k-14k working at a childcare nursery.
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