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The reverse film thread

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    The aim of this thread is simple. Think of a film and basically, tell it from beginning to end in a few words. Some of the results are a giggle.

    So, I'll start with Rambo .

    Rambo is about a big strong man who brings people back to life with his magical vacuum gun.
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    The Truman show is a film about a big brother type show where one of the contestants gradually loses his memory, believing the show to be real.
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    Saving Private Ryan is a film where an old man reminisces about during WWII when Tom Hanks comes back to life, and loses private Ryan and is gradually pushed back by the Nazis to the coast and into the Sea.

    Oh and a Nazi with a blindfold on walks backwards towards the allies and is eventually released.
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    Titanic is about a shipwreck that rises back to sea level, and everybody gets off the lifeboats back onto the ship and has a lovely cruise.
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    Edit - wait, did you mean from beginning to end, or from end to beginning?
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    harry potter is about a boy wizard who is nearly killed by lord voldemort, but voldemort dies. then when lord voldemort tries to kill him again, he dies once more.
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    The Shawshank Redemption is about a guy who finds a gift from his friend in a field and then tunnels into prison to spend the next 40 years with that friend, before he is framed for a murder he didn't commit.
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    Spider-man is about a superhero who goes to a funeral and brings a man back to life who ends up trying to kill him. The man loses his powers so Spider-man gets to enjoy his powers before they're taken from him by a radioactive spider, which also turns him into a nerd... :holmes:
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    40 days and 40 nights is about a guy who gives up sex for Lent.
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    Benjamin Button is about some guy living his life; he is born then some time later he dies.
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    Star Wars epIV is about a guy called Luke who has his medal stripped from him. Because of this he creates a 'DeathStar' by absorbing 2 energy balls. He then travels to Yavin IV where they talk about how Luke created the deathstar. Luke and his crew then visits the deathstar where one darth vader stumbles across a bunch of clothes. Using his magic wand he then creates and man called Obi wan Kenobi who then decides to turn on a function of the death star whereby spaceships are repelled away. Meanwhile Han Solo, with his super strength, pushes the walls of the garbage chute awway, then deciding to create a monster which dries Luke off. They then give their armour tio some storm troopers and take off to Tatooine. Meanwhile Vader and Torkin(?) feel like making a planet for Princess Leia. Back on Tatooine Han Solo gives Obi wan 5000 credits and creates a green alien friend. The Empire then creates a home for Luke whilst Obi Wan wanders off with the sand people. The droids then travel back to their ship via space rocket and everyone says goodbye to the Empire for a great party. The end....
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    Primer is about a bunch of guys who have this box and then they go in the box and then they travel forward in time and then- wait, who am I kidding, the movie doesn't make much sense forward nevermind backwards.
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    Lord of the rings is about some hobbits who decide to bring the ring back from Mordor to the shire, fighting a few hilarious reverse battles on the way; so that at the birthday party Bilbo can perform a birthday trick of disappearing into thin air.


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