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These are some things worth doing or at least considering before heading off to uni:

  • Think carefully about why you are going to uni. It won't be like 'being at school'. This is the moment you have chosen to leave home and grow-up. Start taking responsibility for your own life, organising how you will get to Uni, and what you will take with you - both in your suitcase and you".
Many uni applicants will be preparing to leave home during the summer

Accommodation and belongings

  • Check information from your uni about what you can and can't take (eg mini-fridges, kettles, etc).
  • Mark all of your valuables with UV security pens so you can identify what's yours should it get stolen.


  • Don't wait until you get to university to open a bank account. Go to your local branch between getting your confirmed place and going off to uni. This removes delay and ensures you will get your student loan into your account as quickly as possible when you start your course. Remember to tell the loan company about your new account details by changing your details online.
  • Shop around for your bank account and remember to find out whether they have a branch near your uni!


  • Make sure you get are up-to date with immunisation - especially for measles, mumps and meningitis.

Freshers' week

  • Many unis publish Freshers' week schedules on their websites or on the Students' Union website (you might also find people who know about them on TSR). Finding out what’s happening might give you a head start on what fancy dress outfits you need!
Buying books will be high on your priority list

Reading lists

  • Some university departments put their reading lists online at Blackwell's Reading Lists website. Others will send you information about Reading Lists in your welcome pack once your University place is confirmed after Results Day.
  • Remember, even if it's on the reading list, you don't necessarily need to buy it. Most books you will only read once. So, borrow them from your (home) local library to read over the summer and use your uni library once you get there.
  • With this in mind - don't ask relatives for bookshop gift cards as 'going to uni' pressies - you'll never use them.
  • Good places for discount or 2nd hand books are Amazon, eBay, Abebooks, Alibris, Oxfam Online. Make sure you get the right 'edition'.

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