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Bishop Grosseteste University is committed to being a leader in learning, to inspiring excellence, and to enriching the lives of its students and staff and the communities it serves.

The University seeks to value diversity; recognise aspiration and achievements; promote opportunities for self-development; respect its heritage whilst embracing appropriate change; and remove barriers to progress.

Bishop Grosseteste University is a higher education institution with a foundation rooted in the Church of England tradition. Its academic portfolio includes undergraduate, postgraduate and work-based programmes in education, arts and humanities and cultural industries.

Through the provision of academic and vocational courses, Bishop Grosseteste University produces graduates with high levels of employability who are equipped to make a valuable contribution to society. The University also engages in knowledge transfer and other appropriate support in its work with partners in the public, private, educational, voluntary and community sectors.

The mission of Bishop Grosseteste University is to:

excel at teaching, learning and research enable all students to achieve at the highest possible standard in their chosen field of study foster an ethos in which the whole person is valued and diversity is celebrated provide a dynamic environment that supports learning, research and external collaboration work with partner schools to ensure that present and future teachers are well prepared and challenged in their thinking about learning engage with cultural and creative activity at all levels for the enrichment of our society develop productive partnerships with businesses and communities for mutual benefit. Core Beliefs and Values

Bishop Grosseteste University:

is committed to being an inclusive community which welcomes and hosts a diverse population of students & staff and fosters an ethos of mutual respect, trust and care recognises the place of faith within the human experience and provides for its practice, nurture and exploration has a strong belief in and commitment to education, learning, and the facilitation of personal development, placing high value upon the academic quality of the courses we offer is committed to making a positive impact on the societies in which we live and work, locally, nationally and internationally seeks to take an ethical approach to all activity and policy-making and encourages good practice in issues relating to the environment, sustainability and fair trade.

What Students Say

What Our Students Say About Us

"I was so nervous about leaving home and going to university but as soon as I set foot onto the BGU campus, I knew it was the place for me. My nerves turned to excitement! I know it's a bit cheesy but no other uni came close!" Dan, Education Studies & Geography, Year 3

"To be a student at BGU is to be part of a friendly, welcoming and diverse community of people. If you have a problem there will always be someone who will listen or give you a hand, something you will notice straight away if you come to have a look around. I have made some great friends whilst at BG, people who come from all over the country, with different backgrounds and experiences, and as you go through your time, those friends will be there with you." Tom, Education Studies & Science graduate

"The staff know what they're talking about because they've all come from so many different backgrounds, but they're not stuck in their ways, the traditions or 'the way things were'. They're genuinely excited by what they're doing and are wanting to explore the ideas that we (the students) have." Ryan, Education Studies & Drama, Year 3

"It's been a pretty jam-packed year but I have managed to balance work and play well and I have loved every minute of it!" James, Early Childhood Studies, Year 2

"In Education Studies and Music we work hard and we play hard! There is a real buzz when things go well and lots of support when they don't!" Tom, Education Studies & Music, Year 2

"Although the University has very high academic standards the course is very practical, and seeks to mirror the real-life classroom situation with all its joys and trials Sally, Education Studies & Drama graduate

"BGU is one of the best places in the country to train to be a primary school teacher - it has given me the experiences and the support to make me ready to get my first teaching job." Tom, Education Studies & Science graduate

"The people both in my groups and around the University are always smiling, and will always give up their time to give you a hand."Italic text Laura, Education Studies & Science graduate

"I really enjoyed my time at BUG. Even though it was hard work, the lecturers were amazing and would always help you with any problem you had. And we always had a good laugh!" Linzi, Education Studies and Maths graduate

"Having lived in Manchester and Nottingham I am used to big cities. I was pleasantly surprised by everything that Lincoln had to offer as a city, without all the crime and grief that goes with the bigger places." Steve, English Literature graduate

"Staff and student relations are excellent, with staff always willing to discuss work and ideas." Katherine, English Literature graduate

"At first the thought of coming to BGU to start a degree and the whole idea of moving away from home was a scary one. I didn't know anyone that had done a degree so it was a journey into the unknown for me, I just didn't know what to expect. Having settled in I realised I had worried too much. BGU is what you make of it. Everybody supports everybody here; it is one of the best things about coming to somewhere small like BGU. The work can be challenging and there are times when it is difficult living away from home but it is made so much easier because people want to help." Craig, Education Studies & History graduate

"The practical side is great - the chance to go on field trips really helps towards a deeper understanding of the subject." Sarah, Education Studies & Geography graduate

"This degree was a breath of fresh air - we got to see historical sites, handle evidence and find out what it meant." Dawn, Education Studies & History graduate

"The experience has been absolutely fantastic, well worth it. I would recommend it to anyone." Sam, Children's Services (Children & Youth Work), Year 1

"Most students completing their degrees here will tell you that the ways they see things in everyday life has changed as a result of their studies and this can only be the effect of an intelligent and demanding course." Mark, Education Studies & English graduate

"I had been interested in teaching for many years, but having three growing children and a job meant that a full-time college course was out of the question. My work provided the family with a vital second income, however, we decided that college would be an investment in my future career (and I would also get a second chance at the student life which had not worked out when I was younger). I must admit that I also assumed a degree course would be beyond my ability, and the fear of failing was a contributory factor in delaying my application. I can confidently say I made the right choice studying at BGU. It has been challenging returning to the world of study, but my tutors and new friends have provided me with a supportive environment where I am not alone." Sally, Education Studies & Drama graduate

"STAMP is fantastic fun for 3 reasons - you get to meet (and help) new people, you get to show off what BGU's got to offer, and you can give real answers to real questions from people right in front of you. You don't have to know everything but your experiences and honesty has a greater effect on visitors/prospective students opinions of BGU." Ryan, Education Studies & Drama, Year 3


Undergraduate Level

Foundation degrees

Foundation Degree Applied Studies (Early Childhood) Foundation Degree Applied Studies (Children and Youth Work) Foundation Degree Applied Studies (Learning Support)

Top-up degrees/Progression routes from Foundation Degrees

BA (Hons) Applied Studies (Early Childhood) BA (Hons) Applied Studies (Children and Youth Work) BA (Hons) Primary Teaching Studies with QTS BA (Hons) Applied Studies in Education

Honours degrees

BA (Hons) Drama in the Community BA (Hons) Early Childhood Studies BA (Hons) English Literature BA (Hons) Heritage Studies BA (Hons) Theology and Society BA (Hons) Primary Education (QTS) Joint degrees in Education Studies

BA (Hons) Education Studies and Art and Design BA (Hons) Education Studies and Drama BA (Hons) Education Studies and English BA (Hons) Education Studies and Geography BA (Hons) Education Studies and History BSc (Hons) Education Studies and Mathematics BA (Hons) Education Studies and Special Educational Needs & Inclusion (SENI) BA (Hons) Education Studies and Sport

Postgraduate Level

MA in Heritage Education MA in Community Archaeology Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Primary) Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Secondary) Graduate Teacher Programme MA in Education


Lincoln is a multi-cultural city, popular with UK and International students. Lincoln is one of the fastest growing cities in the UK with something for everyone, with two thousand years of history behind it, the city is changing evermore.

Lincoln has a blend of historical and modern buildings including a Norman castle and medieval cathedral that is amongst the finest in Europe. Walk down Steep Hill to the Brayford Wharf, once a Roman port, and you will find a lively modern marina with an expanding nightlife of pubs, restaurants, hotels and the Odeon cinema.

Lincoln has lower living costs than most UK cities and was voted the UK's 9th best city by the Guardian and Independent readers in 2004. Why not visit 'uphill' Lincoln (where the University is located), which is the historical area of Lincoln with cobbled streets and quaint traditional shops? Here you can visit the Cathedral, the castle, the Usher Art Gallery or perhaps go on a trail of all the Roman ruins.

Further down the hill is the commercial heart of the city. Here you will find all the high street shops, the indoor shopping centre, cafés, the bustling market and trips along the river Witham.

Lincoln has several large parks which are great in the summer for relaxing strolls and picnics - a great getaway to unwind without leaving the city. When the day's shopping is over, if you want to go out for a bite to eat then there are plenty of restaurants to suit all budgets, from McDonalds to the floating restaurant The Barge. Whatever you fancy, there's something to suit every taste: choose from English, French, Italian, Chinese, Thai, Indian, Brazilian or Mexican! If it's a quiet drink you're after, or a night on the dance floor, Lincoln's the place for you. It has a variety of quiet traditional pubs with real ales, lively modern bars, snooker pubs and nightclubs, and Lincoln's nightlife is expanding - a new jazz bar and an oyster & champagne bar have recently been opened in the city.

For a quieter evening you might go to the multi-screen Odeon cinema, the Superbowl bowling alley, catch a performance at the Theatre Royal or at the University's own 230-seat cinema, The Venue. Alternatively there's usually a good music programme at the Cathedral, or why not try Lincoln's spooky Ghost Walk? - a popular attraction for residents and tourists alike, and one that shouldn't be missed! If Lincoln itself is not enough to keep you busy, then why not explore Lincolnshire? It has more to offer than you might imagine; for a paddle by the sea visit one of Lincolnshire's many seaside resorts or have a flutter at the Market Rasen races. Or how about some thrills on the white knuckle rides at the Pleasure Island theme park?

Lincolnshire's claims to fame

Many famous and influential people have been born or are associated with Lincolnshire:

Sir Isaac Newton, scientist, was born at Woolsthorpe Manor. Alfred Lord Tennyson, poet, was born in Somersby. Lady Margaret Thatcher, first British woman Prime Minister, was born in Grantham. Bernie Taupin, songwriter, is from Market Rasen. Letitia Dean, actress (Sharon Watts in EastEnders), is from Lincoln. Kelly Adams, actress (Mikie in Holby City), is from Lincoln. Jim Broadbent, actor, is from Market Rasen. On the Big Screen

Many of Lincolnshire's grand country estates and fine architecture have been featured on film:

The Da Vinci Code (2005, Lincoln Cathedral and Burghley House) starring Tom Hanks, Sir Ian McKellen, Jean Reno. Pride and Prejudice (2005, Burghley House) starring Dame Judi Dench and Keira Knightley. Possession (2002 Lincoln Train Station, Eastgate Hotel) starring Gwyneth Paltrow and Aaron Eckhart. The Haunting (1999, Belvoir Castle and Harlaxton Manor) starring Catherine Zeta-Jones and Owen Wilson.



IT and computing








Careers service

Part-time jobs

Religious facilities


Bars, pubs and clubs


Clubs and societies

General Information
1862 (Degree giving status 2006)
Longdales Road, Lincoln. LN1 3DY
01522 527 347
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UCAS Code:

Total students:
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Typical offers:


Accommodation policy

Students will automatically be sent a letter beginning of April to sort out accommodation. Taking to other friends, bishop is definitely the most affordable! The new ensuite building is beautiful and I hope to go there. Any more information can be found on the website. As with most universities, all your electrical items have to be checked by the university for safety reasons, and there is a contract you're thing you have to sign.



Private sector

Student union

Given the Uni’s on the dinky side, the SU plays a strong role in student life, but it's campaigns for free condoms rather than freeing political prisoners that take the lead. The two sabbatical officers have a close relationship with the University. Weekly meetings between the SU and student reps from each course mean niggles can be discussed and sorted sharpish.



They say the locals can spot Bishops Grosseteste’s students at 50 yards, but that’s probably because they’re the ones in skirts. Before the impossibly high girl to boy ratio gets you clicking and submitting all over your UCAS application though, the atmosphere is a bit more heads down in the library than booties down on the dance floor. Lots of mature and local students can mean people tend to head home rather than to the pub after lectures, so campus can get a bit more ’28 Days Later’ than ’24 Hour Party People’. On the other hand, there’s a comfy, cosy, caring (if not claustrophobic) vibe to the place, where everyone knows everyone else and their business...walk-of-shamers be warned.


Teaching quality

Applying to Bishop Grosseteste

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