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This page contains details about offers made from the University of Bristol for 2012 entry. You don't have to fill in every box, it's all completely voluntary, but it'd be nice to see who is applying to similar courses to you.


NB: something must be written in every box. If the box doesn't apply to you or if you would prefer not to disclose the information, please write N/A or - . PLEASE KEEP ENTRIES IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER BY SUBJECT.

UsernameSubject/Course CodeAS resultsA2 predictionsUCAS sentOffer ReceivedOffer
lilipopAccounting&Finance - A*A*A*November 4thDecember 7thAAB-A in Economics and Maths, include AB in any order of C3 and C4 -
Hobo389Ancient History (V110)AAABAAAOctober 21stDecember 12thAABEPQ A*
AquilaXenonArchaeology & Anthropology (VL46)AAAAAAA*A*A*AOctober 3rdNovember 30thABBAnthropology EPQ
EmgraceBiology - A*A*A*(A-gen studs)September 30thNovember 17thAAB -
x_kirstyyBiology - A*A(A)November 1stJanuary 21stAAB -
biochemkidBiochemistry(Medical) - AAANovember 10thFebruary 1stAAB -
hannah225Biochemistry AABC AAAOctober 12thJanuary 12thABB -
PipGroveBiochemistry - 14 (French Baccalaureate)October 22ndFebruary 28th14 (French Baccalaureate) -
Dph1Chemistry AAAB AAAOctober 10thNovember 18thAAA/A*AB-
Ferrarifan 27Chemistry/F103 AAAAA A*A*A*A*A*October 12thNovember 24thAAA/A*AB-
hollyyteaChemistry AAAB AAB October 5th November 26thAAB- -
RagavanGunComputer Science - A*A*A*A* N/ANovember 11th AAA None
rachmcg666Computer Science - A*AAA November 17thDecember 21st AAA -
flutefluteComputer Science (with study abroad) - A*A*A*A* October 5thNovember 17th AAA (inc. Maths and Further Maths) -
OliverFeliceEconomicsAACCA*AABOctober 11thNovember 18thA*AA + AA in C3 and C4-
Minz211Economics - A*AAOctober 13thNovember 18thA*AA + AA in C3 and C4-
Nadine10Economics - A*A*A*A*(EPQ) September 28thNovember 28th A in Economics Already have an A* in Maths and A in French at A2.
-Illmatic-Economics with study in Continental Europe - AAAA October 24thNovember 7th AAB with AA in C3/C4 -
ChoppyyEconomics and Accounting - A*AAOctober 12thNovember 30thAAB - AA in Maths and Economics AA in C3/C4 -
finola_94Economics and Mathematics - A*A*AaNovember 21stDecember 20thA*AA with AA in C3 and C4None
anh.crisEconomics and Politics - A*AABOctober 13thNovember 29thAAA incl AA in C3 and C4 Maths-
Alpha-Omega Engineering - Mechanical (MEng) - A in Physics (already achieved A* in Maths and A in Further Maths) December 15 January 25th A in Physics -
BlitheringEngineering - Mechanical (MEng) AAAB A*A*AA October 20th 12th March 2012 AAA or A*AA not including Further Maths -
Kartik12Engineering - Mechanical (MEng) - A*AA(+ an A in AS Further Maths) October 16th31st NovemberAAA -
Manbearpig2011Engineering - Mechanical (MEng)AAAA A*A*A*A*November 23rdDecember 14thAAB- in any order from Maths, Further Maths and Physics -
akareninasEnglish and Classical Studies AABBB A*AA November 16thJanuary 21st AAA-
Meghan108 English and Classical Studies AAABB A*AA October 13th March 23rd AAB -
bigchlo English AAAB A*AA October 14th Feb 9th AAA -
Brownie Anyone?English - AAA November 10th December 21st AAA -
camillalalaEnglish - A*A*A October 20thDecember 12th AAA -
gallifreylivesEnglish - AAA October 15thDecember 21st AAA -
Glenny123English - A*A*A*October 10thJanuary 12th AAA -
css- Geology (With Year Abroad) - (A*)A*A*A* October 10th October 28th BB A* in Maths already achieved (bracketed)
ChibeltaHistory - A*A*AOctober 5th December 6th AAA -
Katie_SaintHistory - AABOctober 10th December 21st AAB (A in history) -
roseroserose.History-A*AAAOctober 18th January 11th AAB (A in history) OR AA & Welsh Bacc A in Maths already achieved
TonyH663History - A*AANovember 18th January 25th AAB (A in History) -
IzalteLaw - A*AA October 13th January 11th AAA -
aimlessinwonderLaw - AAA October 24th January 16th AAB -
AlastairSCLaw - - December 24th January 23rd Unconditional Singapore-Cambridge GCE A Levels already completed
AnyoneOutThere Law ABCD ABC November 1st February 6th ABC French A* already achieved
officefaceMaths - A*A*A*A* October 3rd January 4th AAA A* in Maths already achieved
Jardine_199Maths - A*A*AA November 18th February 16th AAA A's specified in maths and further maths
DonJuanMaths - (A*)A*AA October 8th January 11th AB A* in Maths already achieved, A specified in Further Maths.
Rachel0593Maths - A*AA October 11th February 6th Unconditional A Levels already completed
RoscosmosMaths - A*AAOctober 31st February 6th AAB A in Maths and Further Maths
juliusb07Maths and Physics - 45pts (IB) October 10th - - -
1overcoscMedicine - A*AAASeptember 21stJanuary 25thUnconditional -
KidneyjeanMedicine (A100)AAACA*A*A*October 13thJanuary 10thAAA/A*AB, A in Chemistry -
languagegeek Modern Languages (French and German) - A* A* A* A 13th October 24th November AAB Have to get an A in French
Lydiixx Modern Languages - A*A*A*A*A* 12 October22 November ABB -
ambontoast Modern Languages (Czech and German) - A*A*A 10 October13 December ABC -
georgie94 Modern Languages (French and German) - A*A*A* 10 October22 November AAB -
TheatreLovely Modern Languages (French and German) - A*A*A* 12 October24 November AAB, A in French -
wren94Music - AAAA(EPQ) October 5thNovember 10th ABB Firm choice
encoodohMusic - A*A*AA (achieved) October 12thNovember 21st Unconditional None
fralycisMusic - A*A*A*A October 11thNovember 24st AAB None
gee231205Neuroscience - N/AOctober 6th18th MarchUnconditionalA*AAB Grades already -
absolutelypolly Neuroscience - Predicted: 666HL Achieved 654 HL, 32 Overall October February 33 Overall 665 HL International Baccalaureate Applicant -
bekabekaPalaeontology and Evolution (MSc) - A*A*A*A*October 11thNovember 24thABB -
kokosrslyPhilosophy - A*A*A 1st November30th November AAA -
hdiriaurPhysics - A*A*A*A*A 12 October11 November AAB -
signalnoisePhysicsAABBA*A*A14th October13th DecemberABB with A in Mathematics-
george1023PhysicsABBBAAA10th December20th FebruaryAB with A in Mathematics-
OuzoPhysicsAACDA*AB20th December20th MarchAAB-
mahassociatesPolitics - 5-5-5-5September 21November 85-5-5American APs, 5-5-5 achieved*
OliviaA-RPolitics - A*A*AAOctober 12November 10AAAEPQ as well
sn17Politics - IB: 40/45December 15January 14IB: 40/45 -
C3SPolitics and SociologyAAAAAAAOctober 20thJanuary 27thAAA -
LW92Philosophy and Politics - A*A*A*AOctober 31stDecember 6thAAA -
dancinginrainbowsPhilosophy and Politics - - October 12thDecember 6thUnconditionalAAB achieved
pollyrylandsricheyPsychology - A*A*AA +EPQ October 11th28th NovemberAAA -
jackkkkkPsychology AABCD AAA October 10th28th NovemberAAA EPQ A* achieved, OU Module 72%
EspaPsychology - A*A*AB October 14th27th NovemberA*AAB A*B achieved, additional AA needed
ReggioSocial Policy - Achieved: ABB November 4thJanuary 12thUnconditional -
steven62343Social Policy and Sociology - AAAC November 14thDecember 6thABC-BBB -
Pinkgiraffes Sociology with Study Abroad ABB AAB January 9th January 27th AAB -
gracieozTheology - Acheived: AABOctober 14thDecember 15th Unconditional -
ViennaWaitsTheology - Acheived: A*A*A October 15th15th December Unconditional -
Seccy Cancer biology and immunology - AAA November 3rdDecember AAB -
Catie2525 Cancer biology and immunology aaaa Achieved AAAa October 13th October 27thUnconditional AAB -
dennissaw12 Biology AAAB A*A*A*A October 15th January AAB -
Izzy11Veterinary Nursing and Bioveterinary Science ABBCAAAOctober 11thJanuary 6thBCC- B in Biology -
Chloe0493 Veterinary Science (D100) - - October 12th March 28th Unconditional A-Levels completed
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