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Cambridge Applicants Stalking Page 2012 Entry

This page (which you can edit) is part of The Student Room's information and advice about Oxford and Cambridge (known collectively as Oxbridge). Whilst the two universities have have much in common, they also have many differences. Our information on the application procedure and interviews applies to both.

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As well as the Cambridge Uni Guide we have a page on Cambridge Slang. Also see Standard IB offers for Cambridge.

Courses (not all have pages): Anglo-Saxon, Norse and CelticEngineeringEnglishGeographyHistoryLawMathematicsModern and Medieval LanguagesMusicNatural SciencesPsychologyPolitics, Psychology and Sociology

Colleges: Christ'sChurchillClareClare Hall (graduates) • Corpus ChristiDarwin (graduates) • DowningEmmanuelFitzwilliamGirtonGonville and CaiusHomertonHughes Hall (mature) • JesusKing'sLucy Cavendish (mature. undergrads are female) • MagdaleneMurray Edwards (female) • Newnham (female) • PembrokePeterhouseQueens'RobinsonSt Catharine'sSt Edmund's (mature) • St John'sSelwynSidney SussexTrinityTrinity HallWolfson (mature)

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This page is intended to make it easy to access and share information about applicants to Cambridge for entry in 2012. Do not feel obliged to enter your details or fill in all columns of the table.


If you are not experienced, or comfortable, in editing Wiki pages then feel free to post on Cambridge Applicants For 2012 Entry with your details and someone should be happy to update it here for you. Do not edit someone else's entry unless they have asked you to do so: everyone is entitled to have as much or as little information on here as they wish.


Please take note that the table is ordered by course, college and then username.

UMS Average: Generally, if you are applying for a science subject, Cambridge will look at your three most relevant subjects and take an average. If you are applying for an arts subject, they will take the top three subjects. Maths and Further Maths count as one subject.

Interview Details: If you want to disclose your interview date, you should add it here.

Username Course College GCSEs AS-Levels UMS Average A-Level Predictions Interview Details Outcome Extras
vwsl93 Archaeology and Anthropology Christ's - - - - 29/11 Unsuccessful Attending an upper secondary school in Sweden
AquilaXenon Archaeology and Anthropology Newnham 11A* AAAAAA 94% A*A*A*A 06/12 Offer A*AA A in FSMQ Additional Maths. Doing an Anthropology EPQ
Nina B Archaeology and Anthropology Newnham 9A* 3A AAAA - A*A*A 06/12 Offer A*AA -
ChrisE2 Architecture Christ's 6A 4B 1C -- A*ACaa 29/11 Unsuccessful Applying through CSAS
Mr Frenzy Architecture Downing College 8A* 3A 2B AAAA 97% A*A*A*A*(A* EPQ) - -
Onique Architecture Magdalene 3A 6B 2C - 81% A*AA 08/12 Pooled Applying through CSAS
thecranberry Architecture Trinity College N/A - - 5,5,5,5,5 (APs, US stuff), taking 6 more APs 07/12 Pooled International, but EU cit.
J.tytler AMES Pembroke 10A* 1B AAAB 93% A*A*A*aa 06/12 Offer A*AA (from Girton) Applying for French and Arabic
Stars and Dots AMES Pembroke 8A* 3A 1C AAAA 91% A*A*A* - - Applying for German and Arabic
BiscuitGirl Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic Pembroke 8A* 2A AAAA 90% A*A*AA (taken last summer) 8/12 Unconditional Reapplying, feeling very intimidated by the people with 6 A*s
MozzaTheUnready Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic Robinson 5A*s 5As AAAB 90% A*A*A* 6/12 Offer A*AA
gibbins Classics Girton 5A* 5A 1B N/A N/A A*A*A 6/12 Unsuccessful post Pool and re-interview at Sidney Sussex3-year course
Aesc Classics King's 10.5A* 1A , A in FSMQ AAAAA 96.3% A*A*A (+EPQ) 6-7/12 Offer A*AA [+ attendance at a summer school]4-year course (no prior class. lang.)
lfvr Classics King's 5A* 4A 3B 2C AAAAA - A*AABB (acheived) plus A* (predicted)- Unsuccessful post Pool3-year course
Cupid93 Classics Queens' 11A* + A in FSMQ AAAAAAA 95.2% A*A*A*A*A* 6/12 Offer A*AA 3-year course
youspyrosa Classics Sidney Sussex 10A*, 2A AAAAA 90% A*A*A* 6/12 Offer A*AA 3-year course
DarkMatter_22 Computer Science With Mathematics Clare Bulgarian grades Highest N/A Highest 08/12 Offer 6.0 overall grade Many national competitions in maths and programming
Arialaxe Computer Science Pembroke 7A* 1A 2B N/A N/A 45/45 (IB) 05/12 Offer 41 w/ 777 HL Four Higher Levels, applying from international school in France
Psychotic546 Economics Christ's 10A* 1A AAAA - A*A*A*A* - -
lrowles93 Economics Clare 10A* 1.5A AAAA 95% A* (achieved) A*A*A* 12/12 Offer (A*)AA No economics A-level
Tateco Economics Emmanuel - - 96.4% A*A*A* --
Yash13 Economics Fitzwilliam 5A* 5A 1B AAAA 88% A*(Achieved) A*A*A* - -
fdot5 Economics Fitzwilliam 9A* 2A AAAAA 98.33% A*A*A* 7/12 Offer A*AA (A* in Mathematics) A in FSMQ Additional Maths.
Nadine10 Economics Gonville & Caius 9A* 1A AAAA 95% A*(achieved)A(achieved)A*A*A* 05/12 Offer A*AA Predicted A* in EPQ, FSMQ (A)
DanF159 Economics Gonville & Caius 8A* 3A - - A*A*A*A* Pooled International
Letmewin94 Economics Homerton 13A* AAAAA 99% A*A*A*A* - -
jhthed Economics Homerton 9A* A*A 99% A*(achieved)A*A*A* - - International
DylanLJG Economics King's 9A* 1A AAAA 89.2% A*A*Aaa 05/12 Unsuccessful
kaying Economics King's 11A* 1A AAAAA 93.6% A*A*A*a (+EPQ) 05/12 Offer
Bornsmart Economics Pembroke 7A* 2A 1B AA N/A A*A*A*a 23/11 Unsuccessful International
Moiraclaire Economics Queens' 8A* 4A AAAAB - A*A*AA 06/12 Unsuccessful
Blink18254 Economics St. Catharine's 11A* AAAAA 97.6% A*A*A*A*A* - -
perrytheplatypus Economics St. Catharine's - - - - - -
Amyk94 Economics St. Catharine's 10A* 2A AAAA 96.1% A*A*A*A*a - -
hollyfurniss Economics St. Catharines 2A* 7A 2B (Special Circumstances) AAA 90% A*A*Aa (+EPQ) 07/12 Unsuccessful Predicted A in EPQ
U235XXX Economics St. Johns 11A* 0.5A AAAA 92.6% A*A*A*A 07/12 Offer A* maths + A*A in FM and Economics in any order Pass in level 2 CBLC Spanish
leej11 Economics Trinity Hall 9A* 2A AAAA 90% A*A*Aa 6/12 -
emily_becca Economics Trinity Hall 10A* 1* AAAAA 92% A*A*A* 5/12 Pooled
Meganabanana Education with English and Drama Homerton 9A* 2A AAAA 94.5% A*A*A* 09/12 -
notnow Education with Englsh St. Johns 3A 5B 2C N/A N/A AA* 7/12 Offer A*A Left school at 16 because I got a publishing deal. Now doing 2 A Levels in 9 months
Welsh Lady Education with History Selwyn 1.1 1.0 N/A 1.0 12/12 Unsuccessful German Abitur
Lekha2611 Engineering Murray Edwards 9A* 2A B AAB ( no further maths/maths grade) 81% AABB - - But fully able to achieve A*AAAA at least!
iluvmaths Engineering Churchill 6A* 4A B A*ABE 89% A*A*A*A - -
kurovalte Engineering Clare 8A* 2A AAAAA 94% A*A*A*A* 8/12 Pooled, Reinterview at Robinson on 13/1
MusicVibes Engineering Corpus Christi 10A* 2A - - A*A*A*A*A*A*A 21/10 Offer A*A*A
SomeoneIveNeverMet Engineering Downing - AAAA - A*A*A a 8/12 - A in FSMQ Additional Math
2 ASs and 1 A2 are unconventional for Engineering students, may affect my chances of an offer
czeppe Engineering Downing N/A 11111111
- - 8/12 - Austrian Matura
electrikalex Engineering Fitzwilliam 13A* 1A FSMQ(A) IB - 42- HL7777, SL76 - Pooled by Sidney Sussex, reinterview at Fitzwilliam Arkwright Scholar
willoram Engineering Gonville and Caius 7A* 2A 4B AAAC - A*AA - Offer A*AA
mmn13ps3 Engineering Homerton 7A 2B AAAAB 88.7% A*A*A*AA 14/12 Unsuccessful
wibletg Engineering Jesus 7A* 2A AAAA 95.75% A*A*A*A* 5/12 Offer A*AAA Applying for ChemEng via Engineering
Samon94 Engineering Magdalene 8A* 2A 1B AAAAAA 94% A*A*A*A*A* 8/12 - A in FSMQ Additional Maths
be142 Engineering Magdalene 9A* 1A AAAA 91.4% A*A*A*A*A 8/12 A* in Maths last year
Einherjer Engineering Pembroke -- - - - - Currently attending the IB in Norway
Zell Engineering Jesus 9A* AAAAA 86.2% A*A*AAa 10/12 - A in FMSQ
Orinooko English Magdalene 11A* AAAA AS: 93.5%
A2: 95.4%
Results: A*A*A* 12/12 Unconditional
Azwozzle English Magdalene 10A* 0.5A AAAAA 92.5% A*A*A 14-15/12 Offer A*AA
Visions-of-Johanna English Newnham 5A* 5A 2B AAAB AS: 89.5
A2: 91.5
Results: A*AA - - English Lit: 100% at A2
lp94 English Newnham 4A* 6A AAAA 94% A* A* A* A 10/12 Unsuccessful post Pool
----- English Peterhouse 2A* 7A 1B AAAA 89.3 A*A*A 7/12/11 Offer A*AA Came 'Highly Commended' in Peterhouse's English essay competition
muse_of_fire English St. John's 8A* 4A AAAAA 97% A*A*AAA 7/12 Offer A*AA with A* in Eng Lit.
oggdeferrer English Girton 7A* 6A A N/A D1D2D3 7/12 Pooled Pre-Us instead - applying through CSAS
victoria:) English Trinity Hall 7A* 5A 1B AAAA 96.8% A*A*A 7/ 12 Offer A*AA
CaelumCorvi English Wolfson n/a n/a n/a n/a 15/12 Offer
goldfish1193 Geography Sidney Sussex 9A* 2A AAAAA 93% A*A*A 5/12 Offer A*AA
Ladbrielmiral Geography Jesus 7A* 2A AAAAC 94% A*A*A*A* A at FSMQ
mespannerhanz Geography Corpus Christi 8A* 2A 1B AAAA 92% A*AA 3/12 Offer
belll Geography Murray Edwards 7A* 5A AAAA 92% A* A* A* A 7/12 Unsuccessful post Pool
sadsnail Geography Homerton 1A* 7A 2B 2C AABB 83% A*A*A 7/12 Offer A*AA CSAS
saltypopcorn Geography Christ's 9A* 1A AAAA A* A* A* 5/12 Offer
AJW210608 History Clare 8.5A* 3A AAAA 90.5% A* A* A 7/12
AydanEG History Selwyn 4A* 1A 4B AAAB 91% A*A*A (Achieved) Unconditional CSAS
hpring1 History Corpus Christi / A*A*AAA / ATAR:99.5 A*A*A*AA (achieved) 6/12 Unconditional W. Australia/ 6 subjects (intro calculus - not counting)
DavidLloydGeorge History Selwyn 7.5A* 3A AAAAA 92.5% A* A* A* A 12/11
Banishingboredom History St. John's 11A* 1A (Achieved) IB 45 4/12 Unconditional
joneasy History Girton 1A* 7A 1B AAAA 91.5% A*AAA 8/12 Pooled
Slinks History Girton 10A* AAAA 93.5% A*A*A* 7/12 Offer A*AA
hananaa History Fitzwilliam 7A* 3A AAAA A*A*A 13/12 Offer A*AA
Isabell Land Economy Clare 41/45 (IB) 8/12 Unsuccessful
Charlesworth Land Economy Newnham 5A* 6A 1B AAAB 90% A*A*A 7/12 Offer A*AA
Paraselenae Land Economy Fitzwilliam/Caius AAAAA 95.7% A*A*A*A*
allegroconbrio Law Churchill N/A N/A N/A Five 5s and four 4s on AP tests (U.S. system) 1/11 (Overseas Interview) Unsuccessful 2350 on SAT I; certifiably fluent in 5 languages
05038bj Law Clare 12A* AAAA 92.5% A*A*A* 05/12 Offer A*AA
AK0001 Law Clare 6A* 5A B AAAA 92.6% A*AA 07/12 Offer A*AA
[1] Law Clare 5A* 5A AAAA 91% A*A*A*A Pooled
Cantab King Law King's 13A* 1 A AAAAAA 99% A*A*A*A*A Offer A*AA
kce123 Law Downing 4A* 8A 3B AAAAAC 86.4% A*A*A 7/12 Unsuccessful
Gingbs Law Wolfson n/a n/a n/a n/a 6/12 Offer 2.i Affiliated Applicant - Classics MA hons
madfreakz Law Emmanuel 41/45 (IB) 13/12 Overseas applicant
Applying deferred
shirley0y Law St. John's 42/45 (IB)
kanzaz Law Magdalene 12.5A* AAAA 95% A*A*A*A 08/12 Offer A*AA
simonoafc Law Magdalene 5A* 3A 2B AAAAA 97% A*A*A*A* 07/12 Offer A*AA
harriot Law Murray Edwards 3A 4B 2C AAAA 92.7% A*A*A 08/12 Applying through CSAS due to GCSE's
matfenmagic Law Queens' 8A* 2A AAAA (plus A in GS) 88.5% A*A*A* 16/12
J.Darren Law Trinity Hall 5A* 2A 1B AAAA 94.8% A*A*A* 8/12 Pooled
gahyee94 Law St. John's 9A* 3A AAAA 92.5% A*A*A*A* 7/12 Offer A*AA
Jessikat Linguistics Homerton 8A* 3A 1B AAAA (A in GS) 89% A*A*A* (A in GS) 6/12 Offer A*AA
hayzelle Mathematics Clare 12A* 1A AAAAA 95% A*A*A*A 5/12
MHRed Mathematics Downing 4A* 5A AAA[C] 88% A*A*A 5/12
Edwin Okli Mathematics Emmanuel 4A* 9A 1B AAA 91.7% A*A*A 9/12 Unsuccessful A in FSMQ Additional Maths
A* in A-Level Maths
Goldfish134 Mathematics Emmanuel 11A* AAAA 98% A*A*A*A* 6/12 Offer
Hassi94 Mathematics Emmanuel 6A* 5A AAAAA 95% A*A*A* 05/12 Offer A*AA + 1,1 in STEP 2/3 99% in Key Stage 2 Maths SATs. That's right.
like_a_star Mathematics Emmanuel 6A* 5A AAAA 93% A*A*A*A 9/12 Offer A*AA + 1,1 in STEP 2/3 A in additional maths FSMQ
NikNaks Mathematics Emmanuel 8.5A* 3A (FSMQ A) aaaa 95.2% (93.6% with Chem) A* (achieved) A*A*A*aaa 08/12 Offer 11A*AA A* in Maths; applying for Maths/Physics
Parodyofthedamned Mathematics Emmanuel 4A* 6A B C AAABB 87% A*A*A*
sibirascal Mathematics Emmanuel 11A* AAAAA 94.7% A*A*A* 07/12
Xero Xenith Mathematics King's 10A* 2A AAAAAA 99% (top 4) 97% (all 6) A*A*A*A* 07/12 Offer A*AA12 100% in 9 of 10 main exams
Beth1234 Mathematics Magdalene None :P AAAAAB 89% A*A*AAB achieved 4A*3A predicted 13/12 Offer A* (Add FM) A (Chem) and S,1 (STEP II and III) A-levels taken over 3 years
Jampolo Mathematics Open (Assigned to Homerton) 4A* 7A 1B AAAB 84.5% A*A*A* 8/12/11 Applying via CSAS
TheJ0ker Mathematics Churchill 5A* 4A 3B AAAA 93.5% A*A*A*A*
desijut Mathematics Churchill 6A* 3A 1B AAAAB 92% A*(Achieved)A*A*A* 5/12 A* in Maths A level, B in Critical Thinking AS level, A in FSMQ Additional Maths
lunney Mathematics Jesus 4A* 5A 1B AAAAA 89.5% A*A*A* 12/12 Pooled, rejected Maths with Physics, self taught C2, M1, M3
Maths134 Mathematics Sidney Sussex 7A* 4A 1C AAAAA 95% A*A*A*A
ArchimedesSpiral Mathematics St. John's N/A AAAAA 99% A*A*A*A*A*a 6/12 Offer A*(M)A*(FM)A + 1,1 STEP 2/3
TheMagicMan Mathematics St. John's 11 A* AAAA 98% A*A*A*A*A* Twice BMO round 2. International Water Polo
[th0] Mathematics St John's 5A* 6A AAAAA 92% A*A*A*A 6/12 Offer A*(M)A*(FM)A + 1,1 STEP 2/3 A in Add maths, Twice BMO1
SParm Mathematics Robinson 9A* 2A + FSMQ (A) AAB 87% A*A*A*B 6/12 Offer A*AA and 1,1 in STEP II and III The Bs are in Chemistry. 'Nuff Said.
[TheUlitmateProof] Mathematics Pembroke ABBBCCCCC AAAA 93% A*A*A* 6/12 Offer A*AA 11 CSAS
oh_1993 Mathematics Queens' 1A 4B 2C 3D AAD 83% A*(achieved)A*B 12/12 Unsuccessful Applying through CSAS
deejayy Mathematics Queens' 6A* 3.5A 2B AAAA 93% A*A*A*A 5/12 Offer A*AA and 1,1 in Step II and III Applying deferred
theharrovian Mathematics Queens' 12.5A* 1A AAAAAAA 97% A*A*A*A*A* 6/12 Offer A*AA and 1,1 in Step II and III
[hamina93] Mathematics Queens' N/A AAAA 93% (97% without chemistry) A*A*A*A* 6/12 Offer A*AA in Further Maths, physics, Chemistry(in any order) and 1,1 in Step II and III
Uncertainty Mathematics Sidney Sussex 10A* 2A AAAAA 90% A*A*AA 13/12 Offer A*AAB with 1,1 in STEP II/III B already achieved in Latin aged 15. No Physics.
hrose94 Mathematics Trinity College 4A* 2A 4B 0.5C A*AAD 89.5% A*(achieved)A*AA 5/12 Self taught m3
theflyingwalrus Mathematics Trinity College 10A* 3A AAAAA 94.8% A*(Achieved) A*A*A*A 5/12 Offer AA and 1,1 in STEP II/III A* in Maths early. Represent England at Chess
Kay94 Mathematics Murray Edwards 8A* 3A B AAAA 88% A*A*A* 7/12 Offer Pooled from Pembroke College
cz100 Medicine Christ's 10.5A* 1A AAAAAA 97.65% A*A*A*A* 9/12 Offer A*AA
bfraser13 Medicine Clare 8.5A* 2A AAAA 97.4% A*A*A*A* 8/12 Offer A*AA
ssss Medicine Corpus Christi 8A* 2A AAAA 93% A*A*A*A*a 07/12 A* in A level Spanish
Einy medicine Pembroke 9A* 2A AAAAA 92% A*A*A*A* 8/12 Offer A*AAA
aljabiraa Medicine Emmanuel 7.5A* 3A AAAA 88.8% A*A*AA + EPQ
JonathanBerryMedicineEmmanuel13A*sAAAAA95.6%A* (Achieved)A*A*A* Offer
Sailingslipelick Medicine Emmanuel AAAA A*A*A*A*
Tench Medicine Girton 3A* 4A 5B AAABBB 84.0% A*A*AA (Achieved B in Arabic) Preliminarily considered, waiting for results Awarded "Best Achievement" Award For Maths (Not sure what that has to do with med)
dragon_knight Medicine Gonville & Caius 6A*1A AAAAA 91.0%(AS) 93.5% (A2) A*A*A*A*A* (All Achieved ) 07/12 Int'l, only took 7 sujects in IGCSE
hslakaal Medicine Gonville & Caius11A* 1A AAAAAA 96.8%27/10 Int'l, CIE
Suzi_ Medicine Jesus 10A* 1A AAAA 94.2% A*A*A*A* 8/12 Pooled
throwaway_medic Medicine Open 8A* 3A 2B AAAAA 94% A*A*A*A* Open Offer: A*AA
Insanity514 Medicine St Catharine's 9A* 2A AAAA A*A*A*A
trastuzumab Medicine Murray Edwards 10A* 2A (iGCSE) AAAA 94.9% A*A*A*A*A* Int'l
Noobie93 Medicine Murray Edwards 10A* AAAA 90% A*AAA (achieved) 06/12/11 Reapplicant
DLZF Medicine Queens' 11A* 1A AAA 98.1% A*A*A* 27/10 Int'l, 100% UMS for chemistry
Jamil78613 Medicine St. John's 9A* 2A 2B AAAA 94% A*A*A* (A2) & A (AS) 08/11/12
georgie94 MML Gonville and Caius 9A* 2A AAAB no idea A*A*A* 6/12 French and German
vicci7 MML Gonville and Caius 10.5A* 1A AAAAA  ?% A*A*A*A 5/12 Pooled French and Spanish
Lydiixx MML Homerton 10A* 1A AAAA 93% A*A*A*A*(A* EPQ) 13/12Offer A*AA with A* in German Applying through CSAS. Also got 100% in 3 AS modules, Went on UNIQ Summer School at Oxford.
jodrummer MML Clare 11A* AAAAAA 93% A*A*AA 6/12 Offer A*AA Spanish and ab initio Russian
jlloyd MML Queens' A*A*A*A*A*AAAB AAAA* 94.5% A*A*A*A Offer A*AA German and ab initio Russian
hr MML Selwyn 9.5A* 1.5A n/a n/a IB: 42 8/12 & 9/12 Offer 42 points 7,7,6 French and ab initio Russian
[2] MML Newnham 4A* 5A 1B AAAB 85% A*AAA French and Spanish
With An Accent MML Selwyn 10A* AAAAAA 94.6% A*A*A*A*A 12/12 Offer A*AA French and German
Catherine. MML Trinity Hall 7A* 3A AAAA 99% A*A*A* 30/11 Offer French and Spanish
Deceiver MML Trinity Hall 7A* 3A 1B 1C AAAB 95% A*A*A*A 2/12 Offer, conditions TBC French and ab initio Portuguese
Ho Chi Minh MML Trinity 11A* AAAAB 93% A*A*A* 6/12 Offer, A*AA French and Russian
CharlotteMuso Music Christ's 8A* 2A 4 As 97% 3 A*s 8th December Offer A*AA and choral scholarship Grade 8 on 4 instruments. Applied for choral scholarship
encoodoh Music St. John's 10A* 2A AAAB 91.33% A*A*AA (achieved) 12/12 Offer Reapplicant - although new subject and college
piette Music St. John's 10A* 2A AAAB 90.82% A*A*A* Post Grade 8 pianist with much experience in performing, composing and conducting.
Kathryn889 Music Clare 6A* 4A AAAA 89% A*A*AA 6/12 Offer A*AA Diplomas in both clarinet and piano.
Biology123 Natural Sciences (Biological) Christ's 9A* 2A 1B AAAAA A*A*A*A*A* A at FSMQ
rajitispro Natural Sciences (Biological) Christ's 10A* 1A (IGCSEs) 13/12 IB in Shanghai at present
TheoNatSci Natural Sciences (Biological) Christ's 10A* AAAAA 94% A*A*A*A* 06/12/11Offer A*AA from Peterhouse B in FSMQ Add Maths (by one damn mark)
ReMos Natural Sciences (Biological) Gonville & Caius 8A* 2A 1B AAAA 93% A*A*A*A*A*
Cambridge_lad Natural Sciences (Biological) Trinity 6B's BBC A*A*A*A* Offer EE
Magickal Natural Sciences (Biological) Jesus 9A* 2A AAAAA 92.3% A*A*A Also predicted A* in General Studies
ilovegoodmusic.xo Natural Sciences (Biological) Murray Edwards 6A* 4A AAAA 89% A*AAA 8/12
bekabeka Natural Sciences (Biological) Queens' 8A* 3A AAAAA A*A*A*A* 9/12 Offer A*AA
sparklefish Natural Sciences (Biological) St. Catharine's 8A* 3A 1/12
German_Newcombe Natural Science (Biological) St. John's German Abitur N/A N/A 1,2 (15 in all relevant subjects) 06/12/11 Unsuccessful
corpuscallosum Natural Science (Biological) Pembroke 8A* 1A 1B A*A*Aa 07/12/11Unsuccessful post Pool Predicted A for EPQ
gearoid94 Natural Sciences (Biological) Trinity 10A* 1A 1B AAAA 90% A*A*AA 06/12 Offer A*A*A
Brutal Chav Natural Sciences (Physical) King's 10A* 1A AAAA 98.1% A*A*A*A* 06/12 Offer A*AA A in FSMQ Additional Maths
la343 Natural Sciences (Physical) Christ's 9.5A* 1A AAAA 96% A*A*A*a 13/12 Offer A*AA A in FSMQ Additional Maths
A* in A-Level Maths
Phredd Natural Sciences (Physical) Christ's 7A* 4A AAAA 94.2% A*A*A*a 14/12, 14/01 Unsuccessful post Pool after re-interview Peterhouse A in FSMQ Additional Maths
A* in A-Level Maths
Brightning Natural Sciences (Physical) Churchill 8A* 2A AAAA 95.4% A*A*A*A*aa B in FSMQ Additional Maths
A* in A-Level Maths
Passed a 10 point YASS course from OU on 'How the Universe Works'
guigao Natural Sciences (Physical) Churchill N/A AAAB 91.6% A*A*AA 07/12 Unsuccessful post Pool International applicant
Mono Natural Sciences (Physical) Churchill 5A* 3A 3B AAAA 92.6% A*A*A*a 8/12 Gap Year
PaulB Natural Sciences (Physical) Churchill 11111112 (Standard Grades) A1A1A1A1B3 n/a AAA Scottish Advanced Highers
jamib0y Natural Sciences (Physical) Churchill 1A* 3A 4B 2C 5D 1E AABB 80.1% A*A*AA Offer A*A*A*A*A* (looks like i have to take chinese too)
vedderfan94 Natural Sciences (Physical) Downing 3A* 6A AAAAC 94.4% A*A*A*a 09/12 Pooled
Ferrarifan 27 Natural Sciences (Physical) Emmanuel 7A* 3A 1B AAAAA 96% A*A*A*A*A* 07/12 Offer A*AABB A in Additional Maths
Backflip Natural Sciences (Biological) Homerton 4A* 6A AAAA 93% A*A*A*A 07/12 Offer A*AAA
xilefakamot Natural Sciences (Physical) Jesus 7A* 4A 1B AAAAA 91.2% A*A*AAA 12/12 Offer A*AAB
E13 Natural Sciences (Physical) Trinity Hall 9A* 4A AAAAAA 93.2% A*A*A*A*A* 07/12 Offer A*AAE A in FSMQ Additional Maths
Schrodinger's Dog1 Natural Sciences (Physical) Trinity Hall 9A* 3A AAAA 95% A*A*A*A* 07/12 Offer A*AAE
Lamprey5 Natural Sciences (Physical) Pembroke 41/45 (IB) 7,7,7 in HL physics, maths, chemistry November 29 in Toronto Blyth Scholarship short-listed, Canadian applying with disability
Fruition Philosophy Trinity Hall 95%
Killyenn Philosophy Magdalene N/A N/A N/A N/A 6/12 Pooled, still under consideration by Magdalene Dutch, CSAS, reapplying
yeasayer Philosophy Gonville & Caius N/A N/A N/A 0,8 6/12 German Abitur
ceg Philosophy Peterhouse 5A* 4A 1B AAAB 90% A*A*A Offer A*AA
McNeill34 Philosophy Fitzwilliam 5A* 5A AAAB 91% A*A*AA 08/12 100% in English Literature, conditional offers from King's and Nottingham
XxelliexX Philosophy King's 11A*2A N/A N/A 40 points (766 in HL) - IB 06/12 Offer 38 w/ 766 at HL
Torbjorn66 Philosophy Emmanuel 6A* 4A 2B 1C AAAAA 93% A*A*A* 08/12 Offer A*AA Other Emma offer-holders add me!
strawberryjellybaby PPS Christ's 6A* 4A AAAA 92% A*A*A* 09/12Pooled Applying deferred
Espa PPS Corpus Christi 3A 11B 5C AAAAB A*B(achieved)A*A(Predicted) 13/12 Pooled Applying through CSAS, 100% in 1 Politics module, average 97% in Psychology
alexsasg PPS Magdalene 7A* 4A AAABB A*A*A*A 08/12 Offer A*AA
a.byrnie Law Corpus Christi 7A* 5A 1B AABB 81% A*AA 06/12 Offer A*AA CSAS
Griffindor PPS Newnham 8A* n/a 95% 3A* 1A (Achieved) Unconditional International
yaymeg PPS St. John's 4A* 5A 1B AAAA 95% A*A*A08/12 Offer A*AA
Luccy. PPS St.Catharine's 4A* 6A 1B AAAA 95% A*A*A* 13/12 Pooled 100% in both Religious Studies and Psychology
janice.fung PPS St. Catherine's 6A*s 4As n/a n/a IB: 45pts prediction Nov 3 in China Studying in an International School in Shanghai, China
Eckow PPS St. Catharine's n/a n/a 87.5% (overall) A*AA (Achieved) 13/12 Unconditional Chinese student. Came to England and did alevels now on gap year
OliviaA-R PPS Pembroke 5A* 3A 1B AAABB 92% A*A*AA 08/12 Unsuccessful EPQ no prediction. Retaking B at AS English, other B in Critical Thinking
ViennaWaits Theology Peterhouse 3A* 5A 2B AAAAA AS- 97.3% A2-95% Achieved: A*A*A 13/12 Offer A*A CSAS, gap year
two more A levels in January, predicted A*A*
Jdebs Theology Corpus Christi 10A* 1B AAAB 92.5% A*A*A 12/12 Offer A*AA Rower
AmyEliza Veterinary Medicine St Catharine's 7A* 3A 1B AAAA 89% A*A*AA Offer A*AA
GemmaB1 Veterinary Medicine Churchill 12A* 1A AAAA 95% A*A*A* 09/12 Offer A*AA
Eat.Sleep.Row.Repeat. Veterinary Medicine Downing 6A* 6A AAAB 88.5% A*A*A*A Hoping to row CULRC! 100% in two modules at AS
ellie157 Veterinary Medicine St Catharine's 7A* 2A AAAB 85.4% A*A*A* 06/12 Unsuccessful
Fai Veterinary Medicine St Catharine's 9A* 6A AAAAAB 89% A*A*A
leafyleafyleafy123 Veterinary Medicine Queens' 9A* 1A AAAAAA 92% A*A*A*A 13/12
csawc Natural Sciences (Physical) Jesus 11111111(Standard Grades) 5 A1's (Highers) N/A AAA (Advanced Highers) 12/12 Offer AAA
Jakaroo94 MML King's 1A* 6A 2B 1C AAAA 93% A*A*A* 6/12 Unsuccessful A* EPQ, Grade 8 Piano, Grade 6 Theory, Grade 8 Speaking of Verse and Prose
Laucow Natural Sciences (Biological) Magdalene 7A* 6A AAAAB N/A A*A*A*A* 09/12
byfieldp12 Natural Sciences (Physical) Pembroke 7A* 3A B AAAAA 96.7% A* A* A* A* Offer A*A*AA
MrMorris Computer Science Gonville and Caius 7A* A 2B AAAB 96% A*A*A* 8/12 Offer A*AA
rukas Architecture Downing 9A* 2A AAAA A*A*A*A* 13/12 Offer A*AA
radiantcurtain English Clare 8A* 2A 2B AAAA 93% A* A* A* A* 9/12 Offer A*AA
TheBigCheese. Natural Sciences (Biological) St. John's 15A* AAAAB 91% (95% exc. General Studies) A*A*A A 5/12 Offer A*AAA
BeauMélange Archaeology and Anthropology Corpus Christi 6A* 5 A AAAB A*A*A 29/11 Unconditional
stuartcummings Natural Sciences (Physical) St Catharine's 10A*s AAAAA 93% A*A*A*A*A* 26/11 Offer A*AAA
OnADarklingPlain English Pembroke 8 A*s, 2 As AAABC  ? A*A*A 05/12 Unsuccessful post-interview EPQ
Theflyingbarney Law Pembroke 9A* 2A AAAAAA 85%ish A*A*A*A, achieved C in Maths and A* in Gen Studs. 06/12 Offer A*AA
Public Enemy Engineering Downing 10A* 1A A*A*A*A*a 94% (AS) 94.7% (A2) A*A*A*A*a 08/12 Pooled, then Rejected. A in Additional maths
natashahterra MML French and Italian (ab initio) Newnham 10.5 A* 0.5 A AAAA 92.5% A*A*A* 03/12
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