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This page is intended to make it easy to access and share information about applicants to Durham for entry in 2013. Do not feel obliged to enter your details or fill in all columns of the table.


If you are not experienced, or comfortable, in editing Wiki pages then feel free to post on Durham Applicants for 2013 Entry with your details and someone should be happy to update it here for you. Do not edit someone else's entry unless they have asked you to do so: everyone is entitled to have as much or as little information on here as they wish.

||[http://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/member.php?u=1135771 cminds23]||Classics||Collingwood||10A*s, 5As||English Literature, General Studies, Latin, Philosophy, Physics (AS), Psychology||AAAAAA||A*A*A||Offer: AAA||


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||[ http://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/member.php?u=752763 117r ]||Physics||-||11A*s||Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry AS, Physics Pre-U||AAA||-||-||Pre-U means no AS result, only a predicted grade. Very good course though! Nuffield Bursary this summer.


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Please take note that the table is alphabetically ordered by course, college and then username.

Username Course College GCSEs A Level or Equivalent Subjects AS Grades A Level or Equivalent Predictions Outcome Extras
faiirygirlx Accounting and FinanceJohn Snow 8A* 4A Business Studies, Art, MathsAAB A*AB Offer AAB (Firm-accepted)
Anna_D95Accounting and FinanceJohn Snow 8 A's 3B's Business Studies, History, English Literature and Language, General Studies and Maths AS alongside A2 subjects. AAAAA* A*A*A*AA (A* in General Studies achieved) Conditional Offer AAB Volunteering and a part time job
ayoung Accounting and Finance- 5A* 6A 1B Economics, Maths, Further Maths AA-B AAA Offer AAA
CherrySconeAccounting and ManagementJohn Snow -Psychology, Economics, Financial Studies, LawAAAA A*AAA - A already achieved in A2 economics
LydiaLight1994AnthropologyJosephine Butler3A*s 5As 2BsIB (Higher level) History, Anthropology, English Literature (Standard Level) Maths Studies, Spanish, Biologyn/a39 pointsOffer!-37 pointsVolunteering, travel, DofE,Lessons from Auschwitz
abi95AnthropologyCollingwood3A*s 8As 4Bs 1CMaths, History, Psychology, AS Further Maths, AS Art AACCAAB Offer AAB :) EPQ, Bronze DofE, SportsLeader, volunteering, travel
feelinginfinite Anthropology and Sociology Hatfield 5A*s 7As 2Bs Biology, English Literature, Law - - Conditional AAB -
mynameisrosie Anthropology BA Josephine Butler 10A*s 1A Biology, Geography, History, Chemistry AS AABC A*A*A a* Conditional [AAA] Oxfam campaigner and fundraiser, work experience in Nepal, soc. anth EPQ
linneyAnthropologyVan Mildert1A*s 5As 2Bs 2CsEnglish Lit, History, Classics, Philosophy and Ethics ASAAAAA*AA (achieved)Unconditional!Chair of the charity committee, selected to edit school magazine, editor of the school newspaper, senior prefect, debating, volunteering, essay comps, independant travel to the Galapagos Islands for Projects Abroad and extenuating circumstances in the final A2 exams.
flowers123Anthropology BScJohn Snow, Queens6As 4BsEnglish Lang, Phil, Psych AS (already got Geography A2 and Camb Pre-U and Bio, Geog and Dance ASs)ABBA meritAA (B and Merit acieved)AB
megmariaAnthropology and ArchaeologyHatfield3A*s,7AsA2 - History, Classics, English Language, General Studies. AS - Critical Thinking and RSAABBaA*AB (achieved B in General Studies)Conditional offer on 2 AsEPQ, Editor of School Paper, Gold DofE, Deputy Head Girl, Level 2 Sign Language, Oxford Fred Walker Essay Prize third place, Going to Nicaragua for 10 weeks after exams and before uni
Elixir95Anthropology and SociologySt. Aidan's (accepted)10 A*s & 1 A in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English Language, English Literature, Maths, French, Spanish, Triple Award ICT and Religious Studies respectively.Started off with French, Pyschology, Chemistry and Biology. For A2 I switched to French, Psychology and Spanish (full A Level in 1 year) I also took an Open University module on autism.ABBB + Grade A with OU degree module. A*AA - A*A*A*Conditional offer, AABInterested in Archaeology and Politics too: I'm part of the UK Youth Parliament as well as local youth democracy organisations. :) I've been to the Durham University G&T Summer Schools twice before, studying Languages in 2010 and Anthropology in 2011.
ExcellentNews ArchaeologyTrevelyan6A*s,4As,1CEnglish lit, Maths, History, Gen studs and Philosophy ASABBBCAABABB(!)Going to do arch. work in Peru for the whole of next August, done a week's dig... Er, have two jobs?
pearpops ArchaeologySt John's3A*s,5As,1BGeography, English Language, Philosophy, BiologyAAABAAABAABWent on training dig with YAT
belles_etoiles Archeology & Anthropology Chads 9A*s 2As History, French, Chem and Philosophy and Ethics (RS) AAAA A*A*AA AAB DofE, digging experience (2 weeks), Sports Leaders, Choir mad
BrownnBearr Biological SciencesSt Marys6A*s 2As 1B Biology, Chemistry, Maths & French ASAAABBA*AA-Relevant work experience, took an AS in ICT a year early
Curly2349Biological SciencesSt Marys10A*s 1A Biology, Chemistry, Maths & Geography ASAAABAAA (achieved)Unconditional Offer!Applying during gap year. Extended essay on animal intensive farming.
blahmk Biological Sciences with Industrial placement - 2A*s 8As 1B + predicted A Biology, History, Drama, English, Maths, Critical Thinking + General Studies AAAAABB Bio, His, Gen, Dra, Math (AAA*A*A) - applying during gap year, doing maths A level in a year. work experience at a medical centre, OU course
mooomoooBiology BSc w/ year in industryTrevs9A* 3A 2x ICT distBiology, Chemistry, Maths, Physics,EPQABBBAAAA Unsuccessful 12/02/2013 Grade 5+ Singing, Clarinet, Theory. Conservation work experience. Volunteer
newman95 Biomedical SciencesGrey10A*s 2AsBiology, Geography, Physics and AS Further MathsAAAAA*A*AE-EPQ on the biological and psychological theories behind homicide
lgskBiomedical SciencesGrey4A* 3A 2BIB HL Chem, Bio, Psych SL Eng Lit, Maths, Chinese B-IB 41 (766 HL)IB 37 (666 HL with Bio & Chem, SL English 5)Extended essay in psychology on eating disorders in athletes, relevant work experience and charity work.
asid12345678 Business and Management--Economics , Business Studies , Accountancy , Computer Science , English---I'm in India , Univ asks for 85 %, I got 93% , Currently working as an intern
PythianLegumeChemistrySt Cuth's8A* A BChemistry, Maths, Physics, PsychologyAAAAAAA*A*A*A*Conditional OfferGold in Cambridge Chemistry Challenge
ZoeMaloey ChemistrySt John's7A*3AMaths, Further Maths, Chemistry, Physics AAAA A*A*A*A Conditional [A*AA] Sutton Trust Cambridge for Chemistry. Eton Summer School for Maths with Chemistry.
Emily0121ChemistryOpen10A* 2AChemistry, Maths, Biology, further maths---EPQ + Oxford summer school for Chemistry
In_Medias_ResChemistrySt Hild and Bede/open application10A*s 4AsChemistry, Biology, Maths, Further Maths, General Studies---Bronze D of E, Sports Leaders, Grade 6 Flute, Grade 5 Bassoon
takeadeepbreathChemistry with Yr in Ind.Collingwood5A*s 5As 1BChemistry, Physics, Maths, Further Maths, Psychology, General StudiesAAAAAA A*A*A*A*AAA*AA inc. chem, maths excl. general studiesGold DofE, Gold CREST award, C in FSMQ, World Challenge
AmyLHChemistrySt Aidan's1A* 3As 6BsChemistry, Maths, Biology, Geology, General StudiesAAAA (C in GS)A*A*A*Conditional A*AAChemistry project at Nottingham Uni
Annabel2455Chemistry with yr in IndGrey8A* 3AChemistry, Maths, Physics, Biology, Further maths, General StudiesAAAAA*A*A-Bronze D of E, World Challenge, Chemistry mentor
Lifeisgood:)ChemistryUnknown10A*s 1B Chemistry, Biology, Maths, PhysicsAAAAA*A*A*A*Conditional [A*AA
Luppy021Chemistry with yr in IndJosephine Butler3As 6Bs 2CsBiology, Chemistry, Maths, Further MathsAABA*AA-C in FSMQ, Further reading,work experience pharmacy, EPQ in Thermodynamics and chemistry summer school
mynamesamyChemistry (International) -7A*s 4AsChemistry, Maths, French, BiologyAAAAA*A*AOffer A*AA-
EllyRChemistry with year abroadTrevelyan9.5A*s 1AChemistry, Maths, Biology, German, General StudiesAAAAAA*A*A*A*Conditional offerEPQ, work experience, bronze DofE, grade 8 viola, grade 7 piano, grade 6 violin, grade 5 french horn, grade 5 music theory
anna48ChemistrySt. Chad's11A*'s 1AChemistry, Maths, Biology, GeographyAAAAA*A*A and A* (achieved in A2 maths)Conditional [AA]work experience at GSK, gold DofE, Grade 8 piano, Grade 4 violin, Grade 5 music theory, silver CREST award, young analyst chemistry competition, one kidney child
seafolkChineseUniversity8A*s 1AsChinese, Art, Classics, Philosophy--- -
qvkChineseSt. Cuthbert's9A*s 1AEnglish Literature, Spanish, French, History, MathsAAABCA*A*A*A*--
[superhan13]Combined Honours in Arts - English Lit and German St John's6A*, 5AsGerman, English Literature, Economics, European History (AS) AAAAA*A*A* Conditional [A*AA]
Ally_94 Combined Arts & Social Sciences (History, Philosophy and International Relations) University 2A*, 6A, 5B HL History, Psychology and Biology; SL Maths, French and English Lit (IB) - 38 IB points with a 7, 6, 5 Offer! 38 points overall with 6,6,6
Butterfly9595Combined Honours in Arts - English Lit, German and SpanishGrey6A*, 4A, 1BGerman, English Lit, Biology, Psychology, General StudiesAAAABA*A*A-
bethbrookhouseCombined Honours in Arts- History, Spanish and FrenchSt Chads 9A*s 2As IB HL History, French B, Spanish B, SL English Lit, Chemistry, Maths Studies No IB yr 12 exams, French AS A 42/45 (777) Offer 38 with 666 MUN, Creativity Action and Service hours Work, Deputy Head Girl, wrote and directed a play, charity work in Rwanda, Peer tutor
danielcain-reedCombined Honours in Arts- English, History and PhilosophyHatfield 6A*s 5As English Lit, History, Geography, French, Religious Studies, General Studies AAACAA A*A*A*AA Offer A*AA Head Boy, Young Advisor for East Riding of Yorkshire Council, D of E Gold, Self funded Charity expedition to Morocco
Emma2013Combined Honours in Arts-Classics with Italian 11 A*Latin, German, History, PoliticsAAAAA*A*A A Conditional A*AAA* in EPQ, Music Diploma
MarshmallowJunkieCombined Honours in Arts- French, English, History, ab initio RussianTrevelyan13 A*sEnglish Lit/Lang, French, History with AS RS and Psychology5 AsA*A*A (achieved)UnconditionalGap year - work, travel, work experience abroad; GCSE Italian alongside A Levels; History A Level in 1 year
lifeisgood.Combined Honours in Social Sciences - Politics, Economics, Philosophy, BusinessUniversity8A* 1AIB HL English, History, Economics, Chinese; SL Biology, MathsNot Applicable43/45 IB; 2280 SATOffer 38 6/6/6Courses on Politics, Philosophy and Economics at Yale University and UC Berkeley, Head Boy, MUN Vice-President, Founder and CEO of multinational non-profit with 500k USD in revenue
iCiaranComputer ScienceJosephine Butler5A* 5A 1BMaths, F.Maths, Physics, Computing, ElectronicsAAAA4A* 1AMITx 6.002x course - B
x_leah27_xComputer ScienceHatfield8A*2AMaths, History, Chemistry, Further Maths (AS)AAAB2A*1AConditional [AAA]
influxiousComputer ScienceOpen Maths, Further Maths, Economics, Applied ICT, EPQ Conditional [AAA]
BlewwehComputer ScienceCollingwood4A* 4A 2B Maths, Further Maths, PhysicsABBC (resitting the B's)AAAConditional AAA
A.MoraEconomics St Cuthberts 9A* 2A Economics, Spanish, Biology, Maths and French AAAAA Economics, Spanish, Maths and French -A*A*A*A
[student0000]EconomicsCollingwood8A*s 1A (1A* and 1A short course as well)Maths, Economics, Physics, LatinAAABA*A*A*A*
Lucy1902EconomicsHatfield7A*s 3AsMaths, Economics, Geography, EPQ, ChemistryAAAABA*A*A-Gold Dofe, Functional skills Maths Level 2 and ICT Level 2, Level 1 Personal Finance, CMI Level 3 Award in First Line Management, work experience at Investment Management Firm
Dr S. CooperEngineeringSt. Chads Maths, Further Maths Physics, ChemistryAAABA*A*AAConditional [A*AA]
sms951EconomicsUniversity or St Aidan's2A*s 6As 3BsChemistry Economics History Maths Further Maths Physics Thinkingskills AAABBB---
JOR2010EconomicsSt Hild and Bede11A*s 1AMaths, Further Maths, Economics, History, German, French AAAAAAA*A*A*A*-UKMT Gold/Olympiad/Team Challenge, Target 2.0, YE Regional Finals
idcarlEconomics St Mary's11.5A*s 1.5AsMaths, Economics, Biology, FrenchAAAAA*A*A*A*--
jamboogyEconomics and FrenchUniversity Maths, English Literature, Art, French---
EloiseStarEducation Studies - English StudiesUndecided2A*7A2BEnglish Literature, History , Biology---Summer School (English), various experience within school environment.
OggdeFerrerEducation Studies - English StudiesSt Chad's7A*6AEnglish Literature, History, Spanish & Drama A (Pre-U) D1D2D3 (equivalent of A**A*A) - Achieved -Won scholarship to St Chad's for English, 2012 entry. Am taking gap year (working as a teaching assistant), and re-applying.
The SilenceEnglishSt Cuthbert's10A*, 1A, 1BHL English A1, Chemistry, Music. SL German, Geography, Maths - 42ish IB points Offer 38 with 666 at HL Deputy Head Girl, relevant work experience, grade 8 clarinet
SarrEnglish St Mary's6A* 6A English Lit, RE, History, PsychologyAAAB (93.3% UMS average)A*A*A* -
Storms&StarsEnglishJosephine Butler-HL English Lit, History & Theatre Arts/SL German Lang&Lit, Maths & Physics-39 (766)38 with 6 in Lit HL
KimiechiEnglishSt Chad's9A*s 1AEnglish Literature, History, French and English LanguageAAAA--
mysilenceknotEnglishCollingwood4A*s, 4As, 2BsEnglish Literature, English Language, History, PsychologyAAAAA*A*A*Offer A*AA-
CamBerryEnglishJosephine Butler10A*sEnglish Literature, French, Biology, Maths, Further MathsAAAAAA*A*A*AOffer A*AAEPQ in progress
[Sime Lee]EnglishUniversity17.5A*sEnglish Literature, Latin, French, German, Chinese, Classical Civilisation, Philosophy and EthicsAAAAAAAA*A*A*A*A*A (A* Already achieved in Chinese)-A* In EPQ on 'How the world would be affected if there were no vowels in the alphabet', currently writing a trilogy called 'Human Roast', Gold Duke of Edinburgh holder, Currently working on a short story called 'The metaphorical significance of Colour Catching', Other works of mine include 'Jane Bare' (An alternative, controversial twist on Jane Eyre in which all the characters are clotheless, illustrating the raw, basic undertone to the classic novel), YOPEY 2011, Grade VIII Viola, Grade VII Piano, Grade VII Harpsichord, ASDAN Level 3 Award of Personal Effectiveness (QCF) (AoPE)*
fliortiaEnglishHatfield3A*s 5As and 2BsEnglish Lit, Modern History, Government and Politics and History of ArtAAACA*A*A-Full marks in English Lit. AS, EPQ
PlatostolemysocksEnglish and HistorySt Cuthberts/ St Marys/ University8A* 2A English, History, Biology and Maths-A*A*A-
Mr.NovemberEnglishSt Hild and Bede10A*s 2As English Literature, Maths, Chemistry, Science, FrenchAAAABA*A*A* all already achieved-Applying post A Levels
laurenbowesEnglishUniversity7A*s 2.5As English Literature, English Language, French, Photography, General StudiesAAACAA*AA (and A* in General Studies) already achievedUnconditional offer, waiting for collegeApplying during gap year, doing Classical Civilisation A-Level in a year and an EPQ.
Reaffy English University 1 A*3As 1B 3Cs English Literature, English Language, Classics, Extended Project AAA A* in english lit, A in English Language achieved--.
Rob_9595 English University 4A*s 9As English Literature, French, History, Maths AAAB A*A*A --.
JoiedevivreEnglishUniversity9 A*s 3 AsEnglish Literature, French, LatinAAABA*A*AOffer A*AA
ellenneEnglish and History--IB HL- English A, History, Economics, SL-Biology, Finnish literature A, Math---
fez_and_a_broom English and History--IB HL- English, History, Latin, SL-Biology, Economics, Math Studies 3.5 GPA 38 Copy Chief of school newspaper; president of model un
Enter name here...English Literature and HistorySt John's3A*s 9AsClassical Civilisations, History (Medieval), English Literature, Biology, Psychology----
NoSpeakNewSpeakCombined Honours (History)St John's/St Chads/ University8A*s 2As 2Bs and a C History (Early Modern), English Literature, Biology, Mathematics AAAB A*A*A*- Editor of school newspaper, Model United Nations, Full Scholarship
ohtashaHistorySt Chad's/ University9A*s 1AEnglish literature, History, Economics, Maths, Critical ThikingAAAABA*A*AConditional [A*AA]EPQ on Byzantine and early Russian history
BulbasaurGeography (BA)Trevelyan10A*s 3AsMaths, Geography, History, Physics (AS), Citizenship (one exam)AAACaA*A*A*- EPQ and Cambridge summer school
summer_dreamerGeographyJosephine Butler3A* 10A 0.5BBiology (AS), English Literature, General Studies, Geography and MathsAAAAAA*A*AConditional [A*AA]EPQ (A), Prefect, Work Experience & Volunteering
comp144Geology (F600)University2A*s 7As 3BsGeology, Geography, Physics, Chemistry (AS Only)A A A CA* A* A*Conditional [AAA]Retaking C in AS Chemistry, Film Maker (Pending award for Geology documentary film), DofE Gold, Volunteering, Philanthropy committee and plays the trombone
robynbraileyGeologyJosephine Butler9A*s,2A's,1BMaths, Chemistry , Geography, Biology ASAAAAA*AAOffer Accepted!
louisjevansGeophysics with GeologySt Aidan's4.5A* 4.5A 1BChemistry, Geology, Maths, PhysicsAAAAA*A*A*A* Conditional [AAA]
ecbGeoscienceSt Mary's9A* 3AChemistry, Geography, Biology, German, General Studies, English Literature (AS only)AAAABAA*A*A*A (B in German already achieved)EPQ on mass extinctions, Eco-Schools & Chemistry Prefect, Mentoring, Work Experience, Volunteering, Student Council
georgie__thomasGeoscienceSt Cuth's4A* 6A 2B'sChemistry (salters) , Biology, Physics and History (AS only)AAACAAA* Conditional AAA -
jtromansGeoscienceUniversity5A* 7A 2BChemistry, Geology, Geography, MathsAAACA*A*A(A in AS and A2 General Studies)-Retaking C in AS maths, EPQ on geology
penelope18German and FinanceSt Chad's8A*, 3AMaths, Further Maths (AS), Chemistry, GermanABCA*AB-Doing EPQ (German Economy post 1945), learning Mandarin, may be deferring to spend 6 months working in Germany...
PerfectionistGerman with Persian Josephine Butler3A*s 2As 4Bs 1CGerman, Economics, English Literature, Dutch & PersianAAADDA*A*A*BC Pending Work experience (incl. abroad)
Mikimi Health and Human SciencesStephenson7A* 4AMaths, Biology, Chemistry, Economics ASAAAA A*A*A* - EPQ
cesca42History (Ancient, Medieval and Modern)St Mary's10A*sHistory, Economics, English Literature, ItalianAAA-Conditional AAA-
antrockinout95HistoryUniversity3A* 7A 2B 1CHistory, Maths, F Maths, Physics, Citizenship, Gen StudAAAAAAA*A*A*A*AA- EPQ, Work Shadowing Professor at Manchester Uni, won Oxford Pembroke Corpus history essay prize, peer tutoring history at school, dofe.
JollyGreenAtheistHistory-4A*s 5As 3BsEnglish Literature, History, Government & Politics, Sociology---EPQ, various sporting and musical stuff, Model United Nations, lots of voluntary & sixth form head boy
OglogskiHistory-10A*sHistory, Maths, Further Maths, Physics---A in FSMQ Maths, essay competition
bethbrookhouseHistoryHatfield 9A*s 2As IB HL History, French B, Spanish B, SL English Lit, Chemistry, Maths Studies No IB yr 12 exams, French AS A 42/45 (777)- MUN, Creativity Action and Service hours Work, Deputy Head Girl, wrote and directed a play, charity work in Rwanda, Peer tutor
Cameron 1HistoryJosephine Butler4A* 5A 1BHistory, Economics, GeographyAAAAA*A*AUnsuccessfulCommunity service, Economics prize, Prefect, School mentor
easimsHistorySt Johns9*1AHistory A2, English Lit A2, French A2, Art AS, Critical Thinking ASAAAA, B in Critical ThinkingA*A*A*-house Captain, trip and project undertaken with the Holocaust Educational Trust, work at Oxfam, gold d of e.
noahharleyHistory St Johns 7A* 3A 1B + (2 Merits)History, English, Economics, GeographyAAAA + EPQ A*A*A*A*A* Offer A*AA :) Grade 7 piano, Student Head of Chaplaincy, Head News Editor for school newspaper
DollygirlHistory--HEFC History, British Politics, Psychology----
La_MignonneLawUndecided9A*s 1AEnglish Lit, French, Classical Civilisation, BiologyAAAAA*AAA-Debating, Bar Mock NI champion for 2 consecutive years, UK runner up and attorney for Empire Mock Trial in New York; Lots of Work Experience.
NannabakjensenInternational RelationsUniversity-Danish, English, Spanish, Social Science, History, Sports, Religion, Classics, Biology and Chemistry---
Tuzz375 International Relations St Mary's 4A*s 2As 3Bs 1C Government and Politics, Economics, Drama, English Lit (AS) aaab AAA+EPQ Pending Received conditional offer 2012 entry, but withdrew
bpool1994LawUniversity 1A* 4As 5Bs Government and Politics, Business Studies, History, GeographyAAAAA*A*A*Conditional [A*AA] EPQ on Jurisprudence, Work Experience at local Magistrates Court and local MP's constituency office
DoctorDoctor!Law-7A*s 2As 2B Maths, History, Physics, ChemistryAAAB--
FinnianCLawundecided 8A*s, 3As English Lit, Maths, French, HistoryAAAAA*A*A*- EPQ on Joint Enterprise, A in FSMQ, A in AS Critical thinking, Cambridge 6th form Law conf., Work exp. at Blackstone's Chambers, London and at Local Solicitors' office
KidiotequeLawUniversity probably8A*s 1AEnglish Literature, Mathematics, History, Economics, Critical Thinking, EPQ----
PeactwistLawUniversity- Access To HE. Modules: Psychology, English Language & Quantitative----
snow101 Law Hatfield 5A*s 4As 1B History, Government and Politics, Biology, Economics AABCA*AA OFFER A*AA :D Debating society, Debating committee, own debating society for younger students, deputy head girl, work experience at a 2 law firms, a barrister chambers and 2 judges, Netball team for 6 years, Gold DofE, Netball Coach, volunteer work, Speech and Drama Grade 1-7(Distinction)
Breens345Law-9A*s 2As History, Government and Politics, Maths, Economics and Business, General Studiesaaabc A*AAAA (already achieved)Unconditional offerHead Girl, work experience at four solicitor's offices, Duke of Edinburgh, Cambridge Law Conference 2011
FlippedLaw- 3A 8B IB- English Literature (HL), History (HL), Biology (HL), Spanish ab initio (SL), Maths Studies (SL), Economics (SL) - 40/45 points - Law Conference in March 2012, Law Conference in July 2012, Work Experience in Legal Journal & Firm, Volunteer Work
SweetChilliSauce LLB Law-1A 10Bs Economics, English Literature, Government and Politics, Media Studies + EPQ AAABA*A*AB-Going to do some Law Firm work for 1 week in the Summer, on the School Council and Town's Youth Cabinet. Also worked with Guides and Brownies. Grades are only predicted, achieved A's in Politics and Economics in January modules. Competed in Mock Trials two years in a row.
mintaddictionLaw- 8As (Scottish Qualifications) English, Mathematics, History, German, Physics AAAAB -- Debating, Music Diploma, Bilingual
melzelLawSt Chads9A*s, 1AMaths, Physics, HistoryAAAAA*A*A*
SretawNeb LawJosephine Butler 11A* 1A 1BEnglish Literature, French, Spanish, Classics, Government and Politics AAAAA A*A*A*AAN/ASpanish taken early in 2012, already achieved A. Predicted A* in EPQ regarding special defences to murder, done work experience in a criminal law office and a probate law office, editor of school newspaper and member of Mensa.
csevans LLB Lawopen application 2A*s 4As 4Bs CEnglish Literature, History, Law, R.E. AAABB A*AAAB- EPQ in Criminology looking at why children commit crime and the effectiveness of aims of sentencing, work experience at a local law firm, work experience in a local constituency office, work experience at Parliament Street and West Minster
molly9 LLB Law 9A* 4 AsEnglish Literature, History, Economics, French AAAAA A*A*AA- work experience at a law firm
fail_azn LLB LawUniversity 7A*s 4AsHL History Chinese A Philosophy SL lang&lit physics Maths 39/40 (38 without bonus point)- many volunteering service including setting up a scholarship and internship in a law firm
hineriaLawopen application6A*3AIB HL Chinese A Lang & Lit, Psychology, Economics; SL English A Lang & Lit, Math, Biology 42/45 (with bonus points)offer :D
Snowdog94MathsGrey5 A*s, 4 AsMaths, FM, Physics and ChemistryAAAAAA*A*A*A*Pending
CInglis95MathsUniversity3 A*s 2 As 1 B Maths, Physics, Economics, ArchaeologyaaabMaths A* Physics A Economics A Archaeology a Further Maths aPart time job, D of E, Various extra-cirriculum awards
Silent--lyMathsSt Cuthbert's probably12A*s, 2As Maths, Further Maths, Further Maths (Additional), Physics, History, ArtAAAAAA*A*A*A*A*-EPQ, Self-taught/teaching C3, M1, S2 + A2 Further Maths (Additional), A* in Maths achieved in year 12
[VectorKing]MathematicsUniversity16A*'s 1AMaths, Further Maths, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, French, Spanish, History, General StudiesAAAAAAAAAA*A*A*A*A*A*A*A*A*-Maths and Physics summer schools, Maths easter holiday camp, work as a maths tutor, gold DofE, Grade 8 harp, Grade 7 Distinction oboe, Gold award in maths challenge 5 years in a row, home schooled, work experience with an engineering company, amateur astronomer, EPQ A* on how even numbers can act as an aphrodisiac,
Lumpish-LambMathematicsCollingwood6A*s, 6As,1B Maths, Further Maths, PoliticsAAACA*A*AUnsuccessfulDoE Silver Award, work experience in a investment manager, peer mentor, Young Enterprise
Appeal to reason Maths Trevelyan 8A*s, 6As and a C Maths, Further Maths, Physics, GeologyAAAB A*(guaranteed) A*A*A* - Golds in Maths Challenges, Open University "Story Of Maths" course. 94% ums in maths.
und Maths University 10 A*s Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Russian A*aa A*A*A*A*a AA Distinction in AEA
jyang95 Marketing John Snow4As, 3Bs, 2CsSociology, Economics, Psychology-AAB AAB offer Rugby team, Debating club and Helping lower school students with their homework (Study buddy)
PhilippaMalko Medicine (through Newcastle) - 6A*s, 6As Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Psychology AAAA A*A*A*A* - UKCAT score: 692.5
avesycielo Modern Languages (German & Spanish) St Chad's 9A* 5A English Literature, German, Spanish AAAA A*A*A* Withdrew application - offer from Oxford! :DUNIQ German Summer School at Oxford, Cambridge Summer School, Grade 6 Clarinet.
EAM1995Modern Languages (French, Spanish and ab initio Russian)Josephine Butler10A* 2AFrench, Spanish, Italian, History, English LanguageAAAABA*A*A Offer 12 Feb 2013 - AAA! :D
ingénueModern Languages (French and ab initio Spanish)Josephine Butler9.5A* 3AIB HL French, Economics, English Lit; SL Maths, Physics, ItalianN/A44/45-
Jamontoast22 Modern Languages Josephine Butler 5A* 3A 1B Spanish, English Literature, Maths, History, AS Italian AAAB A*AAa -
NinjaPirate Modern Languages (French and ab initio Russian)St. Mary's 8A*s, 3As, 1CFrench, History and Biology AAAAAB A*A*A AAA DofE Bronze, Silver and Gold, translation work experience, Grade 6 clarinet, Intermediate award in ballet
lului95Modern LanguagesVan Mildert-French, Spanish, Psychology, Biology---
Oli-OlModern Languages (French and ab initio Italian)Hatfield10.5A*, 0.5AHistory, Maths, French, Latin, Psychology, EPQ, General StudiesA*AAAABA*A*A-Deferred entry candidate, Bronze, Silver and Gold D of E, A in FSMQ, Grade 7 viola, Bombardier in the ACF, Modern Languages Prefect, retaking one AS exam to boost grade from B to A
Katyy_xModern Languages (French and ab initio Spanish)University6A* 6A 2BFrench, English Literature, History, PsychologyAAAAA*A*A*A*-extenuating circumstances. EPQ.
Kat HindModern Languages (French and Spanish)University9A*s 2 AsFrench, Spanish, English Literature, DramaAAAAA*A*A*Aoffer of aaa Durham Summer School
xrachelliex Modern European Languages and HistorySt Hild & St Bede11A*sA2 - History, French, German. AS - Critical Thinking and English LiteratureAAAAAA*AA (already achieved)-Gap Year Scheme for 8 months at law firm.
shamariahbennettMusicSt Chad's3A*s 8AsMusic, Drama, Maths, Physics, (Religious Studies)AAAA(A)AAAB(A)Unconditional OfferA-Levels already received, taking a gap year. Doing a 5th A Level in RS to pass the time.
Daniel George Music - 3A 4B 3C Music, Geography, History, (EPQ) AAC A*A(A)B - Grade 8 piano, music theory, regular performances, choir, music related EPQ
pietteMusicUniversity7A*s 2As 2BsMaths, Music, ChemistryAAABA*AAUnconditional OfferGap year applicant. Pianist, composer, conductor and choral singer. Spending gap year performing, composing, teaching and restoring a 160 year old Erard concert grand piano!
Bluethroat Music St. Hild and St. Bede 3A*s, 2As, 2Bs Music, English Language, Politics, English Literature AAAA A*AA (already taken) Unconditional Offer Piano Diploma, Grade 7 Violin
lizardsmithy:)Music Castle 3A* 7AMusic, Theatre Studies, English Early-Modern History (AS)AABCAAAOffer - AABNational Youth Choir, Eton Choral Course, County Fencing Champion
Linguist-ZMusicVan Mildert 8A*s 4AsMusic, French, German, (English Literature AS) ABBBA*AA Offer - AAB -
Darbyj Natural sciences Can't remember! 11A*, 1 A in Add Maths FSMQ Biology, Chemistry, AS Physics, Maths, Further Maths & AS Critical Thinking A*aaaaa A*A*A* + A* achieved (Maths) AA one in Chemistry -
Vstephenson1 Natural Sciences St Cuthbert's 8A*s 3As Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics AAAA A*A*A* Offer A*AA
sewm47 Natural Sciences St Mary's 11A* IB HL Biology Chemistry Mathematics SL English History Spanish - IB 44/45 HL 777 - A in FSMQ
dragonkeeper999Natural SciencesTrevelyan9A*,2AChemistry, Physics, Maths, Further Maths, General Studies, Biology AS AAAAAAA A*A*A*A*A*aA*AA (maths, Physics, Chemistry)EPQ, A in FSMQ, Bonze DoE, Grade 7 Flute, Won a National Science competition, Silver in Cambridge Chemistry Challenge, Gold and Silver awards in UK Maths Challenge, Work Experience, 'Headstart' Summer School at UEA
bellatrixbNatural SciencesSt Hildes and St Bedes9A*,1AChemistry, Biology, Maths, Further Maths, German AS (General studies, Critical Thinking) AAAAA(AA) AA*A*A*(A*A)A*AA (maths/further, biology, chemistry)Various extra-curriculars, work experience in industry and academia
NørgaardNatural SciencesVan Mildert14A*,2ABiology, Chemistry, Maths, History, Geology (AS) AAAAA A*A*A*A*- Place on Durham University Biological Sciences Sutton Trust Summer School, Deputy Head Boy, self-teaching AS Further Maths, Volunteering Work & Work Shadowing, Guitar (Grade 5), Additional Maths FSMQ (A), Royal Society of Chemistry Analyst's Competition (Finalist), Gold Award in Senior Maths Challenge.
Lost And ConfusedNatural Sciences University 10A*, 2A Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Physics, EPQ AAAAA*A*A* Offer - A*AA (University College) North Midlands Rugby (and other county sports...), Oxford UNIQ Summer School in Biomedical Science, Sutton Trust Summer School (Cambridge) in Biological Science, Cambridge Chemistry Challenge (High) Gold Award, Sports Leaders Level 1
Alex BamptonNatural Sciences-7A*s 3As Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Physics, Critical ThinkingAAAA--Taking up AS Further Maths next year, place on the Biological science Sutton trust summer school at Cambridge
Dark Lord of MordorNatural Sciences-8A*s 2As 1BMaths, Further Maths, Physics, German AAA (A* ach.)
- EPQ, A in FSMQ
mattyp Natural Sciences - 7A* 5A Maths, Further Maths, Economics, Physics AAAA A*A*A*A - EPQ- A*
vb789 Natural Sciences Josephine Butler 11A*s 2.5As Biology, Chemistry, Maths AAAAB A*A*A* - -
NJam Natural Sciences - 4A* 6A Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Spanish, General Studies AAAAA A*AA*AA Offer, A*AA Offer is for an A in additional further maths (AS), EPQ
LETSJaMPharmacyStephenson8 A's 3 B'sChemistry, Biology, GeographyABCDAAB-work experience this in 2 Dentists, 2 Pharmacies, JSLA, Charities Committee, House Captain, Bully Buddy, Pharmacy Society, Silver DofE
ECRUJUMPERPharmacyStephenson12A*, 3A, 1BBiology, Chemistry, Maths, GermanAAABAAAA-Volunteer at nursing home, v50 award, Grade 6 guitar, Cert. in Level 1 BSL, Cert. in Latin studies
[1]PharmacyJohnsnow2A*3A2B2CMaths,Chemistry, Biology & AS Further MathsabbccA*AABbConditional [AAB]Voluntary working and work exp
JaMPhilosophy and PoliticsHatfield or Castle4As 6Bs 1CBiology, History, Government & Politics, Physics---EPQ, Think-tank & MP work experience this summer, Head Debater, Writing Competition, won two essay competitions, writing a novel
NatMan_Physics and AstronomyGrey6A*s 6As 2Bs 0.5CsMaths, Further Maths, Physics, ChemistryAAAB--amateur astronomer, GCSE astronomy, county level Brass player grade 8 Euphonium and 6 Cornet, Exeter Uni Physics Pre uni course, been to KSC, winner of Secondary school's musician award
anuradha_dPhysicsSt Mary's6A* 4AMaths, Further Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Music ASAAAAAA*A*AA-Gold CREST Award; PhD Work Experience at Insitute of Shock Physics 4 weeks; Choral Scholarship Applicant
117rPhysics-11A*sMaths, Further Maths, Chemistry AS, Physics Pre-UAAA--Pre-U means no AS result, only a predicted grade. Very good course though! Nuffield Bursary this summer. :D
Jeff WingerPhysics--Politics, Economics, Psychology, English Language ---
david2457PhysicsButler2A*s, 8As, 1.5BsPhysics, Maths, Chemistry, Electronics AS, French AS, General studies AS, EPQAAAACBA*A*AARejection
Kay79PhysicsGrey 3A* 7A and 4B and a Distinction* in Art and Design Physics, Maths, Biology AA-BB-C (my B in Biology is 2 UMS off an A) A*AA Pending EPQ on Influential Physics discoveries, I also did Geology as an external applicant (which is what I got my C in...) Gold DofE, hopefully completing my grade 5 piano next year, and I recently did a weeks work experience in Thailand
bugsuperPhysicsGrey 11A*s and a rogue D Physics, Maths, Further Maths, Mechanics (modules) aaaaaa A*A*A* Conditional [A*AA] A in FSMQ, two OU courses
LlewellynPhysicsUniversity11A*, 1CPhysics, Maths, FMaths, Chemistry, Biology, English Literature6a4A*, 1A
Nich14PhysicsTreveylan3A*, 6A, 3BPhysics, Maths, F.MathsaaabbA*A*APendingA FSMQ, Grade 5 Sax, DofE, Played for AFC Wimbledon youth team, online astronomy course
alexeiefimovPhysicsGreyInternational studentMathematics, Physics, Russian, Geography (AS)AAAAA*A*A*Offer: A*AA
RhysanatorPoliticsSt Hild and St Bede-Politics, Chemistry, Biology Physics-A*AAConditional-
EnglishmanInLAPoliticsHatfield1A* 4As 6Bs 2CAssociate Degree: Liberal Arts (Political Science)3.93GPAN/A-Head Boy, President of the debating society, investment banking work experience, DofE, multiple sports, Binary stock trading portfolio, run my own clothing company in LA, studying in Los Angles, CA at the moment on a gap year.
soph_morgPoliticsJosephine Butler4A*s 3As 2BsGovernment & Politics, Religious Studies, English Literature, General Studies, English Language ASAAAAA3A*s 1A (achieved)Unconditional
ginaaitchison12PsychologyApplied to Grey9A*s 2AMaths, Chemistry, Biology, GPR Pre UAAAA*A*A*A*Offer AAANo AS for Pre-U
megangompels Psychology - 2A* 6A 2B Maths, English Lang, Psychology, Economics (AS) AAAA AAA Pending Psychology work experience, wider reading, hospital volunteer, charity work, music, sport
mds0213PPE--APs: Comparative Govt., French, Physics, English Lit and Comp.---
ehirstPPESt Mary's9A*s 2AsPhysics, Maths, History, Economics and BusinessAAAAA*A*A*A (Achieved)Unconditional offerHead boy, various work experience, national business competition victories, Gold DofE etc. Applied for Castle in 2011, requested retrospective deferment to 2013 & received unconditional offer from St Mary's.
CaeciliusPPEUniversity10A*s, 1CMaths, Further Maths, History, Economics, German, Chinese, General StudiesAAAAA, A* in Maths A-levelA*A*A*A*A*-EPQ on Plato, Leader of Target 2.0 Team
s_axoSociology-2A*s 2As 4BsEnglish Literature, Psychology, Sociology, PhilosophyAAACA*A*A-Debating; EPQ
clonedmemoriesSociology and Anthropology Josephine Butler 6A*s 3As 1C Geography, Latin, Psychology, Philosophy & EthicsAABCAAA-Music diploma, grade 8 speech and drama, international writing competition winner
wardah2Sociology/ Criminology/ English-7As, 3Bs, 2CsEnglish Literature, History, Sociology, Business Studies--
anniemaTheology-3A*s 6As 1B RS, Biology, Classics, English Language, General StudiesAAAAAA*A*A*AConditional [AAB]Extenuating circumstances
LawHild Bede11A*s and 3AsMaths, Further Maths, Geography and Economics (English Literature AS)AAAAAA*A*A*A*-EPQ (grade pending), work experience, volunteering (school, local community and abroad), 3 DofE awards and part time work
Jodie_668Biology-3A*s 6As 3Bs 1D Biology, Chemistry, Psychology (AS Sociology and Critical Thinking)AAAAA--Realising Opportunities, Sutton Trust, York and Warwick Summer School, Nuffield Science Bursary, Volunteer at Science Museum, Student Ambassador
MiserableLogicPhilosophy-6A*s 3As 1BReligious Studies (Philosophy & Ethics)/ Biology/ Psychology/ English Language (AS)AAAAA*A*A*PendingCambridge Sutton Trust Summer School (Theology & Religious Studies with Philosophy), Oxford Philosophy Essay Competition, Individual project.
boredbeth13SociologyUniversity3A*s 7As 1B 1CPsychology, Sociology, Media studies & AS English LiteratureAAAAA*A*A*Conditional [AAB]
[2]Classical PastUniversity5A* 4AIB: English, History, Spanish, Italian, Maths Studies, ESS-IB: 39+-
chewythepikachuPhysics-6A*s 4AsMaths/ Physics/ Chemistry/ Further Maths (AS)AAAAA*A*A*PendingNuffield Bursary Project, C++ programming
Natashahterra Modern Languages (French and ab initio Italian) 10.5A* 0.5A*Fine Art, Design Technology, French, English LiteratureAAAAA*A*A*Pending
Ally_94 Combined Arts & Social Sciences (History, Philosophy and International Relations) University 2A*, 6A, 5B HL History, Psychology and Biology; SL Maths, French and English Lit (IB) - 38 IB points with a 7, 6, 5 Pending
[3]Economics with foundationSt Aidan's 7a*, 2a 1bPreviously done A2: History (A) Geography (A) RS (B) and at AS Physics (A) - doing a bit of AS level Maths at the moment - bit of an old man (22!) - am studying economics with foundation as I didn't do the subjects for it at A Level. Previously studied History at uni but didn't stay in the course long and have been working for the last few years. Looking forward to being a student again!
[4]Nat Sci9A* 3AFurther Maths, Physics, GeographyAAAAA*A*A*A (A* in Maths already achieved)offer A*A in Maths and Further Maths, A in Physics or Geography
http://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/member.php?u=1109536combined social sciencesSt Aidens 1A,4B's,4C's no as levels so doing a foundation degree:)
madzieePhilosophyVan Mildert7A*'s 3A's 1BPhilosophy, Psychology, Politics & AS Sociology & Critical ThinkingABBBBA*AAConditional [AAA]
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