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This page is intended to make it easy to access and share information about applicants to Durham for entry in 2014. Do not feel obliged to enter your details or fill in all columns of the table.


If you are not experienced, or comfortable, in editing Wiki pages then feel free to post on Durham undergraduate applicants for 2014 entry! Mark I with your details and someone should be happy to update it here for you. Do not edit someone else's entry unless they have asked you to do so: everyone is entitled to have as much or as little information on here as they wish.

Please Read

In general, just copy what other people have done then replace their sections with your own. Basically though

"|-" without quotes starts a new row ie starts your entry

"||" without quotes starts a new column. If you have nothing to fill in your column, you must put "||||" so that it registers this.

To put your member profile link, go to your profile, copy the link at the top and inside your column, paste it inside of square brackets with your user name also inside the brackets. Eg [link name] with the link being the link and name being your membership name. They must be separated by a space though.

When writing in your subjects, for clarity please post in the respective order of your grades. For example if you did English Lit (A), History (A), Maths (B) and Economics (C), your AS and A2 grades should be respective, so in the AS column it should be AABC because that's the order entered and in the A2 column, if you were dropping economics, your predicted grades would be AAA so it's assumed economics has gone. Adding (dropped) would also help. Adding an AS in your A2 year would read AAAa to denote it's only an AS and should be added last in the subjects column.

||[http://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/member.php?u=1135771 cminds23]||Classics||Collingwood||10A*s, 5As||English Literature, General Studies, Latin, Philosophy, Physics (AS), Psychology||AAAAAA||A*A*A||Offer: AAA||


Someone else's stuff


||[ http://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/member.php?u=752763 117r ]||Physics||-||11A*s||Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry AS, Physics Pre-U||AAA||-||-||Pre-U means no AS result, only a predicted grade. Very good course though! Nuffield Bursary this summer.


Someone else's stuff

Remember, YOU CAN'T BREAK ANYTHING! All edits are reversible. Good luck!!


NEW: UMS column has been added for those courses that require UMS marks eg physics and mathematics

Please add the UMS that Durham requires off you only. For example for physics Durham only asks for physics and maths UMS so please only provide these. Add as a percentage average of units.

Although of course anyone is free to add their UMS and you are welcome to do so.


Please take note that the table is alphabetically ordered by course, college and then username.

Username Course College GCSEs A Level or Equivalent Subjects AS Grades UMS A Level or Equivalent Predictions Outcome Extras
CavalierNo7 Accounting and Finance Stephenson 4A*s 5As 3Bs Economics HL, Business and Management HL, Chemistry HL, Maths SL, English SL, French Ab Initio (IB) - 38 Points (IB) Offer: 36 Points (665 HL) 2 books read, attended a lecture, captain of basketball team, 2 weeks of relevant work experience, prefect at old school, DofE, Amnesty International
marm-alade Anthropology BA University 4A* 1A 3B 1C AS Drama, A2 History, English lit, Psychology, EPQ AAAB A*AA EPQ, wider reading, mixed religious background, National Theater New Connections, sing/write songs in band, Yong Enterprise, London Anthropology Day
Graziana Archaeology & Ancient Civilisations University 4A*s 4As 1B 1C Law, English Literature,Classics (AS Psychology, AS Critical thinking) AABBC AAB Unconditional Offer Gap year student, travelling, Teaching english in Italy, Toastmasters speaking, Youth speaks, debating, Starting own business, volunteer @ way with words literature festival, youth theatre, British Sign language level 1, Ancient Greek beginners course, work placement @ Arbeia Roman fort.
Lucy96 Biological Anthropology Stephenson 4A*s 5As 2Bs History, English Literature, Biology (Chemistry) AABE(ouch) A*A*A Offer (ABB) EPQ on the evolutionary history of hominids, mentor teenagers with additional needs
Owen Eliot Biological Sciences University 6A* 4A Biology, chemistry, maths, further maths (spanish and physics AS) AAAAAA (Spanish taken year before) 90% avg A*A*A*A AAA 18/12 head boy, rugby, few books/mags and day at lab
zooziezooBiological Sciences Josephine Butler10A*s 1 A (FSMQ)Biology, Chemistry, Maths, History, French ASAAAAA-A*A*A*AOffer AAA EPQ, extra reading, work experience at genetics lab.
PensiveArmadillo Biological Sciences St.Chads 11A*s Biology, Chemistry, Maths, French AAAA - A*A*AA Offer AAA 10/12 EPQ, Further reading, conservation group, volunteering etc.
Hannah Biological Sciences (with placement) University 5A* 4A Biology, Psychology, Law, History AAAA Offer AAA 23/12 Biology mentoring, hospital work experience, elderly care home volunteer, Open University short course, wider reading
Anonymous Bioscience MBiol (4 Years) J. Butler 10A* A FSMQ Biology, Physics, Maths, Further Maths, French AS, Chemistry AS AAAAA A*A*A*A* (A achieved in Maths A2, resitting for A*) Offer AA Science prefect, setting up CREST awards for school, relevant reading, STEM summer school at Imperial, summer school at Cambridge, work experience at GP, Gold UKMT Senior Maths Challenge and best in Year, volunteering, ATC 3 years, Grade 5 guitar, paid work as a tutor, Borough award for attainment in KS4 and KS5
LoftyON Biosciences MBiol (4 Years, Via Substitute Personal Statement) Van Mildert 10A*s 2 As Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Physics AS, EPQ AAAA A*A*A*a* (a* in EPQ) Shadowing doctors work experience, reading around subject, many University residentials (including Cambridge and Durham G&T), volunteering in hospital, editor of college newspaper, student council, labratory visits, independent ecological studies, tutoring AS and GCSE students, student ambassador, EPQ on stem cell research
Hannah Biosciences St Aidens 11A* 1A Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Geography, General Studies, Critical Thinking AAAAAA A*A*AAAA (achieved) Offer - unconditional
Herr Dudelmann Bioscience MBiol (4 Years) Grey 10A* Biology, Maths, Chemistry, Physics AS, Further Maths AS AAAA All above 90% A*A*A* Offer- AAA
JackTheNerd Biomedical Sciences (With a Year in Industry) St Mary's 6As 3Bs Biology, Chemistry, Geography, History AAAA A*A*A Offer 18th Decmeber - AAA Imperial biomed Summer School, UCL masterclasses, Royal Society lectures, America visit researching youth issues, created philosophy extracurriclar going to Oxford uni, Brilliant Club Scholars programme,
jadeymas Biomedical Sciences (With a Year in Industry) Josephine Butler 3A*s, 4As, 2Bs, C Biology, Chemistry, Psychology AABB AAA Offer - AAA (6th March)
thisisjessyeah Biomedical Sciences University 7A*s 4As Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths, Further Maths and General Studies AAAAbB A*A*A*A*A summer school, average UMS on top 3 subjects is 94%, tutors chemistry students, senior student, UKMT silver certificates, various trophies for rifle shooting, volunteer with veterans.
katy4341 Biomedical Sciences Trevelyan 4A* 6A 2B Biology, Chemistry, Maths ABB A*AA conditional offer- AAA Ballet since young, competed and took examinations recieving high grades. Head girl at school. Travelled to Malaysia on a group volunteer project. Various other events in and out of school such as ks3 volunteer tutoring.
ChloeBazingaa Chemistry St Mary's 11A* 2A Biology, Chemistry, Maths, English Literature, Further maths AABC AAAa Offer - AAB Completed supported progression - early offer. :D
Davelittle Chemistry (through substitute personal statement) St Mary's 9A* Chemistry, Physics, Maths, Geography, General Studies AAAAA Chem- 94% Maths- 92% Physics- 91% Geog- 95% General Studies- 89% A*A*A* + a in AS Further Maths A*AA Taking AS FM in Y13, PurePotential maths masterclass at Cambridge, Work experience at multinational chemical company, Debating club, House captain, year 7 buddy, football
Gmseahorse Chemistry St Chad's 6A* 3A Chemistry, Physics, Maths, History, Critical Thinking AAAAB A*A*A* + a in AS Further Maths A*AA Taking AS FM in Y13, Villiers park course, plenty of further reading.
Kmonster Chemistry St Mary's 14A* Chemistry, Maths, Physics, Biology, French (dropped) AAAAA A*A*A*A* Offer A*AA -
knope Chemistry St Chad's 1A* 3A 2B 1C (health issues) Biology, Maths, Chemistry, Economics AAAA A*A*A Offer: A*AA EPQ, editor of school newspaper, debating, various mentoring type roles within school
Fango_Jett Chemistry Van Mildert American Program Chemistry - 5, Calc AB- 4, Physics C: Mechanics - 4 SAT Chem-780, SAT MathIIC - 760, SAT Physics- 740, ACT: 32 Composite (30+ in each section) Physics C E&M-5, Calc BC- 5, Physics B-5 - Finished highest level of chemistry offered 2 years early. First person in history of school to achieve 5. Research. Met conditions and will attend
Bookler_Natsu Chemistry St Mary's 6A*s, 1A, 1B, 1C A2: Chemistry, Physics, Maths. AS: Biology AAAA 80-90% A*AA Conditional Offer -
hazel31 Classics Castle 9A*s 3As English, Maths, Further Maths, Class civ - - D2 D2 D3 A* (Cambridge Pre-U) Offer -
Lucilou101 Combined Hons in ArtsUniversity 7A*s 5 As Classical Civ, English Lit, Maths, French, Gen Studies AAAAB A*A*A*AA-
chelsaeCombined Honours in Arts- English and HistoryCollingwood 5 A*s, 4 As, 2Bs English Lit, French, History, Maths AAAA - A*AAA Offer: AAB teaching foreign languages to secondary school children, prefect, book clubs, set up an exchange project with a Korean school, International Conferences, Durham Supported Progression
piano_ penguin Combined Hons in ArtsSt Chad's or other-History, Latin, Music, Chemistry (dropped)AAAB A*A*A*-
joiedevivre Combined Hons in ArtsUniversity 9A*s 3 As English Lit, French, Latin, AS Maths AAAB A*AA (achieved)-
GAB Combined Hons in Social SciencesSt Cuthbert's4A*s, 5As, 1BGeography, Maths, Classical Civilisation, Further Maths (AS), Chemistry (AS), History (AS)AAAAB A*A*A-
goingforitall Combined Hons in Social Sciences - 5A*s 3As - - - Received: IB 40 776
TheCurlyFlea Combined Hons in Social Sciences University 10 A*s, 1 A HL: Biology, Chemistry, History; SL: English, Mathematics, German (taking German at HL this year) - - IB: 41/45 HL: 766 SL: 766 (achieved) German HL: 7 Unconditional Offer MUN, Debating, Youth Speaks, Netball, Learner Voice Representative, won a placement on a Rotary Club International Youth Camp in Bad Homburg, Read New Statesmen and Prospect, Read some Int. Relations theory, Read German fiction and watch German films, Volunteered at Vets for 1.5 years, two jobs, semi-gap year
Wilsoncw Combined Hons in Social SciencesZIGCSE ABBBCDGeography, Maths, Business Studies, Further MathsCAAA CA*AA* Offer:A*AA in any subject combination
goingforitall Combined Hons in Social Sciences - 5A*s 3As - - - Received: IB 40 776
tDickinson Computer Science Josephine-Butler 5A*s 3As 1B 1C Maths, Further Maths, Computing, Physics AAAA A*A*A*A* Offer - AAA -
PrinceyJComputer ScienceGrey3A*s 7AsMaths, Further Maths, Physics, Spanish(A Maths A2) AA A*A*AA Offer - AAA Gold D of E, World Challenge Expedition, EPQ (in progress), EES, Gold CREST, Intermediate UKMT Gold & Kangaroo, AS Physics Challenge Silver, Programming in C++, Objective-C, Java
Do I like pie? Computer Science Josephine Butler 10As 1B Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Further Maths(AS) AAAB A*AA Offer - AAA Cambridge masterclass, relevant work experience
SummerPi Computer Science (BSc) Josephine Butler 1A*, 2As, 3Bs, 2Cs, 1D Maths, Computing, Further Maths, Physics(AS) AAAB A*A*A* Offer - AAA Classical ballet grade 8, perform often. Have a weekend job.
Paddingtonfrisk Computer Science (MEng) Hatfield 6A*, 4As, 3Bs, 1C Maths, Physics, Further Maths, Chemistry(AS), EPQ AAAA A*A*A Offer - A*AA
haseem1 Economics with Business Placement Josephine Butler 9A* 3A Maths, Economics, Geography, Psychology, Critical Thinking AAAAA 95.1% A*A*A* - work experience, Target 2.0 Challenge, accepted onto Deloitte Scholar Scheme, UBS Award for Outstanding Students, outside reading, lectures, volunteer in primary schools, UKMT Maths Challenges, Bronze and Silver DofE, member of Warhammer Club, deferred entry applicant
Donniee Economics St. Chad's 11A* Maths, Further Maths, Economics, Spanish, Russian (AS), AAAA A*(achieved)A*A*AOffer A*AA EPQ
kanuhura Economics and Politics St Cuthbert French applicant (i.e no GCSEs) French Baccalaureate in the Scientific stream: Maths (+Maths speciality), Physics/Chemistry, Biology/Geology, History, Optional History, Philosophy, English language, Spanish language - Overall average: 16.73/20, specifically 17/20, 19/20, 18/20, 14/20, 20/20, 11/20, 17/20, 16/20 achieved - Reading, International student, currently enrolled in the BIEMF program at Bocconi University, admitted to Sciences-Po Paris in 2013 after both written and oral selections, took part in the HMCE as a UN Security Council delegate
Ali_Ludley Engineering Jacqueline Butler 8A*s 5As Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Further Maths AAAA A*A*A - Prefect, 2nd XV Rugby, EPQ, GCSE Astronomy (Along side AS), Can code in Python and (Learning)Arduino, Student Robotics, Swimming team, Maths Tutor, Work experience.
lIrate Killah EngineeringSt Chads12A*s, 1AMaths, Further Maths, Chemistry, Physics, General Studies AAAAA A*A*A*AA Offer - A*AA (received 26/11/13)Gold and Silver Crest awards. Work experience and Cambridge Uni and placement at Royal Haskoning. Head Boy, Rugby first XV
amyymmmm Engineering St. Mary's 9A*s 1A Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry AAAA A*A*A*AA -
RuSSeLLMaGuiReEngineering (Deferring) University 6A*s 2As B Physics, Maths, Further Maths, Product Design(AS), [Critical Thinking(AS, 2 Years Early)] aaaa[c] 0.9325 A*A*A Computer Science EPQ discussing SSDs, HDDs and SSHDs. Codes in C++ and various scripting languages. Fluent with PTC Creo 3D modelling tools. Attended 4 day residential Engineering Headstart Course at Durham. Arkwright Scholar, 4 weeks work experience with sponsor and returning for industrial gap year. Vice president of 6th form council.
imogenalice Education and English St. Cuthbert's 10A*s 1A English, Maths, Physics, Biology (AS) AAAA A*A*A* Conditional Offer AAA
SixteenHundred English Literature St Chad's 10A*s English Lit, Maths, Latin, History, Further Maths (AS) - A*A*AAa (ach.) - A* EPQ, taster courses at UCL and Cambridge, literacy with 7-8 year olds, 5 year RSC Summer School attendee, Rotary Club camper and public speaker, Oxfam volunteer, Young Enterprise, gap year (1st application)
hannah_kate English Literature St Chad's 8 A*s 3 As Distinction* 2 Distinctions English Lit, Maths(AS), History, French AAAB predicted A*A*A offer A*AA Full marks in history and english lit AS, won national writing competition, grade 7 pianist, just been to india and raised over £5000, two jobs!
bonapurple English Literature St Hild & St Bede SG 5A, Int2 3A Int1 1A Advanced Higher English, French, Modern Studies Highers AAAAA - Advanced Higher predicted AAA Offer AAA sent 11/10/13 received 17/01/14 -
thejeangenie English Literature University 10 A* English Literature, Psychology, History, Chemistry (AS) AAAA A*A*A* sent 27/11, rejected 7/03 DebateChamber English Lit masterclass, OLP & IGGY courses, lectures at Durham and Oxford, reading mentor for Year 7, amateur theatre, Grade 8 singing & G7 cello, church chorister
Ohmars English Literature Unknown 9 A's, 2 B's, C English Lit, English Lang, History, Psychology AAAA Predicted A*A*A* Sent 05/11 and Received 30/01 Sutton Trust, EPQ, Taster Courses, Summer Courses, Work experience, Book club
LibbyMae English Literature University 8 A*'s 3A's English Lit., Theatre Studies, History, Biology AAAA PredictedA*A*A*A and A* EPQ -
kaylazb English Literature University 5 A*'s 4A's English Literature, History, Psychology and Philosophy (AS) AAAA A*A*A Offer! A* in anything, AA :) sent 11/10/2013, received 9/12/2013 An EPQ, lots of extra reading, school newspaper and some acting :)
Fillb English Literature Josephine Butler 7 A* 6A English Lit, Maths, Further Maths, Physics(dropped) AAAA PredictedA*A*A Offer A*(in anything)AA sent 13/10/13 received 08/11/13 Jut a bit of reading, and some cricket :D
shaken-pine English Literature St. Chad's - English Lit, History, Economics at HL; Math, German, Chemistry at SL - - Predicted 39, 7 in Lit Offer 38 (666 at HL) sent 3/10, received 15/11 Reading, school magazine, poetry translation competition, math competition, math tutoring, choir, badminton, school musical
boomtown13 English Literature University - Access to HE - English Lit, Life Sciences, Psychology, Media Studies - All at distinction; EPQ - - EPQ - A - EPQ
Amapola English Literature St Chad's N/A (AUS Applicant) English Advanced, English Extension 1, English Extension 2, Maths, Maths Extension 1, French Continuers, French Extension, Chemistry ~97 (Aus equivalent) ATAR >95 (A*A*A*AABB) - International rowing internship, Academic scholarship, Form Captain, Head of the River coach, Bronze DofE, Bronze SLS, English and Maths tutor, Backstage for Drama productions
Emily English Literature St Chad's 7.5 A*s , 2As, 2Bs English Literature, English Language, History, Pyschology AAAB - A*AA
jg1225 English Literature Open application 12A*s English Literature, History, Maths AAAB - predicted A*AA A*AA (in any order) A - EPQ (achieved)
dlaiden English with Philosophy Van Mildert 7As, 2Bs, 2 Merits English Literature, Philosophy, Psychology, English Language (AS), Extended Project AAAB A*A*A - Durham Sutton Trust Summer School for English, Highly Commended in Woolf Essay Prize, top 5% in all subjects, tutored GCSE English students, Villiers Park, UCL Summer School
daisystones Geography Van Mildert 7 A*s 3 As Geography, Music, Biology, Maths AABC Predicted A*A*B and an A for EPQ A*AA Grade 8 violin and piano with distinction and soon to have Violin Diploma ABRSM, EPQ relevant to degree applied for, work experience, Macmillan Iceland Hike, House Captain, Prefect, DofE, essay competitions, lots of wider reading, member of RGS and GA
JLKeating Geography St Chad's 11 A*s Geography, Biology, Maths, AS German AAAA Predicted A*A*A Offer - A*AA
SamEastie#2 Geography Josephine Butler 8A*1A Geography, Biology, Chemistry (French) AAAB A*A*A (ach.) Unconditional offer
http://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/member.php?u=1181334 Polly Nomial BSc Geography Josephine Butler 1A* 10As 3Bs Geography, Business, PE AAA A* (achv.) AA (pred.) Conditional for 2As
AGirlCalledFinn Geography St Hild and St Bede 7A* 2A 2B Geography, History, Economics (Biology) AAAB A*A*A - Geography society/lectures, lectures at university, county level sports
Laurajeanne Geography BA University 5A* 6A Geography, Biology, Economics (Chemistry and Anthropology AS) AABC A*AAa -
Geog On Geography St Hild and St Bede 8A* 6A Geography, Chemistry, Mathematics, (Design & Technology: Product Design AS), EPQ AAAA 94.1% A*A*A (A* in EPQ) Offer - A*AA Senior Prefect, individual visit to Mt Etna, visiting lectures at Manchester University, relevant work experience, cricket captain, student mentor
Vill100 History St Hilde and St Bede 7A* 4A Economics, History, Geography and Politics AAAA 93% (top 3) A*A*A* Offer A*AA
can'tbeleftblank History St Hilde and Bede 5A*s 5 As (really worried about them :( History, EngLit, FineArt, Psychology, General studies - A*, A*, A*, A, A, A* (EPQ) offer! A* AA
DenchKing1832 History St Chad's 10A*s Economics, Maths, History and French AAAA A*A*A (Achieved) - FSMQ - A. Post A-Level applicant.
goodmorningworld History St. Chads 8A*2A EPQ, History, Geography, English (A - EPQ)AABD(Maths AS) - A*AA Offer - ABB Supported Progression, volunteering with SEN literacy class, extenuating circumstances (Maths grade), working towards Gold Arts Award, runner up in writing competition judged by publishing house, 100% in 2 AS units (English & Geography), Student Leadership journalist at sixth form, member of local youth council and have taken on a role there previously.
lukeface History University 10A* 3A History, Economics, French, Maths, Further Maths AAAAA A*A*A*A
armin History University A*AABB IGCSEs English Lit, Sociology, Psychology,History ABBB All Bs 79% A*A*A*A* YESSS :-D International applicant, significant mitigating circumstances, reading around the subject, work experience(voluntarily thought English to school children in my country),Just hoping for the best :-)
foiledagain History Not Sure N/A (US applicant) AP exams in United States History, World History, European History, English Literature, English Language, French, Psychology, Calculus AB, Biology 5s in US History, World History, English Lit and Psychology Will probably get 5s in relevant subjects (Euro History, French, English Lang) - Varsity Fencing captain, Bronze Medal in National French Exam, National World Language Honor Society, National Honor Society, tutoring younger students, instrumental performance activities (Wind Ensemble, Marching Band etc)
Theo History St Johns 10A* and 2A History, Maths, Biology, History of Art, English Literature AAAAB (dropped English) 90.4% (All 5) 94.6% (Top 3) A*A*A*A* Conditional Offer - A*AA (Application sent 3/10/13; Offer received 8/11/13)
frisths History St Johns 11A* and an A History, Religious Studies, Maths, French AAAB (dropped French) - A*A*A* Conditional Offer - A*AA DofE, UNIQ Summer School, EPQ on Elizabeth I, self-taught Latin GCSE achieving A*
MattQuayModern History MA St. Chads English Literature and History Undergraduate, A Levels - English Literature, History, Computer Science, Mathematics, General Studies and Geography AS AAAABa (Achieved in 2009) First Class Honours BA - Unconditional Offer Teach First Leadership Development Programme - Teacher of English and History, Civil Service Fast Stream Department for Education Summer Internship
yws0212 International Relations Not Sure 7A* 2A 1B History, Geography, Economics, Biology (AS), Thinking Skill (AS) AAABB A*A*A Conditional offer - AAA International applicant, Leader of the Model United Nations club, School library assistant, Co-founder of 6th form newspaper, Student Orchestra score management
thirdculturekid International Relations St. Mary's N/A IB HL English Literature, Art and Geography, SL French Literature, Math and Biology - - 40/45 with 667 in HL Offer - 37 with 666 in HL DoE Gold, Interact President, NHS President, Student Council President, climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, attended multiple international MUN conferences (Keynote speaker), Grade 4 ABRSM Piano, photo used by National Geographic, extensive travels
silkysmoothpro Law Collingwood 5A*s, 5As English, History, Politics, RS AAAA 95.8% top 3 A*A*A* Offer - A*AA Debating Society, Model UN, wide law reading, work experience in land and rent disputes, supreme court, community service volunteer with police.
GB6991 Law Hatfield/ University AAAAA AAACC History, Economics, Geography, Philosophy, EPQ A*AAAB A*A*A*A (based on AS UMS scores) - Senior Prefect, Senior House Captain, Student Leader, Founder & President of the school's law society, Amnesty International Rep, Student of the Year nominee, Essay Competitions, Speaking competitions, National Bar Mock Trial competition, Pathwaystolaw, Debate Society, First XV/ Yorkshire rugby, Wider Reading, Public Law Lectures, Work experience at Eversheds, PwC, Coutts Bank and two local law firms... and more!
tiffany_wu888 Law Grey American curriculum IB: English Lit, Chinese Lit, Spanish ab initio (SLs) & Chemistry, Math, Economics (HLs) - IB predicted 41/45 (766HL) Offer 5/12, 5 in IB English SL work experience @ law firm, high SAT scores
AJenna Law Josephine Butler 6A*s, 5As English Literature, Physics, Philosophy and Ethics (dropped), Psychology AAAB A*A*A Offer (A*AA) Work experience with a practising barrister in London and with the Director of Protective Services at Manchester Airport, Beaver Scout Assistant Leader, owner of an online store, three academic scholarships achieved to date.
*Stefan* Law - Not Applicable Greek Apolytirion (15 subjects)/ Greek & Latin A-Level - Greek Apolytirion 18.8/20 (already achieved) & A*A Offer- BB (Greek & Classics) Self teaching Greek and Classics at A-Level l- Wider Reading - Court Visits - 1000 euro award for school highest results in Apolytirion (-PanHellenics) / PanHellenics, the equivalent of A-Levels in Greece were not required within the Apolytirion, even though I did take them.
alexbevLawSt Chad's5A*s 8As (one A achieved a year early)English Literature, Maths, History, Further Maths (AS), Critical Thinking (AS) (not taken yet)AABCA*AAOffer (A*AA)Head Girl, Student Leadership Team, work experience at Chambers and Crown Court, Law Society, UKMT team and individual challenges, wider reading, Cambridge University Sixth Form Law Conference, Flute (Grade 6)
iano101LawGrey3A*s 7As 1.5Bs English Literature, History, Geography, Maths (AS), AAADA*A*A Prefect, Student Leadership Team, work experience at Law firm and with a Barrister, Visited the Royal Courts of Justice, Founder of the school Law Society, wider reading
ROFlManagement John Snow8As, 1B, 2 C'sMathematics, Chemistry, Business Studies, Biology (AS) A in Business, B in Chem, Predicted AAA- Dropped Biology OFFER- AABInternational Swiss Company, Management Work exp, Captain of Hockey 2nd XI/Badminton Captain of 1st team, Violin, School Orchestra, won competitions, Charity work and fundraising.
gracerussellMathematicsSt Chad's9A*s, 1AMaths, Further Maths (AS) 3 Sciences, Latin, Spanish (Scottish Higher) 7AsMaths modules average 96%Predicted 4A*-Head girl, Head cadet in ccf, 3 instruments, Taking STEP
Jeffrey GuilleMathematicsCollingwood 7A*s 5As 1B 1CMaths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry AS, Additional Further Maths AS 94% in Maths, Further Maths and Physics A*A*A*aa Offer: A*AA Wider reading. UKMT Maths Challenges and Senior Kangaroo. Additional Further Mathematics AS and STEP. Cycle and run competitively at regional level. Play guitar and set up PA equipment at 1000+ capacity concerts.
TheOncomingStormMathematicsSt John's9A*'s, 6A's, 1A* with distinctionMaths, Further Maths, English Lit, Ancient History, General Studies AAAAAMaths modules average 93%A*A*AA*AA offerFull UMS in maths GCSE one year early, A* with distinction in iGCSE Further Maths, 98% in AS Mathematics, multiple Silver, Gold and Best in School awards in UKMT Maths Challenges, represented school in team maths challenge, attended Maths Inspiration lectures, relevant reading, self-teaching FP3, sitting STEP, among best GCSE grades in school
bluebell_flamesMathematicsSt Mary's10A*s, 1AMaths, Further Maths, Physics, English Language and Literature, French (+Welsh Bac)AAAA 97% av. maths, 99.4% without C3, 99% in French, 98.5% in EnglishA*A*A*A*A* (incl. A* in maths achieved) Offer - AA Lots of relevant reading, maths tutoring, AEA and STEP practice, self-taught extra modules, Oxford Study Afternoon, Young Engineers.
[Dome]MathematicsSt Mary'sIGCSE: 7A*, 2AMaths, Further Maths, Chemistry, Physics Pre-UA*AA97% average in mathsA*A*A*D1-Pre-U means no AS result, only a predicted grade (predicted D1). B in AS Technology, taken a year early. Maths IGCSE taken a year early. Additional Maths Qualification - A (Top Grade)
Robbie242 Mathematics St Mary's 4 Dist* A in btec ICT, 2B 5C Maths, Further Maths, Economics, History (dropped) AAAA A*A*A predicted- I have being working at the Bank of England Prudential Regulation authority. I have also successfully self taught fm AS-level and I am self teaching AFM AS-level this year, and I am also enhancing my mathematical ability by preparing for and sitting STEP I and AEA + sitting ukmt in November. I have also read 3 books and attended 2 lectures
EvanJackPenn MathematicsUniversity10A* 5AMaths, Chemistry, Physics, Further MathsA*, A, A, none 97% in A2 maths (inc 4x100%, 1x99%), 97% AS Physics A*AA*A*A*AAWider reading, olympiads etc, full scholarship to independent school, played with National Youth Orchestra of GB
StudentroMathematicsUniversity9A* 2AMathematics (Full A-Level Completed), Further Maths (Taking Full A-Level in 2014), Physics, English, History (Dropped)A*aacC1:95, C2:85, C3:93, C4:92, S1:96, M1:100A*A*A*-Senior UKMT Maths Challenge Gold + Senior Kangaroo, Taking STEP, Wider Reading (self taught some number theory), Grade 7 Violin
The ShanusMathematicsUniversity2A* 4A 3BMaths Further-Maths Physics English Lang (Did not attend lessons, silly me) AAAD84%A*AA A*AA (for Computer Science MEng as Maths full - Firmed) [International Applicant - EU] Relevant reading (Fermat's Last Theorem, The Music of The Primes, A Mathematician's Apology etc.), School Prefect, Silver DoE, Comenius Exchange Project, Cyprus national school public-speaking competition winner, work experience at an international credit report firm, school football team, numerous charity walks, numerous sports day medals.
BingTaoBing Modern languages (French and Italian) University 8 A*s (+A* pred.) Biology, Chemistry, French, History, Maths (AS) AAAAB A*A*AA C (retaking) - EPQ on Hitler/Stalin. Largely self-taught. Wider reading. Grade 8 piano. History Society and Fem. Society at college. GCSE Italian.
StarryInk07Modern Languages (Spanish and Arabic) Grey (originally applied to Hatfield)10A*s, 2AsSpanish, Latin, English Literature, Maths, ChineseAAAAA A*AAA(+A achieved)Offer AAAEssay comp - commended
Amelie1995 Modern languages (French) University 7As 3A*s French, Spanish, History and Maths AAAB A*A*A
Stanners95Modern Languages (Spanish and German)University9A*s, 2AsSpanish, German, English Literature, Maths, Critical ThinkingAAAAB A*A*A*A*-PAD prize winner - spent a month in Germany over the summer. Spanish Course in Cambridge. Silver in Linguistics Olympiad
sturds_cModern Languages (Spanish and Ab Initio Italian)St. Chad's5A*s, 5As, 1BSpanish, History, MathsAAAB A*AAOffer, AAA
charliewilson Modern Languages (French and Spanish)Hatfield 3A* 3A 4B French, Spanish, English Literature, Economics (AS)AABC AAA-
Grozdova.Modern Languages (French and German)St John'sAAA11112 (Scottish Standard Grades)AH French, AH German, AH Modern Studies, H SpanishAAAAA (Scottish HighersN/AAAAaOffer AAA (Advanced Highers)
ddeeccllannModern Languages (French and ab initio Italian)Van Mildert9A* 2AEnglish, French, History, ClassicsAAAA197/200, 180/200 175/200, 163/200
MollyElla Modern Languages (Spanish) St Cuthbert's 10A* Spanish, Maths, Economics, Geography AAAB Offer AAA UNA Debating, Time in Peru, Spanish Society Member
violin95MusicSt Cuthberts6A*s, 6AsMusic, English Literature, Geography, BiologyAABC A*A A A Offer AABGold D of E, Grade 8 Violin Distinction, Grade 6 piano
Jaynep Natural Sciences (Maths & Physics St. John's 11A* Maths, Further Maths, Physics, AS Music, AS German AAAAA 95% UMS in maths/further maths A*A*A Grade 8 Distinction Flute
GeorgeL3Natural Sciences - MSc (Physics, Chemistry & Maths)St. Cuthbert's7 A*'s, 3 A's, 3 B's Maths, Further Maths, Physics & Chemistry (AS Psychology & EPQ)AAAAACAverages across AS & A2: Maths-93% Further Maths-87% Physics-90% Chemistry-88% A*AAA Originally Conditional (A*AA), Now Unconditional Achieved A*A*A*A, Finished D of E gold, World challenge, Physics related EPQ, Qualified cub leader, Self taught some extra maths (FP4 & M5), Play violin & piano to grade 6, Gold in chemistry olympiad, Bronze in physics olympiad, Engineering work experience, Now doing a Year in Industry with the EPSRC.
emilyrebeccaNatural Sciences (Biology, Geography & Psychology)Hatfield9A*s 1ABiology, Psychology, Chemistry, Mathematics (AS) AAAA A*A*A*-Backup for veterinary medicine; laboratory work experience
French mouse Natural sciences (Physics and Biology)St ChadsNAFrench baccalauréat, série S (= scientific version of the baccalauréat)NANA17/20 in Maths, Physics/Chemistry and SVT (Biology and Earth science)Offer! Average of 16/20 required French student. Did a selective maths course in summer 2012, extended project (biology and chemistry) last year - but every french student does that. Mentioned in my PS I play the flute, do some theatre and ballet. Not much EC stuff done related to my subject though (except reading a few books)...
HLimpet13Natural Sciences (Physics, Chemistry and maths)St. Chad's6A*s 4As 1BMaths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry, EPQAAAA A*A*A*A*A*A*A in maths and further maths either way round and A in physicsWork experience at CERN. Write for the school science newsletter. On the school Maths team. Multiple gold awards in UKMT maths challenges. Gold in Cambridge Chemistry Challenge. 2 IC of RAF section. Deputy head of shooting team. Grade VIII distinction in piano, grade VIII distinction recorder and grade VII cello (although play grade VIII+ standard pieces in orchestra)
ColroydNatural Sciences (Biology & Maths)Van Mildert3A*s 4AsBiology, Mathematics, English Literature, Chemistry (1 year A-level), Further Maths ASAAA A*A*A*A*A-EPQ
Cottam96Philosophy and PoliticsJosephine Butler4 A*s, 4 A's, 2 B's, 1 CGovernment and Politics, ICT, Philosophy and History (AS) AABC AA*A*Offer - AAAParty Member for Liberal Democrats,keen debate attender and participator, took part in IBM Smarter Planet Competition
JoeIncPhilosophy and PoliticsUniversity11A*sIB: HL English Literature, HL Economics, HL Latin, HL Philosophy, SL Mathematics, SL Biology--45/45--
maselg2PPEUniversityAmerican: AP exams 5 fives, 2 fours.... SAT 2200AP US and comparative Government, AP macro and micro Economics, AP Calculus AB/BC, AP statistics, AP spanish, AP literature, AP enviornmental science, AP United States History, AP world history (more than 7 because some of them I am taking this year) - - -Founded my school's Model UN club and compete in national tournaments. Studied politics and Economics abroad in China and the United Kingdom the past two summers. Interned for a Law Firm. Facilitated the Student Voter Registration Drive at my school. Founded and chaired the Amnesty International Club. Keeps the books at the Non-profit organisation I work for. Run a chapter of said organisation in my state. Member of the Free thinkers society(we talk about philosophy and philosophers). Play competitive tennis and sing. Fluent in Spanish and German.
ficjiurago Philosophy and Politics University 4A*s, 3A's 2C English Literature, Sociology, Economics - A*A*A* (predicted) Offer - AAA M.U.N Delegate, Secretary (Rotaract Club)
broog Politics Grey 10 A*s 1 A English Lit, History, Govt. & Pol, (Economics AS) AAAA - A*A*A (predicted) offer AAA 15th Nov. A* EPQ, Gold DoE
Random_PC_Errors Politics Grey 4A's, 6B's History, English Literature, Law, Sociology BBBB AAA (predicted) Pending Debating Society, Attended lecture by Fergal Keane on Syrian Crisis, Visited Parliament/Met local MP
[1] Politics Hatfield 5A*s, 6A's History, Philosophy, Government & Politics, English Literature (dropped) AAAA Offer AAA A*A*A* (predicted) - EPQ, Vice President of a large sixth form college, work experience at the head office of an international charity, lots of further reading, editor of the college magazine, debating, public speaking, drama, philosophy society, Silver DofE Award.
Bethy17 Politics Collingwood 5A*'s 4 A's 1B's English Lit, History, Government and Politics, Economics(dropped) AAAC History, Government and Politics, English Lit A*A*A grade 8 flute, county Young Musician of the Year, Eventing at National level.
adi19956PhysicsGrey or Butler 6A*s 5As Maths, Physics, Economics, Chemistry (dropped), AS Further Maths AAAB 92% maths, 86% physics A*AAa- Gold DofE, prefect, cub leader, scout, going to South Pole 2018, lots of background reading inc. in areas of quantum, cosmology, and particle physics, self taught much of AS further maths.
AgatePhysicsJ. ButlerGCSEs = 4A*s, 4As, 1 B, Dist. in DiDA ITPhysics, Maths, Further Maths, ChemistryAAAA93% Maths, 86% Physics, 86% Further Maths A*A*A*A (FM)-UK senior maths challenge this year, best performer in every subject taken at AS in school (bar general studies, waste of time), reading some Brian Cox and the like, member of IOP, EPQ on Mathematical patterns in nature on the way, *very* keen badminton player, job as a freelance writer (not physics, sadly)
blumemusik Physics Butler GCSEs = 9A*s, 1A, OCR National level 2 (IT) = Dist. Physics, Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry, Music (dropped after AS) AAAAA 84% Physics (owing to rubbish unit 2,) 96% Maths, 86% Further Maths... this worries me A*A*A*A (the A is for chem) - Also doing a physics-based extended project :)
alowPhysics (4 Years)Josephine Butler5A*2ABMaths, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Further MathsAAAA 98.5% maths A*A*A*A (achieved) A*(FM)Unconditional (Insured)Self teaching FM in gap year, Level 2 Open University astronomy module, volunterring, extra reading, etc.
JatomPhysics (4 years)Josephine Butler3A*s, 6As, A in Level 2 Engineering DiplomaMaths, Physics, Chemistry, Further Maths AS (studying in my A2 year)AAA99.3% Maths, 95% PhysicsA*A*A*aOffer - A*AAFurther reading, visit to CERN, Physics Ambassador at my school (I help organise our PhysSoc and attend and deliver lectures)
King HotpiePhysicsSt Chads3 A*s, 5As, 2 BsPhysics, Maths, Chemistry, Economics (dropped)AAAA 100% Maths, 93% Physics A*A*AAOffer- A*AALots of further reading, Ogden Trust physics student of the year, self teaching all of Further maths in year 13, qualified football referee and coach, play football, used to play rugby, part time job in a supermarket, tutoring year 7 maths
SamHedges Physics (MPhys) St. Hilde and St. Bede 4A*s 4As 3Bs Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry & Physics AACD 98.3% Maths, 95.7% Further Maths & 98.7% Physics A*A*A*A* - -
TDR1996 Physics (MPhys) University 6A* 4A Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry & Physics AACD A*AAc - -
welcomemat96 [2]Physics (MPhys) St Aidan's 5A* 2A 2B 1C Maths (whole A-level), Further Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Music (A*)AAA(2/3's F.Maths)B 95% A2 Maths, 93% Physics, 91% Chemistry A*A*A*A* AA(Physics and Chemistry) Grade 8 piano, Grade 5 musical theory, Grade 3 classical guitar
buzfail PPE Hatfield 6A*s 4As 1B Maths, Psychology, Politics, Business Studies, EPQ AAAB (B was self taught) A* -Predicted A*A*AA Clarinet Grade 6, been in various orchestras, competed in horse riding at National Level, on Pony Club team, work experience, contributed to a published paper (credited as a researcher), active member of political party, EPQ in relevant area, extenuating circumstances (illness), mature student (21), represented college in debates, Student Of The Month award, student council, volunteering, lots of wider reading
S_Burdett PPE University College 9A*s 2As Maths, Further Maths, Physics, History AAAB A*A*A*A Offer - A*AA Maths, Physics History (any order) Harvard Model United Nations Delegate 2013, Great British athlete, Head of House, Volunteering, Work at Local Government Association HQ (Westminster), CCF National Champion (Sergeant) & the usual reading (Bertrand Russel Etc)
jeffers07 PPE University 10A*s Maths, Chemistry, History and Economics AAAA Predicted A*A*A*A* Offer: A*AA (must include History and Maths)
Alien41Psychology St Mary's10A*/ABiology, Psychology, History,French (dropped) AAAB A*A*A* (predicted)Offer - AAA :DWork experience at primary school and at a special needs school, extra reading, on student council at college and was a house captain at secondary school. Play piano and guitar and part of local theatre group. Conducted my own psychology projects outside of school
laura_24Psychology Josephine Butler6A*s 5ABiology, Psychology, English lit, History (AS dropped) AAAB A*A*A*-Volunteering at children's club and mental health charity, work experience in primary school, extra reading, karate brown belt, DofE (all 3)
Reiss64 Psychology Applied to St Mary's; allocated to St. John's 4 A's, 2 B's, 3 C's Psychology, English Literature, Economics, Music (dropped) AAAA Psychology- 179/200 (79%) English Lit- 195/200 (95%) Music- 265/300 (88.5%) Economics- 191/200 (91%) A*AA (predicted) Conditional Offer!!! AAA (received 05/11) Lots of work experience and extra reading. Poor GCSE's are being addressed in the reference where my secondary school averaged at C's and D's. Lots of extra curricular stuff, e.g. climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro and got the award for highest score on the UKMT intermediate maths challenge in my school. :)
ilovemilka Psychology Van Mildert - IB: English A HL, French B SL, Biology HL, Psychology HL, Business & Management SL, Math SL - - IB: 45 points Still pending :) A lot of cross-cultural experience and a passion for theater :)
shanice17SociologyGrey7A's 3B's 1C Sociology, English Language, Economics, History (dropped)AABC-AAAOffer AABExtra reading, conducted my own sociological research, social sciences summer school, attended lectures and seminars.
SJCTheologySt Cuthbert's--- A*A*ABUnconditional
Coastbeats Philosophy and Politics University 9A*s 3As Economics, History, Russian, Maths BAAA A*AAB (Achieved) - Sent on 6th November Voluntary work, JP Morgan work experience, Currently working full time
TheShinnbin Physics University 8A*s 2As 6 distinctions Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry AAAA 98% in physics AS level, 99% in maths A level A*(achieved) + A*A*A*(predicted) Offer - A*AA Nuffield science bursary, CREST Gold award, UKMT senior challenge Gold and Best in School certificate, RSC Young Analyst Welsh champion limuIntergrated Biosciences Trevelyan 5A* and 7 A HL Bio, Chem, Lit, SL Math, French, B&M 39 (765) - N/A Conditional Offer - 37 (666) 7 Year ISCMS Member, Deputy Head Girl, 14 Years Ballet, National Representative Rugby Player, Athletics+Cross Country Competitor
eehamoitra International Relations Van Mildert N/A English,Hindi, History, Political Science, Economics, Maths N/A N/A 92% Conditional offer - 87% IAYP - bronze awardee, Harvard MUN (India), Classical dancer (10 years), School Captain, Social service
splat96 Engineering Hatfield 5A* 7A Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Music AS AAAA A*A*AA Offer for A*AA
jimmykiny Modern Languages, Spanish German University 8A* 1A 2B Spanish, German, Japanese, Chinese, Maths, Art AAAAA A*A*AAA*A* Offer for A in Spanish or German A in Art or Maths
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