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This page contains details about other's applications to study at the University of Exeter for 2012 entry. Information on this page is 100% voluntary, but will be useful to see how everyone else is doing and what stage of the application process they are in.


Feel free to add yourself to the table below, however, please keep it in alphabetical order, first by subject, then by username. If you are not confident with Wiki editing, please ask someone in the applicants thread http://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/showthread.php?t=1731541

Please note that this page does not show every applicant to Exeter and not everyone chooses to put their information here. The information here will only be a small sample of all the applicants and should be used just as a helpful tool.


Username Subject and Course Code GCSEs AS Levels A2 predictions Foreign Qualifications? Offer Result Notes
gtcalder Accounting & Finance NN43 6A 4B ABBCC AAB AAA Pending
HJFSS Applied Psychology (Clinical) (C810) 6As, 2Bs, 1C AAB A*AA AAB Firmed £1000 bonus payment for AAA
brownie94 Arabic and Middle East Studies (QT46) 1A*, 4As, 5Bs ABCD AAC ABB Pending
brownie94 Arabic and Persian (Q420) 1A*, 4As, 5Bs ABCD AAC ABB Pending
Marina72 Arabic and Persian (Q420) 4A*s, 2As, 4Bs AABB ABB ABB AHHHH!
chloew94 Arabic 8A* 2A AAAB A*A*AA None ABB Pending
Erhard_YR Biochemistry 7A* 6A 1B ABCC A*AAB ABB Pending
Jackasaurus Rex Biochemistry (C724) 1A*, 7As, 2Bs AABB A*AA AAB Pending
231564897 Biochemistry 2A* 9A ABBB AAB AAB Pending
CeeTay Biochemistry (C724) 5A*, 3A, 0.5B, 0.5C, D* in BTEC sport AAAAA A*AA AAB Pending
Ad Hominem Biological Sciences (C100) 8A 1B ABC AAAaa BBB Pending Resat gcse maths, got D first time and B second
Mr aNiallator Biological Sciences (C100) 1A*6A's 4B's AAABC AAAB AAB PendingI only have 1 Science (Biology) as I dropped Chemistry
Evanesyne Biological and Medicinal Chemistry w/ Industrial Placement (FC17) 6A*4A 2B BBBB AAA AAB Pending
stykutluvaaron Business Management (N202) None None IB Diploma 40/45 - IB Diploma 36/45 Pending
TM-Butler Business Management (N202) 4A* 2A, 5B AAAB A*AA AAB Pending
Jakelol Classical Studies 1A* 5A 3B 1C 1D AABC AAA AAA Pending
gibbins Classics (3 year) (Q800) 5A* 5A 1B N/A A*A*A AAA Pending
chocobearClassics2A* 8AAAAbAAA
OMyGosh Clinical Sciences (B900) 3A* 4A 3B bbbc AAA AAB Conditional
penguinguyEconomics (L100) 2A* 5A 2B 1C N/A 35 IB 36 IB Pending
annie127 Economics (L100) 10A* AAAA A*A*A*A* AAA PendingA* Prediction in EPQ
Yash13 Economics (L102) 5A*s, 5As, 1B AAAA A*(Achieved)A*A*A* AA Insurance
alexxxt Economics (L100) 6A*s, 5As AAAB A*AA Pending Pending
Maddypowerrss Economics (L100) 8A*s, 6As AAAAABB A*A*A*AB AAA Pending
bellatrixisbest421 Economics (L100) 3A* 5A 1B -- 39 IB -- 36 IB -- International applicant
Blithering Engineering - Mechanical (MEng) 6A* 6A AAAB A*A*AA - ABB Successful (A*AAB) Firm choice
youssef.i Engineering - Mechanical (with Industrial Experience) (BEng) 5A* 6A BBBC BBB ABB Pending
Shiinkii Engineering - Mechanical (with Industrial Experience) (BEng) 2A 6B 2C 1D CCDE BBC BBB Pending
earthisearthis English (Q300) 6A*s, 4A AAAA 2A* A AAB Pending
grace419 English (Q300) 9A*s, 1A AABB A*AA + A* in EPQ A*AA Pending
hibbe English (Q300) 4A*s, 7As ABBC A*AA A*AA Pending
JoyandJoyness English (Q300) N/A N/A N/A AP Exams 5, 5 - AP US History, AP Literature Pending
PenningtonTDA English (Q300) 6A*s, 6As AAAB A*AAB (Achieved) - Unconditional
lahall English (Q300) 10A*s, 1A AAAA A*A*A A*AA Pending
NotAnotherLaura English (Q301) Cornwall Campus 2A*s, 9As, 1B AAABD (inc. General Studies) A*AAB AAB Unconditional ABBB D in German
Brownie Anyone? English (Q301) Cornwall Campus 1A*s, 5As, 3Bs, 4 Cs AAB AAA AAB Pending
should_be_revising English (Q300) 2A*s, 4As, 4Bs, 1C AABB AAA AAA Pending
Crawfords English with a year in North America (Q310) A*A*AAAABBBBCFF AAAAC A*A*A Pending Pending
10jellybeansExercise&Sport Sciences(C602) MYP-- predicted 3432-34offer 34 Bilingual IB diploma
boo Exercise&Sport Sciences (C602) 3A* 9A AAABC A*AAB (inc. General Studies) AAB pending
Shaaar French and Arabic 6A*s, 5As AAAA A*AA AAB Pending
J.tytler French and Arabic 10A*s, 1B AAAB A*A*A* ABB Pending
chloew94 FCH (Arabic and Economics) 8A* 2A AAAB A*A*AA None A*AA Pending
DurhamLady Flexible Combined Honours (English and History) 2A*s 2As 5Bs AAABB A*A*A* + A* in EPQ None Pending Pending
Hazzabanana FCH (History & Economics) 8A*, 2As, 1B, 1C AAAABC A*AAA AAB offer Pending C in History of Art A/s Taken in Year 10
rozarioemma FCH (Economics & Geography) 7A* 3A 1B AAAA A*A*A* Pending Pending
Sweets93 FCH (Psychology & Philosophy) 6A*, 5As, 1B, 1C AAAC A*A*A* A*AA Pending
blacktreacle Geography (BA) O-Level AAAABB AAAB A*A*AB AAA Pending
bthomas23 Geography (BSc) 1 A*, 6 B's, 3 C's AABC AAAC AAB Pending
jackfliex8 Geography (BSc) 1A*, 6As, 3Bs, 1C AAAB A*AA Pending Pending
moosegirl Geography (BA) 3A*s, 5As, 2Bs ABCD ABB AAA Pending
connorb Geography (L705) 2A*, 5As, 2Bs ABCD AAC AAA Pending
marcuu Geography (BA) 4A*s, 6As AAABB A*AA AAA Pending
UKiwi Geography (BSc) 5A*s, 6As AAABE AAB (ABB already achieved) AAB Pending Gap year
student1234567891 Geography (BSc) 2 A*s 9 As AAAAC A*A*A* AAB Pending
jelly_bean Geography (BSc) 9 A*s 5 As AAAB AAA BB Pending A* in French already achieved
AbiSmith93 Geography (BSc)Cornwall Campus 3 A*s 7 As AABBB AAAB (inc. General Studies (B predicted)) AAB Pending
Niki_girl History (V100) 5A*s, 6As, 3Bs AAAA A*AA AAA Pending
Tom373 History (V100) 8A*s, 2As AAAA A*A*A A* A A Pending
theteenagecurse History (V100) 5A*s, 4As AAAA A*AA and A* predicted in EPQ A*AA Pending
DavidLloydGeorge History (V100) 7.5A*s 3As AAAAA A*A*A*A + A* EPQ A*AA Pending
bron-winnie History and International Relations (LVF1) 4A*, 4As, 2Bs AAABC (inc. General Studies) AAA+A EPQ AAA Pending
Willez History and Politics (LV21) N/A N/A IB 39 SAT I of 2300 IB 36 Pending
Cold_Coffee_93 Law (M103) 2A*, 2A, B AAAAA A*A*A* + A* EPQ - AAB Pending Home-educated up until college
donkizzla Law (M103) 1A* 5A 5B AAAB A*A*AA - AAA Pending
silverspoonmess Law (M103) 5A* 3A B (textiles) C (art) +FSMQ Additional Maths C AAAAAA (including General Studies) A*A*A*A - AAA Pending
a.byrnie Law (M103) 7* 5A 1B AABB A*AA - AAB Pending
yaden Law (M103) 6A* 3A 1B AAAAB A*AA - AAA Pending
Lucy42Law (M103) 8A* 4A AAABB A*A*A - AAA Pending
nooneyouknow Law (M103) 1B 7C 2E AAA A*AA - AB Pending
Gina.Spadini Law (M103) 4 A* 7A 1B AAAB AAA - AAA A*A*AB, Confirmed place
mr.november Law (M103) 10A* 2A AAAAB A*A*A*A - Pending Pending
tospeakof Law (M103) 4A* 4A 3B AAABBB A*A*AA + A* EPQ - AAA Pending
elr999 Law (M103) 10.5* 0.5A 1B AAAA A*A*AA - AAA Pending
Wagonsroll303 Law (European) (M120) 1A* 7.5A 2B AAAAA A*A*A*A*A + A* EPQ AAB Pending
bradderst Mathematics with Economics 6A* 3A 2B AAAB A*A*AA - A*AA Pending A in FSMQ
Jardine_199 Mathematics with Economics 10A* 1A AAAB A*A*AA - AAA Pending
Anihilator Zero Mathematics (G103) 2A* 5A 5B AAABC A*A*A*A - AAB Pending resitting B in AS Music
golddust&lipgloss Medical Imaging (Diagnostic Radiography) 1 A* 3As 9Bs BBBB ABB - ABB (A in Biology) Firm
qwerty1993 Philosophy and Political Economy 3A* 4A 4B AAAB A*A*A*A and A* in EPQ - AAA Pending
bilidowcar Philosophy and Politics (VL52) 7A* 3A 1B AAAB A*A*A*A (+ Welsh Bac) - Pending Pending
iancurtis Philosophy and Theology (VV56) 1A* 4A 1B 3C AABB AAA - AAA Pending
emas94 Philosophy and Theology (VV56) 5A* 4A 2B AAAB A*A*A* - AAA Pending EPQ, doing Classics AS this year
jhtachyons Physics (F300) 2A* 7A 4B BBCE AAB - ABB from any subjects Pending AS Results and low offer due to mother's ill health for the past yr
Wrathmeister Physics 7 B's 4 C's BCCUD AAB - AAB in any subjects Firm Didn't take GCSE's seriously, bad teachers for AS (My excuses anyway :') )
11flon Physics with a Year in North America 6 A*s 6 As 1C AAAA B(EPQ) A*A*A - AAB in any subjects Firm Applied through Extra, haven't done Maths at A2.
myfriendSQRT(-1) Physics with Astrophysics (F3FM) 9A* 4A 1B AAAAA A*A*A a +WBQ - AAA Pending
OliviaA-R Politics+year abroad (L240) 5A* 3A 1B AAAB(B) Retaking A*A*AA - AAA Pending EPQ no prediction
harrisonJT Politics (L200) 2A* 5A 4B AABC A*A*A - AAA Pending
brownie94 Politics and Arabic (LQ24) 1A*, 4As, 5Bs ABCD AAC Pending Pending
Georgiana1605 Politics and French 3 A*, 3A, 3B AABC A*AB - AAB Pending
blondie :) Politics and Sociology (LLH2) 4A* 3A 4B ABBC ABB - Pending Pending
Dippy Dip Politics and Sociology (LLH2) 5B 3C BBBC AAAa* - BBB Pending a* prediction is for EPQ
CharlotteH Psychology 8A*, 3A AAAB A*AA AAA Pending
rachbeanz Spanish R900 2A* 3A 3B 1C ABB ABB none ABB pending
Cats150 Theology and Religion 2A 4B 4C AADD ABC - AAB Conditional -
galiaannabelle Theology and Religion 4A* 7A 2B AABBC AAAB - AAB Pending
gracieoz Theology and Religion 8A* 2A AAAB Achieved: AAB - Unconditional -
medicinebug Theology and Religion 8A* 2A 7 A* Achieved: A*A*A*A*A*A* - - Pending was home-schooled
Cyrus Moghtadaii Theology and Religion 1A* 3A 6B 1C BBCC ABBB (achieved an A early) - Conditional BBB
sarah123000 History v100 5A* 5A - IB40 - 38 Pending
spyrocoupe IR with French 4A* 3A 1B 2C BBCC Retaking all AAB - AAB Declined
Radioactive_Banana BA Geography 2A* 2A 5B None IB:36 - Unconditional -
TheFlyingBarney Law (M103) 9A* 2A AAAAA A*A*AA (already achieved C in Maths and A* Gen Studs) - AAA Insurance
cef93 Zoology 9A* 3A AAAA A*A*A BBB declined
- Zoology 3A* 7A BBBC ABC ABB -
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