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This page contains details regarding people's applications to study at Imperial College, London for 2013 entry, and is intended to make it easy to access and share information about applicants this year's applicants. Please note that all the information presented on this page is volunteered by individuals in order to help future applicants understand what happens at various points of the application cycle. This page only contains a small percentage of Imperial applicants, and is not representative of the applicants as a whole, but can be used to gain a small understanding of the workings of the Imperial admissions process.


Please try to keep this list in alphabetical order - first by Subject then by Username.

Interview Details: If you are happy to disclose your interview date (if applicable), you should add it here.

Username Course GCSEs AS-Levels A-Level Predictions Interview Details Offer? Outcome Extras
ibs2012 Aeronautics - - Completed IB 40/45 Written essay-test Nearly unconditional - PM for details Firmed Currently on Gapyear, overseas application
ICanHasHenny Aeronautics 1 A*s 5 As 4 Bs Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Geography
I_am_an_idiot Aeronautics - - Polish Matura: Maths 94%, Physics 100%, Chemistry 97% (all achieved)23/11/12 14/12/12 Conditional (English requirements) EU applicant, Applying during gap year, The only female finalist of Polish Physics Olympiad, Applying for deferred entry
moogoomonkey Aeronautics 5A*s 4As 1B 1C Physics, Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry, Computing, French A*A*AAa 22/11/12 A*s in Maths and Physics, As in Chemistry and Computing - Qualiturn Engineering Prize (Not in personal statement)
Samen Aeronautics 2 A*s 3As 2Bs Psychology (A) A*A*A*A*Supplement Form, 19/11/2012 A*A* in Maths and Physics, A in Chemistry Several Internships and research related work
lewishnl Aeronautical Engineering (MEng) 4 A*s 6 As Maths, Physics & DT, will have Further Maths A* (Maths - Already completed), A* (Further Maths), A (Physics) Interview on 23rd November, told about it on 30th October (sent application Oxbridge deadline day) Grades A* in Further Maths and Maths and grade A in Physics Work experience at two places, etc. (contact me for more)
PilotPrince Aerospace Materials 8A*s 4As AS: Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Economics ; A2: Maths, Physics and Economics A*AA - - - -
DannyN2012 BSc Biomedical Sciences 5A*'s, 6A's AS: Biology, Chemistry, Computing, Economics, Maths Statistics; A2: Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Maths Statistics Achieved: A* (Chemistry), A* (Maths Statistics), A (Economics): Predicted: A* (Biology) - - - BMAT: 5, 5.3, 3.5A
Colroyd Biology Bsc 3A*s 4As 1B Biology, Maths, English Lit, Graphics A*A*A - AAA Probable Firm EPQ
ep16 Biology Bsc 7A*s 2As 1A(o-level) Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Further Maths, Modern greek, Physics,French A*AA*A*A*(i think as we are not suppose to know) - - -
Ilikefood Biology Bsc 3A*s 7As 1B Geography, Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Further Maths A*ABB -AAA-
Salukia Biology Bsc - Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Further Maths AAAB -AAA-
milkimi Biology with Management 7A*s 4As Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Economics A*A*A* - AAA EPQ
mooomooo Biology Bsc w/year in industry 9A*s 3As 2 Dist. ICT Biology, Chemistry, Physics AAA -AAAFirming
mmorimoto Biology Bsc w/year in industry and research IB HL: Biology, Chemistry, Math, Spanish; SL: History, English IB 44~45 - IB 38 Offer - International Applicant
Darbyj Biochemistry 11A*, 1 A in Add Maths FSMQ Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths, Further Maths & Critical Thinking A*A*A* + A* achieved (Maths) - AA in Biology & Chemistry
Scottychemistry Biochemistry 10A* in Further Maths Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths, Further Math A*A*A* + A* Maths (achieved)
Anhedonia Biochemistry 8A+ 1A Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics A*A*A*A* - AAA Int'l student.
georgia ~ Biochemistry 6A* 5A Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Economics (AAAB) A*AA - AAA (30/11/12)
patrickinator Biochemistry 4A*s 6As Maths, Biology, Chemsitry Economics A*AAA Newspaper, work exp, books
donnellya Biochemistry w/year abroad 6A*s 4As 1B Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Drama A*AAa (all achieved) - Unconditional Post A-Level applicant
papatwo Biomedical Engineering 4A*s 4As Maths, Biology, Chemsitry Physics not supposed to know
Rainingshame Chemical Engineering MEng 5A*s 5As Maths, Geography, Chemsitry , Biology A* A*/A A*/A A/B Maths Mentoring for GCSE Students and Doing enrichment classes for Year 7 and 8s
sdfgs Chemical Engineering MEng 7A*'s 1A 2B's Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths, Further Maths, Geography A*A*A*A*A/A*
GraceChen25 Chemical Engineering MEng 5A*'s 5A's 1B's Chemistry, Biology, Maths, Chinese, Economics A*A*A*AA (achieved) 05/12/12 Unconditional
nomnum Chemical Engineering MEng 11A*s Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Economics (dropped at A2) A*A*A*A* 14/11/12 A*A*A* (Maths Chem Phys) and A in Further Maths
Acruzen Chemistry MSci 3A* 4A 5B Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry, English Literature A*AAA 14/11 A*AA Firm
papatwo Chemistry BSci 4A*s 4As Maths, Biology, Chemsitry Physics not supposed to know AAA
BreathQuietly Chemistry BSci 5A*s 5As 1B Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English Language A*,A,A,A,a (Achieved) 21/11/12 Unconditional
Bohla Chemistry MSci 2A* 6A 2B 1C Chemistry, Maths, History and Philosophy (AS) A*AA 14/11 (may move it until later) Conditional AAA Firmed EPQ on Alzheimer's, General Reading
teek Chemistry MSci 10A* 2AMaths, Further Maths, Chemistry, Economics, English A*A*A*A (+ A* EPQ) (all receieved) 07/11-- On a gap year doing an internship
Fornacite Chemistry MSci 8A*s 2As Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Music A*A*A*A (+A* EPQ&GS) 07/11
Funtry Chemistry MSci 4A* 4A 2B Chemistry, Maths, Physics and Philosophy (dropping) A*AA 28/11 AAA Firmed! EPQ, volunteering, Cambridge Chemistry Challenge, Cambridge lectures, OU lectures, UCL lecture
extons Chemistry MSci with Medicinal Chemistry Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry, Physics & Biology AAA
Mallika Chemistry MSci w/yr in industry 8A*'s 2A's Biology, Chemistry, History and Maths
mynamesamy Chemistry with French MSci 7A*s 4As Maths, Chemistry, Biology and French A*A*A 12/12/12 AAA
dukeofhazard Computing MEng Maths, Further Maths, Physics, AS Chemistry, AS English A*A*A* Merit in AEA Maths
eyurdakul Computing MEng (Software Engineering) A*AABC Maths,Physics,Further Maths, AS:ICT A*AAc Work Experience in Summer
Jedicake Computing MEng (Games, Logic & Vision) 10 A* Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Economics, Computing, Critical Thinking A*A*A*A* - - - A in FSMQ
Jooooshy Computing MEng 5A* 7A 2B Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry, Biology, AS Literature A*A*A*A*a 28/11/12 A*A*AAa -
jqian Computing BEng 7A*, 6A, 1B Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Computing A*A*A*A 07/11/12 - - A in FSMQ
MrNeilPatel Computing MEng 3A*'s 6A's 2B's AS: Maths, Further Maths, Biology, Chemistry ; A2: Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry A*A*A or A*A*A* Sutton Trust Computer Engineering Course at Imperial, Courses in Computer Architecture & Quantum Computing
Better Computing MEng 3A*'s 7A's 1B AS: Maths, Religious Studies, Chemistry, Physics ; A2: Maths, Physics, Chemistry A*A*A Big Firm Work Experience, Tech related Business Start-Ups, First Rugby etc etc.
george.krasenov Computing MEng - - 6.00 (IB Equivalent: 45/45) 28/11 EU; Merit in AEA Maths; Work Experience
Seanyboy57 Computing MEng 12 A* Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Economics A*A*A*A*A* 7/11 A*AAAA - A in FSMQ, self-taught Further Maths, 95.3% UMS average
combinekidd Computing MEng (Year Abroad) 8.5A* 4A Maths, Further Maths, Further Maths (Additional), Physics, English Lit, History A*A*A*A*a 7/11 A*AAAa - C in FSMQ, self-teaching Further Maths Additional AS this year, 92.3% UMS average
SerialVelocity Computing BEng 2A* 5A 3.5B Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Computing, AS Electronics A*A*A*A*A* 28/11 A*AAA - A in FSMQ, EPQ on AI, Might change to MEng
bbchen Computing MEng - Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chinese, BTEC IT A*A*AB & DD A*AA -
FO12DY Electrical and Electronic Engineering MEng 4A* 4A 3B 2C Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Electronics (AAAA) A*A*A*A* AAA - Offer of Scholarship (same conditions).
PeterMcQuaid Electrical and Electronic Engineering MEng 5A*s 4As 1B Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry (AAAA) A*A*A*A* 7/11 A*AA - Work experience in Kilroot Power Plant and Queens University, physics prefect, DOE Silver, OCN Level 1, Grade 6 Classical Guitar, Grade 4 Piano, Grade 5 Music Theory.
nizmo63 Electrical and Electronic Engineering with Management 2A*s, 6As 3Bs Maths(B), Further Maths(B), Economics(A), Physics(A) A*A*AA 12/12 A*AA - Firm Choice
Basiji Electronic and Information Engineering5As 6BsMaths, Chemistry, Biology, Further Maths, PhysicsA*ADa (Achieved) AA21/11A in Physics-Staying an extra year, doing AS and A2 Physics in 1 year
ecb MSci Geology 9A* 3A Chemistry, Geography, Biology, German, General Studies, English Literature (AS only) AAAABA A*A*A*A (B in German already achieved) 5/12/12 Conditional A*AA - EPQ on mass extinctions, Eco-Schools & Chemistry Prefect, Mentoring, Work Experience, Volunteering, Student Council
Frusen MSci Geology 4A* 7A Chemistry, Physics, Geology, Maths, AAAA AAAA - AAA -
comp144Geology (F600)2A*s 7As 3BsGeology, Geography, Physics, Chemistry (AS Only)A* A* A*5/12/2012Conditional (A* A A)-Retaking C in AS Chemistry, Film Maker (Pending award for Geology documentary film), DofE Gold, Volunteering, Philanthropy committee and plays the trombone
JenniS Geology 11A* Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry, Geography and Physics A*AAA
jtromans MSci Geology 5A* 7A 2B Chemistry, Geology, Geography, Maths A*A*A (predicted A in AS and A2 Gen. Studies) - A*AA - EPQ on Geology
louisjevans MSci Geology with a Year Abroad / MSci Geology & Geophysics 5A* 5A 1B AAAA A*A*A*A*
sophusss MSci Geophysics 8A*s 3 As Physics, Mathematics, Geography, English Literature and General Studies
\/ibhav Mathematics 9A*s Maths, Further Maths, Additional Further Maths, Physics, Economics, Chemistry, General Studies A*A*A*A*A*aa - A*A*A2 -
HeWhoSaysHeCan Mathematics 4A 3B 3C Maths 100%, Further Maths 100%, Physics 100%, Economics 98%, English Literature 84% A*A*A*A*A - A*A*A - Gold in SMC
ShinyMagikarp Mathematics 4A* 4A 4B Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry A*A*A* (A* in Maths achieved in Y12) - - -
Silent--ly Mathematics 12A*s, 2As Maths, Further Maths, Further Maths (Additional), Physics, History, Art A*A*A*A*A* EPQ, Self-taught/teaching C3, S2, M1 and A2 Further Maths (Additional), A* in A2 Maths achieved in year 12
Snowdog94 Mathematics 5A* 4A Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry, Physics A*A*A*A*
und Mathematics 10 A*s Maths, Further Maths, Further Maths (Additional), Physics, Russian A*A*A*A*a A*A*Aa/A*A*A2 Distinction in AEA Maths, A* in Maths A level
a5a09 Mathematics and Computer Science- Maths, Further Maths and Chemistry A*A*A (all achieved) ----
[1] Mathematics and Computer Science (JMC)- Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Computer CGPA 10 International (no interview)
Sroom77 Mathematics and Computer Science JMC 5A*6A Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Economics, Physics (AS), General studies, EPQ A*A*A A* General studies A* EPQ 28/11 A*A*AA
mandelbrot Mathematics with Applied Mathematics/ Mathematical Physics 10A*s A*A*A*A
mikiu15 Mathematics with Applied Mathematics/ Mathematical Physics 4 A* 6A 1B Maths, Further Maths, Further Additional Maths (AS), Physics A*A*Aa - A*A*Aa - A* in Maths A level achieved in Year 12, also A in Economics AS
Fuzzy12345 Mechanical Engineering 8A* 5.5A IB HL Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Geography, SL English, Spanish ab initio IB 45/45 A in FSMQ, Grade 6 piano
hevlar.kelmet Mechanical Engineering Physics, Maths, Further Maths, Computing and Chemistry A*A*A*
Nia_Beth Mechanical Engineering 9A* 3A 2B Maths, Design Technology, Physics, Further Maths, Geography A*A*Aab
Donor1284 Mechanical Engineering with a year abroad 11A* 1A Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Further Maths, Physics A*A*A*A* 28/11/12 A*AAA (06/12/12) Declined
Anhedonia Medicine 8A+ 1A (SPM Malaysia) Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics A*A*A*A* 23/1/12 Rejection post-interview. International applicant. Work experience, volunteering, etc.
Charlotterosetai Medicine 7A* 3A Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Philosophy and Ethics (AS), Mathematics (complete - A*) A*A*A*(A2) A(AS) Work experience: Day Care Centre, Fitzroy Centre, First Aid Course, Grade 6 Clarinet, Grade 8 Keyboard, Maths A Level early, Mentoring, Chair of College Council, Gold DofE in progress, etc.
elisabethr Medicine 11A* 1A Chemistry, Maths, Biology, Further Maths, French and Japanese A*A*A 06/03/13 offer - AAA Firm EPQ (A), volunteering, A in FSMQ
im7 Medicine 7A*s 3As Biology, Economics, Chemistry, General Studies, Maths A* achieved in Maths, A*A*A*A predicted for Biology, Chemistry, Economics and General Studies. Interview 06/02/13 Offer AAC
Pride Medicine 7A* 4A 1B Chemistry, Maths, Economics, Biology A*AAA Rejection 10/01/13
Rough Silk Medicine 4A*'s, 4A's, 2B's, 2C's Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Philosophy & Ethics A* A* A* A a a taking AS biology in Y13
xxfieryangelxx Medicine 9 A*s, 1 A(Art) Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, French, Religious Studies (AAAAAA) A*A*A*A* 27/02/2013 Extras
j.t-Jack Medicine 8A*s, 3A Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Physics (AAAA) A*A*A*A (Achieved) Reapplicant, Work Experience: St John Ambulance, A&E St Mary's, Rehabilitation Disabled Children, Radiology Clinic, Hospice
[2] ahphys1 Physics 12 A*s, 1A Maths, Chem, Physics (all HL) IB 43 23/10/12 40 666HL - -
MahatmaCane Physics 1A*, 6A, 2B, 1C Maths, Physics, Psychology, AS Further Maths, WBQ A*A*A*a + Pass WBQ (not that WBQ is worth anything) - A*AA - Piano grade 8, french horn, maths tutor, EESW project, Med. Physics w/e in University Hospital Wales
PhysicsFanatic Physics 5A*s 4As 2Bs Maths, Physics, Art, Further Maths A*A*A* achieved in Maths, Physics and Art. A* predicted in Further Maths 14/11/12 A*A*A - on a gap year/3rd year of A levels, violin grade 8, work experience at CERN, Sports Leadership level 3
physicss Physics Msci 11A*s 2As B A2 Maths, A2 Physics, 'A2 Chemistry A2 Geography AS Further Maths AS Computing A*A*A*A* interview was in october - first choice 1 OU module
117r Physics with Theoretical Physics 11A*s Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry AS, Physics Pre-U - - - - Pre-U means no AS result, only a predicted grade. Very good course though! Nuffield Bursary this summer :D
mdamour123 Physics (Bsc&MSci)/Physics with Theoretical Physics (Bsc&Msci) -Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering sciences, Philosophy, English, Spanish 16 or more - - - Bilingual student in French public system
Meg94 Physics with Theoretical Physics 10A*s 1A Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Biology 4A* 26/10 A*AA - Work experience here this Summer.
physicsnut Physics with Theoretical Physics 4A*s 5A Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry, Physics, A*AAA Mid-November A*AA Firm .
eschrodinger Physics with Theoretical Physics 7A (scottish) Maths, Classics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology 3A*A AAA
Anime Lover Physics with Year Abroad 8A*s 1B English Lit, French, Maths, Physics, AS Further Maths A*A*A*Aa - - -
Baywatch Biochemistry with French for Science 9A*s 2As Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Art (only to AS, got a final grade of B) and French (to AS this year) A*A*A with an A in french as- no interview- AAA with a B in French - Italian Entry Level Certificate, Extended Project, played cello since year 6. I took art to as last year and am doing french to as this year as well as my three other A2s. Am a lifeguard, hence the baywatch.
[3] Geology and Geophysics 10A* 2A Maths, Further Maths , Chemistry , German AS (AAAC) A*A*A - - - Chair studen leadership Team. Cambridge chemistry challenge . Fluent Norweigien . ACLC. Cpl ATC. UNIQ Summer School. BG Geo and Marine Sciences Summer School
[4] Physics with Theoretical Physics 5A* 4A 2B 1C Maths, Further Maths ,Physics , Chemistry (AAAB) A*A*A*A 5th December (went terrible) Conditional A*AA (A* in Maths) Firm Been to the United Nations to give speeches on 2 occasions, aswell as meetings at no.10 as a result. Play Volleyball for the north of England.
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