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This page is intended to make it easy to access and share information about LSE Applicants 2012!. Do not feel obliged to enter your details or fill in all columns of the table. This page only contains those applicants who use TSR, and is not representative of the applicants as a whole.


If you are not experienced, or comfortable, in editing Wiki pages then feel free to post on LSE Applicants 2012! with your details and someone should be happy to update it here for you. Do not edit someone else's entry unless they have asked you to do so: everyone is entitled to have as much or as little information on here as they wish.


Please take note that the table is ordered by course and then username.

Username Course GCSEs AS-Levels AS-Levels Subjects A-Level Predictions A-Level Subjects Extras Outcome
noojoo Accounting and Finance 10A*s AAAA Maths, History, Economics, Physics AAAB Maths, History, Economics, Physics SAT1 2080, SAT II 720 physics, 760 maths Unconditional
bigcam0011 Accounting and Finance n/a n/a n/a IB: 43/45 IB HL: Physics, Chem, Econ SL: Maths, Eng, Mandarin AB initio IB EE in Microfinance (Predicted: A) Conditional !: IB 38 points with 7 6 6 HL
JordanPartington Actuarial Science 2A*s 2As 8Bs aabc Maths, Finance, Economics, Business Studies A*AAa Finance, Maths, Economics, Further Maths B in EPQ (Predicted) Pending
neverloggedin Actuarial Science - AAB Maths, Further Maths, Economics, Computing, EPQ A*AA Maths, Economics, Further Maths A in EPQ Pending
Indifferent Actuarial Science - - - - Maths, Further Maths - Pending
Nicholasng925 Actuarial Science - - - - Maths, Further Maths - Pending
Xyonzz Actuarial Science 5A* 4A B AAAAB Maths, FM, Physics, English, Sociology A*A*AA Maths, Further Maths, Sociology, English - OFFER
TheUltimateProof Actuarial Science ABBBCCCCC AAAA Math, FM, Economics, Physics A*A*A* Maths, Further Maths, Physics - OFFER
a5a09 Actuarial Science N/A AAA Math, FM, Chemistry A*A*A Math, FM, Chemistry - OFFER
hollyfurniss Business Mathematics and Statistics 2A*, 7A, 2B (Special Circumstances) AAA Maths, Business Studies, Physics A*A*Aa Maths, Business Studies, Physics, AS Further Maths Predicted an A in the EPQ Offer, AAA
MACBOOKAIRBusiness Mathematics and Statistics No GCSEs(International) AAABMaths,Physics,Economics,ChemistryA*A*A+A* in mathsMaths,Further Maths,Economics,ChemistryA* in maths already achieved
MrMorehen Business Mathematics and Statistics 5A* 5A 1B AAAC Economics, Maths, Further Maths, Physics A*AA Economics, Maths, Further Maths N/a Offer AAA
AnimalSpirit Economics N/A N/A N/A N/A Social Studies, English, Highest level Math, History, Danish, Spanish GPA: 12,2 (Danish Exam) 30 12's (A*) and 2 10's (A) out of 32 marks
annie127 Economics 10A* AAAA economics, physics, maths, french A*A*A*A* Further Maths, Maths, French, Economics Predicted A* in EPQ
Danf159 Economics 8A* 3A aaaaa Maths, Economics, Physics, Chemistry, Thinking Skills A*A*A*A* Maths, Economics, Physics, Chemistry 8.5 IELTS rejected
Philor9294 Economics N/A AAa Maths, Economics, Physics, Further Maths A*A*A*A Maths, Economics, Physics, Further Maths 8.0 IELTS A* in Math, Pass in Further Math, AA in Econ&Phy
DaniiibrainsEconomics7A* 3AaaaMaths (+ Further Maths), Economics, English LitA*A*A*A*Maths, Further Maths, Economics, English LitA* equiv. in Maths in one year, bilingual (English and German)
GregJR Economics 5A* 6A 1B AAAA Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Economics & Business A*A*A* Maths, Physics, Economics & Business
PkHelfried Economics 9A*, A, B All A* Further Maths, Physics, Geography, Economics All A* FMaths, Physics, Geography, Economics Doing the European Baccalaureate (90% average, 90% in all subj. 95% Econ. Pending
strongy Economics 6A* 5A AAAA Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Economics A*A*A*A Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Economics N/A Offer, A*AA+pass in Further Maths
Nadine10 Economics 9A* 1A AAAAA Maths, Further Maths(Y13), Physics, Economics, French, History A*(achieved)A(achieved)A*A*A* Further Maths, Physics, Economics AA and Pass in Further Maths|
rlouisea Economics 6A*s 4As 2Bs AAABB Maths, Physics, PE, Economics, Critical Thinking, Further Maths (yr13) A*AAa Maths, Physics, Economics B in EPQ (Predicted) Offer
alexxxt Economic History 6A*s 5As aaab Economics, Geography, Biology, English Lit A*AA Economics, Geography, Biology Taken up Maths AS
21Grapes Economics and Economic History 6A*s 5As 1B aab Economics, Maths, Physics A*A*Aa Economics, Maths, Physics, Extended Project Offer (Firm) AAB
harrymaxwell Geography 9A* 2A 1B + A (Highest) in Additional Maths A*A*A*AA Economics, Extended Project, Geography, Maths, Further Maths Young Apprentice 2011 Candidate
ISS2508 Geography 2A* 8A aaabd Economics, Mathematics (+Statistics), Geography, Dance, Physics A*A*A*ab Economics, Mathematics (+Statistics), Geography
justjessica Geography 9A* 2A aaabb Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Mathematics (+Statistics), Psychology AAA (achieved) Biology, Geography, Mathematics Environmental Youth Ambassador, Environmental Partner, Special Circumstances
sadsnail Geography 1A* 7A 2B 2C aabb Geography, Psychology, Religious Studies, Biology A*A*A Geography, Psychology, Religious studies special circumstances :)
Dnibara Geography with Economics 5 5 5 5 5 5 4 Physics, English Language, US History, World History, Environmental Science, Calculus AB 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 English Literature, Calculus BC, Art History, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, US Government, European History SAT I - 2310
harrymaxwell Geography with Economics 9A* 2A 1B + A (Highest) in Additional Maths A*A*A*AA Economics, Extended Project, Geography, Maths, Further Maths Young Apprentice 2011 Candidate
rozarioemma Geography with Economics 7A* 3A 1B AAAA Maths, Economics, Physics, Geography A*A*A* Maths, Economics, Geography
saltypopcorn Geography with Economics 9A* 1A aaaa Geography, Maths, Chemistry, Biology A*A*A* Geography, Maths, Biology
AccFin Government 5A* 4A AAAAB Eco Pol Geog Gen Stud Hist A*360/400A358/600 A 324/400 - confirmed (Gap Year application) Politics Economics Geography Taking AS maths in my gap year and working at top political institution/think tanks and Investment banks
amk933 Government N/A - US International School N/A N/A IB: 44 with HL776 HL: English A1, History, Spanish B - Pending
cablebuck Government & Economics 5As 5Bs (GCE O Levels, hence no A*) AAA Maths, Economics, Accounting, Gen Paper AAAA Maths, Economics, Accounting, General Paper wait is on!!!
emmaaa88 Government & Economics 8A* 2As aaaac Maths, Economics, History, Philosophy, Critical Thinking A*A*A*A Maths, Economics, History, Philosophy Doing the AQA Bacc/EPQ
frankvalle Government and History IB 38 Econ HL, History HL, English A1 HL, Physics HL, Spanish A1 SL, Italian A1 SL, Math SL
abbey-chic History 5A* 4As 1B AAAB Maths, Biology, History, Chemistry A*A*A Maths, Biology, History Conditional AAA
c1k1449 International Relations N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A SAT I-2290, US APs 5-5-5-4-4 achieved, SAT II-800-800-790-790 Conditional: AP US Gov, AP Comp Gov, 5-5
eilrach International Relations 2A*7AAAB A2-A (r.s) History, Geography, Maths + R.S AAA Maths, History, Geography + EPQ
rp93 International Relations 6A*5A A*A*AA Economics, French, History, Politics Pending
Tuzz375 International Relations 4A* 2A 3B 1C aaaa English Lit, Gov & Politics, Economics, Drama & Theatre Studies AAA Economics, Politics, Drama EPQ Pending
Greatleysteg Law 9A* 2A AAAAAA (2007) English Lit, Maths, French, German, F. Maths, Gen Studies AAAAAB (2008) + AEA Distinctions in English, French and German English Lit, Maths, French, German, Gen Studies, F. Maths currently in final year of Mod Langs degree @ Oxford; self-taught F. Maths and German A-Levels
Kanzaz Law 12.5A* AAAA English Lit, History, Chemistry, Biology A*A*A*A English Lit, History, Chemistry, Biology OFFER A*AA
sohal9 Law 5A*5A1B AABB Maths, History, English Lit, Physics AAA Maths, History, English Lit Pending
Kevin_Wu Law 3* 6A B AABB + Bacc Economics, Geography, History, Mathematics, Welsh Baccalaureate AAAAA Economics, Geography, History, Mathematics, Welsh Baccalaureate Mitigating Circumstances, Junior Apprentice Auditions, Corporate Internship Pending
TheImpostor Law 12A* AAAA Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Maths A*A*AA Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Maths Previous Med Applicant A*AAB
IndreOK Law 43-44/45 IB Lithuanian A1, English A2, French B and History at Highler level 84% in DELF B2 Pending
malvika111 Law 9A* 2As AAAA (+A in Critical Thinking Unit 1) English Lit, History, Maths, French A*A*A* (+A in Critical Thinking AS) English Lit, Maths, French OFFER 20/12 A*AA
chocopops Law 7A* 2A 1B N/A N/A 43 Predicted in IB Higher Chemistry Physics Math Standard History English A1 French B Pending
Napulitano Law 11A* 2A - - A*A*A*A* + (A French in 2008) Latin, History, English, Maths Conditional Offer Offer A*AA
Bud Fox Management 10A* 1A AAAAAA F. Maths, Maths, Economics, History, French and Spanish Achieved: A*A*A*A*A*A F. Maths, Maths, Economics, History, French and Spanish SAT1: 2320 Pending
Hassi94 Mathematics With Economics 6A* 5As AAAAA Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology A*A*A* Maths, Further Maths, Physics
ishfish25 Mathematics With Economics 10A* 2As AAAA Maths, Further Maths, Economics, IT A*A*A Maths, Further Maths, Economics Conditional A*AA
desijut Mathematics With Economics 6A* 3A 1B AAAAB Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Critical Thinking A*(Achieved)A*A*A* Maths(Achieved), Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry A* in Maths A level, A in FSMQ Additional Maths AA
censorshipsuks Politics and Philosophy 4.84 (US High School GPA) 9*5 +1*4 (AP achieved) Physics B, Physics C Mech, Calculus BC, Calculus AB sub, European Hist, Statistics, Psychology, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Physics C EM 10*5 (AP predicted ) Comp. Politics, US Politics, US Hist, World Hist, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, English Lang, Environmental Science, Human Geography SAT 2210 Physics 770 Math 2 800 Conditional, 1*5 on AP, language requirement
Why_bother? Politics and Philosophy 9.99/10 (Romanian System) 9.97/10 (MEC) Maths, German, History, Informatics, English 1.0 (German Abitur) 8.0 IELTS
Quickposting Politics and Philosophy 7A*s 3As AAAA English, History, Philosophy, Physics Achieved: A*A*A Philosophy, English, History Pending
C3S Social Policy 4A 3B 1C 1D aaaa History, Politics, Sociology, English Lit AAA Politics, Sociology, History ABB
Jwp14 Social Policy 1A* 5A 2B 2C aaabc History, Politics, Sociology, Maths, Psychology A*AA Politics, Sociology, Psychology A in EPQ (Predicted)
Reggio Social Policy with Government 3A* 6A 1B - Spanish, Eng Lang and Lit, Philosophy, Maths ABB achieved Spanish, Eng Lang and Lit, Philosophy - Unconditional
alexsasg Sociology 7A*s 4As 0.5B aaabb Maths, Biology, Sociology, Spanish, Chemistry A*A*A*A Maths, Biology, Sociology, Spanish ABB inc. Sociology offer - going to either insure/decline
steven62343 Sociology 5A*s 3As 1B aaabc Maths, Geography, English Literature, Classical Civilization AAAC Maths, Geography, Classical Civilization Non-UK Applicant
joshgoldman Stats with Finance 3A*s 7As AAAC Maths, Further Maths, Economics, Music A*A*A Maths, Further Maths, Economics Offer - AAA
MagicMushroom Business Mathematics & Statistics A*A*A*AAAAAAB - - A*AA (already achieved) Maths, Econ, Spanish Unconditional Offer
Hockeyjoe Economics and Philosophy 9As 2Bs AABB Maths, Economics, Chemistry, Art A*AA Maths, Economics, Chemistry Offer-AAA
bakhtbaryar Government 11A* 3A - - A*A*A*A*A Maths, History, Physics, Chemistry, Global Perspectives - Offer AAA
hahtari Mathematics with Economics 6A* 3A AAAA and A (predicted) Maths, Economics, Chemistry, Biology and Further Maths (predicted) A*A*A* (achieved) Maths, Chemistry, Economics - Offer - A in further maths
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