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This page contains details regarding people's applications to study at Lancaster for 2012 entry. It is worth noting that the information presented on this page is volunteered by the individuals in order to help other applicants understand what is happening in the application cycle. This page contains a very small proportion of Lancaster's applicants, and is not representative of the applicants as a whole.

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If you like you could copy and paste the line above into the correct place on the table and fill your details in place of the titles.


Please make sure to keep things in order, of the subject you are applying for (Alphabetically)

TSR username Subject GCSE (or equivalent) AS (or equivalent) A2 predictions Offer? Conditions Other Notes
Kaytee PPE 11A* 1A AABC A*A*A Offer - 25/10/11 AAB - Woah that was quick and it came on my birthday!! :D
Newky Biological Sciences (w/ Study Abroad) - AAAABB A*AB Unconditional AAB Firmed. Accepted.
thehollytrolley Biological Sciences (w/ Study Abroad) 7A* 5A AACCD A*A*B Offer-09/11/11 ABB -
fleetwood BSc Biomedical Sciences 4A 5B 1C ACCD ABB Interview 14th February
Holby_fanatic BSc Biomedical Sciences 2A* 6A 5B AAAC A*ABC Interview 14th February Offer - 07/04/2012 ABB Declined
mattrambo BSc Conservation Biology (w/Study Abroad) 2A* 8A 1B - 37 IB 32 points with 5 in HL Bio Can't decide on my firm :/
BSc Economics 7A* 4A AAAA A*A*AAa (plus B acheived in GS) Offer 03/11/11 AAB Insurance
bellatrixisbest421 BSc L100 Economics 3A* 5A 1B -- 39 IB offer - 09/12/11 34 with 16 on HL international
21grapes BSc Economics Study Abroad 6A* 5A 1B AAB A*A*Ab Offer - 9/12/11 AAA inc Maths Dual offer - L100 BScEcon for AAB
North Irelandman BSc Economics Study Abroad 5A* 5A ABBC AAA Offer - 21/12/11 AAA inc Maths Dual offer - L100 BScEcon for AAB
thehelenator BA English Language and French Studies 3A* 7A 2B AAAA A*AAA Offer- 8/12/11 AAB inc French -
Parataxis BA English Language and Linguistics 3A* 4A 3B 1D AAAB A*A*A Offer (17.01.12) AAB -
keepitsecret BA English Literature and Linguistics 3A* 7A 1B AABBC AAA Offer- 21/12/11 AAB -
joelchan BA Fine Art 2A* 5A 4B ABCCC A*BB Offer - 28/01/12 ABB No Foundation Course
randombelle BA Fine Art 8A* 3A AAAA A*A*A Interview
drowners BA Fine Art 5A, 4B, C AAAC AAAB Interview
laurawarren BA French Studies and History 1 A*, 10 A, 1 B ABBCC AABC Offer - 31/1/11 ABB Firmed :)
jerseymackem French and Spanish 6A*, 5A, 1B ABBB AAA Offer ABB Firmed
Quirynn Geography L700 5A* 5A AABB AAA Offer AAB -
geordiecoinman BA History 2A*, 5 A, 3 B 1 C AACDD A*ABCOffer - 21/12/11 AAB A/B in History
seversk History and Religious Studies 1A* 5A 5C ABB AABOffer - 21/12/11 AAB -
larryay Law 2A* N/A A*A*AAA Offer - 24/10/11 AAA Overseas Applicant
lovelydarling Law5A* 4A 2B AAAB & A in EPQ AAA Offer - 24/11/11
Saz00 Law 3A* 8A 3BAABB and A in EPQ AAAB Offer-20/12/11 AAA -
admbeatmaker Law 1B 6C-- -- Offer-15/11/11 50% in CertHE Birkbeck CertHE Legal Methods
AStephenson8 Management BBA 6A*, 4A, 2Dist AAAAA A*A*A*A* (incl EP) Offer AAA Firm choice
superwoman Management and Organization 4A*, 3A, 1B -- 43 IB Offer - 22/12/11 32 IB ,16HL International - insurance
CJ 24K Marketing and Advertising 7A*, 3A,2B AAAAA A*A*A*A Offer - 21/12/11 ABB Firm
CallumJohn Mathematics 3A* 5A 4B 1C AAA A*A*A & A* already achieved Offer - 14/12/11 AB Chose as my Firm
Rachaelizabeth Mathematics G100 4A* 6A AAAB AAA Offer - December 2011 Conditional AAB FIRMED! And chosen County / Grizedale
miller693 Mathematics 6A* 6A 1B AAAAB A*A*AA (A* in maths already achieved) Offer - 24/11/11 AB Chemistry dropped after AS Level
SBarns Mathematics 8A* 5A AAAAA A*A*A* Offer - 14/12/11 AAB Firm choice.
Annhiliator Zero Mathematics 2A* 5A 5B AAABC A*A*A*A (A* in maths already achieved) Offer - 15/03/12 AB Insurance choice
Blackthought Medicine 6A* 4A AAAAC AAB (already achieved) - - B grade to be resat
AJCSShp Natural Sciences 3A* 4A 3B AAAAB A*A*Aa Offer-19/12/2011 AAA Firm
emz31 Natural Sciences 9A*3A AAAAB A*A*A* Offer 26/10/11 AAA -
CannibalCricketsNatural Sciences5A*3A2B AAAAA A*A*A*A*A Offer - 21/12/11 AAA Firm
lampshade 1 BA Philosophy 1A* 11As 1B AAABB A*A*AAA Offer - 8/11/11 ABB 99% going to Firm Lancaster :P
jacksonriddle BA Philosophy and Religious Studies 5A* 4A 1B None IB: 37 Offer - 30/11/11 IB: 32 and 16 at HL International Applicant
ehc BA Philosophy and Religious Studies 3A* 2A 3B 2C AAAAA A*A*AA Offer - March '12 Unconditional Firmed/Accepted
freakymonkey Physics 4A* 8A 1B ABBB (predicted A in FM) AABB Interview 1st March Resitting 2 AS exams, predicted AAAAB at AS
vedderfan94 Physics 3A* 6A AAAAC A*A*A*a Offer - 6/2/12 AAA -
theandyguthrie Physics 6A*s 3Bs AAAA A*A*AA i think Offer AAA Not actually told our predicted grades, but that's what i predict myself
TLK Physics and Astrophysics with Cosmology 1A* 6A 3B 4C AAAE AABB Offer - 15/3/12 AAA/AAB Resat a module for AS physics and got an A for AS physics now, 100% Firm
blondie :) BA Politics and Sociology 4A* 3A 4B ABBC ABB Offer - 24/11/11 ABB
starxriddled Spanish Studies & English Literature 3A* 9A 1B BBCC AABB Offer - 30/01/12 ABB - Almost definitely firm.
lunney Theoretical Physics with Maths 4A* 5A 1B AAAAA A*A*A* Interview AAA/AAB
elliewhitt BSc Psychology 1A* 8A 1B None IB: 38 Offer - 30/11/11 IB: 34 and 16 at HL -
NaumanZoSo Bsc Biology With Psychology CCCDDDDD BTEC DDD BTEC DDD Interview 16th Feb
Haz606 BA Human Geography 1A* 4A 5B AAB A*AABCC (actual grades) 09/02/12 Unconditional Year 2 entry
Beccacath94German Studies and Mathematics 2A* 5A 4B ABCC AAB 21/12/11 conditional Dropped economics (C) after AS. Lanc will be my insurance
chris_rowley Geography L700 2A* 3A 6B 1C AABC AAB AAB Conditional Firm!
Jess Harrison Geography F800 4A* 7A 4B ABBC ABB AAB Conditional Firm
Roloo Advertising and Marketing 3A* 2A 5B 1C AABCC A*AAB Conditional AAB Firmed!
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