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This page is for everyone applying to Leeds University in 2012 :)


N.B. PLEASE put your information in alphabetical order! Thanks. Fill in the code below, substituting your information into the sections. If you need me to do it for you feel free to pm me!

|Username || Course || GCSE's  || AS levels  || A2 predictions  || Other Quals  || Offer/Rejection ||Decision || Notes

Can people PLEASE ensure that the formatting is correct before they save any changes they have made


KLW || Civil Engineering (europe) ||6 A*, 5 A || BBBC || AAAA || n/A || Conditional AAB || Insurance || applied for deferred entry to do YINI Olenakk || Sustainability and Environmental Management || 3A*s 4As 2Bs || ABBD || BBB || Sports Leaders level 1 and 2, International Award (DofE) bronze, silver and gold || Conditional ABB || Firm ||
Username Course GCSE's AS Levels A2 Predictions Other Quals Offer/Rejection Decision Notes
mattiesides BA English Literature and Linguistics 3A*s, 2As, 5Bs AABB A*, A, B (Achieved) The Extended Project (EPQ) Unconditional Firm Going back to first year doing this degree rather than BA Broadcast Journalism
mehreenyyy Medicine 9A* 1A aaab A*AAA (received) None Unconditional Offer Firm Medicine Reapplicant
Jman123 Economics and Geography 12A* AAAB A*A*A* - Offer Insurance
Supergirl94 Accounting and Finance 6As 1B 4Cs BBCC ABB None Conditional ABBFirm Accepted onto Access to Leeds
saysaam Actuarial Mathematics 7A*, 3A, 2B ABaaa A*A*ABaa AEA and Open University Module Pass Conditional AAB (A in Maths) Insurance
bayernmunich Mechatronics and Robotics A*A*AABBBCD None None Foundation year, predicted: Higher- AAA Advanced Higher- A Pending Depends on my offers Doing foundation year instead of A levels, GCE O levels instead of GCSEs
dJ^ Medical science A*BBBBBBCCCCCD AAAA .... Offer :) Depends on my offers really declined¬
x1tinkerbellx Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering 3A* 5A 2B BCDE ABC - Conditional AAB possible insurance
Marina72 Arabic&Middle Eastern Studies 4A*,2A, 4B AABB ABB Conditional ABB Insurance
brownie94 Arabic and Politics (TL62) 1A*, 4As, 5Bs ABCD AAC Conditional ABB Pending
jbt757 Aviation Technology with Pilot studies 1A* 8A 1B BBC AAB Open University Module Pass. DofE Bronze and Silver Conditional AAB Possible firm
ks2924 Aviation Technology w/ Pilot Studies 1A 7B 3C BDD ABC DofE Bronze & Silver, finishing Gold. EPQ. Conditional AAB/A2L BBB Firm. Accepted onto Access to Leeds.
Spotty_lizard Biochemistry 2A*, 4A , 4b, 2c BBCC BBB Conditional BBB Possible firm
Apa Biological Sciences (Zoology) 5B, 7C AABC AACa 90 Open University credits, EPQ, NVQ Level 3, Advanced Diploma Conditional ABB FIRM! Accepted onto Access to Leeds, offer will be BBC
Kevin S Biological Sciences cba to find BBCC ABB ABB Firm Access to Leeds accepted, offer BBC
Walkbesideme Biological Sciences 7A 2B AABC AAB ABB Firm
monkey Biology 2a* 8a 1b aaaac AAAAa ABB offer decline
jpeacock7 Biology 1A*, 2A, 7B, 3C ABB ABB Conditional ABB Definite Firm Access To Leeds offer of BBC
bleake23 Biology 7A*, 3A, 1B ABBC ABB Already a B in A2 Maths Conditional AB Firm
hornlemo Biology 1A*,9A, 2B BBBC AAC Conditional AAB Firm depending on other offers
kirsty24 Biology 1A* 8A 3B AAAB A*AA - Pending Insurance depending on other offers
JoeSavage150 Biology 3A* 6A 2B C ABBCC AABC Conditional AAB Possible Insurance
darwinian Biology 3A* 4A 3B 2C ABBE ABB - Conditional ABB Likely Firm Access to Leeds offer will be BBC!
AJCSShp Chemistry and Maths 3A* 4A 3B AAAAB A*A*Aa N/A Conditional AAB(A in maths) Declined
Bambirina Chinese (Modern) N/A N/A French baccalauréat : 15.75/20 Doing French baccalauréat littéraire Conditional 14 points at the French baccalauréat including 13 in English component More likely to decline
alicehaywood Chinese and Politics 5A* 5A 1B AAAA AAA EPQ Offer can't decide! Conditional ABB
alicehaywood Chinese and International Relations 5A* 5A 1B AAAA AAA EPQ Offer can't decide! Conditional ABB
rainy_days Chinese and Japanese N/A N/A N/A Danish HHX 10,1 Unconditional Firm EU Applicant
jimmyp61 Criminal Justice and Criminology 4A* 6A ABBC AAA TA Army Conditional AAB Likely Firm
bellatrixisbest421 Economics L100 3A* 5A 1B -- 39 IB -- Conditional 34 IB with 17 on higher levels pending international applicant
dancer94 Economics and Finance 8A* 3A AAAB A*AA Conditional AAA not decided yet
mespannerhanz Economics and Geography 8A*,2A, 1B AAAA A*AA Conditional AAA Decline
niamhjoyce English and Classical Literature 11A AAABC A*AAB EPQ (pending) AAB with A English Firm!
CourtenayBC English and French 3A*, 9A, 1B AAAAA A*AAA EPQ - A, achieved 2 years early Conditional AAB Possible firm
Imno-superman English and French 6A*, 4A, 1B ABBBB AAAA EPQ - A* Conditional AAB (with As in the course subjects) Firm!
starxriddled English and Spanish 3A*, 9A, 1B BBCC (due to ill-health and absence mainly) AABB Gold D of E Rejection Firm if no offer from Birmingham
weirdwakkidolli English and History 3A*, 6A, 1B AAAAA Achieved AAAA A* Extended Project Pending Possible firm Between here and Newcastle if I get offers from both!
MushyMorshy English and Italian B 10As, 5Bs, 1C BCCC BBB A Extended Project Qualification Offer Firm Depends if Nottingham gives me an offer
hannahwhelan English Language and Literature A*A*A*AABBBBC AAAAB A*AA N/A Conditional AAB Insurance
hideousnight English Language and Literature 7A*2.5As AABC A*A*A N/A Conditional AAB Possible insurance
goussberry English Language and Literature 2A*, 5As, 3Bs AABC (B in Greek A-level achieved early) AAB Pending Firm if I get the offer -
joell3 English Literature and Theatre Studies 3A*, 3As, 3Bs AABB A*A*A*A Interview Likely Firm
holly6946 English Literature and Theatre Studies 10A* 1B AAAAA A*A*A (achieved) Art Foundation BTEC (current) LAMDA Acting Gold Medal Grade 8 (Distinction) Unconditional Possible firm Notes
ek101 English Literature and Theatre Studies 8A* 2A AAAB A*A*A AAB offer Firm
jyy1234 French and Chinese 5A*, 5As, 2Bs AAABB AAAB AAB possible insurance Notes
georgie94 French and German 9A*s, 2As AAAB A*A*A* (unrealistic, I'd predict myself A*AA) Conditional AAB with As in both languages Firm unless I get in to Cambridge (so it's almost definitely my firm)
jamie_jca French and Politics 2A* 5As 3Bs ABCd AAA ABB (inc. an A in French) or ACC (inc. an A in French and Access to Leeds)
chaarliexx French and Politics 2A* 7As 1B AAABC A*AAAB n/a Conditional: ABB Insurance
Swederman Geography -- -- -- -- -- Accepted Erasmus student (France)
her17 Geophysical Sciences 7A* 3A AAAA AAA N/A Conditional ABB Probably insurance
Vaughanigan Geophysical Sciences (International) 9A*s, 3As AAAAB A*A*A*A Conditional AAA (inc Math and Physics) Possible Insurance
hilol German 3A, 7B, 1C AABC ABB Conditional ABB with B in German Likely firm
thisisaweirdbus German and Russian B 9 A*, 2A, 1C AAAAA A*AAB EPQ Conditional ABB with an A in German Probable insurance, possible firm
JakeE10 German 3A, 5B, 2C BBDD ABC - Conditional: ABC Likely Firm Gotta go and see Aston University first. Offer will be BCC if I get accepted for the Access to Leeds Scheme.
twimpy German 9A* 1A AAAAAB A*AAA - Conditional ABB
bethmarydowd Graphic Communication and Design A*AAAAB AAB AAB BBB firm :) applied for clarence/liberty dock!
becharv History and Geography 6 A*s 3 As 2Bs ABBB AAA Conditional AAB I love it! Most probably Firm I loved the city!
jb1206History 6A*, 3A, B AABE AAA ... Offer AAA Firm
xoJessicaAnn History 3A* 1A 3B 2C ABBB AAAB One A achieved early, Extended Project A* Conditional AAA (A in History) Likely to be firm
Ilovesourskittles Information Technology 2A 5B 4C BBBC A*A (B Achieved 2011) N/A Conditional AAB Firm Access to Leeds!
vicric94 International Business 3 A* 8A 1B ACDD AAA Conditional AAA 1st Choice
Aaaaaaaargh! International Relations 3A*s 8As AAAB AAA (Received 2010) Unconditional More of a course transfer with a gap year thrown in so definitely going!
mike22ramsey International Relations 5Bs 5Cs ABBCC AAB Offer of AAB/BBB inc. A2L Firm Applied for Access to Leeds!
H90 International Relations 4A's 5B's ABCCE AAA Conditional AAB 1st Choice! Notes
lpincher94 Japanese ABBC AAB Pending Potential insurance
aysha.19 Law O levels : 5As 5 Bs 1C - Don't know Other Quals Conditional AAB Insurance. -
Chris49 Law 1A 4B 5C 1D AABD A*AA Extended Project (pending) Conditional AAA Declined -
sally.roden Law 3A* 6A ABCC A*A*B Extended Project A* Conditional AAA still deciding :) -
sparkykate Law 2A* 4A 3B AABBC A*A*A N/A Conditional AAA Still deciding!
aislingwalsh Linguistics 3A* 9A ABBBB ABB Extended Project Conditional: ABB Likely to be firm
BeccaCath94 Maths 2A* 5A 4B ABCC AAB C in FSMQ Maths AAB or AA with an A in Maths and FM Firm Notes
0range Maths 1A, 3B, 5C BBCC AAB Other Quals Conditional AAB (ABC with access course if I get in)Prob firm
Postman Pat Maths 1A* 2A 8B 2C AACD AAA AAB or AA in Maths and Further Maths Possible insurance
Ska_101 Maths 3A* 1A 5B 1C 1D AAABBB A*A*A Conditional: AA Firm
ah.meh Maths and Economic 3As 6Bs 1C AAAA AAB Pending Unsure which one if prefer Newcastle or Leeds
GabbiWS Medicine 8A* 5A AAAA Achieved: A*AAB N/A Unconditional Firm!
rachel637 medicine 7A* 4A AAABB A*A*A Grade 6 piano and tin whistle, grade 8 flute pendingpending -
VerityHawley Medicine 11 A* 5 A A*A*AAa Grade 8 violin, grade 7 piano Offer - AAA Firm
yum-yum Medicine A1111112 AAAAB AAAB N?A Unconditional Firm
PatrickD Medicinal Chemistry 8A* 3A AAAAA A*A*A*A*A* N/A Conditional ABB (including Chemistry) Declined
NinjaRave Medical Engineering 6A 4B 1C AAB A*AA Offer FIRM! :D
Evie94 Medical Science 9A* 3A AAAA A*AA Conditional AAA
fleetwood Medical Sciences 4A 5B 1C ACCDE ABB Conditional ABB (A in Biology or Chemistry) Firm! :) 4offers and interview at Lancaster
YB101 Medical Science 3A 6B 1D BCCC AABC Conditional AAB Firm if no offer from Manchester Having a touch time deciding between Leeds/Manc!
theBLOBlizard Meteorology & Climate Science 3A 4B 2C AACD ABB BSL Level 1 ABB ConditionalFirm -
rhian_lh Music A*A*AAAABBBC ABBBCC ABCC ABRSM Grade 8 Flute and Singing, Grade 5 Piano and Theory Unconditional Firm! :D Personal circumstances affected grades
liz_hierons_1993 Natural Sciences 6A* 2As 2Bs AAAA A*AAA Conditional AAA Insurance
rosycakes Natural Sciences 9A* 3A AAAAA A*A*A*A Conditional AAA Waiting on UCL
the real viper Natural Sciences 5A* 5As 2Bs AAAB A*A*AA Conditional AAA
KieranScott New Media ABBCCC - - - Conditional DDD Firm
Javilionaire Petroleum Engineering 3As 4Bs 2Cs BBB ABB N/A Conditional AAB Waiting on Imperial Had a Killer Personal Statement!
intellectualparadox Philosophy & Economics 5A*s, 3As, 1C AAAAB A*AA - A2L offer BBBFirm -
Yasminnn Philosophy, Psychology, Scientific Thought 3 A*s, 6As, 1B, 4Cs 2 As, 1 B ABB ~ Conditional Gonna' go ;)
Ponderous Philosophy and Theology and Religion 3A* 6A 2B ACDDD AABB ABB Standard/BBC A2L Firm! Access to Leeds Illness affected grades
Preetinder Physics 5A, 5B, 3Dist. ACCCD (A2=BCC) AABB N/A Standard: ABB, A2L: BBC Firm!! (retaking a year) Applied for Access2Leeds (must firm Leeds for BBC offer to remain valid)
Jippet Physics with Astrophysics 2A* 6A 4B AAA Conditional: ABB Probably going to be my firm choice
Amonk Physics with Nanotechnology A*A*AAABBBCC ABBC A*AB N/A Interview/pending Decision Highest in the south with prod design AQA at AS, probably wont help though
Georgiana1605 Politics and Parliamentary Studies 3A* 3A 3B AABC A*AB Conditional AAB Firmed!!
Maddog Jones Politics and Parliamentary Studies BBBCCCCDU AACD A*AB Pending Pending Interview granted
Holly46 Product Design 8A*, 4A AABC Unknown N/A Conditional ABB Insurance dependent on others
SarahL93 Social Policy 5A, 5B, 1C, 1D ACCCD ABBC Extended Project (pending), ECDL ABB Pending
Jwp93 Social Policy A* 5A 2B 3C AAABC A*AAa ABB Pending
LaraKatee Sociology & Theology & Religious Studies 5A 6B ABCE A* A B Welsh baccalaureate advanced diploma Conditional BB & Pass at Welsh Bacc FIRM!!! Absolutely cannot wait!!!!!
Pinkgiraffes Sociology 3 A's 7 B's ABB AAB N/A Conditional: ABB Pending Eeeep :)
xfearless Spanish 1A* 7A's 1B 3C's AAA AAB N/A Conditional AAB/A2L ACC Firm
jodrummer Spanish and Russian B 11A* AAAAAA A*A*AA Pending
DineyDoll Pharmacology 3A*, 3A, 6B BBBC AAA - AAA Offer is too high for me, still unsure
rjones103 Politics 2A*, 7A, 3B AABD AAA - Conditional: AAB Struggling to decide between Leeds/Bristol/York
GeorginaBrownx Psychology 3A*7A 3B AACD A*AB - Conditional: AAB Leeds as Firm!
antipathyx Textile Design 3A*, 3A, 2B N/A BTEC Art and Design DDD N/A Conditional DDM Firm!
egrant Graphic Communication Design 2 A*, 3A, 3B, 2C AAAA A*AA Conditional BBB Firm
adeep Social Policy 3Bs, 4Cs N/A HND Business(Management) DMM IELTS 6.5 RejectionUnconditional Offer from York! Rejected because I failed my GCE Maths
lousayers French and Italian B 3A*, 3B, 3C BCD ABC Conditional Abb Struggling between Liverpool/Leeds/Cardiff
ew116612 Maths A*, 3A, 5B, 2C AAAA ABB A in A-lvl maths conditional A in further maths or BC in any withA2L Firm!
finnwithafin Theology and Religious Studies 5As, 5Bs AABB AAA - Conditional ABB Firm
Datisit Music BA 7A* 3A AAAA AAA Grade 5 Theory, Grade 8 Drums (A)BB Firm Worried about making the A grade in music
Swill Mechanical Engineering A*AABBCCCC AAB AAB (Achieved) - Unconditional offer(already got AAB) Firm Cannot wait to get there :)
Ursin Medical Sciences 6A* 5A 1B ABBB AAB D of E Bronze/Silver/Gold, EPQ, FSMQ, fair amount of EC Conditional AAB Undecided!
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