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Mathematics Applicants!

If you want (you don't have to) fill in the information below. I thought it might come in handy when we get all our results to see where everyone is heading, and hey! Some of us might end up at the same place. I know there's already an offers page but I thought this page will allow people to see where everyone has applied (even if they haven't received an offer/rejection yet).
Just to make it clear you don't have to put in your choices in order of preference.

Here are links for those who wish to add their College UCAS code next to the university name in the below form:
E.g. Durham {A} G100 (--)
Durham College UCAS Codes
Oxford College UCAS codes
Cambridge College UCAS codes

Key -
(--) - No reply/Acknowledged
( I ) - Interview
( C ) - Conditional Offer
( UC ) - Unconditional Offer
( U ) - Unsuccessful
( W ) - Withdrew your application

Username GCSEs (equiv.) As Levels (equiv.) A2 Predictions (equiv.) Choice 1 (I/C/UC/U) Choice 2 (I/C/UC/U) Choice 3 (I/C/UC/U) Choice 4 (I/C/UC/U) Choice 5 (I/C/UC/U) Firm [Offer] Insurance [Offer] Result Notes
laughylolly 5 A* 4A (IGCSE's) AAAAA (Sco. Highers) AAA (Sco. AH) Oxford {W} G100 (U) Durham {A} G103 (C) Bath G103(C) Warwick G103 (C) St. Andrews G101 (UC) Durham {A} [AAA] St Andrews [UC] AAA Offers are for Sco. AH
anyone_can_fly 5 1s, 3As (SGs) AAAAB (Higher) AAA (AH) Oxford (C) Warwick (C) Imperial (C) St. Andrews (--) Bristol (--) Oxford (AB) Undecided - Grades needed this year, also have AH maths from last year
TheMagicMan 11 A* (IGCSE's) AAAA A*A*A*A*A* Cambridge (C) Durham (C) Imperial (C) Warwick (C) UCL(C) Cambridge [A*A*A11] Warwick [A*A*A/A*AA2/AAA1] A*A*A*A*A*SS
PascalsTriangle 9A* 1A AAAAAA A*A*A*A*A* Bristol (C) Oxford (C) Southampton (C) Warwick (C) No fifth choice Oxford [A*A*A] Southampton [AAB] A*A*A*A*Aa
TheUltimateProof ABBBCCCCC AAAA A*A*A* UCL (C) LSE (C) Cambridge (C) Warwick G103 (C) Kings (C) Cambridge [A*AA 11] LSE [AAA] -
CHayes Can't remember N/A A*A*A (achieved) Warwick G103 (UC) Durham {3} G103 (UC) Bristol G103(UC) St Andrews G100 (UC) Oxford G100 (W) Warwick {UC} N/A N/A Applied post A-Level
Hassi94 6A* 5A AAAAA A*A*A* UCL (C) LSE (--) Cambridge (C) Warwick (C) Bath (C) Cambridge [A*AA11] - -
TRLMaths 11A* 1A (GCSE's) AAAA A*A*A*A Cambridge (I) Durham (--) Bath (C) Warwick (C) York (--) - - -
Farhan.Hanif93 3A* 6A 1B (GCSE) AAAAB A*A*A*B (Achieved) Cambridge (C) Warwick (UC) Imperial (UC) UCL (UC) LSE (--) Cambridge [S,1 in II, III] Warwick [UC] - Post A-Level.
fGDu 2A* 5A 1B (GCSE) AAAA (AS) A*A*A* (A2) Oxford G100 (I) Warwick G103 (C) Durham G103 (C) Nottingham G103 (C) Leeds G101
Warwick[ A*A*A 2 / A*AA 1] [Durham A*AA] A*A*A 1,2
officeface 5A* 8A AA A*A*A*A*(A* Maths already achieved) Oxford {C} G100 (C) Durham (--) G103 UCL (C) G107 Bristol (C) G103 St. Andrews
(--) G100
Oxford [A*A*A] Bristol [AAA] A*A*A*A
Xero Xenith 10A* 2A AAAAAA A*A*A*A* Cambridge G100 (C) Warwick G103 (C) Durham G103 (C) Bath G103 (C) Nottingham G103 (C) Cambridge A*AA12 Warwick or Durham -
Beth1234 None :P AAAAAB A*A*AAB achieved with 4A*3A predicted Cambridge {M} G100 (C) Imperial G103 (UC) Warwick G103 (C) UCL G107 (U) No fifth choice! Cambridge [A*AS1] Imperial [UC] -
Scitamehtam 3A* 6A 2B AAA A*(maths done)A*A*a(AS and A2 physics this year) Cambridge G100 (I) Warwick G103 (C) King's G103 (C) Imperial G103 (C) Bath G103 (C) - - -
ms93 2A* 6A 3B ABBC A*A*A (B in RS already) UCL (U) Nottingham (C) Kings (C) Birmingham (C) Loughborough (C) Nottingham -
Edwin Okli 4A* 9A 1B AAA A* (already achieved) A*A*A Cambridge G100 {E} (U) Imperial G104 (--) Warwick G103 (C) Bath G104 (C) Bristol G104 (C) Imperial [A*A*A and 2 in STEP II] (U) Bristol [AAA] A*A*A*A
lifesabeach 10A* 8A AAAAB A*A*A* Cambridge (U) Imperial (C) UCL (C) Durham (C) York (C) - - - B was GS
BeccaCath94 2A*s, 5As, 4Bs ABCC AAB Sheffield G102 (C) Leeds G101 (C) Lancaster GR12 (C) Heriot-Watt G1R2 (C) Liverpool G1R9 (C) Leeds Lancaster Coventry (Clearing)
Ska_101 3A* 1A 5B 1C 1D AAABBB A*A*A Imperial (U) UCL (U) Manchester (C) Leeds (C) Bath (C)Leeds [AA] Manchester [A*BB] -
Postman Pat 1A* 2A 8B 2C AACD AAA Birmingham (G100) Aston (G100) Leeds (G100) (C) Reading (G100) (C) Liverpool (G100) (C) - - -
Aberlad93 4A* 8A AAABB A*AAA Bath (C) Nottingham (C) Birmingham (C) Manchester (W) Leeds (--) - - -
Small123 4A* 7A 1B A*A*bc A*A*A*BB Bath G103 (--) Cambridge G100 (I) Leeds G101 (--) Nottingham G103 (C) Warwick G103 (C) - - -
emma.ball11 8A* 3A AAAAA A*A*A*A* Cambridge G100 (I) Bath G100 (C) York G100 (C) Sheffield G100 (C) Liverpool G100 (C) - - -
Roscosmos 3A* 7A 1B AABC A*AA Warwick G100 (C) Bristol G100 (C) Southampton G100 (C) Sheffield G100 (C) Lancaster G100 (C) - - -
gwenllian94 1A* 4A 6B ABC A*AA Bristol G1G3 (W) Manchester GGC3 (C) Nottingham G100 (C) Lancaster G1G3 (C) Northumbria G100 (C) - - -
SParm 9A*s 2As AAB A* (already achieved) A*A*B Cambridge G100 {R} (C) Imperial G103 (W) Warwick G103 (C) Bath G103 (C) Durham G103 (C) Cambridge [A*AA 1,1] Warwick [A*AA 1/A*A*A 2] A*A*AD 2, 1 Cambridge took me anyway :)
Contrad!ction. 3A*s 6As 1B 2C 1D AAAB A*A*A Bath G103 (--) Exeter G102 (C) Bristol G103 (--) Nottingham G103 (C) Sussex G103 (C) - - - B was in Chemistry.
maths134 7A*s, 4As, 1C AAAAA A*A*A*A Cambridge G100 (C) UCL G100 (C) Warwick G100 (C) Durham G100 (C) St Andrews G100 (--) Cambridge [A*AA 1,1] Durham [A*AA] A*A*AA 1,3 (camb let me in anyway!)
Tomcrease 6 A*s 4As 1B 1C AAABC A*A*A Cambridge G100 (I) Warwick G100 (C) Bath G100 (--) Durham (--) Bristol (--) - - -
desy.kris IGCSE A*A*AB - IB 40/42 Oxford GG14 (C) Imperial GG41 (C) UCL G430 (C) Southampton G4GR (C) Westminster G603 (C) - - - International
Croag 3A*s 7As 2B AAAAA A* (already achieved) A*A*A Bath G104 (C) Bristol G100 (C) Southampton G100 (C) Sussex G100 (C) Kent G100 (C) - - -
Rachaelizabeth 4A* 6A AABB A*AA (though expecting A*AB) Lancaster G100 (C) Bristol G100 (W) Keele G100 (C) Reading G100 (C) Sussex G100 (C) Lancaster G100 (AAB) Keele G100 (ABC) -
derangedyoshi 9A1 (Int 2), 1A* (GCSE) AAAAAAA (Higher) AAA (AH) Cambridge G100 (C) St. Andrews G100 (UC) Edinburgh G101 (UC) Warwick G103 (C) Durham G103 (U) Cambridge (AAA 11) Edinburgh (UC) AAA 13 Cambridge didn't like the 3 in STEP II so I'm going to Edinburgh :)
deejayy 6A*s 4As 2Bs AAAA A*A*A*A Cambridge G100 (C) Imperial G107 (C) Warwick G100 (C) Durham G100 (C) UCL G100 (C) Cambridge G100 (C) Undecided - Applying deferred
reminisce 10A*, 3A and A in Add. Maths A*AAAA A*, A*A*A* predictions and a prediction in AS Add. Fur. Maths Oxford G100 (C) LSE G1L1 (C) - - - Oxford G100 [A*A] LSE G1L1 [AA] -
Agoodall777 8A*s, 5As AAAAA A*A*A*A Cambridge {P} G100 (C) Durham G100 {9} (C) Warwick G100 (C) Bath G100 (C) Bristol G100 (C) Cambridge [A*AA 1,1] Durham [A*AA] -
KarateKid 10.5A*s AAAAA A*A*A*A*(A* maths already achieved) Cambridge {C} G100 (C) Warwick G100 (C) Imperial G100 (C) UCL G100 (C) Bath G100 (C) Cambridge [A*AA 1,1] - -
Scottb3scott 3B's,6C's,1D AABEUU A,B,(A maths already achieved) Loughbrough G100 (C) Liverpool G100 (C) Loughborough [AAB] Liverpool [ABB] -
ebmaj7 4 A* 7 A AAAB A*A*A Oxford (I) (U) Bristol (--) Exeter (C) Nottingham (C) Southampton (C)
SBarns 8A* 5A AAAAA A*A*A* Lancaster (C) St. Andrews (C) Nottingham (C) Southampton (C) Heriot Watt (C) Lancaster (AAB) Heriot Watt (BBB) - -
ANON 2A* 5A 5B AAABC A*(Maths achieved) A*A*A Warwick (C) G103 Lancaster (C) G100 Bath (C) G103 Exeter (C) G103 Queens Belfast (C) G103 Warwick [A*A*A2 / A*AA1] Lancaster (AB) Warwick with A*AAB2
ThunderShade 5 1s (SG), B AA (Higher) AA (AH, Maths included) AA (AH) A (Higher) Cambridge {T} G100 (C) Warwick G100 (C) Edinburgh G101 (--) St. Andrews G100 (UC) Heriot-Watt G101 (C) Cambridge [11] Undecided - B was Art
miller693 6A* 6A 1B AAAAB A*A*AA Oxford{G} (I)(U) G100 Durham{G} (C) G103 Bath (C) G103 York (C) G102 Lancaster (C) G100 Durham [A*AA] York (AAB) A*A*AA
dom bradbury 7A* 2A AAAAA A*(Maths achieved) A*A*A* Cambridge {T} G100 (C) Warwick (C) G103 Bristol (C) G103 Durham (C) G103 Manchester (C) G104 Cambridge{T} [A*AA 1,1] Bristol [A*AA] -
r85m916 A,B,3 Cs, 2 Ds and an E 2 As and 3 CsA*AA Oxford GG13 (U) Bath G103 (C) Birmingham G103 (C) Bristol G1GH (C) Exeter G103 (C) Bristol (AAA) Exeter (AAB) Bristol - with AAB Missed an A* in Maths by 3 UMS (C3 - 94; C4 -83), and missed an A in Psychology by 3 UMS (87,83,80 and 67)
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