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About S1


The module consists of four sections, and requires basic C1&C2 knowledge. It is tested in a 90 minute exam (there's no coursework option with OCR MEI).

Representation of data - the use of bar charts, pie charts, stem and leaf diagrams, and so forth and how to intrpret them. Mean, mode, median, and standard deviation, and how to calculate them.
Probability - addition and multiplication of probabilities, exclusive and independant events and conditional probabilities. Permutations and combinations, and solving problems with arrangements and combinations.
Discrete Random Variables - E(X), Var(X), constructing probability distribution tables, the binomial distribution and formulae associated with it.
Bivariate Data - product moment correlation coefficient and Spearman's rank, independant and dependant variables, least squares regression line and how to use it with a set of data.

Statistics modules are useful in biology, and can be useful for a career in statistic, medicine, or many scientific disciplines. S1 is an introduction to statistics and isn't very in depth, but you can go on to do other statistics modules which introduce more distributions and statistical methods.

Textbook Answers

Chapter 5 - Probability:

  • Ex 5A - 10

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