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File:UoNlogo.jpg This page (as with all previous Stalking Pages) is intended to make it easy to access and share information about applicants to Nottingham for entry in 2014 (and maybe get in contact with them). Do not feel obliged to enter your details or fill in all columns of the table.


If you are not experienced, or comfortable, in editing Wiki pages then ask politely in this thread, and someone should be happy to update the table with your details for you. Do not edit someone else's entry unless they have asked you to do so: everyone is entitled to have as much or as little information on here as they wish.


Please take note that the table is alphabetically ordered first by course, and then by username.

Name or TSR Username Course GCSEs AS Level Subjects AS Level grades A2 Level Subjects A Level Predictions Interview? Offer Grades Outcome (Firm/ Insurance/ Rejected) Extras
Jan95Biotechnology A*-B Biology, Chemistry, History, Politics & Government C Biology, Chemistry, History ABB no Interview Offer-BC Insurance
caitlinzsFrench 1A*, 7A, 3B, 1C French, English Lit., Musicpanish (Dropped) and Welsh Bacc. (compulsory) BCCC French, Eng. Lit., Music + Welsh Bacc. (compulsory) ABB + Welsh Bacc. Pass Not invited Offer - ABB/BB+Welsh Bacc. Undecided (possibly insurance)
CUfan Accountancy A*, 4As, 3Bs, 2Cs ('07/'08) Math, Further Math, Physics, Computing, Accounting ABBCC ('09) Math, Further Math, Accountancy ABB ('10) - - - Mature Student. 1 year sales experience. Served a 2yr mission for LDS church. Taekwondo.
*insertusername* Accountancy 2A*s, 5As, 2Bs English Literature, Economics, History, Maths AABB English Literature, Maths and Economics A*AA Additional application form and Assessment Centre AAB Firm BDO summer internship and offer on school leaver programme.
jdbyrne Art History 2 A*, 7 A, 1 B, 1 C, 1 E Fine art, History, Sociology AAC Fine art, History, Sociology AAA - - - -
French TJR Ancient History and Archaeology Brevet Welsh BAC, History, French, Geography pacd Welsh BAC, History, French PAB - PBB/PAC
djnn24 Architecture can't remember Art, Maths, Geography, Physics AABB Art, Maths, Geography AAA No AAA or A*AB Possible firm choice Had to submit a portfolio, which is new for Nottingham this year
Jemima1810 Architecture 5 A*s 3 As 2 Bs 1C Art, Maths with Stats, Biology and Classical Civilisation AABB Art, Maths, Biology A*AA No AAA or A*AB Likely to be firm Requested a portfolio. Architectural work experience, architecture and other design courses, lectures vaguely related to architecture and history, Open House London and other archi events.
M_Wigley Biochemistry with Molecular Medicine GCSE - 5A* 4A 1B Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Eng Lit aaaa Biology, Maths, Chemistry AAB (achieved) - 31/10 - Working as HCA on gap year
MedicalMaureen Biochemistry with Molecular Medicine IGCSE - 3A*'s 6A's Biology, Geography, Chemistry, Math AABb Biology, Geography, Chemistry, A*A*A - - -
kingpin55 Biochemistry 5A*s, 6As, 1B Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Psychology AABB Biology, Physics, Chemistry A*A*A - - - Lab work experience, Pole vault, extra reading.
Missyeln213 Biology 9.5A*s, 3As History, Biology, Chemistry, Maths ABCD History, Biology, Chemistry AAB - AAB-John Innes Centre Research Project participation, attendance of conferences, STEM committee at school, DofE, Music,
Biologist0 Biology Msci 10A*s Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Classical Greek AAAA Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Classical Greek A*(acheived, Maths) A*A*A*A* (predicted) N/A AAB - Work experience in psychiatry and at a biomechanics laboratory
Lime-jelly Biotechnology with a cert. in European studies 2 A*'s 6 A's 3 B's Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, English Literature AAAC Biology, Chemistry, Psychology A*A B N/A ABB/AAC Insurance further reading, attending biopharm. workshop in production of paracetamol, volunteer work x3, part time job, sporting achievements, achieved 100% in AS Lit coursework.
ChrisCareyy Business BSc 1A* 3As 5Bs Physics, Mathematics, Economics, Biology Retaking Physics, Economics, Biology AAB N/A AAB Firm Relevant work experience at K&L Gates and Freshfields, Head boy, Debater, Musical achievements, World Challenge, D of E, Part-Time at Waitrose, Triathlete, Marathon Runner, Volunteering, Chickenshed.
GotzzChemistry6A*s, 3As, 2.5Bs, CMaths, Chemistry, Biology, PhysicsAAAABiology, Chemistry, MathsA*A*A*N/AAAB - Nuffield research placement
nivrap402Chemistry2A*s, 6As, 3BsMaths, Chemistry, Geology, PhysicsAABCGeology, Chemistry, MathsAAA- AAB (A in Chem) - Football, Cricket, Tennis, Extra reading, Refereeing
lizz-ieChemistry4A*s, 5As, 2BsBiology, Chemistry, Maths, Further MathsAAAABiology, Chemistry, MathsA*AAN/AAAB (A in Chemistry) Insurance Workshop day to visit a chemical industry, UCL's Proteins as Therapeutic Agents Masterclass, Further Reading, Self-Taught FP1, Voluntary Work, Debating Team, Choir (sang at Royal Albert Hall and Birmingham Symphony Hall), House Senior, Peer Mentor, took part in a project run by the British Council
LiambrChemistry3A*, 7As, 2Bs Biology, Mathematics, Chemistry and PhysicsABBCChemistry, Maths and PhysicsAABN/AABB -Further Reading, Nottingham Summer School, Nottingham Chemistry Master Class, EPQ, tutoring, MMA
Bookler_NatsuChemistry6A*s, 1A, 1B, 1CBiology, Chemistry, Physics, MathsAAAAChemistry, Physics, MathsA*AAN/AOffer - ABB--
unknown Classical Civilisations and Archeology 2A*s, 2As, 3B 1C English Literature, History, Art, Biology AACD English Literature, History, Art AAB - - - UCL Object London Summer School, work experience in France and Allen and Overy, UCL Summer Challenge, Prefect, guitar, wider reading in both Latin and classical civilizations.
101lewis Computer Science 2Distinction* 1A 5B 5C BTEC Extended Diploma in IT D*D* - D*D*D* - Offer DDD Insurance EPQ on Future computational methods for AI, Freelance IT Technician, currently working as IT consultant for a company, various business competitions, background reading in cryptography and AI, experience in writing Java programs.
bewrn Computer Science 1A* 5A 1C 2D Spanish, Religious Studies, Computing ABC Spanish, Religious Studies, Computing AAA - - - Work experience at largest networking provider NI, freelance web development, further reading, Visual Basic .NET and C# experience, IT Deputy Director Young Enterprise, Pope John Paul II Award, Mandarin classes, Year 14 Prefect
PrinceyJ Computer Science 3A*s 7As Computer Science AAAA Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Spanish A*A*AA No AAB - -
Do I like pie? Computer Science 10As 1B Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Further Maths AAAB Maths, Physics, Chemistry A*AA No AAB - Cambridge masterclass, Further reading, Relevant work experience
nakerm Computer Science 8A*'s 4As Maths, Physics, Further Maths, German AAAB Maths, Physics, Further Maths, German A*A*AB - - - Work experience in IT, DofE, training for guide leader qualification, week long headstart course in Comp Sci
Ross95 Economics 3A* 5A 2B Maths, French, Economics, Geography (Y13-Futher Maths AS) AAAC Maths, Economics, Geography A*A*Aa - - - -
Ross95 Economics and econometrics - - - - - No A*AA - -
Cobalt25 Economics 11A*s A Maths, Further Maths, Economics, Geography AAAA Maths, Further Maths, Economics, Geography A*(already achieved) A* A* A* - - - Economics EPQ, Target 2.0 team, Economics Lectures, Wider reading, relevant work experience, Level 1 Football coach
North Wolf Economics SSC- 83% IBDP subjects- HL (Physics,Hindi,English), SL (Economics,Business,Math) - - IB Predictions-36 No interview for Economics 36 Conditional Offer (Insurance) Head Boy,Blogger,finished a draft on economics, stamp collector, online UN volunteer
Pro Crastination Economics 3A* 9A English Literature, Economics, Maths, Politics + Further Maths (AS 2014) AAAB + (A Predicted) English Literature, Economics, Maths A*A*A - - - Young Enterprise 2013 National Finalist (Collected Best Product Award), EPQ (A Predicted), RES Essay Entry, Villiers Park PPE Week, GenUN 2013, Target 2.0 Team Captain, KPMG Work Shadowing Week
_lifegoeson English 9A*, 1A English Literature, English Language, History, Maths AAAB English Literature, History and English Language A*A*A N/A AAA - -
foreverundecided English with Creative Writing 4A* 4A 1B English Lit, Philosophy, RS and Art AABB English Lit, RS, Art A*A*A - Offer AAA
foreverundecided English and Theology 4A* 4A 1B English Lit, Philosophy, RS and Art AABB English Lit, RS, Art A*A*A - Offer AAB
Jonsee Environmental Biology 3A*, 6A, B Biology, Geography, Physics, Maths AABC Biology, Geography, Physics AAB N/A ABB/AAC - Relevant work experience in Biodiversity and Forestry departments of National Park
hannahgolton French and Spanish 7A* 4A Maths, French, Spanish, Economics, general studies ABBBB (resiting two of the B's!) Maths, French, Spanish, economics, general studies A*AAAA (predicted) - ABB - A in FSMQ maths, 298/300UMS in Spanish gcse, work experience at a law and an accountancy firm
SamEastie Geography 8A* 1A Biology, Geography, Chemistry, French AAAB Biology, Geography, Chemistry A*A*A (ach.) N/A Unconditional - OU module, sport, wider reading, D of E silver etccc..
KittyCartwright German and Russian Studies 5A*s, 3As, 3Bs German, English Literature, French, Welsh, History, Art AABBCC German, English Literature, History AAA - - - Work experience in Translation company, Won a place on Euroscola, Nottingham Summer School, Head Girl, Silver DofE, Leader at Rainbows and Guides, Member of Explorer Scouts, Volunteer at Llangollen International Eisteddfod, Choir, Flute, further reading
nathangent History 2A* 7A (IGCSE) English Literature, History, Religious Stuides, Government And Politics AABB Religious Studies, English Literature, History AAA - AAB (A in History) -
Head Boy 1Law4A* 5A 1 Distinction Maths, Psychology, English Language and Business Studies AAAAMaths, Psychology, English Language and Business Studies A(achieved) AAA - A*AA (27th Nov) - Head Boy (Part of school's social committee too), Relevant work experience at a law firm, Entered Robert Walker Essay Prize (ranked commended), Read Learning the Law by Glanville Williams, Extra-curricular activities (football, tennis etc.)
AJennaLaw6A* 5A Physics, English Literature, Philosophy & Ethics, Psychology AAAB Physics, English Literature, Psychology A*AA - A*AA (27th November) - Work experience at the Inns of Court in London (Banking & Financial Services) and with the Director of Protective Services at Manchester Airport (Counter-Terrorism and Immigration), extra-curricular activities (independently manage an online business, Beaver Scout Assistant Leader role)
js15398Law8A* 5A Maths, History, English Lit, Chemistry AAAB Maths, History, English Lit A*A*A - AAB (received on the 22nd November - Work experience at top law firm, local crown court, chartered accountants, UN, and my local CAB. Entered Robert Walker Essay Prize, was commended, legal philosophy reading, Young enterprise, EPQ on counter terrorism and Human rights
RatachLawTurkish curriculum (we have no equivalent of GCSEs)--AP: Calculus AB, European History, Comparative Government and Politics, English Language, PsychologyTurkish Diploma: 80%, AP: 5 (achieved), 5555 (predicted)-75%-SAT Subject: Math I - 780, Math II - 780, Literature - 740, World History - 650. Work experience, summer school, etc.
Colroyd Mathematics 2A*s, 4As Mathematics, English Lit, Biology, Further Mathematics, EPQ AAAAA Mathematics, English Lit, Biology A*A*A (achieved) - Adjustment Offer Firm Adjusted from Durham Biomed --> Nottingham Maths, because my grades (A*A*A) were higher than my biomed offer (AAA)
Mathsz0r Mathematics 4A's 4B's 3C's Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Economics, Geography ABCD Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Economics A*AB No A*AB/AAA Offer Firm choice Extenuating circumstances, STEP I.
Rossjay Mathematics 3A*s, 7As, 1B, 1C Maths, History, Biology, Chemistry, Further Maths (Yr13) AABC Maths, History, Biology A*AAa- - - Junior/Intermediate/Senior UKMT, further reading, relevant employment/work experience , school prefect
Studentro Mathematics 9A*s, 2As Maths AS+A2, Physics, English, History A*AAC Further Maths AS+A2, Physics, English A*A*A* No AA - Senior UKMT Maths Challenge Gold + Senior Kangaroo, Taking STEP, Wider Reading (self taught some number theory), Grade 7 Violin
Oldcat Mathematics 10A* 8A 4B Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry BBBB Maths, Further Maths, Physics, EPQ A*A*A No A*AB -Extenuating Circumstances, further reading, awesome work experience, STEP 1,2,3, Grade 8 Singing, Studying for ATCL
TheOncomingStorm Mathematics 9A*'s, 6A's, 1A* with distinction Maths, Further Maths, English Lit, Ancient History, General Studies AAAAA Maths, Further Maths, English Lit A*A*A No AAA Probably insurance choiceFull UMS in maths GCSE one year early, A* with distinction in iGCSE Further Maths, 98% in AS Mathematics, multiple Silver, Gold and Best in School awards in UKMT Maths Challenges, represented school in team maths challenge, attended Maths Inspiration lectures, relevant reading, self-teaching FP3, sitting STEP, among best GCSE grades in school
SheldonWannabe Mathematical Physics 1A* 2A's 7B's Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry AAAA Maths, Further Maths, Physics, EPQ A*A*A No A*AA Insurance Member of astronomical society, summer physics course, trip to CERN, extra reading, senior maths challenge, chemistry olympiad, perform at high level in football, athletics and cross country
Iceman95_ Mechanical Engineering 2A*'s, 3A's, 1B, 3C's, 1E Btec extended diploma in engineering level 3D* D*DD+ - - -
Roar96 Mechanical Engineering 5A*s, 1.5A's, 4Bs Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Geography ACBB Maths, Physics, Geography AAA - AAB -
limid19 Medical Physiology and Theraputics 2A* 5As 4Bs Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, Music AABab Maths, Chemistry, Biology AAB Sent on 23rd October AAB
Aniaa Medicine European Baccalaureate, 8.86 Bio, Chemistry, Maths, English, Polish - i have no idea what it is 8.5-9/10 25/02/2014 - - work experience
DolSnow Medicine 10.5A* 2A Bio, Chem, Maths, French, Eng Lit AAAAA Bio, Eng Lit, Chem, Maths A*A*AA - - - Taking OU short course in Molecular Medicine outside school. G&T Mentor, Head Med Soc. Represented school in Academy Excellence Awards and Youth Speaks. 2 weeks work exp in 2 hospitals, 6 wk ward volunteering, 9m care-home, 9m working with disabled adults, 2yr tutoring 4-14 yos, 3y+ babysitting. Self taught Spanish & ukulele (ridiculous, I know). Copper Award in Cambridge Chemistry Challenge. Relevant reading&lectures. UKCAT 760 with 3040 total
Esta16 Medicine 6A*s 6As Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Psychology AAAA Biology, Chemistry, Maths A*A*A - - - Various Work Experience: 1 month in kings college london neurology lab, 1 week in orthopedics. 1 week in vascular surgery, 1 week in palliative care. British Red Cross Volunteer, in charge of a group of prefects, english buddy to those in my year and below. Taught myself to build a computer, volunteered in a youth centre, and with Age UK, school choirs, dofe, UKCAT 707.5 and SJT Band 3
Flobie Medicine 7A8 4A (e.circumstances) Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Physics AAAA (e.circumstances again) Biology, Chemistry, Maths A*AA - - - Various work experience, volunteering in hospital, prefect, helped in yr8 maths sessions, school choirs, horse riding, helping in kids riding lessons, lacrosse, UKCAT 765 Band 2
georgiee_ Medicine 5A*s, 5As Biology, Chemistry, Maths, GeographyAAABBiology, Chemistry, Geography A*AA - - - 1 week WE in A&E, 1 week cardiothoracic surgery, 1 week community hospital, 3 days ICU, 1 year volunteering at old people's home, OU module on microbes, gold D of E, grade 8 flute, various orchestras, lacrosse, netball, basketball, lower school assistant, UKCAT 767.5
c'estmoi Medicine 11A*s, 1As Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Spanish and General StudiesAAAABBiology, Chemistry, Maths and General Studies A*A*A*A (predicted) - - - 2 years volunteering in a hospital, 1 year to date working as a healthcare assistant in hospital- mostly on cardiology and a&e, 2 week charity project in Romania, county badminton player, currently doing gold D of E, grade 8 singing and diploma completed, UKCAT 707.5, EPQ A*
natlynn Medicine 10A*s, 3As Biology, Chemistry, Maths, History-Biology, Chemistry, Maths and History A*D1D1D2 (predicted) - - - volunteering at hospital with the elderly, shadowing surgeons, teaching refugee children, grade 8 piano and singing, DofE Silver, UKCAT 752.5, Doing 3 Cambridge Pre-Us and 1 A-level
sammiedee Modern Language Studies 1A*, 7As, 4B German, French, Psychology, Religious studies BCCC German, French, Psychology, Religious Studies A*BBB Offer ABB insurance
purpledophin90 Music 8 A*s, 4 As Music, French, Chemistry, Maths, Critical Thinking ABBCC Music, French, Maths A*AB - ABB - -
mcollin1 Neuroscience with Pharmacology 1.5A* 5A 2B 1C + Distinction Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Physics AAAA Maths Biology Chemistry A*AA achieved - -- 5th choice for medicine applicant
abbiemac Neuroscience 4A*, 4A, 4B Biology, Chemistry, Maths BBCDD Maths Biology Chemistry AAB No AAB -
CharlotteeeeS Neuroscience 4A*, 7A Biology, Chemistry, Maths AAA Maths Biology Chemistry AAA - AAB -
acciolucy Nutrition (Dietetics) 3A*, 6A, 3B Maths, biology, chemistry ABC Maths Biology Chemistry A*AA - -
acciolucy Nutrition 3A*, 6A, 3B Maths, biology, chemistry ABC Maths Biology Chemistry A*AA - ABB/AAC -
aishamarie Philosophy 3A*s 6As 1B English Literature, Mathematics, Religious Studies, Economics - English Literature, Religious Studies and Economics A*AA Nope Unconditional if I firm! -
sacklet Philosophy 1A* 8A's 2B's RS, English Lit/Lang, Spanish, Maths, GenStuds AACCD RS, English Lit/Lang, Spanish, Gen Studs A*A*AC- AAB/A*AC/A*BB - Debate Chamber/Extra Reading/Highest UMS RS etc
adi19956Physics6A*s 5AsMaths, Physics, Economics and ChemistryAAABMaths, Physics, Economics and AS Further MathsA*AAa-A*AA-Gold DofE, prefect, cub leader, scout, going to South Pole 2018, lots of background reading inc. in areas of quantum, cosmology, and particle physics, self taught much of AS further maths
Guffers95 Physics 7A*s, 7As Chemistry, Further Maths, Maths, Physics AAAA Chemistry, Further Maths, Maths, Physics A*A*AA Yes - - Gold CREST Award, Silver DofE
Semaj18 Physics 8A's 1B 2C's Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology AAAA Physics, Chemistry, Maths A*A*A*- - - -
Pedd Politics 1A*s, 2As, 10Bs and 2Cs (inc equivalents) English Language, Government & Politics, History, English Literature AABB English Language, Government & Politics, History A*AA - AAB - Attend one of the bottom schools in the country. Head student. Campaigned for the local Conservative party and later spent time in the summer working in Nick De Bois MP's Parliamentary offices. Read Political works ranging from Plato's Republic to Hobbes' Leviathan. Attended UCL Summer School Challenge - won best project award in subject.
EleanorKeats Politics and International Relations 5A*s, 6A's History, Philosophy, Government & Politics, English Literature AAAA History, Philosophy, Government & Politics A*A*A* - AAB - EPQ, Vice President of a large sixth form college, work experience at the head office of an international charity, lots of further reading, editor of the college magazine, debating, public speaking, drama, philosophy society, Silver DofE Award.
Shehr Politics and International Relations 6A*s, 4A's Psychology, History, Government & Politics, English Literature AAAA Psychology, English Literature, Government & Politics A*A*A* - AAB - -
buzfail Politics and Economics 6A*s 4As 1B Maths, Psychology, Politics, Business Studies, EPQ AAAB (B was self taught) A* Maths, Psychology, Politics, Business Studies Predicted A*A*AA Sent 6th Oct Offer 15th Nov AAA Clarinet Grade 6, been in various orchestras, competed in horse riding at National Level, on Pony Club team, work experience, contributed to a published paper (credited as a researcher), active member of political party, EPQ in relevant area, extenuating circumstances (illness), mature student (21), represented college in debates, Student Of The Month award, student council, volunteering, lots of wider reading
Reiss64 Psychology 4 A's, 2 B's and 3 C's Psychology, English Literature, Economics and Music AAAA English Literature, Psychology and Economics A*AA Nope Conditional Offer - AAB :) - lots of work experience and wider reading. Extenuating circumstances for poor GCSE's. Lots of extra curricular (e.g. climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro) and got the award for best result in my school for the UKMT intermediate maths challenge.
tiajacob Psychology with Cognitive Neuroscience 2A*s, 6As, 2B, 2 Distinction Biology, Psychology, English Lit, Chemistry AABB Biology, Psychology English Lit AAA- Offer-AAB - work experience at a dementia care home, part time job at a children's play center, work experience at a primary school, visited a summer school, extra reading
adavan Social Work 1A*, 6Bs 3Cs Psychology, Sociology, German ABC (D in General Studies) Psychology, Sociology, German, EPQ AABB (A in EPQ) Yes BBB Firm I was successful with the interview. The total number of places is just 30. I am so happy to be a part of the 30.
PrincessCecilTheology & Religious Studies 1A*, 3As, 4Bs, 1C Religious Studies, English Lit, Sociology, Psychology BBBD Religious Studies, English Lit, Sociology ABB N/A ABB - Former Head Chorister, Grade 8 distinction in singing, reached semi-final of Top Model UK, done a lot of reading around RS/Theology
na_li Veterinary Medicine 5A*'s 2A's 4B's Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Further Maths AABB Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Further Maths A*A*AA - - - EPQ on rabies. Work Experience at 3 veterinary practices, farm, stable and pet shop. Tutor for Maths and EFL. Volunteering at school to mentor other students. Participating in STMC
TobyNewport Zoology (MSci) 12A*s 2As 1B Biology, Chemistry, History, Spanish AAAB (A in General Studies) Biology, Chemistry, History, Spanish A*A*A*A - AAB - -
-JackG- Zoology (MSci) 8A's 4B's Biology, Chemistry, Maths, History BBBD Biology, Chemistry, Maths AAB - AAB Firm EPQ on DNA fingerprinting, part of the counselling school services, prefect, work experience at vets and at a water gardens.
Bigdads Viking Studies 4A*s 3As 3Bs Ancient History, Biology (dropped), English, French (dropped) ABCD Ancient History, English, P&R A*AA N/A ABB Firm EPQ on Viking influence in Britain, volunteered in museum archive for a few weeks, gold award from the BBO, extenuating circumstances for poor AS results, member of the MUN, prefect, represented the college at 1XV rugby, college journalist, have read widely around the course
HollyOnIce English BA 4A*s 5As 3Bs English Literature, History, Sociology, Philosophy AACC English Literature, Sociology, Philosophy AAA N/A AAA Will be firming! Read well around my subject - emphasis on Victorian Literature, Solzhenitysn, Plath, Hughes, D.H Lawrence; Mentioned theatre visits and particular plays that have inspired an interest in a specific genre; was involved in a 'Youth Consultancy Programme' at my library; career aspiration to teach English enhanced by work experience at primary and secondary school.
webber96 Computer Science 2As 8Bs C Chemistry, I.T, Mathematics, Physics AABB I.T, Mathematics, Physics AAB N/A AAB Firm
charak05 Biology 2A*s, 9As, 1B Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths, Further Maths AABCC Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Further Maths A*AB no interview AAB Firm
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