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Oxford applicants stalking page 2014 entry

This page (which you can edit) is part of The Student Room's information and advice about Oxford and Cambridge (known collectively as Oxbridge). Whilst the two universities have have much in common, they also have many differences. Our information on the application procedure and interviews applies to both.

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This page contains details regarding people's applications to study at Oxford for 2014 entry. It is worth noting that the information presented on this page is volunteered by the individuals in order to help future applicants understand what happens at various points of the application cycle. This page only contains a very small percentage of Oxford applicants, and is not representative of the applicants as a whole, but can be used to gain a small understanding of the workings of the Oxford admissions process.

Editing the page

If you are feeling confident with wiki editing, you may edit the page yourself to input your information. Do not feel obliged to enter your details, or fill in all columns of the table.

However if are not feeling confident in editing the page, then put your details in this thread and kindly ask for another user to do so.

If you make a mistake and something goes wrong or if something does not seem right then again post in the Oxford 2014 Applicants thread to let us know. We don't bite people who make mistakes...

Please keep in mind that it is completely your choice on how much, or how little, information you choose to disclose on this page.

2014 Applicants

Please make sure to keep things in alphabetical order, first by subject, secondly by college, lastly by username

TSR username Subject College GCSE (or equivalent) AS subjects AS achieved/IB prediction(or equiv A2 predictions Interview? Offer? Result Notes
azra77 Biochemistry Unknown 3A*s 5As 2Bs Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Law, Critical Thinking Unknown - - - - EPQ, Cambridge Chemistry Challenge, Further Reading.
Christotheb Biochemistry Hertford 5A*s 6As 1B Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Physics BBBB A*AA Yes Yep, A*AA Accepted, can't wait Work experience in laboratories and Gold CREST award.
tooskyblue Biochemistry St Hilda's College No GCSE Biology, Chemistry, Maths, English Literature, Physics AAAAA A*A*A*A* (dropped physics) Yes Yes A*AA no specific A* from Bio Chem Maths Work experience in industrial labs, a neuroscience lab, a genetics lab and a general biomedical research work experience. Silver Cambridge Chemistry Challenge, Gold UKSMC, UKSMC Kangaroo. Bronze Chem Olympiad. Commendation A2 Physics Olympiad
Anon Biochemistry LMH GPA 4.1 HL Chemistry, Math, Physics. SL French B, English A, and Geography 44/45 - Yes - - Chemistry Extended Essay and Work in a Lab.
alephcipher Biochemistry St John's 10A*s 2A Maths, English Lit, Biology, Chemistry (+ Further Maths) AAAA A*(Maths, achieved) A*A*A* - - -
Doctor Feelgood Biochemistry St John's 8A*s 2As A in FSMQ also did an AS (B) Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Further Maths AAAA A*A*A*A* Yes - - EPQ, Cambridge Chemistry Challenge, Further Reading, Work Experience, 99% UMS in Bio, Gold in UKMT
Hawkeye96 Biochemistry Worcester 9A*s 2As 1C Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Physics, History AAAAA A*A*A - - - -
young volcano Biochemistry Worcester 7A*s 4As Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Further Maths, Physics Acheived AAAAA A*AA Yes nah mate - -
edward12 Biochemistry St. Peters 4A*s 4.5As 2B 2C 1D Biology, Chemistry, Maths, History, Crit. Thinking Acheived AAAAB A*AA Yes - - -
Marrok Biochemistry Somerville 5A*s 2As 1B 1C IB - HL: Chemistry, Biology, Math, SL: Mandarin B, Economics, English literature Achieved 41/45 (776, 766 +2) - Yes Yes - -
Anon Biochemistry Oriel 8A*s 3As Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Welsh Bac. AAAA A*A*AA yes - - Further reading, 3 months in hospital lab, work experience in The Natural History Museum, gold DofE, grade 8 LAMDA verse & prose and public speaking, hospital volunteering, Salter's Chemistry Competition, illustrated books & extenuating circumstances
Anona Biochemistry Oriel 100%, 94% Maths, Chemistry. Achieved Achieved - - - Mature student
TheDawnGirl Biochemistry Magdalen IB MYP 61/70 HL Biology, Chemistry, Maths, SL Eng.Lit, French B, Economics, TOK 3 7s,2 6s,1 5 40/45 Yes - - Extended Essay in Chemistry
TheTrain Biochemistry Wadham 9A*s 2As 1B Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Psychology Acheived AAAA A*AA Yes no chance - - Molecular biology research lab work experience, forensic archeology courses. Paid job.
TobyNewport Biological Sciences Hertford 12A*s 2As Biology, Chemistry, History, Spanish, General Studies AAAAB A*A*A*AA Yes - - -
Anonymous Biological Sciences New College 6 A*s 3As 1B Biology, Chemistry, English Lit, Classics, General Studies, Critical Thinking Predicted AAAAAA A*A*AAAA - - - EPQ. Work at Nursing Home for 2 years. Work experience. Cambridge Chemistry Challenge. Salter's Festival of Chemistry. Further Reading.
PensiveArmadillo Biological Sciences St.Peters 11A*s Biology, Chemistry, Maths, French Achieved AAAA A*A*AA yes Offer A*AA - EPQ, Further reading, Volunteering, Chemistry Olympiad etc.
germankid101 Biological Sciences Pembroke 11A*s Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Economics, History AAAAA A*A*A*A*A Yes, last month A*AA - Organ Scholarship. Extra Reading, Genetic Modification Lab Work, Grade 8 Organ, Grade 8 Piano both with Distinction.
Silvertongue_ Biomedical Sciences Keble 9A*s 1B Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Physics Achieved AABB A*A*A Yes Yes! Open offer, A*AA -
JackTheNerd Biomedical Sciences University 6As, 3Bs Chemistry, Biology, History Geography AAAAA*A*A Rejection 3/12 - - - Created own philosophy extracurricular - met with Somerville's philosophy tutor, Imperial Summer school, Lectures, Masterclasses, Youth Charity, doing biomed related EPQ 2013-14, The Brilliant Club Scholars programme, chemistry olympiad.
thisisjessyeah Biomedical Sciences Balliol 7A*s 4As Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths, Further Maths and General Studies AAAAbB A*A*A*A*A Yes! Offer A*AA!!!! - UNIQ summer school, average UMS on top 3 subjects is 94%, tutors chemistry students, senior student, UKMT silver certificates, various trophies for rifle shooting, volunteer with veterans.
gingerberryChemistry Lady Margaret Hall 8A* 4A Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Maths (+Critical Thinking and General Studies) AAAA(AA) A*A*A*A* (and A achieved in critical thinking)Yes! Offer A*AA - UNIQ summer school (physical sciences course), Cambridge science residential course, one week work experience placement in research lab, tutoring GCSE students in science and maths.
ej95ChemistryLincoln 5A*'s, 4A's, 1B Maths, Further Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Critical Thinking AAAB A*A*A Yes Offer A*AA - A-level Maths completed in 1 year, re-sitting C3&4 to get A*. Chemistry based EPQ, Chemistry society, Tutor a Year 11 in GCSE Science and Maths, Academic mentor at college.
7evansa ChemistryKeble 11A*s Chemistry, Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Biology (AS) AAAAA A*A*A*A*Dec Offer A*AA - UNIQ, Cambridge FE Summer School, Student Ambassador, volunteer work at Cancer Research UK, Nuffield Research Project.
KmonsterChemistryKeble 14A*s Chemistry, Maths, Physics, Biology, French (AS) AAAAA A*A*A*A* Yes Offer A*AA - -
ChloeBazingaa ChemistrySt John's 11A*s, 2A's Maths, English Literature, Biology, Chemistry, Further Maths (AS) (A)AABC A*AARejection lol - -
theCreator Chemistry Wadham 5A*s, 5A's, 2B's Chemistry, Maths, Further Maths, Biology(AS), Geography(AS) AAAAB A*A*A Yes A*AA!!! - Maths + Chemistry tutoring to peers, Beginner Russian Course Pass, Young Enterprise CFO, Further reading etc.
Aelathehuntress Chemistry Unknown 6A*s 6As Chemistry, Maths, English Literature, History Achieved: AAAA (100% UMS in english) - - - - -
Gotzz Chemistry Keble 6A*s, 3As, 2.5Bs, 1C Chemistry, Maths, Biology, Physics(AS) AAAAA*A*A* Yes A*AA - -
Kitimus Chemistry Unknown 9A*'s, 1B Maths, Chemistry, Economics, History AAAA Unknown - - - -
milworthyChemistry Unknown 12 A* Biology, Chemistry, maths, further maths, German AAAAA A*A*A*A*A*Offer A*AA| - - Gold in chemistry olympiad, gold in senior maths challenge, regular chemistry mentoring, reading around the subject (oxford recommended reading list). Work experience, prefect. EPQ. Taster courses. 100% maths and German, 98% Chem, Bio, 96% further maths.
Bookler_NatsuChemistrySt Edmund6A*s, 1A, 1B, 1CA2: maths, chemistry, physics and AS biologyAAAAA*AAYes, 22/11/13Rejection--
Jessiiee [1] Classical Archaeology and Ancient History Merton 7A*s 6As English Literature, History, Classical Civilisations, Chemistry (AS), Critical Thinking, General Studies AAAAAB A*A*A* A Yes - Merton, Oriel, Lincoln, Christ Church Open offer - AAA
ElagabalusClassics II Corpus Christi? 10A* Class Civ, History, Maths, Chemistry(AS), EPQ Unknown A*AA - - --
LuxVeritatisClassics I New College 13A*, 1B Latin, Classical Greek (both ach.), French, English Lit, Politics, Economics, General Studies AAAAAAB A*A (ach.), A*A*A*A* Yes :D AUU -
BlueDinsoaur42Classics IIB Oriel 3A*, 2Dist*, 7A, 1Dist, 3B Class Civ, English Lit, (Early Modern) History, Maths (AS) AAAB A*A*A - - - EPQ-Religion and the Supernatural in Ancient Europe compared to Early Modern Europe, Learning Italian, Translating Old English Texts, Trip to Greece-Athens, Delphi, Olympia, Marathon, Mycenae, Classics and History Columnist for College Online Magazine, extensive reading outside of curriculum
maddyt08 ClassicsBrasenose 9A*s 1A English, French, Latin, History, General Studies, Critical Thinking AAAAAC A*A*A*A- - --
AmoghSahu ModernsSt. Peters 45 IB English, French, Latin, History, Spanish, Business 45 IB- - YES ACCEPTED!!!-
Darth_Newdar Classics IBSt John's 3A*s, 2/3 equivalents English Literature, History, Latin, Business Studies (AS) AAAA A*A*A* Yes Offer AAA - Home educated before A-Levels
JennieM ClassicsUnknown 12A*s Classics, Economics, Philosophy and Ethics, Mathematics Predicted AAAA Unknown- - - president and co-founder of school classics society, student head of house, JACT Greek Summer School 2013, EPQ on ancient Greece, volunteer at St Catherine's Hospice charity shop, assistant to school Juniour Debating society, Company Secretary of Young Enterprise Company
Lucilou101 Classics II and English Magdalen 7A*s 5As English Lit, Classical Civ, Maths, French, Gen Studies AAAAB A*A*A*AA (predicted) - - --
joiedevivre Classics and French Brasenose 9 A*s 3 As English Literature, French, Latin, Maths AAAB A*AA (achieved) - - - Applying after A2s
eltothejosho Computer ScienceKeble 5A* 5A 2B 2C Mathematics, French, Product Design, Physics, General Studies, Further Mathematics (AS) AAAB A*A*AA (AS - A)- - - EPQ, Arkwright Scholarship, Headstart Course, Udacity Course, Maths Tutoring, German Language Certificate
tDickinson Computer Science Somerville 5A*s 3As 1B 1C Maths, Further Maths, Computing, Physics AAAA A*A*A*A* - - -
TSR561Computer ScienceMagdalen 5A* 7A Mathematics, Further Maths, Chemistry, Physics AAAAA*A*AAYep! - --
padgfris Computer Science University 6A* 4A 4B Mathematics, Further Maths,Chemistry, Physics, EPQ AAAA A*A*A- - --
Troubled Bear Computer Science University 14A* Maths, FM, Chemistry, Physics, History, English lit, Computing, Philosophy, Geography 9A 9A*- - --
ricrazComputer Science and PhilosophyHertford 6A*1A Mathematics, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, English Lit, Thinking Skills, English Lang, General PaperAAAAAAAAAA A*A*A*A*A*A*A*A* (Achieved in Maths, FMaths, English lit, Econ, 3 sci, TS)Yes Yepp, unconditional - Won several regional debating tournaments, grade 8 piano, captain of school squash team
MJasper Computer Science and PhilosophyHertford 9A* 2A Mathematics, Further Maths, Music, English AAAA A*A*A*A (Achieved A in Ancient Greek A2)Yes A*A (Maths and FMaths, either way around) --
FallenSky Earth Sciences University 11A*, 2A, A in FSMQ Geology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths, Further Maths AAAAA A*A*A*A*A* (predicted) Yes - - UNIQ and Headstart summer schools, help run a science club for younger students, maths tutor, walks with local geological society, work experience at geological museum and in university labs, relevant reading and online course, grade 8 clarinet, working towards grade 8 violin, leader of school orchestra and concert band, charity shop volunteer
alex.soldatkin Economics and ManagementBalliolall 5 out of 5 Economics, Geography, Sociology, Maths The first year of a Bachelors degree from another university - - - - Overseas applicant (Russia)
David1995 Economics and ManagementBrasenose 12A*s 1A Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Economics, GeographyAAAAA A*A*A*A*A* - - - -
DXG Economics and ManagementBrasenose 7A*s 3As Music, Chemistry, Economics, Mathematics, Further Mathematics AAAAA*A*A*A - - - FSMQ- A
Polypocus Economics and ManagementHertford 4A*s, 8As Maths, Chemistry, Economics, Psychology AAAA A*A*A*a - - - Doing AS Further Maths in Year 13
ZoeblueEconomics and Management Merton 11.5A*sCritical Thinking, Economics, German, Latin, Maths, Further MathsAAAAAAA*A*A*A* YES :D --AS Maths was self taught (C1 C2 D1) as was the FP1 Module, FSMQ Grade A (self taught), A* GCSE Mandarin Self Taught
Rafael_96 Economics and Management Trinity 4A*, 4A, B, C Maths, Economics, Physics, Chemistry AAAAA* A* A* EPQ A Yes --EPQ-A, Conferences and lectures,Further reading,Work experience - financial management in Los Angeles,High level swimming,athletics and table tennis, Self taught piano
el77Economics and ManagementWorcester8A* 2A Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry, Economics and English Literature (AS)AAAAA*(achieved in maths) A*A*A*---FSMQ grade A. Read books/attended lectures. 94% in English Literature, 92% in Maths (100 in C3), 92% in Chemistry and 91% in Economics.
StarryInk07 EMEL St John's 10A* 2A Spanish, English Literature, Latin, Maths, Chinese AAAAA A*AAA(+A achieved) Yes Offer AAA - Essay competition - commended
LE37 Engineering ScienceKeble12A*s, 1A Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry, Physics, General StudiesAAAAAA*A*A*AAYes--Gold and Silver Crest awards. Work experience at Cambridge Uni and placement at Royal Haskoning. Head Boy
BranmanEngineering ScienceBrasenose5A* 5AMaths, Further Maths, Chemistry, PhysicsAAAAA*A*A*A*Yes!Open offer-Relevant EPQ, relevant reading and watched a series of relevant lectures. 96% UMS average, to be included in my reference. Attended a problem-solving conference at the University of Warwick and volunteered as a classroom assistant during Year 12.
AnonEngineering ScienceBrasenose7A* 4AMaths, Physics, Further Maths, ChemistryAAAAA*A*AA---Extended Project
CelineAd18Engineering ScienceMagdalen111111AA (scottish standard grades)Higher Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and HistoryAAAAAAAAA (dropped history) Yes -- Attended the UNIQ Summer School at Oxford for Engineering Science, won a leadership award at imperial college for the UK Space Design Competition, Part-time Job at a local lab, Number/Science buddy at school for younger people, part of school debating team, part of STEM in the pipeline competition, Silver Crest Award
Nibbles360Engineering ScienceOriel10A* 1BMaths, Physics, Chemistry, Computing, German, Chinese, Further Maths(Y13)6A + Further Maths Predicted A A*A*A*A (Phy, German, Chem, Maths already achieved A but might retake)---National Junior Equestrian Team, qualified for 2014 Youth Olympics, UKMT Senior Maths Challenge - 2x Silver (Y11 & Y12), Mechanics 1 100UMS however M2 E, C2 B, C4 C
prash14Engineering ScienceOpen (LMH)11A* 1AMaths, Further Maths, Physics, ChemistryAAAAA*A*AA (achieved, gap year applicant)YesOffer :DD (Unconditional)-Several weeks' work experience at engineering consultancy firm
MxosauceEngineering ScienceUniversity5A*4A 1B 1CMaths, Further Maths, Physics, ChemistryAAAAA*A*A*A*YesOffer AA further maths and physics-A* in Maths achieved. 97.8 UMS for all subjects, 99 UMS for top 3. Usual reading around the subject.
ChangeOurWorld English and European Law University 3.5A*s 8As - 3As 1B A*AA - - - -
runningoncoffee English Language and LiteratureBrasenose 6 A*s, 4 As English Literature, History, Biology, Sociology (plus Welsh Baccalaureate) AAA and B in Biology A*A*A* and A in Biology (plus Welsh Baccalaureate) Yes - - -
CrossleyCro English Language and LiteratureHertford 7 A*s, 3 As English Literature, History, Latin, Classical Civilisation and Critical Thinking AAAAB A*AA - - - EPQ including reseach trip to Iceland - predicted A*, AQABACC, Head of School Council
rescuelullaby English Language and LiteratureHertford AP exams: 5's in English Lang, World History, US History, Comparative Govt & Politics, Psychology, Chemistry. SAT I: 2270. SAT II: Literature, 710 n/a (American applicant) n/a Predicted 5's on AP European History and English Literature Yes, reallocated to Regents Park Unconditional - -
hannah_kate English Language and Literatureunknown8A*s, 3As, Distinction*, Distinction English Literature, French, History, Maths AAAB A*A*A (dropped Maths)- - - won writing competition, lots of wider reading, just been to India!, work two jobs (one in a bookshop)
n/a English Language and Literature Lincoln 8A*, 1 B English Literature, History, Economics, Physics AAAB A* A A (Dropped economics) Yes - - Hampshire hockey player, captain of school team, writes for school academic publication, writes for online magazine, scholarship pupil at school, writing a play for production at school, wider reading (Obviously!)
prettygeek English Language and LiteratureMagdalen9A*s, 2As, 1B English Literature, French, History, Maths AAAB A*A*A (dropped Maths)-Yes! - - Extenuating circumstances, two jobs, write articles for regional newspaper, Singing Grade 7, English and Theatre at other Unis, 100% in History and English modules :)
Charli41 English Language and LiteratureMagdalen 3A*s, 6 As, 2 Distinctions English Literature, History, German, Photography, IT, General Studies AAAAAC A*A*AAAYes!!!!! :D Rejected :/ -
Daisy Duke English Language and Literature Magdalen 7 A*s, 5 A's, 2 Distinctions, 1 C English Lit, Drama, French, History, Critical Thinking and EPQAABBB following illness and appalling attendance. A* EPQ A*,A, A--- Two Week English summer school in Oxford. Applying for English & Drama at other Unis. Chair of Charity Committee. Run a Y7 Drama club, wrote and produced/directed a play for them as part of EPQ. Latin GCSE enrichment. Singing at Grade 8.
ThomasFraser English Language and Literature St Anne's 6 A*s, 5 A's, Distinction English Literature, History, Classics, Music, EPQ AAAAA A*A*A* A* A- - - -
zakkaz English Language and Literature St. John's 1 A* 8As 2Bs English Literature, Chemistry, Maths, Physics ABBB A A A- - - -
starryeyes1103English Language and LiteratureWadham4A*s 9As English Literature, History, Sociology, Maths (dropped) AABC (the C was maths...) A*AA - - - EPQ, Arts Award, library volunteering
kirrstierose English and Spanish Unknown 7A*s, 3As, 2 ICT Distinctions, 1 Pass (ICT half-GCSE), Asset Languages Level 6 (D) (half-GCSE) English Literature, Spanish, Modern History (hope to drop), Italian (GCSE) ABB (predicted A* in Italian) Unknown- - - Studying Italian GCSE and predicted A*, hope to drop History and do the whole A Level in Italian in Year 13, EPQ, UNIQ Summer School for Spanish, Sutton Trust Summer School at Cambridge for English, MFL Student Subject Ambassador, further reading, 95% in AS English Lit
altarhhena Experimental PsychologyQueen's 3A* 1A (only did 4 subjects because I came in the second year of IGCSE) Indonesian A SL, English B HL, Chemistry HL, Economics HL, Math SL, Physics SL 41(predicted HL Eng 7, Econs 7, Chem 6) (unknown)- - - -
ilovemilka Experimental Psychology Magdalen IB MYP: 69/70 IB: English A HL, French B SL, Biology HL, Psychology HL, Business & Management SL, Math SL IB: 45 points Yesss! :D Yesssssss!!!!!!!! :D 39 IB points, 766 at HL (reallocated to University College) A lot of cross-cultural experience and a passion for theater :)
LeJennifleur Experimental PsychologySt Hilda's 11 A*s, 1 A and 1 DistinctionAS Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Psychology and Extended ProjectAchieved AAAA and EPQ A* A*A*A (Probably) Yes Yes! A*AA offer Offer met with A*A*A Achieved A* in EPQ during AS year, extra reading, volunteering, DofE, attended a psychology conference at UCL, various other stuff.
NathanCaldecottFine ArtSt. Catherine's 6A*3A + A(FSMQ) Fine Art, Mathematics, Physics, Geography, Further Mathematics AAAAAA*AA- Yes Unconditional :D Gold Senior Maths Challenge, Sutton Trust Architecture, Architecture Placement, Personal Online/Typography Practice, Foundation at MMU
Chiseph French and Czech St Edmund Hall 8 A*s, 2As + A(FSMQ) AS: Fine Art, Maths, French, English Literature, Latin IB: English Literature, French, Philosophy for HL; Maths, Chemistry, Art for SL AAAAA Predicted 43/45 for IB (777 HL) - - - B1 CEFR Czech, Silver DofE, Grade 7 Piano
chloevictoriaFrench and GermanHertford2A*s, 7As, 3BsFrench, German, English Literature, Geography AABC (one ums off an A in German) (excluding EPQ) A*AA (plus A in EPQ) Nope lol - -Work experience in France (July 2013) and Germany (Feb 2014), 299/300 in French GCSE, 293/300 for German GCSE, 196/200 for French AS. EPQ on morality in 19th century French literature
kgodzinska French and Beginner's Russian Christ Church 10A*s and 3A French, Spanish, English Literature, History, Music, Polish AAAAB 5A*s and an A Yes No:( -Fluent in Polish (English as a second language), 100% in French AS, self-taught Spanish from scratch (A* at GCSE and predicted A* at A level), Grade 8 on the clarinet, piano and voice, also play the violin, UNIQ summer school, Sutton Trust summer school at Cambridge
BeautifulPotato French and Beginner's Italian Oriel 8 A*s (+A*) Biology, Chemistry, French, History, Maths AAAAB A*A*A*(EPQ) A (+C achieved...in maths...) YES YES -Extenuating circumstances - missed 2 years of school due to mental illness. Lots of reading, EPQ, piano and violin grade 8 exams. Italian GCSE in spare time. Did awfully on the MLAT...
aday4laura French and Spanish Queen's 10A*s French, Spanish, English Literature, Government and Politics AAAA A*A*A* (A* EPQ) Yes -- EPQ on existentialism and War in C20, Gold DofE, went to Villiers Park for Spanish and Latin American Society, History and Culture! LOVE BOOKS
beau-malheur French and Beginner's Russian Brasenose 6 A*s 4As B French, Chemistry, Maths, English Literature AAAA A*A*A*A YEAHHHH! :D offer from Worcester, AAA with A in French :D - Bronze DofE, Young Reporter's Project, Form Prefect, volunteering, lots of reading, run a French Club, went on a residential French course at Villiers Park
enimpri French and German - 8A* 6A 1B French, German, Latin, Classical Civilisation AAAA A*A*A* Yes Yes AAA Five GCSE languages, translation, reading, MFL uptake work
charreyGeographyUnknown7A* 3A 3BGeography, English Literature, Psychology and History AAAB A*A*A - - -
chippedtoothGeographyKeble3A* 6A 1CGeography, Economics, History and Physics AABE A*AA Yes Unknown Unknown
KiacGeography-10A*s 2A'sGeography, Maths, Economics, English Language AABB A*AA Yes - -
Justine42GeographyHertford11A*Geography, Maths, Philosophy, Economics and Further Maths AAAA A*A*A* (A) in F Maths AS YES - -
Connorjayy German Magdalen 6A* 5A 1B Maths, German, English Language and Geography AAAB A*AAA Yes Yes - AAA from Somerville :D - -
DubberRuck History Brasenose 12A*s History, Maths, French, English Lit AAAAC A*A*A*A* Yes! Re-allocated to St. Anne's - - All three stages of DofE, 96.5% in Lit, 95% French, 84.3% Maths, 82% History (average 89.5%). Play loads of instruments highest G7 Dist.
arminb History Magdallen A*AAAB IGCSEs History, Psychology, Sociology, English Lit ABBB(all Bs 79%) A*A*A A YES !!!!! D No :-( Firming LSE Mitigating circumstances, overseas applicants, did my gcse at the same time as learning english in a poor performing school,but i still know i wont get in i just want to keep dreaming till November/january :-)
sunburnt.penguin History Brasenose 4A*s 3As 3Bs History, English Language and Literature, Law, Government and Politics, EPQ AAAA A*AA Yes! 11th-13th December at Brasenose! - - 96% achieved in English Language and Literature, awarded college Trustee Prize, member of Girl Guiding UK for 12 years and working towards adult leadership qualification and Commonwealth Award. Baden Powell Award achieved. Formerly a St. John's Ambulance cadet and leader. Secondary school senior and House Prefect, awarded school prize for achievement in English Literature, part time job at Debenhams.
swagassassin96 History Magdalen 3A*s 7As History, Government & Politics, Philosophy, Psychology (+ recreational General Studies), EPQ AAAA(B) (+C in EPQ) A*A*A Yes
TheHairyOne History Oriel 8A*s 3As History, Latin, French, English Lit AAAC A*A*AA Yes No - -
Rowena96 History Somerville 4A*s 5As 2Bs History, Photography, French, English Lit AABC A*AA - - - C at AS result of bereavement - mentioned in reference, B's at GCSE were general studies A level and physics soo..
colourtheory History Worcester 2A*'s 7A's 2B's History, History of Art, English Literature, Chemistry AABC A*AA Yes Yes :) - EPQ, Debating Society, History Society
Jenkins1995 History Worcester 6A*s 5As History, Classics, Geography, Economics AABB A*A*A YES - - Head Boy, Harvard MUN, Crown Office Chambers, Self-Employed
lukeface History Magdalen 10A* 3A History, French, Maths, Further Maths, Economics AAAAA A*A*A*A YES - -
thatnortherner History Magdalen 1B 3Cs 4Ds 3Es History, Sociology, Media Studies, Textile Design DEEE-You are making a fool of yourself DDDD - - - Grade 1 recorder, Level 2 swimming badge, Duckling Award Swimming Badge, Reading Certificate BRonze, Pen License, interests in reality television, that bloke from the confused.com advert, Persius' satires and Noo Noo (dat blue fellow who sucks things up) Currently studying for GCSE maths (failed 3 times), the Very Hungry Caterpillar and NVQ Level 2 in Hair and beauty. I know what Caecilus est in horto means, therefore I deserve an Oxford place.
lucierose History St Hilda's 9A*s, 1A History, Politics, Maths, Physics, Critical Thinking AAAAB A*AA Yes - - sixth form scholarship, set up school's politics society, helped set up politics magazine, volunteer at a museum, qualified as a lifeguard, volunteered at a primary school, g6 recorder, entered trinity college history essay prize, attended history lectures, silver senior maths certificate.
epavlovams History Hertford 4A*s 4As 2Bs 1C History, English Lit, Government & Politics, French (dropped) AAAC A*A*A* YES! Reallocated to St. Hugh's - - Member of school debating team, won public reading competitions, 100% in English Lit, shadowed local MP on work experience, captain of Rugby 7s team, school prize for GCSE History work, work experience with an insolvency practitioner for 2 weeks, delivered talk on cultural perception of genocide for school's academic society, part time job as a barista.
fingerscrossed History of Art Christ Church 2A*s, 6As, 2Bs History, English Lit, Textiles, Drama (dropped) AAAB A*A*A* Interview invitation 25/11 - - EPQ, editor of school newspaper, Silver D of E, part time job and gallery work experience
books28History (Ancient and Modern) Brasenose 12 1/2 A*s History, English, Latin, Greek, French, General Studies AAAAAA Unknown - - - EPQ, volunteered at French museum, shortlisted in history podcast competition, involved in two school magazines, 4 school prizes for GCSE work, Silver DofE (working on Gold), part-time job, attended Classics and History lectures...
frog69 History and GermanUnknown10A*s 1A History, German, French, Maths AAAAA*A*A*A* Yep - - 95% in Maths, 93% in French, 92% in German and 88% in History (average 92%), School Prefect, Silver DofE, Independent Research Project, mentor to German GCSE pupil, mentor to year 9, Academic Scholarship in sixth form, extra reading, rugby
WozzyW History and PoliticsBalliol 5A*s 7As, 2Bs History, Economics, Government & Politics, Philosophy AAAA A*A*A*A (Predicted) Yes Offer from Christ Church (AAA including History) - Head boy in Secondary school, Deputy Head boy in 6th form, EPQ on International Relations, Shadowed my MP in the House of Commons, Two weeks work experience in a PR agency, Debate Chamber courses on PPE, Lectures at the LSE, Undertaking DofE Gold, School awards in Politics, Philosophy and Economics, Taster course in History & Politics at Corpus Christi, Oxford, Taster course in International Relations at the London Metropolitan Univ, School debating society,
yws0212History and PoliticsBalliol 7A* 2A 1C History, Economics, Geography, Biology, Thinking Skills AAABB A*A*A (Predicted) - REJECTION! YAY!!!! - -
wild_eyes History and PoliticsMerton 7A*s 4As History, Geography, Fine Art, Physics, Maths AS AAAAC A*A*A C achieved Yes!! Unconditional Offer for History at LMH!! - Bit of an unconventional candidate. 2 gap years, maths and physics private tutor, whole A Level Geography in 9 months, 2 history summer schools, Royal Academy of Art featured, full time jobs, volunteer for Lib Dems, learning French, LOTS of reading, might do Maths and Physics A Level resits for fun :P
princessblessingHistory and PoliticsWorcester4A*s, 6A's History, Spanish, Politics, English Lit AAAAA*AA/A*A*A (not sure which!) YESSSSS!---
Daughter of Helen in IrelandHistory and Politics MertonIrish Junior Certificate 9A's, 1B Irish Leaving Certificate English, Irish, Maths, French, History,Economics, Biology Not applicable UnknownYes (reallocated to TrinityYES! Conditional AAAABB Irish Leaving Cert - -
stefanocattaneoHistory and SpanishUnknown10A*s, 1A, FSMQ A History, Economics, Maths, Spanish and ItalianAAAAAA*A*ABB Obtained----
Bird_y Human Sciences Wadham 5A*s 5As Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Politics ABAAA*AAA* - --Volunteering, part time job, Flute, work experience, DofE, retaking Chemistry AS
nataliegrace Human Sciences Wadham 6A*s 5As 1B Biology, Chemistry, English Lit, Religious Studies (dropped) AAAB AAA - - - EPQ (Student use of cognitive-enhancing drugs - A*), volunteering, part time job, grade 5 singing, self-taught piano and guitar, gospel choir soloist, MUN, regional Youth Speaks final, wider reading *Deferred Entry*
AnyRandomNameLawBrasenose 11.5A*, 0.5A, FSMQ (A), French Advanced Asset History, English Lit, French, Economics & Business AAAA + Gen studies (A) and EPQ on Magna Carta's constitutional significance (A*) A*A*A*A* (I have a couple of optimistic teachers) Yes Yes (AAA) - got to hope for the grades now -12 days work experience at 2 different solicitors' firms; DofE; Debate Chamber summer school; Student Council leader + Calderdale Youth Council; normal amount of extra-curricular stuff (hockey and guitar) -
EwalksLawBrasenose 9A*s 1A Latin Psychology History Economics AAAB A*A*A* Yes- reassigned to Trinity - -
iheartdjokovicLawQueen's 11A*s 1A German, Government and Politics, Maths, Further Maths and HistoryAAABB A*AA Yes Yes! - A in FSMQ, doing EPQ this year, taking Grade 8 cello soonish
Talks4EnglandLawUniversity 4A*s 8As History, English Lit, Maths, Music AAAB A*A*A Yes - reassigned to Pembroke Yes! AAA Offer met - A*A*A and an A* in Extended Project Grade 8 distinction piano, running the school debating society, Inter-schools parliamentary debating competitions, work experience at Aylesbury Crown Court, lots of reading around the subject
NoraLoraLawUnknown 3A* 8 A 1B History, English Lit, Psychology, Arabic, Maths AS AAABB - - - Retake student
Head Boy 1LawOpen Application (Allocated to St.Peter's) 4A* 5A 1 Distinction Maths, Psychology, English Language and Business Studies AAAA A(achieved) AAA Yes (Exeter College) - 10/11th Dec REJECTED! - Head Boy (Part of school's social committee too), Relevant work experience at a law firm, Entered Robert Walker Essay Prize (ranked commended), Read Learning the Law by Glanville Williams, Extra-curricular activities (football, tennis etc.)
rizzyg2LawSt.Peter's9A*s and 2As Maths, English Literature, English Language and History AAAA A* A* A A Yes! Yes- AAA - Super-Curricular: Senior Prefect, runs Bucks Schools' Law Society (hosted speakers including Judge, Barristers, Solicitors, Chief Constable for Thames Valley Police), taking grade 8 saxophone; work experience: Citizens Advice Bureau, Marshalling a Judge.
Narutopolaris LawChrist Church 10 A*'s. 1A (+A in FSMQ) Maths, English Literature, History, Religious Studies AAAA A*AA- - - Cambridge Law Conference, Work Experience at Law Firm, Trinity College Law Essay Prize (Highly Commended), St John's Legal Studies Day, Trinity College Cambridge Law Residential, HMUN (emphasis of the Rule of Law)
amol_chalis447 Law New 9.4/10 (CBSE, India) English, Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics, Maths - 95% (CBSE, India) Yes (10th to 13th December 2013) Yes (Unconditional) - 2190 in SAT Reasoning Test (CR - 720, M - 770, W - 700, rewriting); 2250 in SAT Subject Tests (Lit - 730, World History - 720, Maths Level 2 - 800); Best Delegate at Harvard MUN India 2013 in the WHO; Best Speaker (South India) and Honourable Speaker all-India at Debating Matters India 2012; 4 in AP Calculus AB, Micro- and Macroeconomics; interned at a law firm and shadowed the managing partner; LeadAmerica program in Law & Trial at Stanford.
annietaylorLawHertford 8A* 3A English Literature, French, Philosophy, Maths AAABA*A*A + A* EPQ|- - - - Head Girl, Main Speaker of a national debate competition, summer residential at Oxford (UNIQ), relevant work experience at a solicitors, normal extra curriculars: playing hockey, reading etc.
Holland96LawHertford3A* 5A 2B English language, Philosophy, Psychology, Mathematics AAABA*A*A - - - Sutton trust pathways to law; 3 weeks work experience; Winchester crown court visit; further reading; ums average; 93%.
MM14 Law Jesus College 3A*, 4A, 4B, 1C IB: Eng Lit, Philosophy, Spanish B(HL), Math, Biology, History (SL) - 41/45 No President of school's philanthropy club, flame of peace award from Habsburg family, work experience at law firm shadowing a barrister, watching a criminal trial, attending magistrate's court, further reading, extended essay on law related topic, watching debates, fluent in spanish, volunteering, charity expedition to Romania, MMA and guitar
Anon LawOpen SG: Five 1's & One 2. INT 2: One A1 English, Art & Design, History, Modern Studies, Biology, French Achieved C in Art & Design last year, This year have achieved AAAAA A1,A1,A2,A2- - - Awarded Dux of school for being most academically successful student, relevant work experience: week placement in Crown office, shadowed a defence QC, shadowed a prosecution QC, shadowed a QC in civil law, had a week at a criminal defence firm shadowing solicitors, currently have an ongoing year placement at a law firm in different areas of civil law, have two days at CMS Cameron Mckenna next year. Entered various essay competitions: e.g Oxford, Westminster and CMS Cameron McKenna. Part time job as a waitress. Further reading in areas of law which interest me. Cambridge Sutton trust Summer school. Attended various public debates and lectures related to the Law.
sahbam17LawMansfield11A* 1A. English History French ChemistryAAAB A*A*A*- - - EPQ on cultural relativism and international law, Debating society, Volunteering, wider reading, Human Rights Summer School at Oxford University.
Chab-Chab Law Merton equivalent to 16A*s IB - English Lit; Economics; History; Maths at HL and Biology and French Ab initio at SL + certificates in Theatre and Dance HL - 43/45 (7777 at HL) + 14/14 in certificates (predicted) + 5 in AP Calculus --- #1 in the English Olympiad; Two-time National-level winning debater; Two-time All-India short story prize winner; Published author; Co-written an academic article on a new law of divorce; Received Medal for Services to the State from New Delhi Chief Minister; lobbied for a new law under divorce that benefits women in dire straits; Head Girl; Attended 5 international MUNs; Editor of school newspaper; academically recognised degree-holder in Kathak (Indian classical dance)
tiffany_wu888 LawQueen'sAmerican curriculumIB: Math, Chem, Econ (HLs), English Lit, Chinese Lit, Spanish ab initio (SLs)IB predicted 41/45 -yesrejection-Five-week internship at law firm, high SAT scores
goonermkLawSomerville 1A* 7A 2B 1D History, Government+Politics, English Lang+Lit, AS AAA A*A*A - - - Work at a solicitors as a paralegal. DofE Silver. Student of the Year award, first college oxbridge applicant (poor london college), retake student/mitigating circumstances.
charlie.fennerLaw with French LawWorcester 10A* 2A History, French, Maths, Economics AAAA A*A*A* Yes AAA - Legal studies day at St John's, Oxford. French translation seminars at Somerville, Oxford. 3 days of work experience at local solicitor's, visits to crown and magistrates' courts. Founded and run school Law Society. Read "What about Law?". EPQ on a European legal document. Grade 8 distinction classical guitar.
AnonLawMansfield10A*, 1A English, Physics, History, Maths,AABBpredicted A*AA- - - UNIQ summer school, mooting, work experience at city law firm, Pathways to Law programme with UCL, attended lectures, prefect, school magazine
AnonLawJesus6.5A*, 5A, OCR nationals distinction, FSMQ - A , Business & Econ AS - B Science AS - BGovt & Pol, Chemistry, Maths, HistoryAAABpredicted A*A*A- - -
mimfLawbrasenose-History Psyc ecnomics business sociology AAAAApredicted A*A*AA (history, business, psyc, economics)- - - head girl, debate club, three MUNS - head delegate, peer mentor, year book, co-ordinated with the PFA, written an article on Neuro-law, runs the student council
Hospetite Law and French Open application A (English Lang)(currently studying Maths) English Language & Literature, French, Sociology, History AAAB A*AAA Yes (Magdalen) - - Work experience for 5 days with a city law firm; Norton Rose Fulbright
SaraswiftloveLaw and FrenchNew College 6A* 4A Chemistry, History, French and English Lit. ABBBA*AA - - - Debating Society, paid work, law reading, work experience + summer internship, community service volunteer, language club, essay competitions.
WilmoodyLaw and SpanishSt Johns 61/63 in MYP Geography, Economics and Spanish (HL) Maths studies, ecosystems, english (SL) 43/45 (IB)- - - - Student council president, football captain and gym rat, done various charity works, won many charity awards, fluent Spanish, MUN, work experience with the Attorney General of Gibraltar
TheBeesKnees Materials Science Trinity 11A*s, 1A, FSMQ A Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Design and Technology, Chinese AAAAAA A*A*A*A Yes Yes A*AA (open offer) - EPQ on the Millennium Bridge (A*), Eton College Universities Summer School in Maths and Physics, Headstart Oxford Materials Science course, Grade 8 violin, Young Enterprise MD, founded my own Glee Club, Full UMS AS D&T and physics unit 2, blah blah blah...
Gibsone Materials,econ and management Mansfield (open application ) - Maths, further Maths, Econ, physics, chemistry, chinese AAAAAA achieved A*A*A*A A (dropped econ in A2 year) - - - fresher doing Economics at UCL
megiddo_Mathematics Balliol 11A*, 2A, 2 BTEC D*, FSMQ A Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Computing, Spanish AAAAB A*A*A - - - EPQ, UNIQ Summer School 2013, Subject Mentoring, Grade 7 Bass. UKMT individual and team competitions.
Dingo749Mathematics Balliol 2A*, 6A, 2B, 2 BTEC D* Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry, Physics, History AAAAB A*A*A*A YES! At 17:08 on 2nd December No. - IGGY, UKMT Gold and Kanagaroo (Just missed BMO1...) and team challenge, Self Teaching FP4, M3 and D2, Sitting STEP, Lots of life experience
Annabel4 Mathematics Brasenose 11A*s, 2As Maths, Chemistry, Biology (just AS), Further Maths (AS and A2 this year) AAAB A*A*A
TheOncomingStorm Mathematics Exeter 9A*'s, 6A's, 1A* with distinction Maths, Further Maths, English Lit, Ancient History, General Studies AAAAA A*A*A Yes! Nope :( - Full UMS in maths GCSE one year early, A* with distinction in iGCSE Further Maths, 98% in AS Mathematics, multiple Silver, Gold and Best in School awards in UKMT Maths Challenges, represented school in team maths challenge, attended Maths Inspiration lectures, relevant reading, self-teaching FP3, sitting STEP, among best GCSE grades in school
jadoreétudier Mathematics Hertford 7 1's in Scottish SGs and an A in Int.2 Maths Highers:English,Maths,Physics, Chemistry and French. Advanced Highers: Maths, Applied Maths: Mechanics, Physics and French. AAAAA AAAA Yes Rejection - UNIQ Summer School. School Dux. Part time job. UKMT Gold and Best in School in Junior. Reading. Finance Director in Young Enterprise.
bluebell_flamesMathematicsMerton10A*s, 1AMaths, Further Maths, Physics, English Language and Literature, French (+Welsh Bac)AAAAA*A*A*A*A* (incl. A* in maths achieved) Yes Rejection :( - 97% average across maths modules (99.4% without C3), 99% in French (native speaker), 98.5% in English, lots of relevant reading, maths tutoring, AEA and STEP practice, self-taught extra modules, Christ Church Study Afternoon, Young Engineers.
Hanoi137MathematicsMerton9A*s, 2AsMaths, Further Maths, Physics, History, Chemistry, Computing, General Studies, Further Maths (Additional)AAAAAAA, Predicted AA*A*A*A Yes Yes! A*A*A Yes BMO1 Bronze Medal, Average 95% in maths modules (98% excluding S1), 2nd in STMC regional final, relevant reading.
Yobbers4u Mathematics New College 4A*a 8As Maths, Further Maths, Biology, Chemistry AAAA A*A*A* - - - 100 in C1, C2, C3. A in FSMQ. Finance Director in Young Enterprise, got to National Finals. Head Girl.
AnonymousMathematicsSt. John's10 A*, OCR National Level 2 = 1 DistMaths, Further Maths, Physics, HistoryAAAAA*A*A* - - - Over 90 UMS in all Maths/FM AS modules and 100 UMS in Physics/History modules, Nuffield Bursary Research Project, UKMT solo and team challenges, volunteering teaching maths, Grade 8 piano, Physics Olympiad, relevant reading etc.
SeokMathematicsSt. Johns11A*Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry, BiologyA*AAAA*A*A*A* (dropped A2 Biology) Yes (22/11/13) Offer from 2nd college (St. Hugh's), A*A - Highest 3 subjects average 96 UMS; DoE Gold; '1' in STEP I; UKMT: 5 "Highest in school", 3 Gold medals, BMO 1 Distinction; Piano diploma ALCM; Grade 8 Drums.
souktikMathematicsSt. JohnsSAT I: 2240 (800 M, 720 CR, 720 W) SAT II: 800 Math Level II, 800 Physics, 800 Chemistry - - Yes Yes (Unconditional) - International (India), IMO team shortlist, other math/science competitions, fellowships, etc
SherlockHolmesMathematicsOpen Application. Assigned to Mansfield. 4A*s, 9As, 1BMaths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry, EconomicsAABCA*A*A*A (incl. A* in maths achieved) Yes Rejection - FSMQ - A, EPQ
chriselle15MathematicsQueen's12.5 A*, A in FSMQ Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry, History, Mandarin, (Further Additional Maths)AAAAAA(A)A*(achieved) A*A*AA - - - Maths masterclasses, Work experience (finance related) at House of Lords, Law & Business Internship to China, volunteering at Maplewood school for disabled children, teacher at Bucks Chinese School, ABRSM Diploma in Piano, Grade 8 Cello, Grade 4 ISTD Ballet etc. I like Maths.
Ainsley94 Mathematics St. Hilda's 6A's 5B's 2C's Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry and Biology (Dropped after AS) AAAC A*A*A - - - Deputy Head Boy at Sixth Form. Went to lowest ranked Secondary School in North East region (has average student grade of CCDDD at GCSE).
omar333Mathematics and Computer ScienceUnknown 3A* 5A 2B Maths, Further Maths, Physics, English Literature AAAA A*A*A*A* - Rejected - Work Experience at Lloyds IT Service Delivery, Completing national cipher challenge and ukmt competitions.
NapdullMaths and Computer Science Open 2A* 1A 2B 1C Maths, FM, Physics, Chemistry (A*)AABA*A*AA Yes A*AA -
GMU10 Maths and Philosophy Balliol/Brasenose American standardized test scores: SAT I - 2330, SAT II Math Level 2 - 800, SAT II Literature - 780, ACT - 35 Composite IB : Maths HL, Chem HL, English Literature HL, Physics SL, History SL, French B SL 45/45 - - - - Founded Maths Club at school, won team project local maths competition; took MIT Linear Algebra course, 87% on MIT final exam; taking differential equations course this year; Studied single and multivariable calculus independently; 2 online Coursera philosophy courses
danfog Maths and Philosophy Brasenose 5A* 6A Maths, Further Maths, RS (Philosophy and Ethics), English Lit, Music, Gen., Crit. AAAAAAB A*A*A - - - 96% UMS avg in Maths (inc. two 100s), Grade 6 Piano and Trombone, Teach piano and maths to primary and secondary aged kids, relevant reading, Played leading roles in productions
phoebejmaks Maths and Philosophy Hertford/Christ Church 7As 5Bs Maths, English Literature, French and Spanish Predicted AAAA unknown - - - Summer schools, EAL, Prefect, EPQ, French GCSE in Year Nine, DoE Silver, The Challenge, Greenpower Marshal and F1 in Schools
jamesmoriarty Maths and Philosophy St. Peter's - IB: Mathematics HL, Philosophy HL, History HL, English Language and Literature SL, Italian B SL, Physics SL, EE in Maths 43/45 - Yes! No. - Edgar Jones Philosophy Essay Prize, publishes to a philosophy magazine, university internship in Mathematics, EE in optimisation, chess player (made to the national final last year)
MingusMingus Maths and Philosophy Worcester 12A*, 1A^ Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Spanish, Critical Thinking A*AAA A*A*A*A Yes Offer! A*A - 96.3% UMS across A level Maths, AS Physics and Spanish; EPQ; UNIQ Summer School; UKMT Team and Individual (2 Golds and 1 Silver); Hans Woyda Maths Competition; Coursera courses in Mathematical Philosophy and Complex Analysis; ESP; I read books.
StT@Bolivia Maths and Statistics Merton/Christ Church 11A*, 1A** Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology A*AAAA A*A*A*A*A* Yes! Yes!!! A*AA - 99.3% UMS in Maths, 97.7% in Biology, 97.3% in Physics, 93.0% in Chemistry; Summer schools, DoE Gold, Young Enterprise Finance Director, World Challenge to Kenya and Uganda, Grade 8 Piano, A in A level Chinese, Golds in Maths challenges
ChestnutHeroMedicineUndecided11A*s 1A Chemistry, Biology, History, Maths, General Studies AAAAA A*A*A*A*A* - - - -
DolSnowMedicineSt John's10.5A*s, 2As Chemistry, Biology, French, Maths, English Lit AAAAA A*A*AA - - - Taking OU short course in Molecular Medicine outside school. G&T Mentor, Head Med Soc. Represented school in Academy Excellence Awards and Youth Speaks. 2 weeks work exp in 2 hospitals, 6 wk ward volunteering, 9m care-home, 9m working with disabled adults, 2yr tutoring 4-14 yos, 3y+ babysitting. Self taught Spanish & ukulele (ridiculous, I know). Copper Award in Cambridge Chemistry Challenge. Relevant reading&lectures.
vuhsacheeMedicineSt John's28 A*s Chemistry, Biology, French, Maths, English Lit, Geography, History, Further Maths, Italian, French, Arabic, Hindi, Punjab, English Lang, Psychology, Sociology, Physics, Economics, Financial Studies, Critical Thinking, Music, Geology, Media Studies AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA A*A*A*A*A*A*A*A*A*A*A*A*A*A*A*A*A*A*A*A*A*A*A* - - - I am God.
HeypopsicleMedicineMertonDid 'O' Levels instead (6 A1s, 1 A2) Chemistry, Biology, Further Maths, Economics AAAA* A*A*A* - Yes! At Lincoln. :) - Doing an EPQ
Derpart544 Medicine Merton 9A*s 1A Chemistry, Biology, Maths, Further Maths AAAA A*A*A*A* - - - All-Ireland Debating Science Champion. Young Enterprise Finance Director. Northern Ireland Winners of Junior Dragons Den. All-Ireland Finalists of Junior Dragons Den. Volunteer Ambassador for NICHS. Gold in All UK Maths Challenges, with Firsts in school and qualifications for European Mathematical Kangaroo. Deputy Head Boy
MrOxbridgeMedicineUndecided7A*s,3As, 1B Chemistry, Biology, Physics Maths - - - - - -
fkng gweiloMedicineWorcester10A*1A, FSMQ A Chemistry, Biology, Geography, Maths, GS AAAAA ~ 93% top 4 (excluding GS) A*A*A - - - -
King_RevisionMedicineUndecided9A*s 2As and 1 Distinction Chemistry, Biology, Maths, Economics AAAA A*A*A*A - - - -
The Doctor!MedicineNew College11A*s 1.5AsChemistry, Biology, Maths, (Physics)AAAA A*AA - - - Tennis, football, guitar/vocals in a band, DofE, science blog lets-science.tumblr.com huehue, work experience, maths tutoring in school
Miss Sherlock Medicine Univ 11A*s! 1A Physics,Chemistry, Biology, Maths, Further Maths AAAAA A*A*A A*a Yes Yes! - - -
Sanji4796 Medicine University 10A*s, FSMQ A Biology, Chemistry, Latin, Maths, Further Maths AAAA A*A*A*A* Yes - - -
KlvnLdn Medicine Wadham 7.5A*s 3As 1B Biology, Chemistry, Maths, French, Critical Thinking Achieved AAAAB Predicted A*A*A* - - - -
speedbird26 MusicChrist Church6A*4A (Self-studied Year 9/10) English Literature SL, Chinese Language/Literature SL, Mathematics SL, Economics HL, Chemistry HL, Music HLPredicted 42/45 with 777 at HL - - - - LTCL Piano, Grade 8 Vocal Distinction, Grade 5 Theory Distinction
anonymous MusicQueen's10A*Music, Spanish, English Literature & FrenchAAAA A*A*A and A (achieved in French) Yes - - Choral scholarship dependent on academics. Grade 8 Distinction violin working towards DipABRSM, grade 8 Merit clarinet, grade 7 Distinction piano and singing.
example96 Oriental Studies (Arabic) St Anne's / St John's 3A*s, 5As, 2Bs Maths, Biology, Chemistry, LatinPredicted AAAA (but I think I performed horribly in Latin) - - - - -
JessJemimaOriental Studies (Chinese) Queen's 7A*s, 3As, 1B EnglishLit, Maths, Chemistry, Spanish, Anthropology, Art + TOK +EE N/A (IB) 667 HL 665 SL +1 in TOK,etc - - - -
unknownOriental Studies (Chinese) Wadham 8A*s, 2As English Lit, History, Economics, Latin, EPQ, Critical Thinking (dropped) AAAA (B) Predicted A*A*A*A (A* in EPQ) - - - County rugby + part time job in a pub + read a lot
jh.Philosophy and SpanishTrinity6A* 5ASpanish, French, Philosophy, HistoryAAAAA*AA(achieved) Yes YES!! - For just Spanish Unconditional applying in Gap Year, spending the majority of the year working in school in Spain/attending classes, A in EPQ, county cricket, head boy, assorted extras
samjrose Philosophy and Theology Oriel 8A*s, 3As, A FSMQ Maths, Economics, Religious Studies, General Studies AAAB A*A*A -YES! No -
~haha Physics Keble7A* 3A 2B 1C (A in FSMQ) Chemistry, Physics, Maths, Further Maths, Art(dropped) AAAB A*AAA - - - Gold CREST Award, Nuffield Science Bursary, work experience, y12 physicist of the year, reading, CERN, societies, etc
Ekstasis Physics Merton 9A* 3A Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology (dropped) AAAAA A*A*A*A* Rejection :) - - Self-taught A2 level maths, 100% in M1 and +95% average in AS maths, top overall achiever in AS year and top in AS physics in school, relevant reading, Nuffield Research Placement, Gold Crest Award, experience with programming, gave maths support to younger students, grade 7 violin and grade 6 piano.
blumemusik Physics Oriel (I think!) GCSEs = 9A*, 1A. OCR National Level 2 = 1 Dist. Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Music (dropped after AS) AAAAA A*A*A*A* (probably!) Rejection - - Doing a physics-based extended project, gold UKMT senior challenge (and progressed to kangaroo round), copper in Cambridge chemistry challenge (1 mark off a silver, okay? My time management was rubbish :P), relevant reading etc.
JatomPhysicsChrist Church3A*s, 6As, A in Level 2 Engineering DiplomaMaths, Physics, Chemistry, Further Maths AS (taking in A2 year)AAAA*A*A*aYes - - 99.3% in AS maths (including 100 UMS in M1), 95% in AS physics, further reading, visit to CERN, Physics Ambassador at my school (I help organise our PhysSoc and attend and deliver lectures)
Physics4ever Physics St.Johns A*5A2B3C Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry, AAAA A*A*A*A + A*EPQ Yes!=] offer A*AA - silver UKMT senior maths challenge + BPhO As, Kelvin science essay, reading, PAT score:84/100
theshinnbin Physics Exeter 8A* 2A Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry AAA A* (maths, achieved) + A*A*A*a Rejection :( - - Nuffield Science Bursary, Gold CREST Award, Silver + Gold UKMT Senior Challenge, RSC Young Analyst 2013 Welsh Champion, 99% UMS in maths A level (including 100% in all A2 modules), 98% in AS physics
chlowbiePhysics and PhilosophyBalliol 11A*s Physics, Maths, Further Maths, Religious Studies, Computing (dropped) AAAAA A*A*A*A - - - Year 12 Physicist of the Year Award, Eton College Summer School, Villiers Park computing course, entered essay competitions, given physics and philosophy talks throughout the year in school, physics ambassador in school, extra reading, work experience in school physics department
zoffmann Physics and Philosophy Unknown 3A*s 6As 2Bs Biology, Physics, Maths, Spanish, Computing AAAB A*A*A*A - - - Further Reading, Internships, International Student (Spain).
La Porte étroitePPEBalliolIGCSA*s French baccalaureate: Economics & Sociology, English Language & Literature, Biology, Physics & Chemistry, Spanish, Maths, French Literature- - - - - EU applicant (France).
giojiho96PPEChrist Church4 "5"'s on APs, 6 pending/ 2340 SAT/ 800's on World History & Math II Subject TestsAP: World History, US History, English Language, Calculus, Eng. Lit, US Gov, Comp. Gov, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Environmental Science Predicted 6 "5"'s Unknown Yes - -Intern at patent law firm, Head Delegate & Secretary-General of MUN team ranked in the Top 15 in America, 5 1st Place finishes at national or international conferences, School Secretary, President of Young Democrats, accepted & attended Virginia Governor's School for Humanities, extensive volunteering experience teaching Washington DC inner-city children and fieldwork in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Christensenson PPE Magdalen Swedish: 10MVG/1VG/7G (quite poor) + Pre-IB: 2A/2B/1E IB HL: English B, Swedish A1 Lit., Economics. SL: Chemistry, Biology, Maths Unknown (~42-44) N/A YES! (28/11/13) - - Basically none. EU-applicant (Sweden). Family-related reasons for poor grades in practical subject.
buzfail PPE New 6A*s 4As 1B Maths, Psychology, Politics, Business Studies, EPQ AAAB (B was self taught) A* Predicted A*A*AA Clarinet Grade 6, been in various orchestras, competed in horse riding at National Level, on Pony Club team, work experience, contributed to a published paper (credited as a researcher), active member of political party, EPQ in relevant area, extenuating circumstances (illness), mature student (21), represented college in debates, Student Of The Month award, student council, volunteering, lots of wider reading
SBurdettPPESt Anne's9A*2AMaths, Further Maths, Physics, HistoryAAADA*A*AA
Buttercup26PPESt. Hildas IGCSEs: 7A*s 1A IB: Economics, English, Music (HLs), Biology, French B, Maths (SLs) Predicted 42/45 Unknown- - -Dip ABRSM in Piano performance, Grade 7 in Violin, Further reading, Volunteering through CAS, Planning on taking an internship
tamaybPPEOpen - IB Eco, ITGS Dutch B HL Maths, English, Bio sl 41/45 predict (776 HL) - -- Wider reading, boxing, many MUN's - EU applicant (Netherlands)
DprincePPESt. Catz5A*5A 1C Maths, Economics, History & Computing ABBD, B's were high ones! A*A*A* Yes-- Head Boy, have to take one A level at another school (I understand this qualifies as mitigating circumstances)
shohan.senPPEBrasenose 10A*s, 2 ICT Distinctions, 2 As AS: Maths, Economics, Business Studies and ICT; A2: Maths, Further Maths, Economics and Business Studies AAAA A*A*AA - - - Shadowed an MP and a Risk Analyst at UBS for a week each. Dep. Finance Director in Young Enterprise. Hoping to do EPQ and Further Maths A2 in a year. Tutoring 4 year groups in 5 subjects. Co-founded my school's Economics Society
BlackfyrePPEUnknown 12 subjects: 9 out of 10 each subject. Maths, Business Studies, Government & Politics, ICT, Russian Predicted: AAAAA A*, A/B, A, A/B, A*- - - Work experience at Parliament for over 2 weeks, Young Enterprise Company
maselg2PPELincolnAmerican AP exams 5 fives, 2 fours....SAT 2200AP US and comparative Government, AP macro and micro Economics, AP Calculus AB/BC, AP statistics, AP spanish, AP literature, AP enviornmental science, AP United States History, AP world history (more than 7 because some of them I am taking this year) - - ---Founded my school's Model UN club and compete in national tournaments. Studied politics and Economics abroad in China and the United Kingdom the past two summers. Interned for a Law Firm. Facilitated the Student Voter Registration Drive at my school. Founded and chaired the Amnesty International Club. Keeps the books at the Non-profit organisation I work for. Run a chapter of said organisation in my state. Member of the Free thinkers society(we talk about philosophy and philosophers). Play competitive tennis and sing. Fluent in spanish.
GreenUser PPE Hertford no GCSE German Abitur with specialisation in German, English, Maths, Chemistry and Social Studies Abitur prediction: 1.0 - Yes Yes - -
Son1809 PPE Hertford 12A* Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Irish, History AAAAA A*A*A*A*A* - - - -
wgfloydPPEOpen - Exeter10A*s, 1 AA2: English, Maths, History, EconomicsAAAAAchieved: A*AAA---Gap Year on the Accenture 'Horizons' Scheme
mikelePPEWadham4 A*s, 7 AsA2 Maths, History, Economics and AS Biology AABa A*A*A -- Deputy Headboy, Work experience at Consultancy Firm, MUN, School Journal contributor
President M.E.PPESt. Hugh's3A* 6A 2B Maths, Economics, Government and Politics AAAC AAA (achieved) Yes -- Head Boy, JP Morgan, Bank of America work experience
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