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Education Select Committee inquiry into Services for Young People

What organised activities do you do outside school....for instance, do you attend a sports or music project or youth club? Are you a Guide or Scout? Do you volunteer in any way? Have you set up your own project, or do you have new ideas about how to run a service?

These are some of the questions which the Education Select Committee at the House of Commons has set out to investigate. The Committee is conducting an inquiry into what services are provided for young people (aged 13 to 25) outside school and has teamed up with The Student Room to ask about your experiences.

Committee Chair Graham Stuart MP explains:

Your thoughts on services for young people?

Please use the threads below to tell the Committee which services you use and what’s available in your area. Be specific – give your opinions, but also give examples and respond to what others have posted.:

What out-of-school activities do you do and where?

Are you a volunteer and what do you do?

Would a summer programme for 16 year olds leaving school interest you?

If you were in charge, how would you spend money for young people in your area?

About the Education Committee

The Committee is a parliamentary select committee set up to hold the Government to account for the decisions it makes about education and youth services. The parliament website has more information about Parliament and the role of select committees.

You can also find out more about the Education Committee and follow the progress of its inquiry into Services for young people via its website.

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