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Accounting and Finance Personal Statement

My decision to apply for accounting and finance at degree level has come from both my affection to economics and my desire to understand the language of business. Although I had initially planned on pursuing a degree in economics, my internship at Chio Lim Stone Forest and subsequent research as well as advice from my father led me to value the pragmatic skill set that accounting and finance can give you to prepare for a career in the business world.

Since I was young I had always planned on pursuing a career in finance and my internship at the accountancy firm Chio Lim Stone Forest, where I witnessed the formulation of Wilmar's SGX IPO, further developed my predilection to accounting. I realized that in order to function and efficiently navigate through the business world you needed to know the basic language of accounting. In addition to seeing how an accountancy firm worked from the inside, I was able to improve my accountancy skills as I helped the firm with data entry. I also worked on the ratio analysis of a proposed hydro-power plant project in East Java, and was taught by my colleague how to analytically assess the feasibility of the project.

Taking both Economics and History at A-Level has given me a firm understanding of the history of society's evolution and how the financial world is one that is continually changing; for instance, the situational leverage of Keynesian vs free market stance depends very much on the current status quo compared to the validity of the theory itself. Whilst in college I subscribed to the 'Economist' which helped me to keep up to date with recent macro-movements in the world, as well as the provision of different viewpoints. Reading literature centered around the financial crisis, such as 'Uncontrolled Risk...' and 'Time for a Visible Hand...' gave me a basic understanding of the toxic accounting trends that prevailed and partially led to the 2008 financial crisis. Moreover the unchallenged nature of Wall Street's fiddling increased my desire to understand the accounting under the false statements.

As a permanent resident of Singapore I came back home after college in order to serve my 2 years of National Service in the army. Since the past year of grueling basic and further military training I was promoted to a 3rd Sergeant and am now a section commander leading ten of my own men. To quip the experience as merely difficult and trying would be an understatement; the perseverance needed to, not only keep a straight face in front of your men during training, but to encourage them as well is a very tall order. Besides learning the skills needed to complete the mission objective under a climate of near-physical exhaustion, I have also improved my leadership skills. The diversity of social backgrounds that my men come from has also forced me to adapt my people management skills to each individually; for example, some of them have drug abuse problems, whereas some are married at the age of 18 with two children. Despite these variances, as a section commander my job is to unite them together to work towards the objective.

Although I still have a year left in the army, the difficulties and training that I faced inside have strengthened my resolve to pursue my further studies in accounting and finance. Despite being several years older than my colleagues, I feel that I can share the life and leadership skills that I have learned in the army, as well as my maturity, with the student community. Once I am discharged from the army, I plan to take a gap year in order to travel the world and gain work experience at my father's oil field in Bakersfield, California. After that I hope that I can bring the skills that I have gained, and my passion of further understanding the business world into university.

Universities Applied to:

  • LSE - Unconditional - Firm!!!
  • University of Warwick - Unconditional
  • University of Durham - Unconditional
  • University of Edinburgh - Unconditional

Grades Achieved:

  • Economics (A2) - A
  • History (A2) - A
  • Maths (A2) - A
  • Physics (A2) - B
  • GCSEs - 10A*s


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