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Hundreds of real personal statements

Our personal statement library is filled with hundreds of real personal statement examples, organised by subject and university.

Your personal statement should of course be an original and entirely unique piece of work, but checking what other people have written is really handy for inspiration.

You can also read through personal statement examples that have been reviewed by our experts - helpful for getting some pointers on what does (and doesn't) work in a personal statement.


Advice for using our personal statement library
Discover how you can use our hundreds of personal statements to help with creating your own.


Personal statements: by subject
Search through our personal statement examples by first choosing the subject you're interested in.


Personal statements: by university
Find real personal statements that were used to apply to specific universities.


Reviewed sample personal statements
Read through personal statements that have been reviewed by our experts.


Personal statement FAQs
Looking for personal statement help? Read these common questions and answers.


Writing your personal statement
Creating a strong personal statement is crucial to your uni application. Find out how to do it.

Applying essentials

Make sure you know the basics


More on applying to uni
Help and advice on every stage of your university application.


A-Z of universities
Comprehensive guides to universities across the UK and beyond.


University Connect
Find other students applying for your course and see who's getting offers.


Applications and UCAS forum
Need some help with your uni application? Ask a question in our busy forum.

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Add your statement to the library

Do not upload your statement if you are still in the application process.

Type the name of the subject applied for:

If the name is already in use, add a number e.g. "Biology 2"


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