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Photography and Digital Imaging
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Using the wiki

Take a look below to see all the pages hosted on this wiki (marked with an asterisk *) and on the forums. Please feel to contribute to any articles held on this wiki, and you can even create your own - see the panel to the right. If you create an article yourself, you can add it to this page yourself in the relevant section - just click the "edit this page" button or the "edit this article" link at the top or bottom of this page.

The forums

We have a forum for Technology and Computers on the main site, as well a forum specialising in photography and digital imaging.

You might also be interested in the Tech Society - drop in and have a chat!


Here are some miscellaneous articles about photography and digital imaging, such as travelling with a DSLR.

Create a new article

To create a new article, write out your title under in the box below (the Tech prefix will be added automatically) and begin editing! When you've created your article, feel free to add it to the most appropriate section on this page.

Buying advice

There is plenty of advice and information around to give you a helping hand in making that important decision of what exactly to buy, whether it be deciding what sort of camera is right for you or choosing the perfect camera. Some information is hosted on the wiki and some on forum threads - please feel free to start your own thread if you're looking for personal advice on some potential choices you have in mind.

Guides and how-to's

Check out the links below for information on how to carry out a number of photography and digital imaging related tasks.

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