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  • Revision:AQA GCE Chemistry Specification

This page lists the topics in the AQA GCE Chemistry Specification for 2009 onwards. The Advanced Level is made up of 6 units for a total of 600 UMS. Unit 1 is worth 100 UMS, unit 2 is worth 140 UMS, units 3 and 6 60 UMS each, and units 4 and 5 120 UMS each.


Foundation Chemistry

Unit 1 is assessed by a 1h 15m exam worth 70 marks. There are 4-6 short answer questions plus 1-2 structured answer questions.

Topics included in this unit include:

  • Atomic Structure
  • Amount of Substance
  • Bonding
    • Intra-molecular forces
    • Shapes of molecules and ions
  • Periodicity
  • Introduction to Organic Chemistry
    • Nomenclature
    • Structural Isomerism
    • Alkanes

Chemistry in Action

Unit 2 is assessed by a 1h 45m exam worth 100 marks. There are 6-8 short answer questions plus 2 structured answer questions.

Topics included in this unit include:

  • Energetics
  • Kinetics
  • Redox Reactions
  • Group 7
  • Group 2
  • Extraction of Metals
  • Haloalkanes
  • Alkenes
  • Alcohols
  • Analytical Techniques
    • Mass Spectrometry
    • IR Spectroscopy

Unit 3

Unit 3 involves practical chemistry. There is an option of one of two routes for this unit; either centre assessed practical and investigative skills assessments, or externally marked exam.

Kinetics, Equilibria, and Organic Chemistry

Unit 4 is assessed by a 1h 45m exam worth 100 marks.

Topics included in this unit include:

  • Kinetics
    • Rate Equation
  • Equilibria
  • Acids and Bases
  • Nomenclature and Isomerism
    • Structural isomerism
    • E-Z isomerism
    • Optical isomerism
  • Compounds containing the carbonyl group
    • Aldehydes and ketones
    • Carboxylic acids and esters
    • Acylation
  • Aromatic Chemistry
  • Amines
  • Amino Acids
  • Polymers
    • Addition Polymers
    • Condensation Polymers
  • Organic Synthesis
  • Structure Determination
    • Mass Spectrometry
    • IR Spectroscopy
    • NMR Spectroscopy
    • Chromatography

Energetics, Redox and Inorganic Chemistry

Unit 5 is assessed by a 1h 45m exam worth 100 marks.

Topics included in this unit include:

  • Thermodynamics
    • Entropy
  • Periodicity
    • Period 3
  • Redox Equilibria
  • Transition Metals
  • Reactions of Inorganic Compounds in Aqueous Solution

Unit 6

Unit 6 is similar to Unit 3.


This is a rough version of the AQA specification for 2009 onwards. Only the main topics are included here. Do not use this as a complete list of everything you need to know! The revision notes linked to here may not be specifically written for this specification, and as such they may miss certain points for some topics.

Links: Specification (p6-30)

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