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This page is intended to make it easy to share information about applicants to the University of Sheffield for 2013 entry. Fill in as many of the columns as you like, but do not edit or delete anyone else's details without their permission.

If you are made an offer by the University of Sheffield, enter your offer grades (including any subject-specific grade/s) into the "Offer" column. In the "Result" column, enter the decision you've made upon receiving the offer, for example - "Firm", "Insurance", "Denied" etc.



Name or TSR Username Course GCSE Grades
or equiv.
AS Subjects
or equiv.
AS Grades
or equiv.
A2 Subjects
or equiv.
A-Level Predictions
or equiv.
Offer Result Extras
Example #1 Law 2A*, 7A, 2B Maths, English Language, Biology, Art AABB Maths, English Language, Biology A*AA AAA Firm Work Experience
Turty Accounting and Finance - Psychology, Law, Financial Studies, Economics AAAA Psychology, Law, Financial Studies A*AA Conditional offer: BB - A already achieved in A2 Economics.
moogoomonkey Aerospace Engineering 5A*, 4A, 1B, 1 C Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Computing AAAA Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Computing A*A*AA AAA Insurance Prizes, school council, job etc
WhereDidIPutMyCar Biomedical Science 7A*, 7A, 1B Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, Extended Project A*AAAB Biology, Chemistry, Physics A*AA AAB Firm Work Experience
ewilliams11 Accounting & Financial Management and Economics 3A*, 6A, 1B Maths, Economics, Business Studies, French ABBC Maths, Economics, Business Studies AAA* AAB Denied Piano Grade 6, Voluntary work, 2 work experienceplacements, 2 peer support courses, school council for 6 years.
paperstainedink Archaeology 2A*s, 3As, 6Bs English Literature, French, History, Psychology BCCD English Literature, History, Psychology AAB Conditional ABB - -
blackcurls Architecture & Architecture and Landscape 4A*, 5A & 3Bs Maths, Art, Physics and Product Design AAAC Art, Maths, Product Design A*A*A AAA Firm 2 Gold Crest Awards, Welsh Bacc, Distinction in Additional Maths, Gold in UKMT SMC and work experience
smartieslover Architecture 1A*, 9 A, 3B, 1C Chemistry, Maths, Art, Graphics Product Design ABBC Art, Maths, Graphics Product Design AAB - - Open City Accelerate programme, work experience, volunteering, extended project
Nørgaard Biochemistry and Microbiology 14A*, 2A Biology, Chemistry, Maths, History, Geology, Further Maths (to be taken this year) AAAAA Biology, Chemistry, Maths, History, General Studies A*A*A*
- - Place on Durham University Biological Sciences Sutton Trust Summer School, Deputy Head Boy, self-teaching AS Further Maths, Volunteering Work & Work Shadowing, Guitar (Grade 5), Additional Maths FSMQ (A), Royal Society of Chemistry Analyst's Competition (Finalist), Gold Award in Senior Maths Challenge.
Jodie_668Biochemistry and Molecular Cell Biology3A*, 6A, 3B, 1DBiology, Chemistry, Psychology, Sociology, Critical ThinkingAAAAABiology, Chemistry, PsychologyA*A*A--Realising Oppotunities (academic assignment and York and Warwick summer schools) Sutton Trust, Nuffield Science Bursary, student ambassador, volunteer at science museum
Pavthechav1 Biochemistry 6A* 5A 1B Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography ABAB Biology, Chemistry, Physics A*A*A* Unconditional - Re-applicant
lilGem Biology 3A, 9B Chemistry, Psychology AA (predicted) General Studies, Economics, (History- achieved), Human Biology AAA(B) offer AAB - relevant work exeperience, wider reading, extension biology, anatomy and physiology classes, biology tutor, regional sports team CSLA
mooomooo Biology 9A*s, 3As, 2 Dist ICT Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Physics, EPQ ABBBA Biology, Chemistry, Physics AAA Conditional AAB (biology + one other science) Insurance Conservation work experience, Music grades in clarinet, singing and theory
lgsk Biomedical Science 4A* 3A 2B HL Bio, Chem, Psych. SL Eng Lit, Chinese B, Maths. - HL Bio, Chem, Psych. SL Eng Lit, Chinese B, Maths. IB 41/45 (766 HL) IB 36 (6 in HL Chem, 6 in HL Bio/Psych) - Extended essay in Psychology on eating disorders. Relevant work experience and charity work.
tomupcraft Chemical Engineering 4A* 2A 4B Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology AAAA Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology A*A*A*A* Offer AAB - Sutton Trust Summer School
Dr S. Cooper Mechanical Engineering With Year in North America 5A* 2A 3B 2C Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry AAAB Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry A*AAA Offer AAA - Sutton Trust Summer School
AmyLH Chemistry 1A* 3A 6B Maths, Chemistry, Geology, Biology AAAA Maths, Chemistry, Biology A*A*A* AAB - Nottingham Uni Chem project, further reading.
crc290 Chemistry with a year in industry 1A*, 4A, 5B, 1C Maths, Chemistry, Psychology, General Studies, Physics AAABB Maths, Chemistry, Physics AAB Conditional - AAB (after interview) - OU Forensic Science course (YASS), work experience in research dept. of a pharmaceutical company (1 week), subject leader in Chemistry, extra reading
newbie3 Civil Engineering 11A* Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Philosophy, Art AAAAA Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Philosophy A*A*A*A* AA Firmed
chris_d Civil and Structural Engineering 5A*s, 4As, 2Bs Maths, Geography, Physics, Chemistry AABC Maths, Physics, Geography A*AA AAA - Headstart course, EESW
ta1094 Civil and Structural Engineering 5A*s, 3As, 2Bs, 1D Maths, Geography, Physics, German AABC Maths, Physics, Geography A*AA Conditional Offer AAA - Headstart course, D of E
DolallyDuckyComputer Science and Mathematics9A*s, 2AsBiology, Chemistry, Computing, Maths, AS Further MathsAAABCBiology, Computing, MathsA*A*AaConditional ABB, A in Maths-EPQ, UKMT Gold, help teach Maths to year 7's :D
ankhitpComputer science-Biology, US History, English Language and Composition 555
Calculus AB, Chemistry, English Lit, Physics5554 (Predicted)Conditional-4 in AP Calculus A/B-Work exp.,Programming Internship at software company, Tutoring students in math, Swimming lesson teacher, Student Government president
jcoopeComputer science3A*'s, 10A's 1BPhysics,Computing,Maths,Chemistry BBCCPhysics, Computing, MathsAAAConditional AAB-
poppie.leigh Computer Science MComp 4A* 4A 2B Maths, Computing, Psychology, Politics, Critical Thinking AAABC Maths, Computing, Psychology AAA Conditional - AAA Insurance Head Girl, Chair of Blaby District Youth Council, Member of UK Youth Parliament (through this have spoken twice in the House of Commons), Set up and taught after school programming classes, Volunteering in GCSE ICT lessons, Took part in Young Rewired State 2012, Cambridge Sutton Trust Summer School 2012 (Computer Science), Birmingham AEP Summer School 2012 (Physical Sciences Stream)
parryw Economics (BSc) 5A*, 6A Economics, Maths, World Development, Geography, Politics AAAAB Economics, Maths, Geography, Further Maths AS A*A*A*a AAB - IFS student investor challenge, Target 2.0, volunteering and trip to Malawi
Keynesian Economics (BSc) 3.5A*, 2A. 3B, 2C Maths, Further Maths, Physics History ACA Maths, Further Maths, History AAA AAB - Gold DofE
tanishabellum Economics (BSc)1A*, 11AsEconomics, Biology, Maths, Chemistry BBC Maths, Economics, Biology AAA AAB - World Challenge, Silver DofE, own business, charity work
Sanchez Economics 3A* 7A 1C Economics, Biology, Geography, Maths ABBC Economics, Biology, Geography AAA Conditional! AAB :) - Work experience with global leading banking and retail software provider. Run a graphic design business from age 13. Charity work. Extra Reading.
AnimoDisperato Economics & Politics 13 A* 1A 2 B Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Italian, General Studies, ABBDA Government and Politics (AS/A2 in a year), Maths, Further Maths, Physics, General Studies A*(A)A*
Offer: AAB - Independent Project, Model UN, UK Senior Maths Challenge, Physics Olympiad, Debating Matters
ymlou Economics & Politics 1A*, 3A, 4B, 1C Maths (AS/A2 in one year), Physics, Economics, Critical Thinking ABBC Further Maths(AS/A2 in one year), Physics, Economics AAAB AAB - Model UN, work experience, debating, open university course
alibea:) English Literature 6A*, 5A Maths, English Lit, Chemistry, Geography AAAA English Lit, Chemistry, Geography AAA - - volunteer work, work experience, grade 7, county champ athletics
Jambers8 English Literature 3A*, 5A 1B English Lit, Biology, Psychology A,
English Lit, Biology, Chemistry A*AA AAB - Deputy Head Girl, Founder/Editor of School Magazine
SarrEnglish and Related Literature 6A* 6A English Lit, RE, History, PsychologyAAAB
(93.3% UMS
English Lit, RE, History A*A*A* Offer! AAB - Head girl, library volunteer, Oxfam Youth board
LittleRit Environmental Science 6.5A*, 2A 2B Biology, Geography, Maths, Music, General Studies ABBBB Biology, Geography, Maths, Music AABB Conditional ABB (non specified A) - Teach geography to primary school kids, lots of extra-curricular music including county orchestra, Helping with our schools solar-school initiative, volunteer online moderator
kittytwright French and Hispanic Studies 3A* 6A 3B French, Spanish, English Language, Psychology AAAB French, Spanish, English Language, Psychology A*AAA Conditional ABB -
cheese-lemming Geography 9A*, 2A Geography, Maths, Further Maths, English Lit, History AAAAA Geography, Maths, English Lit, History A*A*A*A* Offer: AAB or ABB + B in EPQ - Deputy Head Girl, UNIQ Summer School, lots of music, young leader's course, volunteering
felineyx Geography 10A*s, 2As, 1B French, Geography, History, English Lit AAAB French, Geography, History A*A*A Conditional - AAB -
Savannah_rawr Geography 4A*s, 3As, 1B, 1 Dist, 1Dist* Maths, Biology, Physical Education, Geography AAA Pending (B first time) All of AS AAAA Conditional Offer- ABB - BBO Grade 6 Ballet, Tap and Jazz, Silver Duke of Edinburgh, Grade 5 Musical Theatre and Music Theory, Co-founder of school magazine, Deputy Head Girl, Work Experience using GIS at Barnsley Council
anna__ German and economics 1 A*, 3 As, 8.5 Bs, 2 Cs German, economics, geography, English lit, GS ABBDC German, economics, geography, general studies AAB (already have grade C at A2 - retaking) Conditional offer: AAB (firmed) - work exp. at law firm&primary school, volunteering at christmas to help feed elderly&homeless (over 50 hours of volunteering), ECDL etc, language prefect
kate16 Geography BSc AABBBBBBBBCC Psychology, Geography, History ABB Psychology, Geography, History ABB conditional AAB - Insurance Prefect, Secretary of the social committee, DofE, work experience, grade 4 cornet.
anna__ German and economics 1 A*, 3 As, 8.5 Bs, 2 Cs German, economics, geography, English lit, GS ABBDC German, economics, geography, general studies AAB (already have grade C at A2 - retaking) Conditional offer: AAB firmed work exp. at law firm&primary school, volunteering at christmas to help feed elderly&homeless (over 50 hours of volunteering), ECDL etc, language prefect
[1] Hispanic Studies C Spanish, English Language, Maths, Government and Politics ABBU Spanish, English Language, Maths, General Studies, AS Accounting, AS Travel and Tourism AABBab Conditional ABB - University Foundation Award, EPQ, wider reading, Student Crew member
mantequilla Hispanic Studies and Czech 3A*, 5A, 4B Spanish, French, German, Economics, Government and Politics AABBE French, Spanish, Government and Politics A*AB ABB -
Pricey26 History 9A*s, 2As, 1B History, English lit, Philosophy&Ethics, Psychology AAAA English lit., History, Philosophy&Ethics A*AA Offer AAA declined 10 point uni module, d of e, charity work, extra reading
[2] History 8A*,5A Maths, History, Physics,RS AAA Maths,RS, History, EPQ A*A*A*A AAAA Offer AAA Flute grade 8, GCSE tutor, EES Scheme, Gold Crest Award, Professional Belly Dancer.
egypt94 History and Philosophy 5A*s, 3As, 1B, 1C History, Religious Studies, Maths, PoliticsAAABHistory, Religious Studies, Maths A*AAAAB-
LadyHaha History and Philosophy 2A*, 7A, 3B History, Philosophy & Ethics, Geography, PsychologyABBBHistory, Philosophy & Ethics, Geography A*ABConditional AAB-Singing
StrangerThings History and Politics 6A*s, 2As 6Bs English Language and Literature, History, Law, Art AAAB English Language and Literature, History, Law AA*A Conditional AAA Firm volunteer work, 10 credit university module, lectures, 2 week placement in whitehall
747-400 International Business Management with Year Abroad 1A*, 3A, 5B, 5C Business Studies, English Language, Geography ABC Business Studies, English Language, Geography A*AB Conditional ABB, AAC, A*A*E, A*AD or A*BC Most likely firm or insurance Extensive HR, accounting and management work experience, Young Apprentice, designer of rollercoaster which is in use in a top UK theme park, Head Girl
Caitlin_Dj International Relations and Politics 7A*, 4A Maths, English Lit, French, Classical Civ AAAA Maths, English Lit, French, Classical Civ A*A*AA Conditional AAB Probably Insurance National European Youth Parliament finalist, Northern Ireland debater, correspondence course in International Relations and Politics, journalism work experience, Senior Prefect, volunteering, extra reading
jackclarke1995 Law 1A*, 2As, 3Bs, 4Cs, 2Ds Law, Business, Maths AAC Law, Business, Maths A*A*B - -
DunDunDuun Law 7A's 3B's Law, Chemistry, OCR Diploma Business L3, Psychology ACD Law, Chemistry, OCR Diploma Business L3 AAAB Conditional AAB N/A EPQ, peer mentor, reading etc
Omar Ali 1993 Law and Law w/ Criminology 2A 6B 2C Chemistry, Maths, Psychology, Biology AABB Psychology, Biology, Chemistry A*AA Offers: A*AB or AAA/ A*AC or AAB - Work experience at an international law firm, paid part-time work at the international law firm (office assistant), DofE, MUN, Debating Society, Captain of college football team, Student Council
MonsterMorris Law - Law, Psychology, Government and Politics, Financial Studies AAAA Law, Psychology, Government and Politics A*AA Conditional: AAA -
The Bassist Law - - - - AAAA Unconditional - took Cambridge-Singapore A Level, current uni undergrad, internship experiences, several projects' director
vaguityLaw6A*s 2As 1B 1CHistory, English Literature, Psychology, English Language ( and an AS Gov&Pol and General Studies done at a different college)AAAA(AB) History, English Literature, Psychology, EPQ A*AAa Conditional AAA or A*AB or AAB + A in EPQ - EPQ on topic of law, Discover Law (with Uni of Sheff), attended a couple of lectures there too, visits to court, Student Ambassador, volunteer at a Sunday Club, reading
livvy0606 Law with Spanish 3a* 5a 2b - AABBCD Spanish, French, Latin AAB - - Work experience at 2 barristers chambers, 1 solicitor, university law module, voluntary work
ImComplicated Maths with Economics 3.5A*s, 2As, 3Bs, 2C Further Maths, Maths, History, Physics AAC Further Maths and History AAA - - D of E Gold
craycray Mathematics and Statistics 4A*s, 6A, 1B Maths, Economics, Biology, Chemistry AAAB Maths, Econs, Bio + Further Maths AS A*AAa - - Self-studying FM, UKMT, tennis 5th in country, community service, bank work exp
Barnes53 Medicine 10 A*s 1A Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Further Maths, EPQ AAAAA*
Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Further Maths A*A*A*A* - - Forest academy, grade 8 piano, Young Enterprise county champions, volunteering, good work experience, lifeguard
amazingacademic Medicine 5A*s, 7As Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Economics AAAA Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Economics A*A*AA - - Reapplicant
Dictionary29 Medicine 6A*s, 6As Chemistry, Biology, Maths, German (did Panjabi & Critical Thinking early) AAAA(AC) Panjabi (already done), Chemistry, Biology, German A achieved and AAA predicted hopefully - - UKCAT score: 710
Ellen55 Medicine 5A*s, 7As Biology, English Language, Maths, Chemistry ABBC Biology, English Language, Chemistry AAA ABB Firm SOAMS, UKCAT score: 660
magap Medicine 10A*s Maths, Further Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics AAAA Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Further Maths A*A*A*A* - - UKCAT score: 720
pavthechav1 Medicine 6A*s, 5As 1B Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography ABAB Biology, Chemistry, Physics A*A*A* (Achieved) - - Re-applicant, UKCAT score: 760
roughsilk Medicine 4A*s, 2As, 2Bs, 2Cs Maths (already done full A level), Chemistry, Physics, R.S AAAA Further Maths, Chemistry, Physics, (biology AS) A*A*A*A - - UKCAT score: 702.5
watse004 Medicine 10.5A*s (IB) HL Biology, Chemistry, History SL English, Maths, French - HL Biology, Chemistry, History SL English, Maths, French HL 7,7,7 SL 7,7,6 - - UKCAT score: 695, IB Student , A in FSMQ maths
L'onclesoul Modern LanguagesAAAABBBBBC French, Literature, Music and History]BBBB French, Literature, Music AAB Conditional- ABB Firm-- 600 hours volunteering, Extra reading, Grade 8, extra qualifications.
Jamontoast22 Modern Languages 5A* 3A 1B Spanish, English Literature, Maths, History AAAB Spanish, History, Maths, (AS ab-initio Italian) A*AA(a) ABB -- --
fiddlecat Music 4A*'s, 6A's, 1B Music, Geography, English Language, Music Technology, Psychology, Critical Thinking AAAABB Music, Geography, English Language, Music Technology AAAA Conditional offer: AB - Taken A2 Music two years early. Grade 8 distinction in Violin and Clarinet, Grade 6 distinction Piano, Grade 7 merit in Music Theory
urbanamorePhysics and Astrophysics 3A*s 4As 2Bs Physics, Maths, Chemistry, Further Maths, Computing (current)BADCPhysics, Maths, Further MathsAABConditional: AAB-Work experience in Astrophysics research at University of Manchester, volunteering at science museum, Young Enterprise Level 2 Award.
Dpdr Psychology5A's 4B's Psychology, History, Film StudiesAAB Psychology, History, Film Studies A*A + B (achieved) ---- EPQ, Work Experience, Additional Reading.
emilypsychology Psychology 10 A*-C Psychology, Sociology, Religious Studies AAA Psychology, Sociology, Religious Studies AAA(A EPQ) Conditional AAB - Extended Project, Work Experience, Charity Work, Volunteering, Wider Reading, Resitting of GCSE Mathematics for University Benefits, Student Representative for Psychology at College
pak1994Psychology10A*s 2As Biology, Psychology, Maths, English Lit, GermanAAAABBiology, Psychology, MathsA*A (A* in reference) AConditional - AABDeclinedEPQ in Psychology, AS Psychology Tutor
Wh2 Social Policy and Criminology 7As 3Bs 2Cs Sociology, English Literature, Business Studies, History, Citizenship BCCCB Sociology, Business Studies, English Literature ABB -- -- Work Experience, Paired Reading, Young Enterprise, Volunteering, Charity work
boredbeth13 Sociology 3A*s, 7As, 1B, 1C Sociology, Media Studies, Psychology, English Literature AAAA Sociology, Media Studies, Psychology A*A*A* Conditional - ABB, AAC, A*A*E, A*AD or A*BC --
[3]International Relations & Politics8A's, 2B'sHistory, Psychology, Economics and FrenchAABCHistory, Psychology, EconomicsA*ABConditional AAB-Work experience, Politics/Intl Relations taster course, trip to Washington D.C. visiting Supreme Court etc, Sixth Form Council, PPE Society Debating, Extra reading, extracurricular things e.g. translator for Paralympic athletes, awarded for performing arts
amyeldr3dPsychology2A*, 3A, 3B, 3CHistory, English Lang/Lit, Welsh, Psychology AAABHistory, Psychology, English Lang/LitA*AAConditional offer: AABFirmWork exp., peer mentoring qualification (help students with learning disabilities), 5x60 club coaching, debate club, extra reading
LaraPhillips French with Chinese Studies 6A*'s 5A's French, German, Geography, Maths, Further Maths, English Language AAABB- French, German, Maths, Further Maths A*AAA Conditional ABB including French
Liss92 19th Century Studies (Literature) MA 2A*, 5A, 3B German B Eng Lit, Politics, GS, History. A, A, A, B. - - volunteer with Brownies this year + Scouts last year, work experience at Infant and Nursery School, bar staff/waitress/ barista/ hostess/ cashier/ team leader at various including NEC group, Villa Park, Deloitte and Olympics/ Paralympics.
Mieka East Asian Studies 78% Maths, English, German, French, History, Geo , Higher Biology, Art. 8.0 As before 80% 77%
introvertedraccoon Japanese with Spanish 1 A*, 9A, 1B Maths, English Literature, French, ICT (OCR) CBB Dist English Literature, ICT, French B Dist B - - EPQ, relevant Work Experience abroad, Japanese breakthrough award, Grade 6 Ballet, language ambassador award, under-sixteen tennis squad
drock2495 Molecular Biology 8A*,2A, 2B Maths, Biology, Chemistry, French AABC French, Biology, Chemistry & EPQ A*A*AA Conditional AAB - Relevant EPQ on epigenetics & about 1 month's worth work experience, extra reading, Grade 8 piano, first 11 for football & hockey teams, senior prefect, UNIQ summer school at oxford
josephlr Korean Studies with Japanese 6A, 2B (Std. Grades) Drama, English, Italian, Philosophy (SHighers) BCBC Media Studies, Sociology, Music, French (SHighers) AAAB Conditional: AAA Scottish student
LivN Journalism Studies AAAABBBBCCC English Literature,Economics,History,General Studies, Textiles CBBEE History,English lit,Economics & EPQ ABBC Conditional ABB - over a year in charity work, Hospital radio experience of six months, newspaper work experience.
Liv1008 English Literature 3As*, 5 As, 3 Bs English Literature, English Language ,History, Business Studies AAEB English Literature, English Language, Business StudiesAAB Conditional ABB- Firmed- Waitressing, customer service assistant
DitzyWanderer Psychology 1A*,3A’S,1 B, 4 C’s English Literature, Psychology (June ’13), Sociology, Economics A (A level Lit), A, C English Literature (done), Psychology, Sociology A*A* Offer AAB - Teacher’s Assistant, Charity Work, Teaching
Arrush Materials Science and Engineering 4A*,7A Critical Thinking, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Maths B,C,C,C,U Physics, Biology, Chemistry ABB Conditional ABB
Liv1008 English Literature 3As*, 5 As, 3 Bs English Literature, English Language ,History, Business Studies AAEB English Literature, English Language, Business StudiesAAB Conditional ABB- Firmed- Waitressing, customer service assistant
sydney07 Medicine 8A*'s 3A's chemistry, biology, maths, physics AAAB chemistry, biology, maths AAA unconditional (AAA) firm work experience, health care assistant and lifeguard
Moonstruck16 MBiolSci Biology 6 A*s, 6 As Biology, Chemistry, Spanish and Maths AAAE Biology, Chemistry and Spanish A*AA AAA - -
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