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TSR has a large number of societies which can be joined. Here is a directory of the societies available, organised in to different categories.

Please feel free to add any new societies which already exist on TSR, but which are missing from this list. We have a page to help you add societies to this page. Details on requesting a new society to be formed can be found on the forum part of the site.


University courses/subjects

Biological Society
Welcome to the Biological Society. All biological/Biomedical/Biology/Biochemistry students welcome to join. Make new friends, discuss university life and other biological issues.
Discussion thread. Join here. Members list.

TV Shows

A society for all the fans of this awesome show.
Discussion thread. Join here. Members list.

Blackadder Soc
For discussion of everything relating to Blackadder, Baldrick and the rest! An elite society for an elite show.
Discussion thread. Join here. Members list.


LGBT Society
For anyone lebian, gay, bi, trans, otherwise queer or just interested. We're supportive and friendly and chat about lots of unrelated topics at breathtaking speed.
Discussion thread. Join here. Members list.


Pokémon Society
Welcome to the Pokémon Society, recently voted one of the best threads on TSR, and a place to talk about any aspect of the video game, anime or card game.
Discussion thread. Join here. Members list.


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