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This page is intended to make it easy to access and share information about applicants to St Andrews for entry in 2013. Do not feel obliged to enter your details or fill in all columns of the table.


If you are not experienced, or comfortable, in editing Wiki pages then feel free to post on St Andrews Applicants 2013 with your details and someone should be happy to update it here for you. Do not edit someone else's entry unless they have asked you to do so: everyone is entitled to have as much or as little information on here as they wish.


Please take note that the table is alphabetically ordered by course, accommodation and then username.

Username Course Accommodation GCSEs A Level or Equivalent Subjects AS Grades A Level or Equivalent Predictions Outcome Extras
abigailcurry Arabic and Economics - 10 A*s Maths, Biology, History AAAB AAA Offer AAA Head girl, humanitarian project in india, team leader of EYP national team, competed at world championship mock trials, world aid group, head of conservation and politics soc, gold duke of ed, queen's guide, gold crest award
helenannerogers Biochemistry - 4As at Int2, 41s at Standard Grade Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, French, English Highers 6A1s Advanced highers AAA - Deferred entry for 2014
Scottychemistry Biochemistry - 10A* + Further Maths Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics Further Maths
biobio Biology - 7A*s, 2As 1B A2 Maths, PreU Biology & Chemistry NA A* D2 D2 Offer A D3 D3 Sch Prefect, Head of House, Head CCF
Goldengurl Biology IB HL Chem, Bio, Econ SL Maths, Eng Lit, Chinese B AS Grades 36 Offer- IB 35 points Applied as 5th choice with med personal statement, International student
Hogwartian1993 Classics - 5A*'s, 3As, 2Bs and a C Class. Civ, History, Politics & Government, Eng. Lit., Photography and Critical thinking AAAA ach. (AA predicted) A*A*A (ach.) - A in EPQ, doing History coursework resit for an A* due to personal illness, Critical Thinking & Photography AS in year out. Also doing GCSE Latin. Volunteering at museum and archaeological digs.
EM1995 Computer Science & Mathematics - 4A*s, 5As, 2B Maths, Physics, Economics, Psychology, ifs Financial Studies, AS Further Maths AAAAA A*A*Aa Offer AAA Self Teaching AS Further Maths, programming in Python since 14, Udacity computing courses, Electronics summer school, further reading
ss_s95Economics (L102, BSc) - 7A* 5AMaths, Further Maths, Economics, PhysicsAAAAA*(achieved) A*AAOffer: AAAPiano Grade 6 Merit + Grade 8 Pass, DofE Silver, Work Exp with major Asian bank's investment/trading arm over the summer holidays
Shakeel95Economics and Philosophy - 3A* 8A 3BFrench, Italian, Politics, Economics, MathsAAABBA*AAA-EPQ on inflation, MUN, Cambridge Schools Debating championship, cross-country district (second), DofE Gold, Target 2.0, Young Economist of the Year
NoSpeakNewSpeakEnglish and Modern History Loving the look of St Salvators but apparently its very popular! Any catered will do. 8A*s, 2As, 2Bs and a CEnglish, History, Biology, MathsAAABA*A*A*- School newspaper, Full scholarship, Model United Nations, Gap Year off,
MarshmallowJunkieFrench and Beginner's Russian Probably catered 13 A*sEnglish Lit/Lang, French, History with AS RS and PsychologyAAAAAA*A*A (achieved)Unconditional :DGap year - work, travel, volunteer/work exp. abroad
Northern_IrelandInternational Relations -5A* 3A 1B English Literature, Sociology, Politics and HistoryAAAA A*A*A*AOffer: AAA President of Debating Society, Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award, Youth Council.
dreamingoftheuk International Relations St Salvators looks beautiful! N/A IB: (HL) English A Literature, Psychology, World History, Chemistry; (SL) Math, French B N/A 39 IB points (HL 7765 SL 66) Conditional offer: 38 IB points International student, lots of volunteer experience including with the Red Cross
Cameron 1History -4A* 5A 1B History, Economics, Geography, Philosophy and Ethics (A.S.)AAAA A*A*A-Economics prize at school, school prefect, mentor to first form, community service.
ShockHorror17History -7 1s and a 2 History, English, Geography, Modern Studies, Business Management (Higher) AAAAA AAA at Advanced Higher Unconditional -
ariadnakInternational Relations --US Courses in: Mathematics, Chemistry, French, Philosophy, Political Science, Literature- SAT 750/760/770, ACT 35/33/33/36/10, SAT II: 740 Literature, 700 Mathematics Level 2, 740 US History, AP US History 5Unconditional American student. Have taken courses at an American university for my last two years of high school. Student government.
Bevanite Latin -9 A* 4 AEnglish Lit, French, History, Classical Civilisation----
jarasta Mathematics --Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry----
Cinglis95Mathematics David Russell Appartments 3A* 3A 1B (Distinction)Maths, Physics, Economics, F. Maths, ArchaeologyaaaabA*,A*,A*,a,bOffer AAAEPQ on Role of Descartes in Modern Mathematics, Sports achievements
Cellar Door Mathematics and Philosophy-10A*s 1AMaths, Further Maths, Additional Further Maths, Greek, History, MusicAAABBN/AN/AEPQ on Transhumanism, Retaking C4 for second time Jan '13, getting History AS (B) remarked, Oriel Philosophy Essay Competition (Lloyd Davies Philosophy Prize) not won
Callu-m Modern History and Arabic St Salvators 4 A* 6 A 1 B (fu maths) HL English History Geography SL French B Biology and Math Studies- (IB) 38/45 predicted Conditonal (36) Prefect, debating, MUN, charities, DoE Gold
Bambirina Modern Languages: Italian and Spanish - N/A French bac, Literary section : Philosophy, French lit, History, Geography, English lit, English language, Italian, German, Chinese- Mention Très Bien - A year in Italy in 2010/2011, CELI 4 (level C1) grade B achieved in June 2011, fluent in Neapolitan dialect, gap year in China in 2012/2013
KerriasModern Languages: French and Spanish --Adv Highers: French and Spanish, Highers: English, Maths, Business Management, Modern Studies---
KellyR28Modern Languages: German, Spanish and ab initio Russian -10A* 1AFrench, German, Spanish, Maths (Psychology AS)AAAAAA*A*A*A*-EPQ, Oxford UNIQ and Villiers Park summer schools for Spanish, reading literature, Latin beginners, 4 exchanges, work experience in German primary school, work experience in English primary school, chair of charity committee
neutralmilksModern Languages: French and Spanish-7A*s, 5AsFrench, Spanish, English Literature, Maths (AS) AABBA*AA-EPQ, work experience in France, House Captain
meadseyModern Languages: French and Spanish-2A*s, 2As, 7Bs, 1CFrench, Spanish, English Language, Law (AS) AABC - Achieved AAB (Unconditional offer) Firmed! Qualification in 6 languages in total, lived in France.
LETSJaMPhilosophy & IR -4As, 6Bs, 1CBiology, History, Politics, Physics--- EPQ in Politics, MP work experience this summer, Head Debater, Writing Competition, won two essay competitions, writing a novel, Part of the Imperial War Museum youth initiative
..laurenPhysics -(Scottish Qualifications) Standard Grade 11122 Intermediate AASubjects studying: 2012 sitting: Higher Maths, English, Physics, History, RMPS. 2013 sitting: Advanced Higher Maths, Physics, RMPS. Higher Philosophy.Highers predicted: AAAAA/AAAAB-- Working towards Queen's Award
anuradha_dPhysics -English Qual: 6A*s and 4AsPhysics, Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry, Music (AS) AAAAAA*A*AA-Gold CREST Award; 4 weeks of work experience at the Institute of Shock Physics
Charlaux Psychology-foundation year --Turkish Qualifications: Turkish, Optional Turkish, French, Optional French, English, Math, Literature, Geometry, Music, Sports, Philosophy, Geography--conditional 70/100 as final grade Playing in Carmen for 2 season (also 3 years at AKM which is considered one of the best chorus in Istanbul),Work as an intern with psychologist,summer programme of Cambridge or George Washington University, Attended 4 MUN conferences and I applied for the vice presidency for the French MUN conference.I am also at the Comenius project and doing ceramics for 5 years which I'll be having my own exhebition soon. And also I will apply to the foundation programme of psychology
Robyn1204 Spanish & History Albany Park 4A*s 7As 1C Spanish History Religious Studies German ABBBAAA--
Kilted Kiwi Sustainable Development (F891) - - NCEA Level 3 (New Zealand): English, Maths (Statistics & Modelling), Biology, Geography, History, Music - Overall endorsed with Merit Unconditional :D Finished school in November 2011, been travelling a lot since then, but now can't wait to get started! Really looking forward to being here, and playing hockey, running and singing in a choir. I'll see you in September :) Good luck to everyone who still has exams!
Nannabakjensen Sustainable Development - N/A Danish, English, Spanish, Social Science, Math, Biology, Chemistry, Sports, History and Religion, and I have already finished Physics, Music, Philosophy and Math N/A N/A - from Denmark
lornarose Philosophy - 1A*, 7A's, 2Bs and 1C Philosophy, History, Literature and Biology AABC A Levels - - from England. Editor on school newspaper, drama, debating, saxophone, public speaking comp, volunteering
sacheeenEconomics and International Relations -10A* 3A Maths, Further Maths, Economics and ChemistryAAAA A*A*A*A*-Skipped a year: finished GCSEs, AS Levels and hence A Levels a year early, DofE, extensive reading, senior prefect, Work experience, Invited to Global Young Leaders Conference in Washington DC, Young Enterprise
peter1412 Economics and International Relations -9 A* 2A Politics, Economics, Maths and History AAAA A*AAA (achieved) Rejected Gap year internship with Accenture based in London, Attended Global Young Leaders Conference, invited to the 2013 US Presidential Inaguration Conference in Washington DC, Head Boy, Work experience in Rome with British Ambassador to the Vatican etc.
megangompels Psychology - 2A* 6A 2B Maths, English Lang, Psychology, Economics (AS) AAAA AAA Conditional!! AAA Psychology work experience, wider reading, hospital volunteer, charity work, music, sport
ibella88English and Philosophy-2A* 4A 3B English Lit, History, Psychology and Spanish (Dropped Spanish after AS) ABBB AAAconditional AAAPrefect, on the charity committee, was on the formal committee, drama geek, Presidents Award -Silver (Equivalent of DofE), Senior chairperson in MUN -Received formal recognition from state senate of Maryland for my work in International MUN, climbed Mt Kenya, was paid to plan an event for Liberty Africa Safaris
Ally_94 Modern History and International Relations - 2A* 6A 5B IB History, Psychology and Biology at HL, French, Maths and English at SL - 38 points Pending -
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