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Welcome to the TSR Travel Guide - a place where members of the site can contribute reviews and notes from their travel experience. Been to a country on holiday? Visited a far away place on a gap year? Then why not write up your experiences for our guides? Anyone can add anything. Just add a section on the city/region/attraction you visited to the article of the country you visited.

If you are planning a holiday or a gap year to any of the countries here, why not take a look to see what others who have visited before have had to say - it could help you choose where to go or what to do when you get there! Have a great time when you head off....and don't forget to send a post card!


Travel Destinations

Because many travellers will limit their visit to one or more continents, we have the main guides organised by continent for ease of use. Take a look at the continent or area you're interesting in visiting to find info all about the places you could seeing!

Not sure where to go or don't know which continent a country is in? We also have an A-Z list of countries and regions at the bottom of the list - click on the countries to be taken to that countries guide where we have one. Otherwise you'll be taken to the continent or region that country is in. Happy Travelling! <Spoiler> Spoiler content </Spoiler>


A-Z of Destinations

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