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  • UCL Successful Applications 2011 thread

This post aim to give the chances for finding your future UCL friends or classmates and discussion our offers. Please put information as blow if you wish:

UCL: conditional or unconditional A/AS Level(you've got): Prediction grades: offer: department/subject(s) Offer requirement:'

gubey - conditional AS grades: AAAAA Predicted grades: A*A*A*A* Subject: Classics Offer: A (Latin)

jesuisatoi - conditional CCB - AS Level Predicition grades - BBB Offer: Medicine Offer requirement AAA :D :D

Rascacielos (Lorna) UCL: conditional AS Levels: AAAA Predicted grades: A*AAA Department/Subject: Law with Hispanic Law (Laws) Offer requirement: AAA with an A in Spanish

Cutieapple44 UCL: Unconditional (gap year) AS Levels: AABBB A Level grades: AAB Department/Subject: Pharmacology Offer requirement: Grades I already obtained.

There will be Particles UCL: conditional AS Levels: AAAA Predicted grades: A*A*A* Department/subject: Biochemistry Offer requirement: AAA

flume UCL - Conditional (deferred entry into 2013) AS grades: ABBD Predicted grades: A*AB, and a pass in Welsh Baccalaureate Subject: Anthropology Offer: AAB / AA & a pass in Welsh Baccalaureate (have passed WBQ)

Lollyage UCL: Conditional AS grades: AABC (+ A in EPQ) Predicted grades: A*AB Subject: Linguistics Offer: AAB

007dunlop UCL : Conditional AS grades: AAABC Predicted grades: A*AA Subject: Psychology & Language Sciences Offer: AAA

hbrayf UCL: Conditional AS grades: AAAAC Predicted Grades: AAA (And a B in an additional AS) Subject: Anthropology Offer: AAB

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