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This page is for everyone applying to Birmingham this year, so all of us applicants can do some casual stalking, see what the competition is like, and find people applying for the same courses as you :)


If you're confident with you TSR wiki editing skills go right ahead and put yourself in the table below!! But please remember to keep in in alphabetical order, first by course and then by your username. Althernatively, if you're not so confident just post in this thread and hopefully someone nice will add you on here. :3

Fill in the code below, substituting your information into the sections.... if you don't have anything to put in a box, delete the title of the box and leave it blank.

This way the table should look nice and pretty :D


Username Subject GCSEs AS Levels A2 predictions Other Qualifications Offer/Rejection Your Decision Notes
jeeves_90 Accounting and Finance Unconditional offer
starburst92 Accounting and Finance 2A*'s, 3A's, 3B's, 1C BBC AAB Pending
eve484 American Studies Conditional Offer: ABB
SDNY24 American Studies 3A*7A AAACD AAAA OU: Shakespeare An Introduction Conditional Offer: ABB International Study
HarrietAddy Ancient History 1A*8A's1B AABB A*AA Predicted B in Extended Project and retaking one AS B. Offer ABB Insurance ;)
littlehedgehog Ancient History Conditional Offer: ABB
Tashaa18 Ancient History ABB ABB Conditional: ABB Firm
B_Abbity Ancient History and Archaeology 2 A*, 3 A's, 5 B's AABB AAA Conditional offer: ABB
Remy-Rae Anthropology and Political Science Conditional Offer: ABB
x8Charlotte8x Archaeology and Ancient History 6A* 5As 2B ABBB Conditional Offer: ABB
littlehedgehog Ancient History and Archaeology Conditional Offer: ABB
RichmondUK Archaeology and Ancient History 3A 3B 4C AAABD AAAA Conditional Offer: ABB Firm
adam* Biochemistry ABBC AAA Conditional Offer: ABB Back up for veterinary medicine
M.Breezy Biochemistry
tuckaa Biological sciences A*A*A*A*AAAAA (1/2B) AAAB AAA Conditional Offer: ABB
missp2010 Biological Sciences 6A* 3A AAB ABB Conditional offer: ABB
Saliency Biological sciences (Genetics) Conditional Offer: ABB Probably Firm
MJ1993 Biological Sciences (Microbiology) 5A* 5A 2B AABBb Conditional Offer: AAB
i Pav i Biological Science w/Year in Continental Europe 5A* 3A 1C 1D AAC AAA Ballin' Offer - ABB Probably Firm. Birmingham<3
keironjoy Biology (C100) 3A* 3A 4B 1C ABB ABB Offer ABB Firm choice. :)
chloe_blunsdon Business and Management 7A* 5A 2B ABB AAA Welsh Baccalaureate Conditional Offer: AAB
tiffanyalicelai Business Management and Communication
frastgouy Chemical Engineering 1A* 6A 4B ABBbb Conditional Offer: AAA
Inactivity Chemical Engineering 4A* 3A 3B AAAABC A*A*A EPQ Conditional Offer: AAA
Adrian87 Chemical and Energy Engineering
CocaColaBottle Chemical Engineering (w/Intl. and Industrial Study) 6A* 4A 5A 2A*2A
LGrosvenor101 Chemistry A*A*A*A*A*AAAAA AABB AAAAB (B in GS) B in FSMQ Conditional Offer BBB in Maths, Biology and Chemistry or ABB to include Chemistry, Geography and one other Insurance :D
Akbar2K7 Chemistry with Pharmacology (Msci) A*AAAABBBBBCD BCCD AAB C in FSMQ BBB Not Sure waiting on other offers and interveiws industrial Chemistry/Pharmacy is the dream.
Spiral349 Chemistry (Masters) 9A* 1A AAAAAA A*A*A*A* Conditional ABB
Taylor87 Child Nursing
Clodagh883 Child Nursing 2A* 4A 3B AAAB AABB Conditional BBB!
Hooby Childhood, Culture and Education
Ice-Zero Computer Science
Lakhvir.Singh Computer Science
LukeCross Computer Science 4A* 8A 1B AAAB A*AA Offer: AAB Firm
stifa Computer Systems Engineering N/A N/A N/A (Norway) Vitnemål: 4.80 Conditional offer: IELTS 6.0 with no less than 5.5 in any component
NatatatATTACK Dentistry 9A*'s 5A's 1B AAAB A*A*AA Conditional Offer: AAA Firm!!
olivia_28 Drama and English Literature 7A* 2A AABC A*AB + A at A/S Economics A*AAAABBBBCCCC AAAA A*A*A offer (conditional) probably reject Leicester or Birmingham?
Moiraclaire Economics 8A* 4A AAAAB A*A*AA AAA/AABB Not sure yet.
azure.skies Economics 5A* 4A AABB (A predicted in FM) A*AAA AAA/AABB Undecided
alexxxt Economics 6A* 5A AAAB A*AA AAA
bretters Economics AAAA Achieved: AAAB Unconditional Probably gonna firm!
Bright Lights Economics 10A* AAAA A*A*AA AABB/AAA
jak67m Economics 2A* 6A 1B 1C Eco, Maths and Bio, Achieved:BBB Predictions:A*AA Gap Year
numan786 Economics
ohTS Economics 3A* 5A 2B AAAAB A*A*AA EPQ AAA
turn and fall Economics A*AAAb Effectively unconditional Probably decline
JodieBean English 1A* 6A 3B 2C AABB A* AB Conditonal Offer: AAB Firm!!
jojayne English 3A* 3A 3B 3C AAA A*A*A Conditional Offer: AAB Undecided
covvers English 6A, 4B AABCC AAB Conditional Offer: AAB Firm
cherrybombbb English and American Literature 1A* 7A 2B 1C AAAC AAA
dc1093 English and French 4A*s 6As 1B AAAA AAA Conditional: ABB insurance
penko English and Philosophy 2A, 4B, 2C AABB AAA Conditional: ABB (A in English Lit) Firm
ediopia English Language
_Jazzie English Language 2A 5B AAABC AABB Conditional Offer: AAB
StitchMad English Language 1 A*, 8 As, 5 Bs and a C AAABC A*AA EPQ (Predicted A) and General Studies (Predicted B) Conditional Offer: AAB (including A in English Language)
Courtney05 English Lnaguage and French Studies A*, 7 A's and a B A - English Language, Psychology, Textiles. B - French 3 A's OFFER of ABB :D Will be firm choice :D
Ilikefairylights. English Literature and German 7A*, 5A, 2B AABB A*A*A Offer: AAB Probably insurance
starxriddled English Literature and Hispanic Studies 3A*, 9A, 1B BBCC (due to ill health & family circumstance) AABB Pending Hopefully firm
Rainshine European Studies
Foramelie French Studies 4A* 6A 1B 1C AABCD AAAB
nisha67 French Studies And Mathematics 6A* 5A 1B AAACD A*AA Conditional Offer: ABB Insurance
OneIsland BA Geography A*A*A*AAAABBB AACD AAB None Conditional Offer: AAB Not sure yet!
Lauradmxx Bsc Geography 3A*, 7A, 1B AACC A*AB Open University- Understanding Human Nutrition Offer AAB Probably firm YAY :) :)
jackfliex8 Geography 1A* 6A 3B 1C AAAB A*AA
mespannerhanz Geography and Economics 8A* 2A 1B AAAA A*AA Conditional Offer: AAA Insurance maybe
RobynLouise93 Geography and Urban & Regional Planning (LK74) 1A* 3A 7B AAAAD A*AAAb Also taking AS Economics this year - predicted a B. Dropped the subject I got a D in! (Biology) Conditional ABB (A in Geography) Think this will be my firm
brittanylucy history 5A*s 3As 2Bs AAA (pending pre-u (two year course) A* A D3 (ie A*/A for Pre-u) Pre-U Offer AAB undecided
jb1206 History 6A* 3A B AABe AAA ... Conditional AAB Insurance
NapoleonDynamite History 1A* 1A 6Bs 3Cs
thetobbit History 2A*s 4As 4Bs AABB AAA Conditional Offer: AAB (A in History, AB in any order)
CupcakePrincess Human Biology 8A* 3A AAAB (retaking the B) A* AA Have my JSLA level 1 if that counts? Offer AAB Definately my firm! Love The University of Birmingham!!
AveLauraMarie International Business and Communication 79 - 83% in European Baccalaureate (prediction) Pending
Jay.M International Relations 4A 5B 1E (Don't ask :P) BBBB (Missed A's by less than 5 marks in all subjects) AAB Offer AAB Need to hear back from 3 more universities surprised to have got an offer with my poor GCSE's and adequate A2 predictions, heh maybe they liked my PS or something
Georgiana1605 International Relations with French 3A* 3A 3B AABC A*AB Conditional Offer: AAB
papillonstar International Relations with French 2A* 8A 1B AAABC A*AB Yass: PassConditional Offer: AAB
chiggy321 Law 1A* 6A 4B AAABB A*AAA Conditional Offer: AAA/A*AB
Cold_Coffee_93 Law 2A* 2A B AAAAA A*A*A* Conditional Offer: AAA or A*AB Home-educated until college
fellowjoe Law
gahyee94 Law 9A* 3A AAAA A*A*A*A* Conditional Offer: AAA or A*AB
-Haz- Law 4A, 6B, 1C ABBC A*AA Conditional Offer: AAA or A*AB Declined
i_love_nerds Law 2A* 11A AABBB A*AA EPQ Conditional Offer: AAA or A*AB
Junaid16 Law 6A* 3A AAAB A*A*A Conditional Offer: AAA or A*AB
lucyj93 Law Conditional Offer: AAA
Madrid90 Law
miss_sasa94 Law 4A*, 4A, 3Bs AABC A*AA AAA or A*AB Looks like a firm right now!
nikkiiscool Law
RunLikeAFairy Law 10A* 3A ABCC AAA Conditional: AAA or A*AB Sitting whole Eng Lang ALevel this year
ruthelizabeth Law 8A* 5A AABBB A*A*AAA Conditional Offer: AAA or A*AB Probably Insurance
SecretCircus Law 2A* 7A 2B 2C AAAB AAAA Conditional Offer: AAA or A*AB Firm
simonoafc Law 5A* 3A 2B AAAAA A*A*A*A* Conditional: AAA or A*AB
snicketgreen Law 3A* 5A 4B ACCE A*AB Conditional Offer: AAA or A*AB
Ceo94 Law with German 7A* 4A AAAB A*A*AA Conditional Offer: AAA or A*AB
Newbarbarian Law with German
Postitnotes44 Materials Engineering; with Industrial Experience, MEng 8A* 4A AAAB A*A*A Welsh Baq Conditional Offer: AAA Taking Physics AS and A2 this year
Femto Mathematics Conditional offer: AAA
ms93 Mathematics Conditional offer: AA
Postman Pat Mathematics 1A* 3A 8B 2C AACD AAA Conditional offer: AAB Firm
Saey Mathematics6A* 5A AAAAA A*A*A*A*A Maths Olympiads Conditional offer: AAB
smit1994 Mathematics5A* 6A AABB AAA Conditional Offer: AAB FIRM!!!
Tempa Mathematics 1A* 5A 3B 2C 1E AAB AAA Firm (deffo)
mmn13ps3 Mechanical Engineering
xiaoti Mechanical Engineering
dubletisntcute Medical Biochemistry 5A* 6A AABB AAB
E.B Medical biochemistry 10A* 1A IB prediction: 43 Conditional Offer
whotosee Medical Biochemistry 11A* 2A AAAAAA A*A*A*A ABB 4th/5th choice
micky_usa medical science 5A 3B 2C BCCDD Achieved: ACCdd Predictions: AABad Reapplicant - got an offer last year but didn't put it as firm or insurance!
Snapple123 Medical Science 7A* 2A 1B ABBB AAA Duke of Edinburgh Gold award Applicant Visit Day 08/02/12
YB101 Medical Science 3A 6B BBB AAB YASS, ESL, Biology Olympiad Applicant Visit Day 08/02/12
KeeeleyMedical Science 7A* 5A 1B ABBC AAA Biology Olympiad Visit Day 23/11/11
E.B Medicine 10A* 1A IB prediction: 43
Funky_Climber Medicine (GEC) 2 A*'s, 5 A's, 1 B and 3 C's BBB BBB (Actual) First Class BSc (Hons) Human Physiology Conditional (on CRB ect) Most Likely Firm
InkyOne Medicine10A* AAAAA A*Achieved, A*A*A Predicted EPQ A* Nada :(
spoinkytheduck Medicine 9A* 3A AAAA A*A*A* Offer: AAA Insurance
tomtom415 Medicine 9A* 2A AAAAAB A*A*AA Conditional Offer AAA (plus CRB and immunisations) Firm
kayleigh.jean Modern Languages (French & Spanish) and European Studies (Politics) 4A* 8A 1B ABBB A*AAA Offer - ABB
Liam6993 Modern Languages (French & Spanish) 5A, 5B, 1C AABDD ABBB Offer - ABB
liviluck Modern Languages; French, Spanish and ab. initio Italian
neonreindeer Modern Languages (German) and European Studies (Politics) 4A* 7A 2B AABB AAAB EPQ Offer - ABB Probably Insurance
VickyDoodle Modern Languages;Spanish and ab. initio Japanese 3A* 8A 2B 1C ABCC Di AAB Di 20 HE Credits, Uni of NorthamptonOffer - ABB Insurance
Imey Modern languages and Business1A*,4As,2Bs,2Cs ABBCA*AB
GemSTARrawr Modern Languages (French and Japanese) 2A* 6A 1B AABCC ABB Offer - ABB Firm :D
josieeee Natural Sciences
tgarrud Natural Sciences Conditional offer: A*AA
emz31 Natural Sciences 9A*3A AAAAB A*A*A* Conditional offer: A*AA
liz_hierons_1993 Natural Sciences (Study in Continental Europe) 6A* 2A 2B AAAA A*AAA Conditional offer: A*AA Declined
rosycakes Natural Sciences 9A*3A AAAAA A*A*A*A Conditional offer: A*AA
oj51oly Natural Sciences 3A* 5A 6B 1C AAABC A*A*A*AC Conditional offer: A*AA
TheoNatSci Natural Sciences with Study in Continental Europe (Spain) 10A* AAAAA A*A*A*A* B in FSMQ Additional Maths Conditional offer: A*AA Undecided as yet
anya. Nursing (Adult) 1A*, 1A, 4B's and 5C's 1D ABCCD CCCC (one inc. general studies) NONE as yet :-(
LaEstrella Nursing
annika94 Philosophy A*A*Dist*Dist*AAAABCC ABBD ABB Conditional Offer ABB Maybe firm Undecided between uni of bham, manc and glas
bunbury93 Philosophy Abitur 2.0 (equivalent to ABB?) conditional Abitur 1.8 (equivalent to ABB) definitely firm.:-)
mroshinyemi Philosophy 7A's and 3B's ABBC AAB Offer of ABB Probably my back up
The Patriot Philosophy 1.5A* 3As 6B AAAAA A*AA Conditional offer: ABB Probable Firm (Just in case by some miracle Cambridge accept me).
Ponderous Philosophy, Religion and Ethics 3A*6As2Bs ACDDD A*AAB Conditional Offer: ABB including General Studies Back up I think Resitting AS due to recently diagnosed condition, offer should include General Studies
icedragon Physics
Llyrthomas Physics 9A* 3A AAA A*A*A*A* Conditional offer: AAA
PhysicsMan Physics 5A* 4A 1B AABC A*A*A Conditional Offer: AAA
Mattdavidcool Physics 3A*s, 4As, 3Bs, 2Cs AAAB A*A*AA Conditional Offer: AAA Unsure whether to accept
Samdude Physics
the hitch Physics Conditional offer: AAA
Jippet Physics and Astrophysics 2A* 6A 4B AAAB AAA for the course I applied to [Physics and Astrophysics] and AAB for [MEng Nuclear Engineering] or [BSc Nuclear Science and Materials] Declined
pepeeglesfieldPhysics and Astrophysics 1 A* 5 A's 5 B's 4 C's AAAB AAA aqa bacc EPQ gold d of e
Vaughanigan Physics 9A*s, 3A's AAAAB A*A*A*A Conditional Offer: AAA
ADA93 Physiotherapy 3A*s 7As 3Bs BBBBD AAB EPQ Conditional Offer AAB (A in biology) Probably firm
Faraway_ Planning and Economics
doggynelson Political Science 1A* 1A 10B 1C ABB AAB EPQ
lunatalita Political Science A B C D D B A A A B Conditional Offer AAB Firm, perhaps. Unless I got in Warwick.
tesstap Political Science 5A 4B 1C AAAC A*AA Conditional Offer AAB Firm
ra1nb0w Psychology 4A*'s, 8 A's, 2 B's ACCCC A*AB Conditional Offer AAB Probably firm
yaymeg Psychology and Psychological Practice 4A* 5A 1B AAAA A*A*A YASS course Conditional Offer AAA Insurance
cmoore094 Social Policy 1A*, 2A's, 6B's, 2C ABBBB AAAAB Conditional Offer ABB Unsure
10JellybeanSport, PE&Coaching Science (C6L4) MYP-34 predictionIB bilingual diploma Conditional offer 34unsure-
Didgiemon Theology and Religion 4A* 7A ABBCC AABB Conditional offer ABB (inc. General Studies)
galiaannabelle Theology 4A* 7A 2B AABBC AAAB Conditional offer ABB (inc. General Studies) Insurance
ViennaWaits Theology 3A* 5A 2B AAAAA Achieved: A*A*A Predicted: A*A* Unconditional Offer
RobbieJ Theology and Religion 7 A*'s 3A's AAAA A*AA Conditional Offer ABB
Rennit Theoretical Physics3A* 4A 1B 3C AAAAB A*A*A*A* EPQ(waste of time) Conditional offer AAA
MisterJames Political Science and Philosophy3A*'s, 6A's, 1B, 1 1/2 C's Classical Civilisation: B, Sociology: C (All Completed) English Language and Literature: A*, Government and Politics A, Communication and Culture A, History B Workskills Conditional offer on A in Government Politics Firm, Accepted and Reached Conditions!
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