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This page is for all of us with offers who have firmed/are going to firm Edinburgh for 2012 entry! :D

Well done to everyone on receiving offers, and good luck to conditional offer holders!

some useful links...

Accommodation Thread

Applicant Chat Thread


Fill in the code below, substituting your information into the sections

|| Username || Course || Offer || Accommodation Choices || Scotland/RUK/International (and where)

Please make sure to keep things in alphabetical order, first by subject, then by username.

If you're not confident about wiki editing or have any questions, please post in the Applicant Chat Thread where someone will be able to help you or you can ask for your details to be added here for you :)


Username Course Offer Accommodation Choices Scotland / RUK / International
sjcoventry Law Conditional AAA 5 South College Street Bath, England
Arianto Accounting and Finance Unconditional Robertsons Close Scotland
Akmeeda Accounting and Finance Conditional BB Home Scotland
gogo1994 Accounting and Finance Conditional BBB Chancellors Court, Turner, Lee International/Jordan
patcake Adult Nursing Conditional 34 IB Not sure International: Norwegian
gpostleth Applied Sport Science Conditional BBC Holland, Grant, Challencors England
Ocarinaoftime Archaeology Unconditional Portsburgh Court, James Craig Court, Chalmers Street Scotland
acedls Architecture 34 IB Kincaid, Wynd, Nicolson International
sillehcaptcha Architecture Conditional AAA Hermit's Croft, South Clerk Street, Darroch Court RUK: England
ElleRaptor Ancient History Conditional ABB Holland, Grant, Chancellor's RUK: England
MariamB Biological Sciences Unconditional Home
MiriamG Biological Sciences Conditional 35 IB College Wynd, Fraser Court, Hermit's Croft SEU (Germany)
Oldshoesandsocks Biological Sciences Unconditional Ewing House German
ally494 Chemistry Conditional AH Maths B James Craig Court, Portsburgh Court, Darroch Court Scotland: Fife
Anna9294 Chemistry with Environmental and Sustainable Chemistry AAA (with an A in chemistry and maths) deferred until 2013 England: Somerset
buddhacoffee Chinese & French Conditional BBB Uuuh... can't remember! ;D
CurtainrailMan Civil Engineering Conditional Dunno Scotland: Stirling-ish
chocolatechips Classics Conditional BBB Fraser Court, College Wynd RUK: England
thegenius31416 Economics AAB Pollock Halls RUK: England
OneTimer Economics and Politics AAB Holland House & Chancellor's Court RUK: England
CloudedWithDoubt Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Conditional AAA Holland House, Chancellor's Court, Grant House RUK: England
JPLA Electronics & Software Engineering Conditional Robertsons Close, Darroch Court, College Wynd International: Sweden
akareninas English Literature and Classics Conditional AAA Grant, Baird, Chancellors Court
DurhamLady English Literature & History Conditional AAA New Arthur Place, James Craig Court, 5 Nicolson Street RUK: England
saachi English Literature Conditional 34 IB Chalmers Street International: India
cmas123 English Literature Conditional AAA Grant, Lee, Ewing England
InsomniacDreams English Literature Unconditional South Clerk Street International: Canada
FreyaAmy:) English Language and Literature Conditional AAA Chalmers Street, Meadow Court, Portsburgh Court RUK - England; Cornwall
yawnandshrug English and Scottish Literature Unconditional Fraser Court, Chancellor's Court International: Singapore
Sixtine English Literature (PhD) Unconditional Private Accomodation (lived in Warrender Park Rd and Sciennes during B.A.) International (French)
lpurves French and German Conditional B (any higher College Wynd, New Arthur Place, Nicolson Street/South College Street Scotland
cspd French and Linguistics Conditional 36 IB Darroch Court, Fraser Court, Meadow Court RUK: Wales
BigJuan French and Russian Conditional BBB Hermit's Croft, East Newington, Warrender Park Rd RUK: England
kayleigh.jean French, Spanish & EU Studies Conditional BBB Chalmers Street, Portsburgh Court, Beaverbank RUK: England
SilverDoe21 German and English Literature Conditional ABB Chancellor's Court, Holland House, Baird RUK: England
star9005 Geography (MA) Conditional Nicolson Street, Warrender Park Crescent International: Romania/Hungary
R-Kh Geography (BSc) Conditional 34 IB Not decided International: Russian
zenb Graphic Design Unconditional Darroch Court England
laura3939 History and Politics Unconditional Kincaid Court, Robertson's Close, Meadow Court Scotland
Tinmar Informatics Unconditional Holland House, Chancellor's Court International: Norway
Rhadamanthus International Relations Unconditional Living at home Scotland
beamie International Relations Unconditional Undecided Scotland
Jog Italian & Philosophy Unconditional College Wynd, Robertsons Court, New Arthur Place
Quick-use Italian & Spanish Conditinal B at Higher Not yet decided! Scotland: Edinburgh
ThomasPullar1 Law (LLB) Conditional B English Meadow Court, Kincaids Court, College Wynd
dhcousins1 Linguistics Conditional AAA Undecided RUK: Northern Ireland
Paedophile_jim Linguistics and English Language Conditional A (Higher Latin) Can't remember D: Scotland
rmk26 Mathematics and Physics Conditional AAA (in one year) Turner House Northern Ireland
GENDI93 Mechanical Engineering Conditional AAB Chalmers Street, Portsburgh Court International: Egyptian
kenryou Mechanical Engineering Unconditional East Newton Place, South Clerk Street, Sciennes
HishamG Medical Sciences (B100) Conditional AAB (2nd yr entry) Chancellor's Court, Holland House International
erin_13 Medicine Conditional- PVG New Arthur Place, East Newington Place, College Wynd Scotland
nk2012 Medicine Conditional IB - 37, 7,6,6 Undecided International (Switzerland)
christielovesyou Music Unconditional Darroch Court, New Arthur Place, Robertsons Close Scotland
Drian42 Philosophy & Maths Unconditional Warrender Park Road International: New Zealand
Eileen_ Physics (Astro) Unconditional Fraser Court International: The Netherlands
Indiarose27 Physics (Astro) Unconditional Chancellor's court, Holland and somewhere else in Pollock Halls :)
hattifnatt Physics (Theoretical) Unconditional Not yet decided International (Norwegian)
Oromis263 Physics (Theoretical) Conditional AAA Undecided
cyre Physics Conditional: 1.3 abitur Hermit's Croft, New Arthur Place, South Clerk Street International: German
Lancington Physics Conditional (Advanced Higher Physics: B) TBD Scotland: Edinburgh
signalnoise Physics Unconditional Meadow Court RUK
ader1 Physics Unconditional Portsburgh Court, Chalmers Street International: Italian
topiwopi Politics Conditional AAA James Craig Court, Portsburgh Court, Chalmers Street RUK: England
naesss Psychology and Business Conditional AAB Portsburgh Court, Chalmers Street, James Craig Court RUK: England
Peanutaims Scottish History Unconditional Private Accommodation RUK: Wales
Nickk Sociology and Politics Conditional 19/20 Apolytirion John Burnett, Chancellors Court
missbanana21 Spanish and Politics Unconditional Turner House, Grant House, Lee House Scotland (Aberdeen)
Ogrice80 Veterinary Medicine Conditional AAA Holland House, Grant and Turner RUK: Wales
iamafermata Veterinary Medicine Conditional AAA James Craig Court, Portsburgh Court, Mansion Beaverbank International (Hong Kong)
hrs Philosophy and German Conditional ABB Hermit's Croft, New Arthur's Place, Darroch Court England
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