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Bangor University has an Official University Profile. Check it out for details of courses, facilities, accommodation, and contact details, not to mention videos and pictures of the university. The profile was written by university staff from the University of Bangor and gives an in-depth view of the university without the need for a prospectus.

Formerly a part of the University of Wales, Bangor University was founded in 1884, becoming independent of the University of Wales in 2007. Bangor University's major selling point is its location, sandwiched between the beautiful Snowdonia National Park and the island of Anglesey. Though primarily located in Bangor, the Archimedes Centre is located instead in nearby Wrexham. Bangor itself is a small coastal town featuring excellent views and sprawling countryside. A significant proportion of the local population is Welsh-speaking, including the student population (estimated at approximately 30%).

Facilities at University of Bangor

Bangor University Libraries

Bangor University has four libraries, each library has Wi-Fi access and printing/photocopying facilities. They are situated close to the departments they cater for. You can view the opening hours here.

Main Library

The Bangor University Main Library is situated on College Road, this library houses material for Arts, Languages, Humanities and Social Sciences and Music. The Welsh library is located here, this provides materials for those students studying and learning in Welsh. The Main library is also home to the Archives and special collections.

College Road, Bangor, LL57 2DG

Tel: 01248 382983

Deiniol Library

The Deiniol Library at Bangor University is situated on Deiniol Road which is in the centre of the city. This library is the science and health library, you will be able to find scientific journals and reference books, material for nursing, midwifery and health and they have an extensive collection of ordnance, soil and geological survey maps. The Deiniol Library also houses psychology reading material.

Deiniol Road, Bangor, LL57 2UX

Tel: 01248 382984

Wolfson Service Point

The Wolfson Service Point for Ocean Sciences students is situated in the town of Menai Bridge. Library stock has been relocated to the Deiniol Library. A book fetching service is available during term time.

Askew Street, Menai Bridge, LL59 5EY

Tel: 01248 382985

Normal Site Library

The Normal Site Library at Bangor University is situated on Holyhead Road heading towards the Menai Bridge. This library has material on education, including collections of children's books, and sport, health and exercise sciences.

Holyhead Road, Bangor, LL57 2PX

Tel: 01248 383048

Health Studies Library Wrexham

Bangor run their radiography course in Wrexham, and you will find material for nursing, midwifery, radiography and health sciences here.

Archimedes Centre, Wrexham. LL13 7YP

Tel: 01978 316370

General Information
Bangor, Wales, UK
Bangor University,
LL57 2DG
(01248) 351151
SU/Guild website:
UCAS Code:

Total students:
Typical offers:
Applicants per place:

IT and Computing at Bangor University

Bangor University has superb IT and computing facilities. There is a dedicated team working to improve access and meet the needs of the university's and students' computer needs. Bangor has over 1,000 PCs for student use in some of the many computer labs around the site. Some of the computer labs are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so if you aren't one of the 1,000 or so who have connection in halls then there are facilities there for you to use.

Here are some of the Computer labs to be found at Bangor:

  • The Brambell Building
  • Deiniol Building
  • Dean Street
  • Hen Goleg
  • Main Arts
  • Normal Site

PC Room locations

  • The Brambell Building PC lab is in building 38 on this map
  • Deiniol Building PC lab is in building 47 on this map
  • Dean Street PC lab is in building 74 on this map
  • Hen Goleg PC lab is in building 55 on this map
  • Main Arts PC lab is in building 51 on this map
  • Normal Site PC lab is in buildings 5 and 11 on this map

Bangor University also has Wi-Fi access for students who wish to use their laptops/mobile devices. There are WiFi access points around Bangor, here are just a few of them:

  • Student Union - Curved Lounge
  • Deiniol Library
  • Ffriddoedd Site - Bar Uno
  • Normal Site - Coffee Shop
  • Foyer of Main Arts

The University provides a large range of printing facilities. These include:

  • Mono Laser Printers
  • Colour Laser Printers
  • Braille Printers
  • Large Format Printers ( up to A0 size)
  • High Volume printers ( with the ability to bind)

Remember the printing services can be checked on the IT Services webpage. Normal site have the best printing/binding facilities.

Software can also be purchased through the IT services team, and will be compatible with the current network versions available on all the PC's. There is also a vending machines for software used by the Psychology Department in Deiniol Road Library

Sports at Bangor University

Sport is a BIG part of life at Bangor University. The university and the surrounding area have so much to offer, from outdoor pursuits to martial arts, from rugby to swimming, Bangor has got it covered. There are two university-run sports centres in Bangor; Normal Site Sports Hall and Maesglas Sports Centre (Ffriddoedd site). For more information about Sports provisions at the University of Wales Bangor you can look at the Sport at Bangor article.

Welfare at Bangor University

Being a student in Bangor you can be guaranteed that you will be well looked after. There is a fantastic team within the student services department that are able to help with any welfare concerns, not only that you can talk to your personal tutors about any issues you have, they may be able to help or direct you towards the relevant person who will be able to aid you with your issues. There are specialists working in Student Services that can help with the following:

  • Money Advice
  • Study Support
  • Careers and Employability
  • Student Health
  • Disability
  • Student Counseling
  • Mental Health
  • International Students
  • Student Housing
  • Peer Guide Scheme
  • Dyslexia
  • Faith Provision
  • Health and wellbeing

They will be happy to help with any problem, no matter how major or minor it is, and it is best you get help with it from those who know what they are doing. The knowledge and skills of the Student Services team are not just limited to the list above, there is someone there who will be able to help you with any problem. The Student Services team are located in Neuadd Rathbone, College Road and the Receptionist will be able to advise you on the location of the person you need to see. There is no real need to book an appointment as it's a case of drop by and see them, although it will be possible to arrange appointments.

Healthcare at Bangor University

The University has links with a local medical centre, at present this is the Bodant Medical centre. You can sign up with this practice when you get accepted to study at Bangor and you will receive your student health questionnaire over the summer (usually around August time), which is to be completed and returned. You will also receive a form and information informing you about doctor's surgeries in the local area. It is advised that you sign up to a doctor's surgery when studying at university because should you become ill around exam times you can get a doctor's note to certify your illness.

The Bodnant Medical Centre runs a drop in session for students (even if not registered with Bodnant Medical Centre) daily so that they can come along with any problems they have and need to discuss with the staff there. They have a student health nurse who is there to deal with family planning issues, vaccinations and general health checks. Special medical examinations and certificates for illness can also be provided at the drop in clinics.

Tel: Appointments 01248 364492; Emergencies only 01248 364567

The university provide extensive information on student safety to ensure students are aware of dangers and to try prevent the risk of accident occurring. The promotion of healthy living by doing exercise and eating well is also promoted by the university. A good way to keep fit and healthy is to join up to a club or society and get involved with sports activities.

Serendipity (the freshers' fair held during Welcome Week) is a great place to pick up information about health, family planning and how to keep yourself safe. There are stalls about which will provide you with leaflets with the relevant information on. If for any reason you can't find the information you want Student Services will have information available for you, if not they will be able to point you in the right direction.

Shops in Bangor

Bangor's Lower High street

Shopping in Bangor is obviously aimed at students, the city has five main supermarkets. These are Morrisons (upper Bangor), Lidl, Aldi, Iceland and Marks and Spencer. On the outskirts of the city (a short bus ride/ car journey away) you will find Tesco on Caernarfon Road and a Waitrose at Menai Bridge. If supermarkets are not your thing then there are numerous smaller shops including butchers, bakeries and greengrocers.

Bangor High Street does have the usual shops such as River Island, Animal, Republic, H&M, Superdrug, New Look, Accessorize, HMV, Boots, Game, WH Smith and Debenhams. For those of you who are into fashion then there is a Topshop/Topman, but if that's a bit out of our price range then you can always pop into Peacocks, remembering with your NUS card you are eligible for discounts in many of these shops!

Located in Upper Bangor is a mini high street for the university students as there are lots that populate the majority of upper side. There are hairdressers, laundrettes, newsagents, bookshops and for you keen musicians there is even a guitar shop!

If you do have to go outside the city it will probably only be as far as Caernarfon Road (where Tesco is located) as there is a retail park there which has a DW Fitness gym; PC World, Next, Argos, Comet, Matalan; Dunelm Mill, Halfords and more! There is also a 'Pets at Home' if you feel the need to buy a goldfish for your room. Bangor will meet all your needs as a student, after all the city has over 10,000 students and 15,000 residents so it's in its best interests to do so.

Restaurants in Bangor

Fat Cat Cafe/Bar

Bangor being a university city its going to have a vast array of takeaway restaurants to cater for the needs of the students. Upper Bangor is packed with takeaway restaurants, you won't have to walk too far to get a bite to eat in this city!

There is a broad spectrum of continental eat-in and takeaway restaurants in Bangor. There are Chinese, Indian, Greek, Italian, Thai and European establishments that you can eat in or take away.

There are many pubs in Bangor which offer great food at reasonable prices, you will be surprised at some of the deals you can get! Yates's and Yellow have to be some of the best pubs in Bangor with the best food, not to forget the Fat Cat Cafe Bar.

If you would much rather a lighter lunch or dinner then there are a host of cafes and takeaways that you can go to. For those of you who fancy a sandwich you can go to Subway and have the sandwich made for you right there in front of your eyes (it's even open late so you can get a healthier option than a kebab), which brings me on to the kebab house in Upper Bangor, strategically placed so that you walk past it on the way back to the Halls of Residence after a night out in the City.

At the university itself there are numerous eating and snacking options such as Bar Uno (located on the Ffriddoedd accommodation site); Cafe Teras (ground floor, Main Arts building); Cafe Teras Coffee Pod (foyer, Main Arts building); 1884 Brasserie (The Management Centre); Y Bistro (Normal site); Caffi Glas (Environment Centre Wales building). The Students' Union run nightclub also houses a shop/cafe.

Whatever you decide you want, and whatever your tastes there will be something in Bangor which is suited to you, it's a case of seeing what you like best!

Banks in Bangor

Being a student its important to know what money you have is safe. Here in Bangor there are all the major banks:

  • Natwest
  • HSBC
  • Lloyds TSB
  • Barclays
  • Abbey
  • Nationwide
  • Halifax
  • Santander

The most important thing you do is get the best student bank account you can, you want to make the bank work for you, not the other way round! The banks are all located within close proximity to each other so going between them hunting for the best deal on a student account shouldn't be too difficult. In fact you might not even have to do that. If during freshers' week you go to Serendipity (the Freshers' Fair) then you will be able to pick up information about student back accounts and talk to the bank staff there and then (not to mention picking up some free stuff). If you like the sound of the account they are offering then you may be able to give them some of your information then and arrange an appointment for you to come in and open your account.

If you are one of these fortunate students who doesn't need all their loan, or wants to make the loan work for them then there is the option to open building society accounts and an ISA. You will be able to earn interest on the student loan, meaning you are making money by being at university and having the high interest ISA account. Make sure you look at ways to make your money work for you, there's nothing worse than being a student and having to live without having a great deal of money. Look for the deals out there with interest free overdrafts and high interest ISA accounts. They vary from bank to bank so hunt them down for the best deal and don't be afraid to barter with them!


Bangor Railway Station

Transport in and around Bangor is great and perfect for a student. For a start everything is pretty much within walking distance, however if you want to go out of town to Tesco or the out-of-town retail centre then you can always jump on the Arriva buses which are continually on the move round the town. They are cheap and you can get student tickets. A little bit of advice here is you can buy your ticket online and get a further 10% discount on top of the discounted student ticket, so if you are planning a day out of Bangor then you can make it even cheaper. The buses are clean and the drivers are friendly, it's a great service that is offered so you might as well make the most of it.

As a student, I highly doubt you will have the need for a car because Bangor is so small, that is unless you are going to traveling home often. If this is the case then Bangor does have very good rail links, with direct lines to London's Euston station you can get to London in just over three and a half hours, or you can change at Crewe to get alternative destinations. You can use the National rail website to plan your journey and work out the times it will take to travel.

In Bangor there is a very reliable taxi service provided by Chubbs, they also provide a minibus service for those of you who might be planning a night out of Bangor or wanting to get a lot of people home after a party. The staff are very friendly and reliable, and the costs are pretty fair for a taxi service.

As a student, some of you may consider bringing bikes as your main mode of transport, as you would associate with other university cities such as Cambridge. However in Bangor it is not really recommended that you bring a bike. You won't have any real need for it because everything is so close together; unless you are planning on going mountain biking then there is no real need for the bike. The hills in Bangor will deter you from wanting to ride your bike, because by the time you've followed the roads round on bicycle, you could have gone further on foot by taking the shortcuts through the town.

There are many shortcuts through the town, which mean you don't have to walk up such big hills and can get to where you are going a lot quicker. There are also some nice shortcuts which can get you from the pubs to the accommodation in less than half the time it would take to walk the long way round. So in Bangor it's always best to travel by foot, and you'll get a good amount of exercise walking up and down the hills.

Bangor University Careers & Employability Service

Student Services have a fantastic Careers and Employability service, located in Neuadd Rathbone, College Road, which can assist you with finding work placements, summer jobs and even part time work to give you a little more money to the beer fund, or at least mean you won't be living off 8p noodles from Morrisons. The careers service offered by the university has experts in the field of careers advising there to help you prepare your CV and even conduct mock interviews to aid you in the pursuit of your future career.

The careers team will try to help find a part time job which suits you and they are part of a national network to help find you a job local to you. This also means that you can find vacation/holiday work close to your home address without having to go through agencies.

Make time to go to the careers service, they will be there to help you and can aid you in more ways than you think, even to the extent of showing you future career paths with the degree you are taking.

Part-time jobs in Bangor

There are many part time jobs available in Bangor, as there are in many university cities. There are pubs, clubs, and shops that all need extra staff during term time. The population of the city almost doubles when term starts at Bangor University and what is normally a quiet Welsh town becomes a hive of activity. Local businesses will advertise vacancies within the first few weeks of term so if you are wanting to get a job, that is the time you should go for one.

Lots of jobs will be advertised on the walls in the careers offices located within student services, Neuadd Rathbone, College Road. Pop along there and see what is up for offer, the careers team will be able to advise you on how to write a CV and will help you with interview techniques.

Religous facilities in Bangor

Bangor Cathedral

Bangor accommodates for many different religions and faiths. Y Ffynnon on Prince's Road is a multi-faith centre and has a room which can be booked for events. There are buildings which cater for the following faiths:

  • Anglican
  • Roman Catholic
  • Methodist
  • Society of Friends (Quakers)
  • Islam
  • Welsh Baptist
  • English Baptist
  • Welsh Evangelical
  • Ebenezer Evangelical
  • Pentecostal
  • Orthodox

There is an ecumenical student group called the Ecumenical Chaplaincy Fellowship. This fellowship is made up of Anglican, Methodist and Roman Catholic Chaplaincies. There are numerous societies which you are able to join with people who share the same faith as yourself; if a society doesn't already exist then you can start one. For example Bangor University has a society for Earth Religions.

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Social Life at Bangor University

Social aspects of university life are extremely important in Bangor and any other university for that matter, there are so many new people to meet! Freshers' week is the time to go out and meet people as it's the time that peer guides are introducing students to their new life in Bangor. Make the most of getting out there in pubs and clubs to meet new people. One of the most important things about student life is getting to socialise with the people you are living with, take the time and effort to get to know them, otherwise things could become a bit hostile. If you are living in halls you won't want this.

Bangor is a vibrant city, albeit smaller than most but the students here still know how to have a great time and enjoy themselves!

If bars and clubs are not your thing then take a short bus journey out of town and you can go bowling, catch a film at Cineworld or go to Venue (thearte in Llandudno) or to Galeri (theatre in Caernarfon) where comedians like Jimmy Carr, Lee Mack and John Bishiop and music acts like Stereophonics, Duffy and Gruff Rhys have performed.

You can also catch a production by one of the three theatrical groups the university has, or watch a film with a few mates. Whatever you want to do then Bangor should cater for your needs, if not it's only going to be a short bus ride out of town.

Set to open in 2013, is Pontio - a new Arts and Innovation Centre. The 35M project will include a theatre, lecture theatres, external amphitheatre, exhibition spaces bar and cafe.

Bars, Pubs and clubs in Bangor

Bangor is ripe with bars and pubs, wherever you are staying you're not more than fifteen minutes walk away from a pub. The pubs in Bangor are very varied, some very student orientated, others a little more traditional. Students of course are welcome in all pubs in Bangor, but the more traditional ones won't have special offers for students.

Bangor has four nightclubs, Academi (the Students' Union owned nightclub, also houses two bars), Peep (formally called Octagon), Revive (formally called Embassy) - yet most are within easy walking distance to the pubs.

Here are some of the local pubs and bars you might want to look out for:

  • Academi (Student Nightclub)
  • Revive
  • Peep
  • The Old Glan (the "Yellow pub")
  • Yates
  • Weatherspoons
  • The Harp
  • Patrick's Bar
  • The Black Bull
  • Belle Vue
  • Rascals Bar
  • Piranha Lounge
  • Fat Cat
  • Varsity
  • The Globe (predominately Welsh speaking pub)
  • Three Crowns Inn (Best gay pub in Wales 2004)
  • Hendre Hall (A55)

Events in Bangor

There are a lot of events occurring in Bangor throughout the year, Academi (the Students' Union nightclub), Peep and Revive (the other nightclubs) all have events occurring regularly. Recent acts have included performers such as Pendulum, Ordinary Boys, Wheatus, Athlete, The Pigeon Detectives, We are Scientists, The Twang, Lisa LAshes, Mr Scruff, Supergrass and Alan Fletcher (DJ Karl Kennedy). Regular favourites at Academi are 60s, 70s and 80 nights, Trash (rock metal), Racubah (funk, reggae and Latin music, and Play (dance floor fillers and chart toppers).

Any events which will be occurring within the city will usually be shown on posters around the university, not only that but student newspapers and even on the air on Bangor University's very own radio station Storm FM. Being a university city as compact as Bangor word spreads quickly anyway so you'll find out about events very quickly.

It isn't just the nightclubs which hold events. Some of the other bars hold special events evenings, for example. Yellow Bar has a £1 a pint night. Paddy's bar quite often have good deals because early September Paddy's were selling shots of vodka for 50p.

Clubs and societies at Bangor University

Bangor has so many clubs and societies it's hard to keep track of them. If you can't find a society or club that already exists within the university then you are welcome to set up your own society/club. By joining one of the many clubs/societies at Bangor you will be able to meet more people with a similar interest to your own.

Serendipity is Bangor University's Freshers' Fair. Here you will be able to talk to people about clubs and societies and about what they do and get involved in. Whether it's sports, religion, theatre, music or otherwise there will usually be a representative on hand to talk to you about the club/society and will be willing to have you come to their taster sessions and see if you are interested.

If you see yourself as a bit of a drama queen then you've got three drama groups to join. If technical stuff is more your kind of thing then there is Screws ( Stage crew) who provide technical support to the drama groups. Music more your thing? There is always the music society or Storm FM (the university radio station) to get involved with. If you are a budding DJ then you'll be able to join the ranks of the DJ Society. If you enjoy writing then you might be tempted to join Busin (Bangor University Society of Investigative News) or Pulp (Writers' Magazine).

Maybe sport is more your thing, with Snowdonia on one side and the Menai Straits on the other Bangor has lots to offer in the way of sports clubs. Here are just a few of the outdoor clubs:

  • BUMS (Bangor University Mountaineering Society)
  • Kayaking
  • Rowing
  • Rugby (men's and women's)
  • Football (men's and women's)
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Kitesports club
  • Hockey
  • Archery
  • BUST (Bangor University Surf Team)
  • Wind Surfing
  • Gaelic Footbal (mens and womens)

Here are some of the indoor clubs you might consider joining:

  • Fencing
  • Octopush
  • Swimming
  • Ki-Aikido
  • Gymnastics
  • Snooker and Pool

Check the Student Union Athletics Union and Societies web pages for full list of sports clubs and societies.

For people who are not so sporty or adventurous then there are many other creative societies you can become involved with. Photography is an ever popular club because with the local surroundings there is always the opportunity for some fantastic photographs. Also if photography is your thing then you might want to consider getting involved with the student newspaper which is called SEREN, it is run by students for the students and contains all the latest information, gossip reviews and keeps you up to date with whats happening within the University and the Union.

Bangor is a culturally diverse city because of the University, and there are societies in place for ethnic and religious groups to meet up and form friendships, talk about your beliefs and spend time with people like yourself. The full list can be found on the Societies page on the Student Union Website.

Most, if not all departments within the university will have a society related to them. Usually events will be organised by departments for days out or balls, so you might want to get involved with the departmental societies.

Any society you join will require a small signing on fee, some will be for lifetime membership, others will be an annual subscription cost. Before you are allowed to sign up to any of the sporting clubs you MUST join the Athletics Union as they provide insurance against injuries when participating in sporting activities within the university.

The university has a very strong Bi, Gay and Lesbian Society, so if you feel you need support with your sexuality then Unity Bangor LGBTQ+ will be there to offer assistance ,and you will be able to enjoy yourself on socials that will be organised by the society. You can find them at their web page Unity Bangor which provides information on what they do and the support they provide.

Accommodation at Bangor University

Information on accommodation at the University of Wales, Bangor can be found here.

Bangor University Students' Union

Bangor University Students' Union offices (housing SU services and departments including the Advice Centre, Student Volunteering (SVB), Athletic Union (AU), Societies and sabbatical officers) is located in Bryn Haul, near the Ffriddoedd accommodation site, behind Bar Uno on Victoria Drive. The Students' Union nightclub, Academi is located on Ffordd Deiniol. Student Support Services and the Centre for Careers & Opportunities can be found in Neuadd Rathbone on College Road.

The Union is part of a national network and they work together to help you, the students. That's what it's there for so make the most of it. The facilities and expertise in Bangor are first class and the dedicated staff will do their best to help.

Fore more information on the democracy side of the union please go here


Prices of drinks in the SU venues is variable depending on where you are and what day it is. There are quite often offers available on some nights like Pound a Pint in Academi on a Friday night. Whether you want to go clubbing or enjoy a civilised pint you'll be looking at paying some of the best prices in Bangor.


Academi is the SU's nightclub. It also has two bars a cafe and shop. Academi is for those people who want to party enjoy the SIN (Student Involvement) Nights and raise a bit of money for their club-society as well as a host of other themes nights, from Monday Night with "Mayhem" a rock and metal night to Friday Night with Rachubah where a more chilled out relaxed atmosphere is about. There is something for everyone at least one night in the week.

Time, the SU's Nightclub during the Freshers Ball

Academi has the usual drinks you find in any bar, but with the added bonus of a cocktail bar which is opened as and when the demand is there for it. A large selection of cocktails can be found at the bar for a reasonable price.

The Bangor University Environment

Architecture at Bangor University

PJ hall during the summer ball
The Quad inside the Main Arts Building

Bangor is a city full of architecture ranging from classical churches and the main university building to the brand new accommodation, not to mention the Welsh miners' cottages synonymous of the area.

Not only is Bangor a city of architectural significance; there is also the Menai Bridge, the bridge which opened in 1826 which was a great feat of engineering at the time. This is not the only bridge to be found around Bangor - Britannia Bridge (situated about 800 metres from the Menai Bridge) was constructed in 1850. The bridge was constructed to cater for the new railway systems that linked London to Holyhead (a ferry port to/from Dublin).

The main university building was completed in 1911 and is a dominating feature of the city, standing prominently on the top of the hill, and can be seen from most places within the city.

The marvellous cathedral has played a big part in Bangor's history. The city's name originates from a cathedral which stood in the same location as the present cathedral over 1500 years ago. The cathedral is a large, imposing building at the end of the high street in the city, a high street which is said to be the longest in Wales.

The new university accommodation buildings are a fantastic work of architecture. They look modern but use fantastic bricks to give them a traditional look as well. The student accommodation on the Ffriddoedd site is constructed from similar bricks to that of the main university building.

Local area

Bangor Pier in all its Glory
The Menai Straits seen from the Pier

Bangor city is located in one of, if not THE most beautiful places in not just Wales, but in the whole of the United Kingdom. With the Menai Straits on one side of the City and Snowdonia on the other, whichever way you look on a sunny day you will have a fantastic view. Over the Menai Straits is the Island of Anglesey which has some traditional buildings, fantastic views and amazing beaches. If you are a keen walker, mountain biker or are interested in water sports then this is the place for you. Whilst you are there you can always pop into one of the many small towns like Beaumaris and sample the traditional Welsh pub atmosphere.

If nature is more your thing then you have Snowdonia to explore, but should you wish to take trips out into the Straits then you can visit some of the other small islands. Just off the coast of Anglesey is Puffin Island, here you can go and do some ornithology. If that's not your cup of tea then you can have a tea or coffee in the cafe on one of the islands in the Straits which the Archbishop of Bangor used to live on.

The historic Victorian pier in Bangor has undergone restoration work over the years. This pier allows you to have fantastic views out across to Anglesey and out across the waves of the Irish Sea. The beaches in the area are lovely and clean and an ideal environment for a family fun day out (not to mention students having a great time).

Bangor is in a part of the world surrounded by natural beauty, the unspoilt countryside makes it the perfect place for anyone that is sporty or loves life outdoors. Okay, it rains from time to time, but on dry, sunny days there is nowhere better to be in the UK.

Bangor is only a short train journey away from many other large cities such as Chester, Crewe, Manchester and Liverpool so if you wanted to it wouldn't be difficult for you to spend a day or so out in one of these larger cities. There are lots of local activities occurring all the time and in the villages surrounding Bangor it's as easy as a bus ride there and back. With your student discounts this will cost next to nothing!

Teaching quality at Bangor University

As with any institution teaching will vary from department to department. Different surveys will tell you different information about the quality of teaching; the only people that really know that are the students. It's recommended that you talk to people when you are on open days and interviews, to find out what the students think of the teaching at Bangor. TSR also has a Bangor forum where you can put questions to the current students if you so wish.

League tables and most independent studies will not give you an accurate enough guide to the quality of teaching or the quality of the university itself, and even then it's opinionated, so it could mean the university is ideal for you but not for another person. You will need to seek many opinions and find out for yourself. Never rely on other people's information.

Applying to Bangor University

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