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Note: This page only deals with accommodation for new undergrads and Foundation students, since it's assumed that postgrads will already have first-hand knowledge of the accommodation on offer!



There is a map of the campus including all the residences available. The residences are listed below from West to East.


A typical Westwood kitchen (more photos)
429 rooms between Quantock, Conygre, Cotswold, Derhill and Wolfson Terraces. 240 rooms in Quarry & Mendip Terraces.

Some of the Westwood blocks are split into 5 vertical houses of 19 rooms per house, others into 5 horizontal flats of 25 rooms per flat. Each residence has 3 kitchens (2 large, 1 small). It is reported that the rooms in the houses are somewhat larger than the rooms in the flats.

The 'pod' rooms in Westwood are fairly small, with a fitted bed, desk, shelves over the desk and over the bed, and an en-suite pod (small cupboard-type room with shower, toilet and sink).

The newly refurbished rooms have had the pod removed, with only a washbasin in the room. They are not en-suite and have more modern furniture, including an LCD TV. The refurbished blocks have 2 kitchens and less rooms (to make room for the extra shared facilities).

The Westwood buildings are located behind the western end of campus, close to the pharmacy and business departments, the main lecture theatres, library, and the shops and banks, but away from the students union (still less than 5 mins walk)

In Quarry and Mendip Terraces, you are allowed to smoke in your own room but not in communal areas.

From West to East:

Quarry Terrace
A room in Quarry (more photos)
Recently refurbished flats with around 20 people per floor. Rooms numbered up to 25 with some missing in the middle. The 'missing rooms' have become the shared kitchen and dining area (or two) and shared toilet/shower facilities.

Named for the quarries that use to be all over Claverton Down, you'll be glad to hear that Quarry Terrace not about to crumble and collapse like many of its namesakes. Quarry is the most westerly of the main Westwood terraces and at the back overlooks woodland and the golf course.

Mendip Terrace

Flats, shared bathrooms, or studio flats (see Quarry)

3 Kitchens (2 large, 1 small)

Like several of the halls, it is named after a range of hills in the region. Mendip is linked to Quarry Terrace by a central stairwell.

Conygre Terrace

Houses, recently refurbished.

Conygre is named after an ancient field on Claverton Down. Conygre means rabbit warren (from the old rural word, conny meaning rabbit) so the field was doubtless full of rabbit holes to trip up the unwary. Luckily the namesake hall isn't a warren.

Quantock Terrace

Houses, recently refurbished.

Yet again, Quantock is named after local hills.

Note, students living in Quantock have to move out for the Easter holidays.

Cotswold Terrace

Houses, recently refurbished.

Another block also named after hills.

Derhill Terrace

Houses, recently refurbished.

Derhill is named after an ancient field just below Claverton Down, known as Derhill Field (originally 'under the hill' field).

Wolfson Terrace

Flats, recently refurbished.

Brendon Court

A room in Brendon (more photos)
107 rooms.

Brendon Court is located between the Westwood and Eastwood complexes. The bedrooms have washbaisins and were refurbished in summer 2007. The rooms are singles and reportedly vary in size - some are smaller than in other residences. All of the facilities are communal, including newly refurbished kitchens. Brendon Court's rooms are arranged in groups of 11 to 14 around large kitchens, and three showers and two toilets per group. The building itself is horseshoe shaped, with a courtyard in the centre.


139 rooms.

Norwood House was one of the original four residences on campus (Westwood, Eastwood and Wessex House were the others). It overlooks the Parade on one side and the Sports Village on the other. It is directly over the student's union. Its central location means it's close to everywhere on campus - the SU bar, shop, and library can all be reached without going outside!

Refurbished in 2010, Norwood is a high-rise residence with five residential levels. Kitchen group sizes vary between six and twelve single rooms, all with washbasins.

There is a common room with sofas and a television and a launderette on level 4.

There are lifts but they don't always work. Rooms have nice views but can be noisy. Not en-suite.


563 rooms.

Situated on the northeast side of campus, Eastwood backs onto the golf course and fields. It provides non-en-suite accommodation in individual "houses" arranged along a tree-lined avenue.

Eastwood is close to the library and students union.

Houses 1-19

There are 11 students per house. All wash basin, shower and toilet facilities are communal. There is one large room in each house and two large rooms in a few. The large rooms have a double bed but are strictly for single occupancy.

Houses 20-23

These houses are apparently closed for refurbishment this year.

Houses 24-51

Houses 24-31 are in small teraces and houses 42-51 are in two large crescents, echoing the Georgian developments in Bath. There are 13 students per house in single rooms with washbasins.

Marlborough and Solsbury

A room in Solsbury (more photos)
The en-suite shower in a Solsbury room (more photos)
A typical Solsbury kitchen (more photos)
163 rooms in Marlborough, 300 in Solsbury. Mixed or single-gender groups of 4-7 sharing one large kitchen each. All the flats are 7, apart from the ground floors which are 5 or 4. There are 4 blocks in Marlborough and 6 in Solsbury, and 4 floors per block including the ground floor. There is a landing and 2 flats to each floor.

Marlborough and Solsbury continue the tradition of naming halls after hills in the area.

The modern, spacious en-suite accommodation means Marlborough and Solsbury have always been the most expensive of the halls, although Woodland Court's opening this summer will change that! The kitchens get cleaned twice a week, the bins get emptied every day and your room gets cleaned once every 6 weeks.

Marlborough and Solsbury are situated around landscaped central courtyards. The kitchens in Marlborough and Solsbury are large, given the relatively small number of students sharing each one. They also have 1 glass wall (remember that when you're kitchen dancing). For flats of 7 there are 2 fridges and 8 hobs. The corridors are wide, the rooms are fairly spacious and there is a carpet. Definitely not a "prison" feel unlike some of the other accommodations. They are really sociable as all of them are (the fact the corridor is nice for sitting on helps with this!). The only downside is the thin walls - you will hear everything your neighbour does, and a bit from the door directly across. However this is most likely the case in ALL accommodations and you do get used to the noise - the level is not the same as in Freshers Week, though there have been some "5am drunken choir" incidents.

Marlborough & Solsbury are located at the eastern end of campus, close to the Sports Training Village and facing the East Car Park. A relatively long walk from the west departments and theatres. Less than 5 minutes to the University Hall, and about 1 minute to the East Building lecture theatre and Founder's Hall.

Woodland Court

335 rooms. Groups of 7, 14, 15 or 19, each sharing one large kitchen. Mixed and single gender groups available.

This new residence will be available for the 2008/9 Academic Year and located to the east of Marlborough and Solsbury. It will offer:

  • Premium en-suite rooms
  • Large fully accessible study bedrooms for students with special requirements (24 available)
  • Accommodation for Undergraduate and Postgraduate students
  • 4ft wide beds
  • LCD TV's/Monitors
  • Freewire VOIP

The design for Woodland Court meets the required standards for an 'Excellent' rating for environmental design under the BREEAM accreditation scheme.

As the newest complex of all, rooms in Woodland court are expensive, and likely to be very popular.

Off Campus Accommodation

John Wood is an accommodation block situated in town near the cinema. It is for students that have applied late, and is of the same standard as a Westwood/Eastwood flat. Has a bus stop literally round the corner that both orange and blue buses service. Has a large Sainbury down the road, a co-op just opposite, local sainbury a bit further into town and a McCoy opposite the cinema.

Split into two sectors, John Wood Court and John Wood Building. John Wood Court being the modern-looking buildings and is split into blocks KA to KF and John Wood Building being the single large block-type building.

Has its own laundrette behind the housekeeping office with 4 washers and 4 dryers. Is often in use during popular times (eg when most people are free, like after 5pm or during the weekend) but not too busy.

Front gate next to housekeeping locks after a certain time, only way in is either through the back doors of the blocks (if you live in the Court buildings) or the side gate (can only be opened with a library card from outside, button on the inside to open it) and possible the back gate on Milk Street. (Note: KD's backdoor's lock is broken when this student lived there in 2009-2010)

Private Sector Accommodation

From the second year onwards, students normally live off campus. Houses can be rented for the average price of 60-70 pounds per person per week. The main student housing area is Oldfield park, but houses all around the city are avaliable. Houses in the centre can be expensive (80+ a week), but there is always an affordable option.

General Facilities

All the on-campus accommodation at Bath is self-catering and includes the following facilities:

Your Room

Most rooms measure approximately 2.25m x 4.5m but there are variations. A pin board and waste paper bin are provided in each room. You will be loaned the following for each room:

  • 2 cotton sheets
  • 2 pillows
  • 2 pillow cases
  • 1 underblanket
  • 1 duvet
  • 1 duvet cover

(Unless you live in off-campus accomodation in which case a bed pack is provided containing a pillow, a pillow case, a duvet and a duvet cover. This bed pack costs £30 but if wish to bring your own bed pack you can return it to the housekeepers office)

Rooms are cleaned on a rota once every 6-8 weeks. You can decline to have your room cleaned, but the housekeeper will check to make sure you're keeping it clean yourself. John Wood Court rooms never get cleaned however.

John Wood Court rooms also get an audit, this student got a total of 3 in the year. They leave a note saying when the audit will be and generally just check the window in your room, then leave a slip saying whether they're happy with how clean your room is, or whether it needs to be cleaned (however they won't take an action, a flatemate's room was messy all year). They also comment on anything that goes against the agreement (near the end of the year this student left his rice cooker out in the open (rice cookers need to be checked first, but this wasn't) and the slip said to get rid of it. However previously I just hid it in the cupboard).

Kitchens & Dining Areas

The kitchens are equipped with an electric cooker, one or two large fridge/freezer(s) (depending on the number of students sharing), food cupboards, an electric kettle, an iron, ironing board, chairs, tables and a sink unit. Rice cookers are provided in off-campus communal kitchens and are available on request on-campus. You will have to provide your own crockery, cutlery and cookware.

In front of most of the terrace kitchens there is a paved area for sitting out in Summer.

Kitchens and other communal areas including shared bathrooms are cleaned twice a week.

Computer Facilities

ResNet allows students to connect their own computers to the University Campus LAN. Facilities available over ResNet include access to email, the web, the Library printers, and your own filespace on the central file server. Many other facilities will also work across the Internet, although there are some restrictions. Whilst primarily intended for academic use, modest personal use is permitted. More information can be found at the Bath ResNet home page.

Freewire Telephone

The Freewire Telephone service, with a handset now available in all 'enhanced' study bedrooms, lets you make free calls to any of your fellow residents within the University of Bath’s halls of residence or to anyone else on the Freewire Network. Freewire gives you the following benefits:

  • Free calls to other Freewire Telephone users anytime, anywhere in the world
  • Free subscription to the service for friends and family
  • Free voicemail, teleconferencing and call screening facilities
  • Competitive rates when calling other networks and mobile phones

If your bedroom does not have a Freewire handset, you can still access the Freewire service by downloading the software that lets you enjoy the same benefits via a 'softphone', using your computer's microphone and speakers. For more information about Freewire services, visit their website.

Freewire TV

Using the Freewire TV software, you can watch 25 digital TV and radio channels for free on your PC.

The software works like any satellite or cable TV service, with now/next information about programmes, a full seven-day TV and radio guide and easy channel selection.

19 extra TV channels are available with the Freewire Extra premium TV package. For a monthly subscription of £9.99, you can get access to many more channels including E! and MTV, as well as live Premiership and SPL football on Setanta sports.

Again, for more information on Freewire and Freewire TV, visit the website.

Note, you do need a TV license to legally watch Freewire TV.

Electrical Supply

All the residences on campus are fitted with normal domestic square pin electrical sockets in the study bedrooms. The cost of electricity is included in the rent.

The sockets will not allow you to draw a current of 13 amps, but are restricted to 5 amps. This is sufficient to power most computers, televisions, audio equipment and hairdryers, but not items such as fan heaters and kettles. All space heaters of any kind are banned in the rooms in any case.

It is important to note that the accommodation policy specifically disallows the use of mini-fridges in your room, on the grounds that they are inefficient and use a lot of power. Heaters are also disallowed because they can't draw a large enough current (and are obviously a fire hazard).

Cars and Parking

Students living in University accommodation on or off-campus may not park cars on the University site, unless granted a permit, or on public roads within the City of Bath boundaries. Permits will only be issued in exceptional circumstances.


Bath has negotiated a deal with Endsleigh to provide basic contents insurance which is included in the accommodation fee. This covers core details such as items in your room up to a certain price and electrical goods. You can however extend this insurance by paying additional fees for options such as electrical equipment outside your room and goods outside your room or your bike.


These are 2008/2009 fees for new undergraduates and Foundation students. Prices are subject to change, so it is recommended that you check on the official site. Last checked 27/5/08.

For undergraduates, the contract runs from 20/09/08 to 13/06/09, and includes vacations, except for in Westwood Quantock where you will have to move out over the Easter break.

Only John Wood is available to Foundation students. The price per week is the same, but the contract runs from 06/09/08 to 27/06/09 as the Foundation term is longer.

Block Room type Price per week
Westwood (Quarry, Mendip) Enhanced standard with washbasin £115.00
Westwood (Conygre/Quantock*/Wolfson/Cotswold/Derhill) Enhanced standard with washbasin £115.00
Brendon Court Standard with washbasin (including catering credit) £160.00
Norwood Enhanced standard with washbasin £115.00
Eastwood (E24-51) Standard with washbasin (no cleaning service) £100.00
Eastwood (E1-19) Standard refurbed without washbasin (no cleaning service) £88.00
Marlborough/Solsbury Court Ensuite shower £130.00
Woodland Court Enhanced Ensuite shower £140.00
Woodland Court Enhanced Ensuite XL £145.00
John Wood Main Building Ensuite shower £95.50
John Wood Court Standard without washbasin £77.50
  • Quantock residents have to move out during the Easter holidays.

Accommodation policy

Official accommodation policy


If you want to stay in campus accommodation, you have to accept the first room you are offered.


In line with the legal requirements, smoking is not allowed in any of the communal areas in Bath accommodation, however you can smoke in your own room in certain blocks.


There are severe restrictions on having a car while staying in university halls at Bath. The official policy is that "Students may not be in possession of a motor vehicle whilst living in University residence, either on or off campus, unless granted a permit." This is enforced by means of parking restrictions: You are not allowed to park a car on campus or on public roads in Bath, unless you have a permit. Temporary permits can be bought for £1 per day. Parking is available on private farmland opposite the campus for around £50 per year, or there are a few gaps in between the campus and the town where a permit is not required.


You are allowed to have a guest stay in your room for a few nights but you must notify your Duty Tutor for fire safety reasons. If a guest is staying for longer than three nights, they may be asked to rent a room of their own instead. You can hire a camp bed for your guest for a small charge if you want.

You are responsible for your guest at all times, and they must follow the rules or you could be punished.


Applications for Bath accommodation are generally made online. A link to the application form is currently available on the website. The closing date for guaranteed accommodation is the 3rd of September.

Application Form Details

To apply, you will be asked for the following information:

  • Student Details
    • Forename
    • Surname
    • Date Of Birth
    • Gender
    • Email Address (twice)
    • UCAS/Student Number
  • Accommodation Preferences
    • Student Type (eg Fresher, Foundation, etc.)
    • Room Type Preference (eg Standard, En-suite, etc.)
    • Residence Preference (eg Eastwood, Westwood, etc.)
    • Licence Type (Fresher or Foundation)
    • Session applied for (2008-2009 is the only option)
  • Additional Information
    • Kitchen group gender preference (prefer mixed, prefer single, require single, or no preference)
    • Do you smoke?
    • Current Student Status
    • Any brief additional requirements?
      • Here you can mention any special requirements concerning your accommodation such as details of mid-session arrival, dietary, religious, family/spouse needs or any other named student with whom you would like to share.
  • After submitting the form, you will be sent an email, containing a link which you will need to click to verify your application.

Most of the choices on the form are selected from drop-down menus, and the options will be narrowed down as you work down the form.

You do not need to pay for your accommodation immediately; you will be contacted about this after your room has been allocated.

Room Availability

Bath have said that rooms are allocated on a first come, first served basis. When a block is heavily over-subscribed, it will be removed from the list of choices.

Students holding a confirmed place (eg deferred or unconditional) can be allocated rooms before results day, while those with conditional places are placed in a queue until after the university recieves their results.

In past years, it has been very competitive to apply for certain halls, notably Marlborough and Solsbury, however as Woodland Court will be newly opening this year, nobody really knows what will happen.

In 2009, John Wood Court (and possibly the main building) appears to have been held in reserve for students who had Bath as their insurance. This student only had the option of John Wood Court when applying to Bath as his insurance after failing his main choice.


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