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This page is intended to make it easy to access and share information about applicants to York for entry in 2014. Do not feel obliged to enter your details or fill in all columns of the table.

Please remember to come back and update your entry when you get an Offer!


Do not edit someone else's entry unless they have asked you to do so: everyone is entitled to have as much or as little information on here as they wish.

If you are only continuing a subject to AS level, please put it in brackets. Also, the Outcome column is for your decision, whether it be Firm, Insurance or Declined.


Please take note that the table is alphabetically ordered by course, accommodation and then username.

Username Course College
(leave blank if unsure)
GCSEs A Level or Equivalent Subjects AS Grades A Level or Equivalent Predictions Offer Outcome Extras
Lucy96 Bioarchaeology - 4A*s 5As 2Bs History, English Literature, Biology (Chemistry) AABE(ouch) A*A*A Offer- ABB - EPQ on the evolutionary history of hominids, mentor teenagers with additional needs
nimsay1 Biomedical sciences - 8 A*s, 4 As Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Physics AAAA A*A*A*A* Offer AAB - EPQ, volunteering, Villiers Park Cell Biology and Genetics and other stuff :)
Sean Biomedical Science - 10A* 3As Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Further Maths, General Studies (Physics at AS) AAAAAA A*A*A*A*A* Offer- AAB - EPQ. 2 Years working at nursing home. Pharmaceutical industry work experience.
courtney656 Biochemistry - 8A*'s 4A's Biology, Chemistry, Maths, History (dropped) AAAB (family/health issues) A*AA (predictions only) offer AAB - Nuffield Research Placement, 200 hour millennium volunteers certificate, GOLD crest award, senior prefect, silver DofE, grade 4 clarinet, tutor GCSE students
lilyhannah Biochemistry - 2A*s 8As Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, Eng Lit (dropped) AAAA AAA (achieved) Unconditional (after certificates are provided) - Gap Year. Oxford transplant work experience, NMR workshop, cardiomyopathy work expierience, working at IT enterprise, south america travel and Belize conservation task, JSLA, Grade 5 piano, peer counsellor, Silver & Gold DofE, karate
zef1995 Biochemistry - 6A*s, 7A's Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Spanish (dropped) AAAA A*A*A (achieved) - -
SilentSeraph Electronic Engineering (With Foundation Year) - 1A 4B's 4C's Maths (AS) English Lit. (A2) Physics (A2) BTEC Level 3 Certificate (AS Equivalent) Music (Performance) B (English) C (Physics) E (Maths) A (English) B (Physics) B (Maths) Distinction (Music) BB (English and Physics) B (Maths) Distinction (Music) - 1 year's volunteering at a live music venue, part time work in PCB assembly at Rainger FX Guitar effects pedals, soon to be completing Grade 6 on the drums, I have built a guitar amplifier (both head and cabinet)
PensiveArmadillo Biology - 11A*s Biology, Chemistry, Maths, French AAAA A*A*AA Offer - AAB - EPQ, Further reading, Volunteering, UKMT SMC Gold, etc.
Hannaahhh Biology - 11A*s 1A Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Geography, General Studies, Critical Thinking AAAAAA A*A*AAAA (achieved) Offer: unconditional (except that they want copies of my A level certificates) - Tutoring GCSE Students, YASS module, volunteering in Brazil.
Lime-jelly Biotechnology and Microbiology with Industrial experience - 2A*'s 6A's 3B's Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, English Literature (dropped) AAAC A* A B AAB - invited to Biopharm. taster day on development of drugs where I made paracetamol, 3x voluntary jobs, part time work, sporting achievements, further reading
Lime-jelly Biotechnology and Microbiology with a year in europe - 2A*'s 6A's 3B's Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, English Literature (dropped) AAAC A* A B AAB - invited to Biopharm. taster day on development of drugs where I made paracetamol, 3x voluntary jobs, part time work, sporting achievements, further reading
bekbok Chemistry (With a year in industry)-6A* 2A 3B Chemistry, Biology, Maths, (Physics) ABCD A* A C AAB (With an A in Chemistry) Firmed
Kmonster Chemistry - 14A*s Chemistry, Maths, Physics, Biology, French (dropped) AAAAA A*A*A*A* Offer AAB - -
knope Chemistry - 1A* 3A 2B 1C (health issues) Biology, Maths, Chemistry, (Economics) AAAA A*A*A AAB - EPQ, applying for deferred entry
lizz-ie Chemistry - 4A*s, 5As, 2Bs Biology, Chemistry, Maths, (Further Maths) AAAA A*AA AAB (A in Chemistry) Declined Workshop day to visit a chemical industry, UCL's Proteins as Therapeutic Agents Masterclass, Further Reading, Self-Taught FP1, Voluntary Work, Debating Team, Choir (sang at Royal Albert Hall and Birmingham Symphony Hall), House Senior, Peer Mentor, took part in a project run by the British Council
Bookler_Natsu Chemistry - 6A*s, 1A, 1B, 1C A2: Chemistry, Physics, Maths. AS: Biology AAAA A*AA Offer - AAB - -
meeow Chemistry with Biology & medicinal chem 9A* 2A Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Science in Society AAAAAA A*A*A*A* (2A* already achieved) Yes, interview 3rd December EPQ, time spent in biochemistry lab, voluntary work, further reading, self taught maths & further maths, national public speaking competition
eltothejosho Computer Science - 5A* 5A 2B 2C Maths, French, Product Design, Physics, General Studies Further Maths (AS) AAAB A*A*AA (AS - A) Offer: AAA - EPQ, Arkwright Scholarship, Headstart Course, Udacity Course, Maths Tutoring, German Language Certificate
chanteyd Computer Science - 3A* 8A B Maths, Spanish, Chemistry, Biology (AS) AABC AAA Offer: AAA - Udacity Course, extra maths, D of E, Maths tutor, Spanish tutor
amyd Economics - 5A*s, 4A's 2B's Economics, Chemistry, Maths, Spanish (dropped) AABC A*A*AA(in further maths as) AAB (conditional) -
Pro Crastination Economics - 3A*s, 9As Economics, Maths, English Literature, Politics + Further Maths AS (2014) AAAB + (A) A*A*A AAB Young Enterprise 2013 National Finalist (Collected Best Product Award), EPQ (A Predicted), RES Essay Entry, Villiers Park PPE Week, GenUN 2013, Target 2.0 Team Captain, KPMG Work Shadowing Week
tDickinson Computer Science - 5A*s 3As 1B 1C Maths, Further Maths, Computing, Physics AAAA A*A*A*A* - - FSMQ-A Maths, Deputy head boy, grade 8 piano.
amyd Economics - 5A*s, 4A's 2B's Economics, Chemistry, Maths, Spanish (dropped) AABC A*A*AA(in further maths as) AAB (conditional) -
Emily English - 7A*s , 2As, 2Bs English Literature, English Language, History, Psychology AAAB AAA -
Jessica_B. English - 9A*s , 3As English Literature, Religious Studies, History AABC A*A*A AAA -
matthewoingram English - 12A*s, 3As English Lit, History, Drama and Theatre Studies, Media Studies AAAA A*A*AB (Achieved, B is getting remarked) Unconditional Firmed Gap year as a researcher on BBC current affairs show, member of National Youth Theatre, regularly take part in theatre productions (mainly directing), former member of Children and Young People's Assembly for Wales, shortlisted for Wicked Young Writers' Award, shortlisted for Youth Work in Wales Excellence Award, debating and public speaking, deputy head boy
dlaiden English/Philosophy (Equal) - 7As 2Bs English Literature, Psychology, English Language (AS), Philosophy, EPQ AAAB A*A*Aa* AAB -
JelaFish BEng Electronic Engineering - 7As 4Bs Maths, Chemistry, Physics, (Psychology) ABBA ABB - -
Anna96History - 10A* 2A History, History of Art, Biology Maths, English Literature (AS) AAAAB A*A*A*A* Conditional Offer AAA (Received 21/10/13) - Lots!
CaptainBrownHistory and Philosophy - 3A* 6A 1B History, Geography, Latin, (Biology) not great AAB Conditional Offer AAB (Received 02/12/13) - Prefect, rugby 2nd team, leading roles in school and house plays, member of school choir and yearly house choir, guitarist and singer in 2 bands, delivered talks at Classical Society, Model UN, Rotary Youth public speaking
FloryHistory and French - 3A* 7A History, French, Geography, English (AS) AAAB AAA Conditional Offer AAA (Received 5th November - Grade 6 Piano, also play Piano and I sing, Volunteering at Junior School, House Captain, Form Assistant, Member of an auditioned close harmony choir, an auditioned a cappella choir, Large all inclusive choir, I play leading roles in school plays, French literature club, Co-ran English Club
MM14 Law 3A*, 4A, 4B, 1C IB: Eng Lit, Philosophy, Spanish B(HL), Math, Biology, History (SL) - 41/45 offer 36 ib points President of school's philanthropy club, flame of peace award from Habsburg family, work experience at law firm shadowing a barrister, watching a criminal trial, attending magistrate's court, further reading, extended essay on law related topic, watching debates, fluent in spanish, volunteering, charity expedition to Romania, MMA and guitar
JamieD1234 Law 3A*, 4A, 3B Government & Politics, Maths, Psychology, English Language, General Studies AABCC (One A in General Studies) AAAAB Interview (22nd January) 3 weeks in law department at professional services firm, work experience with 2 London Law firms, Senior Prefect, Charity committee member, wider reading, visited magistrates court, Piano grade 2, 10 years practicing Tae Kwon Do
Head Boy 1Law - 4A* 5A 1 Distinction Maths, Psychology, English Language and Business Studies AAAA A(achieved) AAA AA - Head Boy (Part of school's social committee too), Relevant work experience at a law firm, Entered Robert Walker Essay Prize (ranked commended), Read Learning the Law by Glanville Williams, Extra-curricular activities (football, tennis etc.)
Lavedog Linguistics 1 A* 5 A's 4 B's and a fat CEnglish Language, French, Art (music tech, business) AABCD A*AB (achieved) unconditional offer 25th Nov good stuff
The Shanus Mathematics Langwith preferred 2 A*s 4As 3Bs Maths, Further Maths, Physics, English Language (AS) AAA(D) A*AA AAA Accepted as insurance [International Applicant - EU] Relevant reading (Fermat's Last Theorem, The Music of The Primes, A Mathematician's Apology etc.), School Prefect, Silver DoE, Comenius Exchange Project, Cyprus national school public-speaking competition winner, work experience at an international credit report firm, school football team, numerous charity walks, numerous sports day medals.
__Adam__ Maths/Physics 4A* 2B 1C B in higher diploma Maths Further Maths Physics Chemistry AABBA*A*A Offer AAB (A's in Maths/Physics) Firmed Self Teaching 2 FM modules, went to CERN, did C3L6
Aniaa Medicine - European Bac: 86% overall Maths 5p, Bio 4p, Chemistry 4p, Physics 4p, Philo 2p, English 3p - - - -
laura_24 Psychology - 6A*s, 5As, 1Distinction Psychology, Biology, English Lit, History(AS, dropped) AAAB A*A*A* - - Work experience in primary school, volunteering at kids club and mental health charity, trip to Dartmoor prison and lecture by Nick Ross about crime. Bronze Silver and Gold DofE. Brown belt in karate. Doing AQA Bacc (inc. EPQ). Student Ambassador
tiajacob Psychology - 2A*s, 6As, 2Bs, 2 Distinctions Psychology, Biology, English Lit, Chemistry (AS, dropped) AABB AAA (sent 3rd December) received offer 11th december-AAB - volunteer at dementia care home, job at a children's play centre, Exeter university residential, extra reading
Buttercup26 PPE IGCSEs: 7 A*s 1 A IB: English Lit, Music, Economics (HL) Biology, Maths, French B (SL) - 42/45 - - Extra reading, Volunteering through CAS, Grade 7 in Violin and Diploma ABRSM in Piano, planning on taking an internship
Wilsoncw PPE IGCSE:ABBBCD Math, Further Math, Business, Geography AAAC A*A*AB Conditional AA (excluding Math) and submitting SAT scores (14th Jan) - International applicant, SATs, APs
Coastbeats PPE 9A*s 3As Economics, History, Russian, Maths BAAA A*AAB (Achieved) unconditional 21/11 - Voluntary work, JP Morgan work experience, Currently working full time
broog Politics with IR 10 A* 1 A History, Pol, English Lit., (Economics) AAAA A*A*A Conditional AAB (21st Oct.) Gold DoE, EP A*, debating
I like school Politics 5'A* 5 A 1 B and A in Additional maths FSMQ History, Politics, English, Maths AABCC AAA Conditional AAB (18th Nov.) Bronze and Silver DofE, Extended Project Alpha (top grade), Model United Nations, Two choirs, guides, volunteering
Will95206 Politics with International Relations 3A*, 1A, 3B, 3C History, D.T, R.S, Politics AAAB AAA - - Wider reading, DofE: B,S,G, prefect, EDCL, Sports Captains, EPQ, Current Affairs Soc, lecture and taster days
hrsharp Spanish and French 5A*s,3As, B, 2Cs Spanish, French, English Literature, Government and politics (AS- dropped) AAABAAA - - Extra reading, Volunteering,Head of Boarding,Language Leaders
MSamra Economics 5A*s,5As, 2B, 2Cs Economics, Maths, English Literature, History, Art (Textiles) (AS- dropped) AAAADA*A*A*A AAB - Extra reading, Volunteering,Debating Society, Work Experience
Jelmes96 Mathematics/Linguistics A*A*A*AAAAAAAA(M) Maths, Further Maths, French, Physics (AS-dropped) AABB A*A*A Offer - BBB - -
Marthyy Children's Nursing - 6A*s 4As 1D :( Biology, Chemistry, Classical Civilisations and (Maths dropped@AS) BBCCE (ouch) AAB Offer- Interview 25/02/14 - EPQ on life with Cystic Fibrosis, Attend scouts with a teenager with additional needs, volunteer 6 hours a week at a physiotherapy hospital, work experience on hospital Children's ward, army cadets 5 years, senior SJA first aider, work experience at community garden project with disabled adults, Nursing Times subscriber
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