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Welcome to the York Stalking Page 2012

Feel free to add yourself. This is for any application, offer or rejection for any subject in 2012.

How to Add Yourself

To add yourself, follow this template:

|| Username|| Subject || GCSE results || AS results || A2 subjects || A2 predictions || International qualifications?|| Offer|| Notes

It should be in alphabetical order of your course name.

Any sections that don't apply to you, put 'NONE' or 'N/A' in the box, so the format of the table stays the same.

Anyone putting spam, lying, or adding links to their blogs etc will be removed.


Username Subject GCSE results AS results A2 subjects A2 predictions International qualifications? Offer Notes
Fishbulb25 Chemistry with a year abroad 3A*s, 5As, 2Bs ABBB Music, maths, chemistry and physics AAAB N/A AAB (A in chem)
Holby_fanatic Chemistry, Biological and Medicinal Chemistry MChem (Year in Industry) 2A* 6A 5B AAAC Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Physics AAAB N/A ABB (Including A in Chemistry) Firmed!
PatrickD Chemistry, Biological and Medicinal Chemistry F154 (Year in Industry) 8A* 3A AAAAA Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Religious Studies, General Studies A*A*A*A*A* N/A AAB (including A in Chemistry) Firm
exitthefall Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence 8A* 4A AAABC Maths, Further Maths, Physics A*AA N/A AAB
Evening Sunrise BSc Archeaology N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Unconditional Mature student @ 48, Declined
AaronButterfield English 4A* 3A 3B AAAA English Lit, History, Psychology I already have my grades: AAA (I'm a bit older so I, much like the dinosaurs, pre-date the A-level A*) Nope Unconditional -
Monty333 English 8 A* 2 A's AAAAAA English Lit, History, Geography, Biology, General Studies I already have my grades: 3 A*s and 2 A's - Unconditional offer received Firmed
cateriiina1 English 5A* 2A 3B AAAAAA English Lit, History, Music, Spanish A*A*AA None AAA Predicted A* EPQ
-inspired- English 2A* 5A 5B AAAB English lit, Geography, Biology A*A*A* n/a Conditional (AAA) Pretty sure York will be my firm
Nadindi English/Linguistics 3A* 6A 1B AABD English Lit, English Language, French A*A*A N/A AAB with A in English Lit Definite firm
InClouds123 English/Politics 8A*'s, 3A's AAABBC English Lit, Politics, Physics + EPQ A*A B (+A* in EPQ) None AAB A in AS English Lang/lit taken in Year 11.
Zulliekinz English/Philosophy 4A* 6A _____ English Lit, Philosophy, History AAB None Conditional AAB -
Flandalf Historical Archaeology 5A* 4A 3B AAAA History, English Lit, Art, General Studies A*AA None Conditional, AAB (B in History) -
Flandalf History 5A* 4A 3B AAAA History, English Lit, Art, General Studies A*AA None Pending -
Hazzabanana History 8A*,2A,1B,1C AAAABC Maths, Psychology, Chemistry, Physics, History, History of Art (retrosp.) A*AAA None pending Retaking B in history (1 mark off A! ONE MARK!)
LeahJ123 History 6A* 7A 1B AAAAB History, English Literature, Sociology A*A*A None AAA Firmed
thetobbit History 2A* 4A 4B AAAB History, Biology, Government and Politics AAA None AAA Firmed
LaurenPhilippa Law 3A*'s, 7A's, 4B's AABB Law, English Language, Psychology, History A*A*AA None AAA Firmed
aysha.19 Law O Levels : 5A, 5B, 1C N/A Law, Business studies, Sociology, Mathematics Don't know GCE O Level AAA Declined.
cfatherton Law 6A*, 3A AAAAB Maths, History, Politics, Psychology A*A*A*A None Conditional AA (A already achieved in Maths)
kce123 Law 4A*8A3B AAAA Maths, History, Politics A*A*A None AAA None
sally.roden Law 3A*, 6A ABCC Psychology, History, Chemistry A*A*B None AAA EPQ A*
Willum1 Law 7A*, 3A AAAA Physics, Economics, History, Chemistry A*AAA None - Withdrawn
miller693 Mathematics 6A*, 6A, 1B AAAAB Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Music A*A*AA None Conditional AB (A* already achieved in Maths)
oh_1993 Mathematics A 4B's C and 3Ds AAD Maths, Further Maths, Physics A*(achieved)A*B None AAB -
CJAW Mathematics and Statistics 7A* 4A AAAAB Maths, Further Maths, Biology, History, English Lang/Lit A*A*AA None Conditional AAB -
Superwoman Management 4A*, 3A, 1B - IB HL: english, economics, business IB 43 IB IB 35 -
canŵio Molecular Cell Biology 3A* 6A B in French Bio, Chem, MathsA*AC (2011) none unconditional declined for durham
Wren94 Music 3A* 6A - Music, Maths, Physics, EPQ AAAA G.8 Music Theory, G.7 Flute, studying AMusTCL ABB with A in Music and Grade 8 Flute with merit Declined :(
sarah_sar Philosophy 6A*s 3As 1B 5As 1 B Maths, Physics, Religious Studies & General studies A*A*AA none AAB none
xrewf Physics 4A*s, 8As AAABB Physics, French, Maths, Further Maths, General Studies AAAA N/A ABB :)
freakymonkey Physics 4 A*s, 8 As, 1 B ABBB (A in FM predicted) Maths Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry AABB None ABB - Insured A in FSMQ
Preetinder Physics 5A, 5B, 3Dist. ACCCD (A2=BCC) Chem, Maths, Physics, Psych AABB N/A Hopefully :D (retaking a year)
Crapbag606 Physics/Philosophy 6A*s, A, 2Bs ABBC Maths/Further Maths/Physics/Art A*AAB N/A Interview
Tommy1311 Politics 2A*, 3A, 6B AAABa English Lit, History, Psychology, Maths N/A N/A Unconditional AABB Achieved at A2
ibs007 PPE GCSE: A, B, C. IGCSE: A*, 5As 1B AAAB Physics, Economics, Maths A*A*A IGCSE AAA Grade B predicted in EPQ. Highest GCSE History (edexcel) in the country and Highest IGCSE (CIE) English First Language in the country.
Jippet Physics with Astrophysics BSc A*A*AAAABB NA Maths, Physics, French. AAA NA ABB NA
Amonk Physics with Nanotech 2A*s, 4As, 3Bs, 2Cs ABBC Physics, Maths, Product Design ABA* - Interview Highest AQA product design grade in the south last year
Schlegel PPE - AABC History, Economics, Double Maths, Art AAAAB - Conditional AAA Declined
Pinkgiraffes Sociology AAABBBBBBB ABB Psychology, Travel & Tourism, Psychology AAB N/A BBB -
Currya Sociology A*AAAAABBBB ABB Scoiology, Psychology, Law AAB N/A Conditional BBB Firmed -
icbilling Writing, Directing and Performance NA NA IB HL World Theatre, Philosophy, English 39 IB IB 35 points -
MathewAlanJones Chemistry MChem 6A* 3A 4B AAAB Maths, Chemistry, Biology AAA NONE ABB (A in Chemistry) Firm
MrAdamBakewell Biology 5A*, 4A, 1B ACCCC Biology, Physics, Chemistry AAB N/a AAB N/a
LuceyShipers Psychology 1A* 3As 6Bs AAAC Psy, PE, Economics Actual results A*A*B NONE Firm on gap year
adeep Social Policy 3B,4C N/A Geography, Business Studies D,E HND Business(Management) with DMM Unconditional BBB Firm
ctl Law A*, 7A, B C N/A IB HL Economics, English, Theatre IB 36 IB 36 IB Firm
OnADarklingPlain English 8 A*s, 2 As AAABC English Literature, English Language, History AA*A* None AAA Firm
rhose History 8 A*s, 2 As AAAA History, French, Latin A*A*A None AAA Insurance
elliewhitt Psychology 1A*, 8As, 1B N/A IB HL Psychology, Biology, English A1, SL French B, History, Maths Studies IB 34-38 IB IB 35 Firm
Mcole Genetics with a year abroad 3A*s, 7As, 2Bs AAABEU Law, Biology and Maths AA(achieved) A DELE, SAT AAB Firm (If not america)
joefoxon Physics (4 year) 1A* 3A 2B 2C AABB Maths, Physics, Further Maths AAB AAA Firm
Physics (3 year) ABB Insurance
Raenie Environmental Geography A*, 7A, 2Bs AABB Geology, Geography, Psychology (& General Studies) A*AB N/A ABB Firm. Doing Geology as an AS and A2 intensive course within 1 year
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