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Offering central locations, great facilities and a choice of who and how many you live with, private managed accommodation can provide a great alternative to university-owned accommodation. It is often substantially more expensive than renting privately or living in university-owned halls, but as a fairly hassle-free luxury option it is still worth a look.

In the same way as university-run halls, private managed accommodation is purpose built and designed exclusively for students; as such they are often situated in prime town or city locations. Home to tens of thousands of students, they offer a wealth of diversity in students from different courses, colleges and countries, granting tenants exposure to a much wider variety of people and experiences. Private managed accommodation welcome applications from either groups of friends wanting to live together or individual students. They also allow applicants to choose how many people a flat is shared with, presenting much more flexibility and choice compared with traditional university-owned accommodation.

As the number of university students increased over the last two decades, and universities themselves encountered mass difficulties providing accommodation for their expanding student base, a sector of private managed accommodation emerged to address a growing market; the need for quality accommodation, in good locations.

Despite the high rents, private managed accommodation normally offers a package including all utility bills, internet access and laundry facilities. All rooms are ensuite and each flat houses a kitchen and common room. Many residences can even be found with gyms and plasma TVs, and leases can be extended past university teaching times so that packing and unpacking don’t have to be termly events.

Students in private managed accommodation benefit from 24-hour security, full CCTV coverage, bike and transportation storage and increased independence with the absence of wardens. Instead, many private accommodation provide hospitality teams to ensure student satisfaction and a high quality of accommodation and facility maintenance.

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