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Getting a Job

Getting a job is important. It is a way to become independent, whilst also saving money either to fund travelling later in the year or as funds for University.

'Free' or cheap gap-year ideas

Not everybody will have endless funds in order to finance their gap year plans. Whilst some will organise years ahead and therefore build up their finances through working or fund-raising, for others this may not be a possibility.

At the high end of gap year costs come things such as projects which are located in distant places (e.g. Australia, Thailand) where much of the costs will be in the flights. Others are expensive due to the type of activities pursued during the gap year. Scuba diving or mountain climbing for example will incur high costs as well as the funds needed by the organisers to fund the projects themselves.

A preliminary choice could be to choose a project closer to home. You would be surprised how much there is to see within the UK and if you have friends that are at university and are willing then it is possible to stay for a few nights in their halls of residence. Not only does this allow you to get a glimpse of what it means to live in halls, but it also cuts out the cost of a hotel, allowing for more travel for the same amount of money or more money left at the end of the year. Within Europe many budget airlines will fly you for less than £50 to nations such as Italy, Greece, Spain or France. This is an excellent time for getting places for cheap, and really taking advantage of the budget ethos in which the travel industry operates - airlines are in a bidding war for your money, and this will invariably mean cheaper and cheaper flights.

The cheapest kind of activity is the kind where you actually earn money. Many placements will pay you for your work, which may offset the costs of your travel. Furthermore, you could even find a job abroad not attached to a gap project and earn money that way whilst still experiencing life in another country.

Volunteering must be considered another excellent and rewarding option. The following websites are an example of volunteer organisations which are more than happy for your time:

Work Experience Abroad

If you are looking for work experience to add to your qualifications, why not look for internships abroad? Working abroad during your gap year will give you the opportunity to truely experience a country while gaining invaluble skills that employers and universities highly regard.

'Journalism In Bolivia

The Bolivian Express gap year program is a one to twelve month scheme for students with journalist aspirations. You will work in the Bolivian Express office in La Paz, Bolivia, taking part in all aspects of article research and production. In addition you will be provided with photography lessons, cinematography lessons and magazine design lesson by experts in their respective fields.

You will also be provided with accommodation in La Paz, alongside Spanish lessons at a variety of levels. You will receive Bolivian press pass on arrival and will be paired with locals in La Paz and encouraged to explore Bolivian culture, eventually producing four pages of content for the magazine each month.

Visit Bolivian Express for more info

Hutong School Provides internship placements (for all levels of experience) as well as excellent Chinese courses. Live in Beijing, acquire skills in your field of interest, and learn the language. Comprehensive packages available including cultural activities and student support. Hutong School

Gap Medics Specifically if you are looking at going to University to study either Medicine or nursing then Gap Medics can provide medical work experience in Hospitals in The Caribbean, India and Tanzania Gap Medics

Travel abroad and learn foreign languages for free

If you're treating a gap year as an opportunity to broaden your skills as well as a chance to take some time out between your studies this could be the option for you.

There are a lot of companies offering language lessons in others countries but they are often extremely pricey, particularly if you are hoping to learn from scratch.

Language for Exchange offers the perfect opportunity to meet or just practice with other language speakers. This is a language exchange community which allows people to make contact with those from other countries and organise their own exchanges.

The idea is that you get to know each other online before agreeing to spend a certain amount of time staying with them in their country to live the local life and learn the native language. In turn, they can come and visit you for the same amount of time.

You can find over 18.000 members from 140 countries, practicing 80 languages and the service is Free of charge! Just pay for your plane ticket to the destination of your choice if you opt for the exchange programme.

Visit Language for Exchange for more info.

Teaching English overseas

For those who are hot-to-globetrot, but lack the necessary readies, teaching English as a foreign language - aka TEFL - could be just the way to go –literally! No experience is necessary and with TEFL courses available for less than £200 it's a really cost-effective way to fund your travels.

PoD Volunteer offers a 120 hour accredited online TEFL course [2] Students can learn the skills required to teach English to students and intensive training and will equip you with invaluable teaching and classroom management skills. A TEFL course is a world-renowned qualification and is a great addition to your CV or resume. To find out more about the course see: http://pod.lovetefl.com/pod-120-hour.html

i-to-i offers a whole host of TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language), products from a concise 20-hour ‘weekend’ course to a full-blown four-week teaching experience, so you can tailor your training to your timescales. There are also online courses available, accessible from anywhere in the world – perfect if you want to learn at your own pace, or even while you travel!

Check out TEFL courses

Jenna Underhill, courses manager for i-to-i says: “Teaching English is a brilliant way to become a part of a community, rather than just travel through it – great if you’re looking for the full ‘cultural immersion’ experience. What’s more, with i-to-i, training is quick, convenient and – most importantly – it won’t leave a big dent in your travel fund!”

If you want to avoid the hassle of actually finding a job overseas, i-to-i also offers Paid Teaching Placements. With six and twelve-month contracts in Thailand, China, Poland, Turkey and South Korea, you could find guaranteed quality work before you set out. And with full TEFL training, furnished accommodation and airport pick-up included, you’ll be all set to jet.

See TEFL jobs

PoD offers opportunites for volunteers to teach English in Thailand, Nepal, Cambodia, Vietnam and Ghana. PoD is a leading non-profit organisation arranging ethical, inspiring and supported volunteering opportunities around the world. Check out PoD

Structured work programmes

A number of companies are operating gap year schemes which are a great opportunity to gain work experience, as well as earn a competitive salary. Unlike applying to typical jobs, the roles on these jobs are more similar to graduate positions, so you’re likely to pick up some essential skills for your future employment. See Gap Year Programmes for more information.

Companies offering volunteer placements

EDGE of AFRICA is an organisation funded by international and local volunteers. Their conservation work extends to wildlife research and environmental restoration, focusing on endangered species and sensitive ecosystems. Volunteers tend to join initiatives for a minimum of 2 weeks but 4-8 weeks is recommended. EDGE of AFRICA also offers the opportunity to combine volunteering with gaining work experience in South Africa and undertaking internships in various fields such as Law, Marketing, Event Management, Hospitality and Agriculture. Visit the website: EDGE of AFRICA

PoD www.podvolunteer.org offers projects in Belize, Cambodia, Nepal, Peru, South Africa, Ghana, Thailand and Vietnam by providing passionate and committed volunteers. They work with long term projects where there is genuine benefit to local communities. Projects last from 1 week to 6 months with year round departures. You can help work with disadvantaged children, communities, animals and conservation projects including: caring for elephants and wild animals; joining an Amazon jungle conservation project; scuba diving and marine conservation; community building projects; volunteering at orphanages and care homes; teaching English and running summer English camps.


Camps International Camps International operate a permanent network of international volunteer camps in the heart of rural communities and wildlife conservation areas in Kenya, Tanzania, Borneo, Cambodia and Ecuador. Camps offer you the chance to make a real difference by volunteering in over 100 community, wildlife and conservation projects. As well as benefitting the local area you will enhance your CV meet new friends from around the world and have great fun. We are multi award winning including "Best volunteering organisation in the world 2008" Res Travel awards and "Eco Warriors 2010" in Kenya. Camps International

BUNAC - Established in 1962, BUNAC is now the UK's leading non-profit travel club offering great value work, travel and volunteer programmes in every continent. The work and travel programmes in Canada, USA, Australia, and New Zealand help you gain independence, confidence and international work experience, while BUNAC’s wide range of volunteering and teaching placements in Africa, South and Central America and Asia offer the opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of those less fortunate. The Summer Camp USA programme also gives you the chance to work as a camp counsellor in America during the holidays. BUNAC

i-to-i is the UK's leading provider of meaningful travel opportunities. It has 500 volunteer projects in 23 countries around the world in Africa, Asia, Australia and Latin America and sends more than 5,000 people to volunteer abroad each year. It also provides teaching English as a foreign language courses (TEFL), paid teaching placements, life skills programmes and working holiday programmes. However, there has been some criticism of this company for failing to give enough back to their partners in the field.

Global Vision International is very highly regarded as being a company, yet offering responsible travel in the form of projects and expeditions. They offer a very wide range of these, and operate from a farm in the UK, but also have an American office. Further information can be found at their website. There is also a charitable trust attached to the company, which aims to promote responsible travel and give financial support to overseas projects.

African Conservation Experience Join conservation placements in game and nature reserves across southern Africa. Take the opportunity to fly in a helicopter to capture game for tagging or administer tranquilisers on captured animals. Contact: 0870 241 5816 African Conservation Experience

Big Beyond facilitate ethical volunteer placements in Africa for adventurous and ambitious individuals looking for experiences far beyond the norm, off the beaten path and the chance to truly immerse in another culture. The volunteer abroad opportunities are for people that want to genuinely be part of conservation and development in some of the most stunning places in the world, and are interested in working across a range of exciting high-impact community projects. Volunteer placements are always tailored to your skills, interests and level of experience, as well as the needs of the local community. They currently run project sites in Uganda, Malawi and Ethiopia. Volunteer involvement ranges from education, enterprise, environment, health or culture related projects. Incredible work experience for the CV. Big Beyond

Coral Cay Conservation Join projects in the Philippines, Tobago and Fiji to protect and restore coral reefs and tropical forests while learning to dive. Projects last for a minimum of four weeks to more than 16. Contact: 0870 750 0668; [3] Coral Cay

Earthwatch Volunteers assist scientists in 45 countries doing an exciting array of projects from protecting Robben Island's penquin population to monitoring greenhouse gasses at the Arctic's edge to preserving Amazonian dolphins. Contact: 01865 318 831; Earthwatch

Frontier Track the elusive sun bear in Cambodia, scuba dive in the Red Sea, conserve coral reefs in Fiji with many more projects on offer. Contact: 0207-613 2422; Frontier

GapGuru Sign up for a gap year in India, Nepal, Chile, Ecuador, Tanzania, Sri Lanka or Romania. Work, volunteer, travel. GapGuru also offers paid placements, medical and journalism gap years, conservation with tigers and crocodiles, voluntary work in underprivileged schools and amazing journeys designed for you to simply explore these countries. Contact: 0800 032 3350; Gapguru

Gap Sports An opportunity to take part in sports and outreach projects in Africa and Latin America, ski/snowboard instructor courses and professional training at international golf, rugby, cricket and scuba academies. Contact: 0870 837 9797; Gapsports

Gap Medics If you are considering applying for Medical or Nursing school then Gap Medics lets you combine some medical work experience with an unforgettable travelling experience in the Caribbean, India or Tanzania. Contact: 0191 230 8048; GapMedics

Greenforce Choose from numerous marine and terrestrial conservation projects in Tanzania, Bahamas, Borneo, Fiji, Ecuador, Nepal and Tibet. Contact: 020-7470 8888; Greenforce

Madventurer Pick and mix projects to create your own individual gap year such as a paid journalism placement in Uganda followed by an adventure to Timbuktu, or coach rugby in Fiji then get a PADI qualification. Contact: 0845 121 1996; Madventurer

Lattitude Global Volunteering (formerly GAP Activity Projects) Choose from a variety of placements in 20 countries in areas such as foreign language assistants, assisting with general activities in schools, caring for the disadvantaged, outdoor education and conservation work. Lattitude also brings hundreds of volunteers from overseas to work in the UK. Contact: 0118 959 4914; GAP

Hutong School Volunteer and learn Chinese in Beijing. Great location in a traditional Chinese courtyard. Also the opportunity to do internships at NGO's. Accommodation, airport pick-up and support provided. Hutong School

Institute of Chinese Studies Study Chinese language in Beijing and have the opportunity to do a internship and/or do volunteering work. Located at the University in Communication, one can experience the bustling and relaxed city life. Several services are provided, including accomodation, airport pick-up, orientation and excursions. Institute of Chinese Studies

Yomps Lots for amazing Gap Year trips if you want to volunteer, go on adventures, or learn a new skill. Learning to surf in South America, scuba dive in Fiji, volunteer in Africa, learn Spanish in Venezuela and a lot more on their website.

VSO VSO run two programs for under 25's who are interested in volunteering - Youth for Development and Global Exchange. They provide fully funded placements as well as training and the security of knowing your work is sustainably. Get more information at www.vso.org.uk

Quest Overseas Quest Overseas is a volunteering & expedition organization that offers 3-month gap year adventures in Africa & South America combining language learning, volunteering & expedition, 4-6 week summer volunteer projects and 6 week summer expeditions. All volunteer projects and expeditions are team based - with 8-16 Gap Year and university students on each, led by one or two of our trained and experienced leaders. Explore, volunteer, make a sustainable positive difference, make new friends, be inspired. www.questoverseas.com

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