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  • Personal Statement:Foundation degree in early childhood studies

I have a passion for working with children and the feeling of satisfaction I get when a child has achieved or learnt something is immense.

From as young as 12, I have always thought that I wanted to be a teacher. This was confirmed when I completed my work experience during school. Once I left school, I completed a 2 year course, studying a BTEC National Diploma in Early Years Level 3, which I passed in 2006. During this course, I completed 4 successful placements in 4 varied settings. I thoroughly enjoyed this and felt that the diversity between theoretical and practical studies a brilliant way of learning.

This is one of the main reasons I have opted to take the Foundation Degree in Early Childhood Studies, as it has a good variation between theory and practical work. Due to previously studying the first year of this course, I am aware of the challenges it may bring, and I feel I am ready to take these challenges on and work at them to the best of my ability.

Although I have a good foundation of knowledge, I understand that over the past few years, legislation and information has changed, and I feel it is important to update this information and I have a willingness to learn these new things.

There are many interests I enjoy such as listening to a wide variety of music, surfing the internet and writing poems. I also enjoy watching educational programmes on TV such at the National Geographic Channel and the History Channel.

Travelling has become something I am extremely interested in and I am aiming to do a tour of Mexico next summer. To do this, I will need to have good management skills of my money, as I will need to save for the trip. I also need to plan the months ahead, as I will need to have injections before the trip and will need to organise flights and hotels. I feel that the management skills and planning skills I already have will help me in pursuing this, and I feel they are also good skills to have within the childcare sector.

I feel I have the personality and enthusiasm to do extremely well on this course and I know that I will put all of my effort into completing it to a high standard.

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