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The University of Huddersfield is in Huddersfield, no surprises there then! Huddersfield is well placed between Leeds and Manchester so you’ve got access to all the facilities in Huddersfield (more detail later) and good rail links bring you to either of those large cities in about 40 minutes.

The University started life as the Huddersfield Science and Mechanic Institute way back in 1825 and was granted University status in 1992. In 2007 it was ranked as joint 1st of all the Yorkshire Universities. It has about 20,000 students at present with the majority of them based in and attending the main campus in Huddersfield. In recent years, two further campuses have been opened in Barnsley and Oldham. The current Chancellor is well-known actor Professor Xavier Sir Patrick Stewart.



There is a main library on Huddersfield campus run by the Computing and Library Services (CLS). It is spread over several floors with areas for each school/dept. as well as quiet study areas and PC/Mac access. Books can be requested or renewed online. Access to the library and any lending facilities is by use of University ID/Swipe Card.

There is a smaller library at each of the Barnsley and Oldham campuses and a great facility for requesting and returning books from the main library at Huddersfield.

A very useful facility run by the CLS is ‘Summon’. This allows students fast and simple access to scholarly documentation at the University of Huddersfield.

If more relaxed tomes are needed to distract you from your studies then there is also a local council-run library 5 minutes off campus.

IT and Computing

Each school of the University has at least one IT facility, equipped with software from universal word processing tools to specialised software for each department. Some of these can be accessed 24 hours a day. There are over 300 PC’s in the Library and Computing Centre which are available to all but don’t have the more specialised programs. Access to the network is by the student ID that you receive on enrolment.

The key systems are email and Blackboard. No surprises with emails, they can be sent both internally and externally and are usually the main method of communication between lecturers and students. It’s worth checking email regularly as last-minute lecture cancellations or deadline changes can be sent here. Blackboard is an online learning resource where lecturers can post course content for download by the students.

A recent addition to the computing facilities is the ability for students to access their account from outside the university, 24/7, by using a secure log-in. A wireless network has also been established that covers all buildings and most of the spaces in between.

General Information
Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, UK, UK
Queensgate, Huddersfield, HD1 3DH
01484 422288
SU/Guild website:
UCAS Code:

Total students:
Typical offers:
Applicants per place:


The University sports facilities are based in the sports building located on Queensgate campus. There is a large sports hall which can be booked, a fitness centre/gym, two squash courts and a sparring/boxing area. There are loads of activities and classes that can be booked by anyone wishing to attend. A new Learning and Leisure Centre is being built at the University of Huddersfield. To view how this fantastic new facility is going to look go to http://www.hud.ac.uk/about/campus-life/learning-and-leisure-centre/gallery/


Welfare is an integral part of the University of Huddersfield, and they ensure that students are completely at home with the environment they are studying in. Should students suffer problems, they offer a range of services, led by trained staff. It’s all confidential too, worth noting if you’ve got something you feel a bit embarrassed to talk about!

Student Support: This deals with a range of issues including disability, immigration, and other welfare issues. It is led by a team of friendly, experienced advisors who can offer support and guidance. A wide range of free literature is available at the Welfare and Immigration point in the Student Centre. One-to-one appointments are available. Information will be given during induction week.

They can be contacted by visiting the Student Information and Support Centre on Level 4 of the Central Services Building or by using the following alternative methods: Telephone: 01484 472675 E-mail(s): General Welfare issues - studservadv@hud.ac.uk Disability issues - disability@hud.ac.uk Immigration/Visa issues - overseas.adv@hud.ac.uk


The University Health Centre (UHC) can be found on the south side of the canal and is open during normal office hours. It’s Practice area covers the Halls of Residence and addresses within a 3-mile radius. Every student needs to be registered with a doctor and if you don’t fall within the UHC area, you need to find a local NHS doctor. For A&E and other more serious concerns, Huddersfield Royal Infirmary is quite a distance away from the University itself. As such, walking it is not advisable! The 370, 371 and 372 buses from the town centre stop at the hospital. These buses also stop on Wakefield Road just by the canal.


Facing the main University campus is the Sainsbury's supermarket at Shorehead. There is also a Tesco a little further away, and a smaller Sainsbury's near the bus station. Next to the Tesco on the east side of the town is the Huddersfield market - partly covered and partly made up of stalls. Also, on the bus route to the Storthes Hall campus, there is a Morrisons supermarket. There is Lidl 10 minutes walk away in nearby Aspley. Also in Aspley there is Asda, Greggs and Iceland. Aside from supermarkets, Huddersfield has a wide variety of high-street stores ranging from clothes to your traditional stationery and book retailers, all within a few minutes walk of the University campus. Many of the main chain shops are in The Kingsgate Shopping Centre.


Huddersfield has lots of restaurants. Almost any type of cuisine you could want to eat is available within the town centre. Examples include Ciao Bella (Italian/Mediterranean), Nawaab (Indian), Jumbo (all-you-can-eat Chinese), Balooshai (Asian) and a whole range of others to suit your taste.

If you enjoy fast-food takeaway, Huddersfield town centre possesses a KFC, Pizza Hut, McDonalds, Burger King, Wimpy and a number of Subways.

Banks & Building Societies

Huddersfield's town centre has branches of several high-street banks; including HSBC, Barclays, Lloyds TSB, Halifax, Alliance & Leicester, Nationwide, Santander, Yorkshire Bank and NatWest; amongst others. There are cash machines available on campus if you don’t want or don’t have the time to get into the town centre.


Huddersfield has excellent links to Leeds and Manchester, along with services to Sheffield, Bradford, York, Newcastle, Hull, Scarborough and Liverpool. Connections to London are available via Leeds or Wakefield Westgate, or a much slower route via Manchester.

Huddersfield has the busiest bus station in West Yorkshire. It runs many local services, as well as regional services to nearby cities and some national coach services. The town's Public Transport Executive is West Yorkshire Metro.

The 398 bus service connects the town centre with the Storthes Hall student campus. The stop to the student halls can be found outside the main University reception on the dual-carriageway. This is also the main drop off point from Storthes Hall campus. The Ashenhurst bus stop can be found on the opposite side of the carriageway outside the bar called 'The Other Rooms'

Taxis are readily available all over the town centre, however for students, the taxis opposite the bar called 'Revolution' are the cheapest with the fare costing just £5 to Storthes Hall Student Village.

Careers service

The University has a comprehensive Careers Advisory Service which is available to students and also to graduates for up to three years after graduating. There is a job shop on the University website that’s really useful for both current students and graduates with links to full-time jobs, internships and part-time positions. Huddersfield has a Connexions branch on the corner of Market Street; which offers careers advice to students of any age. It is worth noting that the University policy is that students do not work more than 15 hours during term-time.

There is a Job Centre in the town centre near the bus station. This can be used to find short- and medium-term jobs, in places such as supermarkets, restaurants, cafés and shops. If voluntary work is required for a course, there is a Volunteer Centre at 8 Upperhead Row - located in the bus station building.

Religious facilities

Huddersfield has several churches, many in outlying villages. It also has mosques, synagogues and a Sikh Gurdwara just above the bus station. Other religions will also find places of worship.

The University also offers a variety of groups and societies relating to particular religious sects, giving new and old students the chance to meet up. Prayer Rooms are available on campus.

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Bars, Pubs and clubs

Huddersfield is famed for the number of bars it possesses in close proximity to the university campus. The main bar central is directly opposite the campus just off Queensgate.

There are however, a few more popular bars in the town centre, such as 'Revolution', 'The Camel Club', 'Tokyo' and 'Varsity'.

The Student Union has it's own bar, which offers cheap drinks; these are cheaper still if you purchase the Student Plus card during Induction week. It has two pool-tables, video games, gaming machines which offer your usual array of quizzes and digital board games, and a regular DJ. The bar serves most traditional mixers, beers, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, however, it does not serve cocktails. It also offers food, but is limited to sandwiches, paninis and snacks. The Student Union is also popular with sports fanatics as it shows most major televised football games including Premiership, International football, and Championship games. Games may also be put on, on request.

If you want to sample the night-life then these are the clubs/bars for you:

Tokyo's: Situated on Queen Street [if you head out onto Queensgate and head towards the Piazza Shopping Centre, turning right towards the town centre, you will stumble across Tokyo's, which is THE most popular club in Huddersfield. Most popular night is Wednesday night, aka student night, this three-storey club is perfect for people who want to dance the night away, chill out to music, and socialise with new friends from University and Halls of Residence.

The Camel Club: Most popular nights are Monday and Tuesdays, The Camel Club offers cheap drinks. It is situated within Byram Court, on John William Street.

Varsity: Situated on Zetland Street, Varsity is probably the third most popular place to go in the town, after Tokyo's and The Camel Club. It offers the traditional student clubbing zone, but also is popular for major sporting events such as football games.

Warehouse: Situated further along Zetland St is Warehouse. This is one of your traditional pubs, but has a 'club' feeling. It possesses four pool tables, and offers traditional pub grub as well as most alcoholic drinks. Has a texting machine, a DJ on a Monday and Karaoke on other nights. It is also popular for major sporting events with a big screen.

Revolution: Another popular ‘chain’ bar, situated near the Kingsgate Shopping Centre, and specialising in flavoured vodkas.

Huddersfield also has two Wetherspoons - one close to the train station (The Cherry Tree), and one on King St (The Lord Wilson). Both offer traditional drinks, as well as a range of beers from Europe. They also offer meals at affordable prices. The most popular is their 'beer and a burger' offer.

There are numerous other bars in Huddersfield. Each has different positives and negatives, with most appealing to people who enjoy different types of music genres.


Clubs and societies

There are a wide variety of clubs and societies available at Huddersfield Uni. The official list can be found on the Students' Union website, but features:


  • Afro carribean Society
  • Christian Union
  • Dance Society
  • Environmental Society
  • Gaming Society (HUGS)
  • Hindu Society
  • Islamic Society
  • LGBT Society
  • Marketing Society
  • Medieval Re-enactment Society
  • Motorcycling Society
  • Photographic Society (HUPS)
  • Pharmacy Society
  • Poker Society
  • Postgraduate Society
  • Redeemed Student Fellowship
  • SAMEEM Society
  • Sikh
  • Socialist Students Society
  • Transport and Logistic Society
  • WTF Society


  • American Football (Huddersfield Hawks)
  • Archery
  • Athletics
  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Boardriding (HUBA)
  • Canoe
  • Caving
  • Cheerleading (HHC)
  • Climbing and Mountaineering
  • Cricket
  • Fencing
  • Football (Ladies)
  • Football (Men's)
  • Gaelic Football (Men's)
  • Hockey (Ladies)
  • Hockey (Men's)
  • Hurling
  • Ice Hockey (Ice Hawks)
  • Jiu jitsu
  • Juggling
  • Netball
  • Rugby League
  • Rugby Union
  • Snow Sports(HUSSI)
  • Squash
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Wing Chun


Accommodation policy




  • you can connect to the uni wireless network here for free in H block from Little Aspley Hall.
  • there is a car park, but it's decided by lottery who gets a permit.
  • a popular choice for 2nd and 3rd years to live
  • the rent is £95 a week or pay for annual in full £4000 with discount. With this cost you get your room from 1 September to 6 July (2011/12 year)
  • internet and washing is not included, but you can pay extra for it. Everything else is included.
  • washing is £2.20 per go. Dryer for 80p


  • every house has a shower room, bath room and two toilets which you share between everyone.
  • rooms aren't as big as they are in Storthes, but it was still big enough.

Firth Point

  • the reception is hardly ever open and there isn't any security whatsoever
  • you get a decent sized room and en suite bathroom
  • decent lounge and kitchen areas
  • lacking a community feel
  • you have to pay for the rent over the summer (including the summer before you move in apparently :S)
  • the internet cost me about 200 quid for the year and I have to say its been good because I thought having the basic speed would make it slow but not at all it's been fine
  • parking can be annoying, 6 spaces to the whole of firth point, some of us have car parking permits and have had to pay 330 quid for the space yet cars seem to get in without a permit and park as they like


  • it's a trek to lectures but there's a sense of community
  • smaller rooms than some other places, but are considered much nicer
  • modern
  • nice break from the busy town

There are also a number of new builds that are going on at the present time (September 2013). These are located on Firth Street (just below the main campus) and at Aspley - about 5 minutes walk from the University.

Private sector

Private sector accommodation can be found all over the town, but be prepared to spend a premium due to landlords looking for profit. Prices are often at £80 per week or so, not including utilities.

Student union




The quaint Victorian architecture of the town is appealing. Many shops are housed in these buildings and can be seen on streets such as Kingsgate, Westgate and Queensgate. The train station and town hall are also fine examples of pleasing architecture.

Local area

Huddersfield is a very diverse place. To the north, there is a lot of housing, as far as the M62. Most of the villages have become merged over the years and the whole area is basically residential, with some open park areas. To the south, there is a lot of Green Belt land with smaller villages and larger houses; including the famous small town of Holmfirth - renowned for its appearance in Last of the Summer Wine, which is where the popular TV series was filmed. Slaithwaite, to the west, is where the popular ITV Drama 'Where The Heart Is', was filmed.

Teaching quality

Applying to Huddersfield

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