A day in the life of a sixth form student - a2 level

Sixth Form Students (A2)

Want to know what studying for your A-Levels in sixth form will be like? Well read out day in the life guides by current sixth form students to find out.


A day in the life of jelly1000

Year of Study: A2

Subjects of Study: History, Politics, RS (Philosophy & Ethics)

Tell us a bit about your daily preparation and morning routine: Wake up 7:15am, have breakfast whilst reading The Times, get washed, decide what to wear and get dressed, leave the house at 8:35am for the five minute walk to my school so I'm in time for registration.

So what did you do today? I was on a trip today so I'll tell you about yesterday. Had registration and form time from 8:45am to 9:00am, handed in another draft of my PS to my tutor who will check it and hand it back to me to edit. History lesson starts at 9, for the first two hours we were looking at the Elizabethan Religious Settlement, first thing we went over an article called "Creating Elizabeth's Via Media" or middle way, which looked at how Elizabeth tried to please both Protestants and Catholics. We annotated the article and the teacher ensured we had a good understanding of it. We have been told that extra reading like this will help us get top marks in our essays. Then we had to answer questions about the settlement, looking at concessions Elizabeth made to Catholics, why she made these, what her aims were and problems which arose from it. At 11 had a 20 minute break, just chatted to friends, common room atmosphere is generally okay- whilst people do tend to stick to "groups" a bit like in high school, there are rarely clashes or conflict. After that returned to the classroom for another hour, we started looking at the Puritans. Discussed who they were and there were 3 main types, ranging from the more moderate to the extreme. Started looking at the first type- the Conformists, and used sources from our textbook to answer questions about why they supported Elizabeth I. Then set homework to answer questions about the Vestments Controversy. Lesson ends at 12:20pm, at which point I'm allowed to go home as I don't have afternoon lessons. If I did then I would just chat to friends in the common room at lunch until afternoon lessons which start at 1:15pm.

How do you finish the day after returning from school? Normally I would check facebook, hotmail and go on TSR. Then do some homework, so far in yr13 I haven't had much- just making notes or answering short questions apart from two essays for RS. In yr12 though I would get up to 3 history essays a week, on top of making Politics notes or an essay and RS questions or an essay. Then chat to friends on msn, pack my school bag for the next day (to make sure I don't forget any books in the rush the next morning.) and go to bed.

And finally, can you tell us the best thing about day to day 6th form life? For me its not having to wear school uniform, because I feel so much more comfortable and I feel I can be myself wearing what I like. I used to feel so restricted in school uniform.


A day in the life of Malsy

Year of Study: Year 13

Subjects of Study: Biology/Chemistry/English Literature

Tell us a bit about your daily preparation and morning routine: wake up at 7 (unless it's like the 'bad' days when I get up at nearly 8 sometimes and that's the time I should be setting off) eat if i have time get to school, sit in the common room if I'm early wait for the bell proceed to do either a) nothing or b) lesson.

So what did you do today? Today I went in and we had assembly. Then I dropped off an essay to a teacher. Then I went to the library to work for the first free (though that said it wasn't for any of the above subjects!). Then I went to the common room. Today I had 5 frees and was meant to have a lesson of Biology but it clashed with PSHCE we have weekly. Most people in our year have been writing their PS for uni. in these 'lessons'. I sat in the common room, inertly, doing nothing, listening to dull conversations, being paranoid, watching rubbish etc. etc.

Oh and I ate crisps. Very mind-numbing day. Could have been productive but I prefer to work at home, I think. Oh common room atmosphere: OK if you're doing your own thing, with people you like; a bit rubbish if you're listening to dimwits and if they're throwing paper-planes!

How do you finish the day after returning from school? I have to read a chapter for tomorrow and I think that's about it, for tomorrow that is. I'll probably do some of my own independent work though I don't know where to start. I also have Biology homework to do but it's only one or two questions as I did most of it in the terrible lesson that is PSHCE. Already done a few pieces of homework that had to be done for Monday. Handed an essay for English in today. Normally have some Chemistry for this one teacher tomorrow but he didn't had anything out last week. I always say I'll do lots of work but I never do Other days:

My fullest day of course I don't have any frees and it's a nightmare carrying my bag around school :( But heyho. So yeah after lessons all day it's....hometime! I have English x 3 Chem x 2 and Biology. I'll probably just sit in class/write notes/do questions/hand in H/W for biology. For Chem it's ALWAYS a practical and some notes. for English we're watching a film but before it's been generally going through a text-each given a chapter and ask to bring some notes/ideas on it.

And finally, can you tell us the best thing about day to day 6th form life? Playing cards! I kid. Er learning interesting things, I guess. Being able to have a cuppa? (though I prefer one in my own company). Talking to others. generally it's more independent and you are treated like adults but that's not always the case. Just teachers tend to feel saying anything in front of you is fine now as you're an 'adult'. Which is fine.

I guess you also have to be a lot more respectful/show you're keen to learn/generally be more responsible and it's nice as in return you're normally a lot more closer to the teachers/they are always willing to give some sort of help if you just ask[something I find hard to do!] and yeh they're just always always probably there for most of you! so that's nice too, knowing they care a lot. oh and the Science department get their own little study/computer room so that's helpful to some too


A day in the life of Phillip.

Year of Study: A2, year 13

Subjects of Study: History, Drama, English Lit, English Lang, French (OU Cert.), Extended Project (AQA)

Tell us a bit about your daily preparation and morning routine: Rushed, but I have sleeping problems. Get up at about 8, somehow sort myself out in 35 minutes, get a lift into sixth form and arrive at about ten to nine half dead.

So what did you do today? I spent the entirity of today wandering around Leeds on a theatre trip, which was great fun. On a typical day, for example Wednesdays, I start at 9:15 and have an hour of Drama, then two free hours, then another hour free (lunch), then an hour of Literature and a second hour of Drama. It's a pretty mint day. In frees I generally don't bother doing any work because I like complete silence so I can really get into a text. I'll usually fill the time by chatting to friends, and when I have to, by doing bits of research or whatever. My mate's house for a cup of tea is a particular high point. I don't use our common room much because it's not a very useful space for me. It's noisy, so I can hardly hear myself think. Chatting with friends doesn't have a set location, it generally happens wherever. Overall, it's a really nice atmosphere.

How do you finish the day after returning from school? Homework is death when you're an arts student. I get home at about 4:15, dump my things upstairs, grab some cigarettes, some matches, and one of my Literature set texts and wander to a little hill where I sit and read for about two hours (this is every day). This would be homework if it wasn't so enjoyable. At about half six I wander back home, grab something to eat, MAYBE have another half hour outside, and then get some work done. Usually, I'll have about two hours a day (avg, four when reading hours are included), and a further hour of prep for Drama (the only subject where this is required). I'll relax for a bit, catch up with friends, and then see if I have any work I urgently need to do. If not, I like to just sit and relax for a bit, maybe study a bit of French (about five hours a week is needed) until I get tired, at which point I go to bed. Rinse and repeat.

And finally, can you tell us the best thing about day to day 6th form life? It's hillarious. The work is quite hard, but you get used to it. I can't speak for any science students, because I know their lessons are more prescribed and taught. But for arts and humanities lessons, which all of mine are, the hour is generally based around discussion of ideas and combing through texts, (and getting up and performing in Drama). I think I like sixth form because the atmosphere is so relaxed, and my subjects really provoke deep thought and sensitivity. My largest class size is 7, and I find myself surrounded by passionate, exciting individuals. It's great to share ideas, and I think a college or sixth form offers you a very wide scope in which to do so.


A day in the life of h-star

Year of Study: Year 13

Subjects of Study: Biology, Chemistry, Maths

Tell us a bit about your daily preparation and morning routine: Get up around 7:30ish, brush my teeth, get dressed, watch some t.v with my baby brother and sister.. I leave my house at around 8:15, walk to the bus stop and I usually get to school at around 8:40.

So what did you do today? Got to school at around 8:50 (late!), had registration until 9, then went to biology from 9-10:15, twas the most boring lesson I've had in a long time,I usually fall asleep in maths but falling asleep in biology is a new thing for me!! I then had maths from 10:15-11:30. We've already finished C3 so we were just doing practice questions from the book and test papers.. surprisingly I got quite a lot done, between the outcries of random somali words (6 years later they are still facinated ) I then had the rest of the day free but a massive load of chemistry homework to do so I decided to do it since I don't have the text book yet, but... I'm a very talkative person.. and there were a lot of my friends in that free and we ended up talking about getting people high so that we could do stupid things to them. Anyways, it got to lunch so we went and had some lunch! Next free period was basically more of the same.. I'll get it done though in tomorrows free period...

How do you finish the day after returning from school? Most of the time when I get home I get really tired so mostly I change then go to sleep until about 7pm, then I get up and talk on the phone or go on facebook and TSR or watch t.v until about midnight, then I realise I still have heaps of homework, resit revision and general work to do, so I do school work until about 3am. Then shower and sleep...

And finally, can you tell us the best thing about day to day 6th form life? The freedom!! Free periods!! The tesco down the road!! The subway down the road!! Mostly not being around lower school.. even though I go to a 6th form I hardly ever see any younger students No uniform!! (but we still have to dress formally ) The fact that we have a sixth form center.. with sofas!


A day in the life of Vertigo.0012

Year of Study: A2, second year of 6th form

Subjects of Study: Biology, Chemistry, Maths, General Studies

Tell us a bit about your daily preparation and morning routine: If I have to be in for start of school, 8.35: Get up about 6:50, shower, eat, dress, brush teeth etc. Leave house around 8 ish and walk to school! If I start later: Get up at whatever time'll be best and do the same.

So what did you do today? Well, I only had maths today at 9.00. Came in for 8.30 to send off my UCAS form then went over to the sports hall to help with a yr 8 table tennis tournament. Followed with 100 mins of decision maths (all lessons for A level in my school are 100 mins) in a class of 7 (my biggest class). Stayed in for break at 10.40 to chat, then left at 11 to walk home to have a driving lesson. I'll describe a Friday now seeing as that's my only full day, with every subject (exc. General studies; no lessons for that ). Go in for 9, then 100 mins of chemistry by myself with the teacher. Generally involves a practical at some point. Then break, 1040 - 1055, with biology after till 12.35. Maths starts at 1320, school finishes at 3! Walk home with some friends. In terms of frees, I have 6 free periods a week, each 100 mins. Mondays, I use them as a lie in period but on Weds, my other morning free, I get up about 8 to get some work done before chemistry at 13.20. All other frees I use to work or revise in. Lunch, frees and breaks are pretty relaxed at my school - chatting, laughing etc. Nice atmosphere!

How do you finish the day after returning from school? Any homework due within the next 2 or 3 days I do, other than that I tend to relax. After dinner I'll probably read up on stuff we've covered/are starting in prep for the lessons next day.

And finally, can you tell us the best thing about day to day 6th form life? How relaxed it is, but still with a good atmosphere for getting stuff done. Being treated like an adult. Seeing friends everyday!


A day in the life of elho

Year of Study: A2 - Year 13

Subjects of Study: Biology, Chemistry, Maths and History

Tell us a bit about your daily preparation and morning routine: Wake up late as usual, get washed and ready. Have brek and stuff. 15 minute walk to sixth form but usually late. (this morning was unusually on time which was pleasantly suprising)

So what did you do today? Have form- rubbish about not attending general studies, Had history 9:10 - 10:10 then maths 10:10 - 11:10. Went for 20 minute break to common room really crowded now as year 12 is HUGE but went to ict suite and did some uni application stuff. Then Biology until 12:30. Free all afternoon so went off hyem.

How do you finish the day after returning from school? I normally go to sleep as soon as I get in on a tuesday for some reason but I actually did work today. Didn't have much to do so looked over notes and stuff. Had driving lesson and then watched tv. I'm a lazy student.

And finally, can you tell us the best thing about day to day 6th form life? No Uniform Common room to get aways from small children Being late to everything is fine Teachers are nicer, chattier I can leave whenever I want


A day in the life of zanzapan

Year of Study: upper sixth

Subjects of Study: psychology, ict and rs [bio at as]

Tell us a bit about your daily preparation and morning routine: get up and put on make up and brush teeth, get dressed, have a cuppa tea or a smoothie and a piece of fruit, then drive to school

So what did you do today? I had a double lesson of ICT with my favourite teacher, we did coursework but ended up having a good laugh and chatting about the lollypop lady who fell over and farted the other day ahahhahaha! and then had double free where i went to the library and did some work on my psychology [i have to give a lesson on sleep disorders]...

then I had a double lesson of RS with the Rev, we sit in a small room with sofas and drink tea and eat biscuits and discuss religous issues, have some banter and do a little bit of learning! set us an essay on divorce and marriage in judaism...

then i had lunch and instead of going to do sports i pretended i was ill to go and do some work in the library, i have a lot to do atm! so i did some notes on biological rhythms due to the notes i got in class being *****! then i did some cooking with some children after school, teaching them... then drove home!

How do you finish the day after returning from school? I just did some notes on biological rhythms, i made my dinner [salmon, mmm!] and i was too tired to do any more work so im putting it off for a while! then i had a long bath and came on the computer...

And finally, can you tell us the best thing about day to day 6th form life? all the free periods i get to spend with my mates the different attitudes teachers have to you... more friendly and forgiving feeling like im top of the school hahaha the nicer uniform the new sixth form centre at my school... its amazing :)


A day in the life of x-pri-x

Year of Study: Second year - A2 Subjects of Study:

Tell us a bit about your daily preparation and morning routine: Well I just woke up had my shower etc got ready and left - 30 minutes walking to college and went straight into my lesson

So what did you do today? I had a triple Psychology in the morning, so we were just listening to the teacher/taking notes from the screen etc for the first hour. then we got break for about 15 minutes where we get to socialize with everyone else/get hot snacks and then back to glass wehere we were all discussing between determinism and free will

How do you finish the day after returning from school? I went to see my tutor concerning my PS, then went to the library for a few minutes to edit it and then walked home

And finally, can you tell us the best thing about day to day 6th form life? We don't have to be in 9 to 3 - only when lessons are, and teachers don't treat us like school kids - we are treated like adults (some teachers you can even joke round with/have good chats etc) and are given responsibilities. Also there is a wide range of people and everyone is friends with everyone and not necessarily in small groups like we were in high school


A day in the life of Utare

Year of Study: 2nd year of 6th Form - A2

Subjects of Study: Maths, Chemistry, Economics

Tell us a bit about your daily preparation and morning routine: I live far away from my school, so got up at 6 (errgh) left at 7, and some how just got in at 8:15.

So what did you do today? Today was great, half-day so i finished at 12:30. We had assembly first and was all about interviews which was always useful. Then Maths, the teacher thinks he is so cool, but he is still a really good teach. Then break, then economics, which our teacher is so opinionated, he is really sarcastic and funny so makes that the enjoyable lesson.

Common Room atmosphere is always so lively, we have a split between common room and study area, which means we can be as loud as we like, and we have as much freedom as well.

How do you finish the day after returning from school? Quite a bit of h/w, usually about 1hr from each subject, or at least a bit of revision

And finally, can you tell us the best thing about day to day 6th form life?

Errm, the common room!. We've got a Wii, PS3 and XBox 360 on constantly, so it's noisy and fun. It's a bit Cliquey but still everyone knows everyone, and talks to everyone.

Nothing is really serious either, but the teachers treat us correctly, so yeh all is good!


A day in the life of duckjustice

Year of Study: A2 - Second year of 6th Form Subjects of Study: Chemistry, Biology, English Lit

Tell us a bit about your daily preparation and morning routine: If I'm in first lesson, which I normally am, I wake up at 7, start getting ready at about 7.45, then when I'm dressed and stuff put anything I need in my bag then wait for my friend to appear then walk to school, it takes about 10 minutes

So what did you do today? I had to go to registration then hung around in the common room until first lesson. I was just going to my lesson when someone told me we had an assembly so I had to go to the lecture theatre instead. I had double English first (although I'd missed 20 minutes of it for the assembly) and we talked about the exam then made notes on one of the texts. I had break and then Biology, where we didn't do much really..

How do you finish the day after returning from school? I normally come home and sit on the computer taking forever to type up notes and do homework because I get distracted. If I finish really early I sometimes go into town or to the cinema or somethng.

And finally, can you tell us the best thing about day to day 6th form life? I don't really know, free lessons are nice and not getting told off for stupid things like swearing.


A day in the life of Toneh

Year of Study: A2

Subjects of Study: Biology/Chemisty/Physics/Maths

Tell us a bit about your daily preparation and morning routine: Wake up about 7.45 - eat breakfast - shower - get school stuff - leave at like 8.20

So what did you do today? Biology - Half asleep - something about the Loop of Henle... Chemistry - an experiment about pH - wasn't paying much attention Magic Free - some maths coursework + wandered down to the shop + sat around in common room moaning about stuff + some more wandering Magic Free - went home

How do you finish the day after returning from school? Get home about 4.10 usually (today earlier). Have a banana, toast, tea. Switch on pc. Procrastinate. Do UCAS and other annoying stuff. Don't bother doing homework cos frees usually suffice. Sometimes go out play tennis/hockey/other stuff. Otherwise watch tv/film.

And finally, can you tell us the best thing about day to day 6th form life? Break time toast sessions in the kitchen. :P Common room. Ability to waste time without people caring. Turning up late (morning frees!)


A day in the life of Aaaaaaaargh!

Year of Study: 13 (Upper Sixth)

Subjects of Study: French, Geography, Psychology, Gen. Studies

Tell us a bit about your daily preparation and morning routine: I usually get woken up at 7AM, but lie in bed until 7.40 until my mum orders me out; so I drag myself to the shower and stand under the water and (half) wake up. After washing etc, I get changed into my uniform (yeah, there's a uniform -_-) for around 7.55 and I'm out the door at 8.00! I don't have breakfast anymore, don't need it either! My mum's a teacher at the school so I'm in by 8.05 so I sit in the library and do last minute homework in for that day until 8.45 when it's registration.

So what did you do today? Well this morning I arrived in school at the normal time and did my French homework which took me until 8.30 after which I went to the common room and talked to a few friends who had arrived. Registration as normal. Lessons last one hour and there are 5 in one day, with 1 hour lunch break and 15 minute morning break. I had French, Psychology, Free, General Studies, Free today. Not a special day to be honest; our school has turned really strict so we're not allowed out at lunch or in our free periods (it's an outrage I know, we're working on it...) so I sat around and helped a mate sort out his UCAS application in my frees. The lessons are fairly intensive so I usually spend my frees relaxing with friends or in the library, but I rarely do work in the day (in fact, I don't think I EVER have!)

How do you finish the day after returning from school? Well it depends if I'm doing anything that evening. Usually I walk home (only 15 mins away) and watch a bit of TV/Play Xbox/Check emails and forums (TSR etc.) until about 5. Then I check my planner, whack some music on and start some homework. If I have cadets (twice a week) I stop homework around 6.15 and check over my uniform and leave for 6.40, back at 9.30. That's when I normally have my tea; I'm a proper night owl so I stay up until about 1AM on my computer, or finishing off any especially long homework.

And finally, can you tell us the best thing about day to day 6th form life? Best thing? Hm, to be honest we don't have much freedom anymore so I would have to say the opportunities which are available are fantastic.


A day in the life of Tha_Black_Shinobi

Username: Tha_Black_Shinobi

Year of Study: Year 13/Upper Sixth/A2 Year

Subjects of Study: History, Economics, English Literature

Tell us a bit about your daily preparation and morning routine: Get up at around 7am. Have a shower. Brush My Teeth. Might throw in a little prayer somewhere. Cocoa butter myself and change into my suit. Then eat my breakfast while watching BBC Breakfast news and then go and get the bus

So what did you do today? Had economics first thing in the morning. Normal lesson bit of banter that was all. Then had a free period for period 2. Went to the library with the intention of maybe doing some work. Checked the ucas site to see wagwan with my ucas application knowing full well that my school had probably not checked it yet. got proved right. got angry. Spent the rest of my free playing flash games. Then was break time. Had english at period 3 where people were giving talks on some character analysis task we had to do. I fell asleep as I usually do. Then had another free where I again went to the library. Me and a couple friends were searching female celebrities on google images and rating them (sigh this is what 6 years in a boys school does to you). Then went to the cafe for lunch and had a breakfast meal. Then had History last and went home

How do you finish the day after returning from school? Well on this particular day I met up with a young lady in Croydon on my way home. (yer i know i'm a pimp) then got home at around half 5. got a little snack watched abit of tv, jammed on the laptop. then started homework at half 6. did that until 8.45 with dinner in between. Homework usually goes on for longer if i got an essay due in as i ALWAYS leave it to the last minute. then watch tv, go on facebook, go on sidereel or tsr.

And finally, can you tell us the best thing about day to day 6th form life? This is gonna sound gay but school might probably be unbearable without my fellow pupils. the jokes, the banter and that kinda thing is without a doubt the best thing about it and is what i will most remember school for.


A day in the life of bite_of_cake

Year of Study: 13

Subjects of Study: French, English Lit, History of Art

Tell us a bit about your daily preparation and morning routine: Set alarm for 7.10, press snooze button ooh, at least three or four times, meaning I'm usually in the shower by about half past - a routine I've pared down to seven minutes. Usually out of the door with some form of fruit in my mouth by ten to eight.

So what did you do today? Friday I spent my first two periods - a double free - preparing a commentary on the tenth chapter of E.M Forster's Room With A View, and hurriedly finishing an essay on the theme of muddle in said novel, while listening to my iPod and drinking 40p hot chocolate from the sixth form CR machine. Worked through break, then double French (favourite) - we're currently studying Molière's L'Avare, so read through a couple of scenes, then watched a bit of the movie. Then I had my Room With a View presentation. Lunchtime followed (crisscross fries FTW!) with Oriental Society and Philosophy Club, then a free afternoon, so was allowed to go home for a "study afternoon" - read = nap! I live for frees :)

How do you finish the day after returning from school? If I don't have an after-school club/study afternoon, I usually roll in about 5 pm - and optimistically try and do some reading. Then it's Facebook time interspersed with the occasional bit of homework, and a LOT of listening to whatever music I'm currently obsessed with.

And finally, can you tell us the best thing about day to day 6th form life? The fact that suddenly teachers (or the majority of them) treat you like PROPER ADULTS. Classes become smaller and more intense, so the quality of students and discussion go up several notches intellectually. Therefore class is (I think) a lot more interesting.


A day in the life of annab1684

Year of study: `13

Subjects of study: French, Spanish, History, English Literature, Extended Project

Tell us a bit about your daily preparation and morning routine: So I try to get up at 7.. I'll usually get up at about 7:35am.. get ready, have breakfast, brush my teeth, get my school stuff together and leave at about 8:40am for the 5 minute walk to school.

So what did you do today? On Friday I had a school council meeting so I spent from 8:45-8:55 running around school making sure everyone was going to turn up. So then I ran the meeting and everything went smoothly. Free period one, filled with panic about the fact I have to write an essay for Cambridge when I haven't even started the topic yet! So I read through some of Paul Eluard's poems and did a bit of work on his life. Period 2: Spanish! My dear teacher is obsessed with me doing translation at the moment so after I explained the cover sheet to him for my Cambridge essay he gave me lots of past paper exercises to do. Break time for 20 minutes: I think I was sitting in the common room generally complaining about how it was a tip and about how there were too many people in there. Period 3: history, notes on the Inquisition in Medieval Spain (fun times eh?) Lunch for 1 hour.. buy a sandwich from the lunch hall and eat it whilst doing lunch duty. Lunch duty means I walk around wit h a blue detention slip and stop people from mucking about and get paid for it! Period 4: This would have been French, but my teacher was on a trip. I was supposed to do work, but I kind of got distracted. A whole group of us were sitting in the careers library, throwing pennies down each others' tops and sticking sticky notes on each others back saying things such as 'kick me' and 'arse.' We were clearly feeling very immature that afternoon! Period 5: English Literature, discussion of elements of the Gothic in general and in relation to Angela Carter's 'The Bloody Chamber'. 3:40pm - home time!

How do you finish the day after returning from school? Well I get back at about 3:50pm if I don't have band and I generally attempt to be productive and go out for a walk with my dog and my mum. Yesterday, my friends came round to decide what we're doing when we go to London in half term and then I got several e-mails from my french teacher about how we're going to solve the Cambridge essay predicament.

And finally, can you tell us the best thing about day to day 6th form life? Not having to do science or maths and being treated with respect by teachers at last.


A day in the life of Abbey2412

Year of study:A2 year. 2nd year of A levels

Subjects of study:Chemistry, biology, maths, german (and critical thinking to AS)

Tell us a bit about your daily preparation and morning routine:i get up leaving my bf in bed, and go grab a shower. then i check email/track/facebook have a coffee and something small to eat. then i do my teeth and check make up quickly. I then shout to my brother to get his arse in the car and i drive to school. this takes about 20 minutes but then i have the usual struggle to find a parking space!!

So what did you do today?its saturday but ill go for a weekday. ok take wednesday i had 4 frees in the morning so i got up at 8 went for a swim( did 60 lengths in the pool near my school then went in had coffee with my mates and did an hours german translation b. i then went to double biology where we did some stuff on global warming(KILL ME NOW). i then had choir at lunch moved my car around (2 hour spaces around school have to keep moving it) and did some bio homework. in the afternoon i had double chemistry where we did the iodine clock experiment.

How do you finish the day after returning from school?i did 2 hours maths homework then i filled my car with petrol(ouch) and drove over to my boyfriends house to stay the night........

And finally, can you tell us the best thing about day to day 6th form life?freedom to do whatever i want in frees:work/sport/lie in haha and also you get a lot more respect from the teachers.


A day in the life of Dorito

Year of Study: 13

Subjects of Study: Psychology, Politics, ICT

Tell us a bit about your daily preparation and morning routine: Drag myself out of bed at about half 8, have my breakfast, throw my clothes on and leave the house at about 9:05. I should be in college for 8:50 but what can ya' do.

So what did you do today? Lets take Friday as an example. Rolled up to school early today, which made a change as it was 'Pink Day' and I was responsible for collecting money as I had been forced in to it. At quarter past 9 I was ready to go back to sleep but instead dragged myself to Psychology where I sat, bored. After 2 hours of not listening to a 'lecture' about evolutionary theory it was break. 15 minutes in the common room. Double free's next means football and chippy, work can wait until later. With my frees and dinner merging in to one big waste of time I faced 2 more hours of Politics before I could go home. Presentations in politics followed by 'reasearch' on the computers and by research I mean BBC Sport and online games...all whilst texting various people without being caught. Then, finally I could go home. An unproductive and long day.

How do you finish the day after returning from school? I walk home with my friend everyday, a short 5 minute walk through the park and I'm home. I usually make a brew (for me and my mum, awww), then watch some TV, go on my Xbox and TSR until dinner (half 6ish), after tea I try to think if I have any work due in tomorrow as I don't use my planner, cos' I'm too lazy. If I do have work I go and get it done, but usually I put it off and watch Corrie and Eastenders...obviously Fridays and Saturdays are a lot more exciting, either cinema, going to the football etc.

And finally, can you tell us the best thing about day to day 6th form life? The fact that you know it is only 1 short year until you can get out of there and go to university, full of like minded people that actually WANT to be there. Unlike sixth form, which is full of idiots that are delaying the inevitable full-time 'career' at McDonalds.


A day in the life of toxik_apple

Year of Study: 13

Subjects of Study: Psychology, Biology, Chemistry, Italian, General Studies

Tell us a bit about your daily preparation and morning routine: My alarm is always set to go off at 7:15, for some bizarre reason. So I slap it, roll over and sleep again until about 7:35. I'd then drag myself out of bed, barely being able to walk, and stagger off to have a shower. I always pack my bag for school and choose what to wear (no uniform FTW!!) the night before as my brain doesn't work in the morning XD Then it takes about 10 minutes to sort my hair out, I don't like products, so it's even more difficult trying to get it to all go the same way... It takes about 5 minutes to walk to school, so I take the long way along the river; scarf tightly wrapped around neck, cigarette in one hand (breakfast) and iPod in the other.

So what did you do today? It's Sunday, so I'll use Friday as an example, but I could take any day seeming as they're all pretty much identical. I'd always sit in the common room waiting until it's time to go to registration at 8:40. Listening to people's boring conversations in the morning is not a highlight.... Registration consists of virtually running as my tutor leaves at EXACTLY 8:41 every morning, very very tedious. And if you're late she'll shout at you the next day. Hmmph. Anyway, first period I had Chemistry, and we made nylon-6,6, which was exciting (I'm not a nerd!!). Teacher kept warning us not to touch it as we might get cut, silly man, nylon won't cut ME!! Then I had Biology which tends to involve silently dozing with eyes open, whilst attempting to understand what our teacher is going on and on about. We actually did the concentrations of various substances in the filtrate in kidneys, which wasn't too bad. Break next, trying to find a seat in the common room is awful, and being able to hear yourself speak over the many decibels of heavy metal pumping out of the stereo system is even worse! The best thing though about our common room must be the bar...and the sofas!! After break I had Psychology, and as much as I love Psychology, the lessons are always non-productive. I had two frees after this so I just went home for the rest of the day.

How do you finish the day after returning from school? When I got back from school I dumped all my stuff in my room and made some noodles and toast =) and coffee, lots of coffee! I don't know why, but school can be so tiring, I often end up sleeping until dinner on the sofa watching Friends. As it was Friday I decided to not do any work, and leave it till the next day (Saturday: I decided to leave it till Sunday. Sunday: here I am on TSR; am I doing work? No). Instead I stomped around the house moaning about it being horribly cold, which seemed like a much better idea, and frequently going on the roof to smoke.

And finally, can you tell us the best thing about day to day 6th form life? Being able to go to town during frees. There might not be much there, but it's the choice I like. And no uniform!! However choosing what to wear in the morning can be very difficult. Oh, and the general freedom, and respect from juniors =)

A day in the life of 蘋果

Year of Study: 13

Subjects of Study: Maths, Chem, Bio

Tell us a bit about your daily preparation and morning routine: Wake up at 9am, Skip breakfast, ready by 9:04am, walked to school by 9:05am (I live right beside the school). On fortunate days such as Monday and Friday, wake up later due to free periods.

So what did you do today? Go through classes, play cards during Chemistry, Free periods and Break. Also play Pool during free periods.

How do you finish the day after returning from school? Afternoon nap, computer, eat a little snack, more computer, and more snacks, occasionally go out for a milkshake with some friends.

And finally, can you tell us the best thing about day to day 6th form life? The many hours which is allocated to sleep =) And also the card playing, it really defined my 6th year.


A day in the life of Raceforthefishman

Year of Study: 13

Subjects of Study: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths

Tell us a bit about your daily preparation and morning routine: Well, Depending on who's turn it is to drive to school I get up anywhere between 7-8, shower, eat, sit an do some outside reading around related to what I want to study at university...then I set off! Never ever forgetting to fill my faithful water bottle :)

So what did you do today? I'm going to pretend it was thursday...as that was probably the most interesting day this week! I set off in enough time to drive 8 miles in the wrong way to go and pick up a friend for school...I get to town and realise I have nowhere near enough petrol to make the journey home so we have a slight detour to the garage..but not to worry as I'm free first lesson. When I do get to school I sit down to start some chemistry homework I have (working all weekend means I have to do all school work on a night or in frees)however, the majority of the remaining lesson ends up as usual -- gossip/sending people for food...All too soon the bell goes for 2nd lesson, I set off to my double chemistry lesson..I am the only one in chemistry so the lessons can get quite intensive, fortunately my teacher takes pity and one hour is spent doing practical work on acids and bases, not too difficult! 4th lesson comes around so some friends and I decide to go into town for our dinners...and also to check out whether the bakery in town really had been closed due to a Salmonella outbreak. It hadn't. Lunch time was a singing rehearsal for the musical in December, being followed by last lesson Mechanics....Mechanics involving a discussion whether Romeo climbs onto a balcony up Juliet's hair...very little work was done that lesson. End of the day comes and it happens that tonight is open evening. As the unofficial science prefect (we have no prefect system..but the department classes me as such :D) I have been asked to help out so I go and run some errands....going into town buying shelf brackets *all the usual stuff!* Come back to school, set up some test tube reactions...set up an experiment with algae held in alginate beads...have a good hours worth of banter with lab tech. and my biology teacher. Go get some food. When I come back we decide we just have time for a good cup of tea, settle down for a chat about the sheer magnificence of yorkshire puddings...suddenly people start coming round so I spend the rest of the evening at microscopes showing the y6s their cheek cells, protozoa and more algae! A good day was had by all *as well as a good cup of tea!*

How do you finish the day after returning from school? Depending on how much work I have...get that done, then just doss about a bit...relaxing before the next day!

And finally, can you tell us the best thing about day to day 6th form life? Being trusted by all the staff so much more...being part of a small school, there is a lot of banter in the lessons and everyone is very close makes for good crack!


A day in the life of cwynter

Year of Study: YEAR 13

Subjects of Study: ART, CHEMISTRY, MATHS

Tell us a bit about your daily preparation and morning routine: Set alarm for 7.05, drag meself out of the bed at 7.10, rush to the bathroom, dress up, grab my bag, all in 15 mins! eat breakfast in kitchen half dead, leave my house at 7.35, 10 mins walk to the bus stop.

So what did you do today? Well, its Sunday night , so lets talk about Monday. Registration at 8:30. Still half dead. Went to Maths at 8:45,a double lesson, we were finishing on trigonometric identities, pretty hard. Confused but vowed that i will go over it. Break time at 10:15-10:30, i was helping my friend to finish her personal statement in the computer room. Had another maths lesson for 50 mins. Free in period 4, went to tesco with friends to get lunch. Back to school libaray to go over chemistry for the afternoon lessons. Form time at 1 o'clock, my tutor was going over our UCAS. Had a double chemistry at 1:20, it was tiring, monday is my only full day. Finished at 3 and I went to the local gym where i teach kids swimming. Back home at 6.

How do you finish the day after returning from school? Have early dinner at 6, sometimes half 6. After dinner, I check emails/go on msn/facebook/TSR for an hour. Depends on workloads, I usually do my art for the next day and go over the chemistry and maths. Have a shower around 11, then read a few pages before i go to bed.

And finally, can you tell us the best thing about day to day 6th form life? Free periods! I have 14 frees this year.