Cashed in

Is my AS Level cashed in (also known as "certificated")?

On your AS results slip was there an overall grade as well as module grades/UMS?

  • If yes: Your AS levels have been cashed in.
  • If no: Your AS level hasn't been cashed in.

Schools/Colleges have different policies on 'cashing in' and are asked to state what theirs is in their references. It is unlikely that you will be able to persuade a school or college to do something different for you individually, either way. If a school/college normally cashes in, and your results are missing, admissions tutors will draw their own conclusions, which are unlikely to be in your favour. If you have stellar results but these have not been cashed in, the only thing you can do is ask your referee to mention them in your reference.

The option to decline grades after results are published no longer exists: Declining and Resitting