Are you not enjoying your further education?

Don't worry if you're not. At one point or another everyone finds that they dislike something about the studies that they're doing. The important thing to remember is that advice and opportunities are available to you if you're thinking of giving up the game.

A guide for those who aren't enjoying their sixth form or college studies

There are all sorts of reasons why you might not be enjoying your studies, and thinking of giving it up and doing something different. And of course, everyone's personal circumstances will be different - but generally speaking the following list is likely to cover most of those reasons. On this page you can hopefully find some advice that is relevant to helping you solve whatever problems you have with your studies, and to help decide whether giving up your further education is the right decision.

Why might you consider quitting?

  • You're not interested in your course(s)
  • Your sixth form/college won't let you change course(s)
  • You don't like your sixth form/college
  • You don't like your teachers/tutors
  • You don't like your classmates
  • You're being bullied and want to leave
  • You can't cope with the workload
  • Perhaps you've decided that you want to do a more vocational course
  • Complete lack of motivation for studying
  • Depression
  • Other medical reasons
  • You may have discovered that you need to do a specific course to get into the university of your choice and would rather not complete an irrelevant year.

Where can I go for advice?

There are all sorts of people you can go to for advice - friends, family, teachers, careers advisors, connexions, or doctors. Take into account everyone's opinion, and get as much advice as you can. Make sure you find out all the options that are available to you, there's nothing worse than making a bad decision just because you didn't know what else you could do. But, at the end of the day, make sure you make the decision that is right for you.

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