Sixth Form Personal Statement 1

Sixth Form Personal Statement

I attend xxxxxxxxxxxxxx School. I am currently studying a range of GCSE's including Maths, English Language and Literature, Double Science, French, Geography, IT and Food Technology. I enjoy IT and Food Technology because I find them interesting to learn. My favourite subject is English as I enjoy reading, writing, using a wide range of vocabulary and evaluating characters from novels

I have been a member of the girls' basketball team. I completed my work experience in a shoe shop and gained various skills including how to deal with difficult customers and learned how to communicate with customers which helped me for the future

I like reading, watching films, listening to music, playing basketball and socialising with friends and family. My friends and family say I am a pleasant, kind, caring, considerate and quiet person. I would say other people see me as a kind, friendly, respectful and down to earth person

I intend to go onto college after finishing school and study A levels

I would like to take English Language, Economics, Law and History. I would like to become a lawyer. I understand that there are different areas a lawyer can work in and I am not sure of the type of lawyer I want to become. I would like to legally represent people and help them with problems they have. I am a tolerant, hardworking, polite and friendly person.

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