What to take on your first day of sixth form

Wondering what you need to take with you on your first day of sixth form? This list, written by our members, should point you in the right direction

List of things to take with you on your first day of sixth form

  • Pen
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Rubber
  • At least 2 pads of paper.
  • Massive refill pads, because you got a silly little notebook with flowers on and only about 10 pieces of paper in it.
  • A folder for each of your subjects. Not a small one, get big ones. You'll need them.
  • 2 pack of dividers and/or plastic wallets.
  • A pack of cheap biros (you WILL lose most of them), some pencils, pack of highlighters.
  • calculator (even if you're not doing maths) or appropriate mathematical tools for scientific/mathematical subjects
  • Hole punch (this will soon be your favourite item! As it is mine)
  • Diary/planner (although may be worth checking if this is provided by the 6th form as many do)
  • Sticky notes, as they are useful to mark important pages
  • memory stick, it will become invaluable
  • A laptop computer can prove indispensable if you know how to use it to take notes properly. Can save you a lot of time searching for 5 month old information
  • A phone! (in most Sixth Forms and Sixth Form Colleges, phones etc. are allowed!...but check first before getting it out!)
  • Money (about a tenner for your first day but a fiver from day two onwards)
  • Bag (to carry everything!) Think of how much work you used to get in a week, that's about how much you'll be carrying every day. So be sensible with the bag choice.
  • Bottle Water ( Isotonic drinks are not good)
  • A box of power snacks such as fruit or granola bars.
  • A mug - more than likely, you'll need the coffee. And its so much nicer in your own mug!
  • A smile - try your hardest to actually ENJOY being in sixth form!
  • Don't forget, Imodium, in case you get the squits when nervous.
  • A pack of paracetamol, ibuprofen and a pack of lemsip.
  • Dry shampoo/make up, for those days you didn't realise how bad you look when you left the house.

Don't worry about getting textbooks and any other books you may need until the school tell you which ones you'll need to buy and which they'll provide.