Why you should be active in college

Here are a few ways that you may be active, along with the reasons why you should be active in these ways. The fact is that it is your life and you can live it how you please (within reason), but not being active is not often a good idea. Here are some ways that you can be active in college, along with the reasons why you should be.

Being physically active

You are going to have to sit on your behind and do a lot of studying and reading. It is why so many students go into college thin and come out fat. If you want to stay alert, stay fit and stay in shape, then exercise is for you. Thankfully, there should be plenty of other students to be active with and other students to play sports and do energetic things with.

Being academically active

This does not mean studying, as you should be doing that anyway. It means taking a few hours per month to go a little bit beyond your studies. To take that extra step and find out something about your vocation or qualification that you are not taught. To actually take an interest in the subject matter of your qualification and expand your real interest of the subject.

Being socially active

This means making friends and doing things with your friends. Yes, you are there to study, but that is not all you are there to do. In 100 years you are going to be dust, so you cannot miss out on opportunities to be social or to have fun just because you are working towards an education. You will be working towards something all your life--so be social.

Being sexually and or emotionally active

In other words, you are a student and it is okay to be dating. It is okay to be sexually active if you want, and it is okay to have a relationship if you want. Your life is not at a standstill because you have a lot of work or studying to do. If you cannot mix being emotionally or physically involved with finding time to work, then you will have that problem all your life.

Being career active

This means getting as much work experience as you can, and this is especially true if you can get work experience that is relevant to your career and future job. There is nothing better than a bit of on the job training if you can get it. The more you can put onto your CV the better. But, do not go nuts if the work experience is not related to your chosen profession. Lots of experience flipping burgers will not get you an engineering or doctor's job any faster.

Being community active

Walk dogs, clean parks, take part in fairs and the like. Be a good person and show the world that students are not just a big bunch of lazy scroungers and that not all colleges are just daycare centers for older kids.

Being extracurricular active

This means getting a bit of extra credit if you can find it. Anything that may make you more qualified or better prepared for the working world is good if you are able to put it on your CV when you are done.

Being charitably active

This one may seem like the silliest one on the list. You may be able to see a number of logical reasons why you should do all of the others, but being involved in charity during college? And doing it as a student when you have the least spare time and money seems foolish right?

Well it is not if you play it right. You need to make sure that the thing you do is something that is active and that you can have your photo taken doing. A few snapshots of you lifting the elderly out of wheelchairs or saving endangered animals from trees and such. Anything of this ilk is okay. You then need to do very well in college.

All of this adds up to you getting a great job when you leave college. Firstly, your pictures need to go on Facebook and LinkedIn because you can bet your bottom dollar that your future employer is going to check them before calling for an interview. And, during your application and interview you have the fact that you did well in college (this is good but so did many others), and you also did it whilst helping out a charity.

You didn’t spend your time hitting the books and struggling, or getting drunk with your frat or sorority. This automatically spells respect for you and you are more likely to get the job over the people who simply did well in college. And don’t worry if you didn’t get straight A’s throughout your college course because you were too busy helping others (it’s a great excuse for imperfect grades).

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