A day in the life of a sixth form student - as level

Sixth Form Students (AS)

Want to know what studying for your AS Levels in sixth form will be like? Well read out day in the life guides by current sixth form students to find out.


A day in the life of letsdothetimewarpagain

Year of Study: 12

Subjects of Study: History, Eng lit, Maths and Psychology

Tell us a bit about your daily preparation and morning routine: Normally up at 6.30am (although Thursdays I'm up at 6am for a 7.30am violin lesson ), first thing I do, which is probably quite sad is come on TSR just to check PRs etc I normally have a mad panic at 7.20am when I realise my quick check of TSR has turned into a 45minute one and I have 10 minutes to get ready or miss the train. Rush to the station, realise I've forgotten something but make it on to the train. Get to school at 8.40am :o On the train if I have homework in for first lesson I usually do it, otherwise I try and wake up into a human. Registration starts at 8.45am.

So what did you do today? To start I spent my registration in with the year 10 tutor group I'm doing a mentoring thing with and then I had a double free so two hours of nothing. Spent the first hour in the study room, to do psychology homework in for third lesson. For the second hour I spent it in one of the common rooms. The one I prefer always has a good atmosphere and lots of people to talk to, the other one tends to be very busy and full of the people who don't actually want to be in 6th form and just want to play pool/table football all the time. 11.20 was time for the first lesson, which was psychology. We watched a video about something to do with developmental stuff, I was half asleep and didn't pay much attention So ended up copying up notes from a friend during my third free of the day, which was after psych. At 1.20pm we register, I walk into the room to be handed with chocolate and a load of notices (I seem to be increasingly busy atm :o). Lunch was rather average and Eng Lit last was a draggg, I think I switched off half way through. I finished at 3.10 although I usually finish at 4.20pm on Tuesdays but my teacher for the 6th lesson canceled

How do you finish the day after returning from school? After 6th form and the long trek home (Half the time the train is delayed going home) I look in my planner, see the growing mound of work and decide it can wait to my frees tomorrow and come on TSR or feel really productive and do loads of work. I usually have two essays a week (one for History and one for Eng Lit) and lots of maths, which is fun! I have a fair bit of homework usually but so many frees I rarely have to do much outside of school

And finally, can you tell us the best thing about day to day 6th form life? Mainly how relaxed it is and the people in the 6th form. I also quite enjoy the enrichment stuff, and being able to get involved with the school more.


A day in the life of ourlastmemory

Year of Study: Sixth form Year 12 - AS

Subjects of Study: Physics, Music, History, Psychology

Tell us a bit about your daily preparation and morning routine: Get up, shower n tingz, get uniform on, have a rushed breakfast, pack me bag and possibly do any unfinished work from the night before, then miss the bus and eventually arrive a la school

So what did you do today? Was late, non-assembly day thank god so started with tutor group and got my heartachingly average record card, then had to fill out some kind of target and achievement sheet. Had a double free first so went to the CR to do workies, ended up getting distracted by table football/pool and listening to other people's conversations as usual, so tore myself away and went to the 6th form ICT room. Had double Psychology (played word association games for the first half) over morning break then a double of Music right after (tea and biscuit lesson, oh yeahh), then lunch. Got the usual wrap and donut at the coffee shop with fwiends then went to orchestra. Had double Physics after luncheon, was mind-blowing as per usual, then finished with single history - bad, bad lesson, probably the only class that still feels like GCSE as we have basically no discussion and it's VERY quiet. Ah well. Generally have a double free a day, except for Thursday where I have none and Friday, where I have four. timetables can be pretty awkwardly arranged; though some of my friends have whole mornings or afternoons off.

How do you finish the day after returning from school? Usually hang around and go get a milkshake with friends, go to a club or just head home if I'm really knackered. Normally have one or two big homeworks like essays/presentations that we have a week to do, then a smaller one-night assignment, we get ALOT though. We get pushed really hard here; I know a lot of sixth form colleges leave you to your own devices, but we pretty much don't catch a break. Saying that, have gotten away with far more TSR-ing and TV-ing than work so far :D

And finally, can you tell us the best thing about day to day 6th form life? Being more independent, even the little things like going straight to the front of the lunch queue push it a mile apart from being in the lower school. Lessons are a zillion times more interesting! Having the common roon is really awesome, and everybody mingles over the pool table It's been awesome to get closer to other people in the year who I never really spoke to before since the year's smaller and we're all in one place. I love it.


A day in the life of Jobobie

Year of Study: AS Levels

Subjects of Study: Spanish, English Lit, History, Film Studies

Tell us a bit about your daily preparation and morning routine: get up at 6.45, lie in listening to Chris Moyles until 7, get up and shower, eat breakfast, read the paper, make lunch, go to the bus at 8.30, finally get to school at 9.15

So what did you do today? First I registered, then went to my year 9 mentoring class for 15 minutes - we just did a quiz in the end and then went to English. There we read a chapter of the Great Gatsby and discussed it. At 11.10 we had break, when we just generally wander around the main school building. At 11.30 I had Film Studies - we've just finished watching La Haine so we were talking about representations of youth and the police for an essay that we got set at the end of the lesson. During lunch we ate, wandered around messing about and then just sat and carried on with some work (we only have 2 free periods this year, so our lunches seem constantly packed with sixth-formers studying... bad times). I also went to see the music department about some music we're doing for the school productions and some concerts I'm doing with them. Then at 1.10 i had History - our teacher sent us out to do some research for a mock-election campaign we're doing next lesson between all the major revolutionary parties of Russia. We went to the library and made some flyers and a poster. Although quite a lot of people we know had a free period then so we didn't get a lot done

How do you finish the day after returning from school? I do about 2 hours of homework on average, I guess, but then that's with some days with zilch and others with 4 or so hours... Today I did 2 essays for English that took about 2 hours, then a little bit of History revision. After that I make sure everything's in the right folders and get down to the serious business of watching crap on tv and surfing the web.

And finally, can you tell us the best thing about day to day 6th form life? Being able to do stuff without a teacher holding your hand the whole time - our GCSE teachers wouldn't even let us out to use the toilet but now nobody seems fussed when people cut lessons, even. Wearing normal clothes. Being allowed to go to the shop at luch (hey, we know it's only a village shop, and we know there's only the one, but HEY. It's one thing everyone else can't do, and it's good enough for us, okay?). Not having to do maths! And of course, that all the year nines are absolutely petrified - why, we don't know, but by god it feels good hehe


A day in the life of HugsNottDrugs

Year of Study: 12

Subjects of Study: A Levels - ICT, History, Classical Civilisations, English Language. Open university certificate in the History of Life.

Tell us a bit about your daily preparation and morning routine: Got bribed using a weatherspoons breakfast to get out the house early, got up at quarter past six way too early... had a shower, went to weatherspoons for a sausage bap then a ten minute walk to school.

So what did you do today? My only full day today out of the two week timetable... for registration we had to talk about the Better Reading Partnership in which we are teaching Year 7's to read. Very fun and very rewarding. First of all i had English in which we had to write down pages of work as he read it out too us, usual activity for English however works a very well because those people who learn from writing it get the information and those who learn from hearing someone speak it also get the information. Lots of information being piled onto you means notes are quite scruffy therefore as with all my usual lessons when the weekend comes i will copy it up neater into another book. Second lesson i had Classics, the first of two today, we are making finger puppet shows to portray the Ancient Greek myths, very fun watching people build their shows up whilst eating chocolates for an hour. In break we usually have to fight our way through the other years to get anywhere, just went to the library to finish writing a classics essay on temples. Third lesson was History with the same teacher as before, very confusing when putting both lessons next to each other, didn't do much in History class is very distracted and took us 50 minutes to write eight bullet points. Not a very good class to be honest. Lunch has been shortened to half an hour so we can go home earlier this year, gave us enough time to go to the bakery and pop our heads in the new sweet shop before heading back. Fourth lesson i had another Classics lesson in which we watched the fingerpuppet shows... very funny and good to see everyone cheering each other on. Last lesson i had ICT in which we had to retake a mock test as our teacher was determined everyone was going to get at least an A. Managed to get full marks, an awesome achievement for me and ICT. Good bit of banter in the class until joined by our other stressy ICT teacher and the class was slightly less talkative...

How do you finish the day after returning from school? As a took a lot of essay subjects i have a fair amount of essays to write, teachers are quite lenient on when you hand them in though so it is not a rush for a deadline like coursework will be. Usually i make the Thursday night past 6 o clock my night off as the weekend i will be working non-stop, Saturday lunchtime inbetween shifts i will sort through all the paperwork i have been given over the past week and put it all into the subjects folder as we have regular checks on these. Anytime past ten is facebook time because i cannot work into the night. I would rather be honest and tell the teacher i have not managed to finish it then work into the night to get it done.

And finally, can you tell us the best thing about day to day 6th form life? The Atmosphere, in each and every class we can have a bit of a banter, some of the teachers still aren't relaxed totally but for most of the teachers lessons are relaxed and the fun banter keeps on going. Teachers are fairly understandable and don't expect you to give rubbish excuses like 'my printer is broke.' They know that they are not your only subject so set the essays or assessed tasks but don't set deadlines because they know that you will have other work to do. The best thing is everyone is friends with everyone, people talk to each other and although you get the occasional immature person the majority of them are friendly and welcoming. It's a great atmosphere to be shrouded in and if you see another person in the school wearing a sixth form shirt even if you don't know them you give them a hearty smile and say hello.


A day in the life of HappiiTofu

Year of Study: Year 12

Subjects of Study: Chemistry, English Lit, Biology, Physics, Critical Thinking. (Japanese for GCSE)

Tell us a bit about your daily preparation and morning routine: I (usually) wake up at about 5:15am (I'm an early riser) and if I'm not feeling lazy, I do a bit of exercise such as go for a jog. I then shower at about 6:15am and do my hair, make-up and get dressed until about 6:45am. I grab my bag, rush downstairs and grab something quick for breakfast such as toast or a piece of fruit. I then watch the remainder of the news and read the paper before leaving for the train at 7:12am. I get to school at about 8:15am as my train journey takes 15 minutes but I wait for my friends at the station and walk with them to school.

So what did you do today? Today is probably my best day out of all the days in the week (apart from Wednesday) because I only have two lessons. I began at 8:50 with Physics which was pretty good because we were doing things which I'd already studied at GCSE level. I then had a free second thing from 9:55 to 10:55 which I spent working on my English Literature essay on Spies by Michael Frayne. I have two essays in total and haven't started them and they're in for next week. Not good. We had first break from 10:55 to 11:15 where I walked to Tesco's outside my school and bought a pasta pot, cheese and onion crisps and a galaxy chocolate bar. I then had another free fromm 11:15 to 12:20. I spent this free with my friend in the dance studio where we are trying to choreograph a dance which we'll perform at a dance showcase thing. I got sweaty Lunch is from 12:20 to 1:00 and this is usually spent in the common room, listening to music on I-Pod speakers and just messing around with friends. From 1:05 to 2:05 I had (guess what?) another free! I spent half of it with my friends in the common room and then worked for another half hour on my essay. Our last period until 3:10 was English Literature and we spent the whole lesson discussing how our impression of Mrs Hayward changed in Spies. HOME TIME!

How do you finish the day after returning from school? Straight after school, I went into town and met up with some guys who go to Reading uni and hung out with them for about an hour. I got the train home and got home at about 4:30. I then spent about an hour messing around on my computer, aka Facebook, TSR, music videos etc. I managed to get around to doing my Physics homework which only took me about 20 minutes and continued working on my english until dinner at 6:30. This doesn't mean I spent the whole time sollidly working... I'm a procrastinator... After dinner, I left for my Japanese tutor at 7:10pm and learnt even more ways of saying weird things in Japanese as I'm taking my GCSE in May. I got home at about 9pm and practisced my dancing until I felt I should tidy the hole that is my bedroom. I got to bed at about 10:30.

And finally, can you tell us the best thing about day to day 6th form life? The amount of free time I have! I really don't know how I got through GCSEs with a full day. I spend most of my frees working and if I didn't have them I'd be so behind. I get to wear own clothes! It's such a more relaxed feeling but it take me ten minutes longer in the morning to get ready because I can never decide what to wear. Everyone here actually wants to work. At GCSE, you always had the people who disrupted the class but now everyone just gets on with work and it's a lot easier to work in that kind of environment. I also enjoy the subjects more because they're actually subjects I WANT to study, not ones I had to like in GCSE. They're a lot more interesting as well.


A day in the life of Hibz123

Year of Study: 12

Subjects of Study: History, Law, English Literature and Politics

Tell us a bit about your daily preparation and morning routine: Get up at 6.30am, brush my teeth, Have a shower, get dressed, Sort out my bag, Pray, Eat my breakfast [occasionally ], then watch the remainder of the news and then hurry outside to catch the bus.

So what did you do today? I had English Literature this morning and the lesson was cancelled, therefore me and my friends attended the Library to finish off some homework. Then I had History which was really interesting, we moved on from Theodore Roosevelt and studied the American and Spanish war, which was really interesting apart from the fact that I almost fell asleep. After that I had Politics which I had to prepare for my presentation, which was really good (If I may say so myself) A free which was primarily spent on revising for a Law test, and then I finished college at 1.05pm with lots of homework to finish over the next week

How do you finish the day after returning from school? Most of the time, I'd have a look through what I've learnt today and then I'd revise from it. After that I'd go on the computer and go on TSR, MSN etc etc..

And finally, can you tell us the best thing about day to day 6th form life? Free Periods No uniform Meet new people New atmosphere


A day in the life of Revolution is my Name

Year of Study: AS

Subjects of Study: Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Economics and Critical Thinking

Tell us a bit about your daily preparation and morning routine: Well, my alarm goes off at 7, and has done since the start of September, but today, like everyday but one since the start of the year, I rather foolishly slept through until 8, so had a rushed shower and breakfast, and just about got to school for 8:40.

So what did you do today? I had double Physics first (although it's two different modules with two different teachers), then after that it was break, so I wandered over to the common room, and played a bit of pool. Third I had Economics, then I had to hang around for a bit afterwards through lunch to get our Student Investor team organised. I didn't do a great deal at lunch; got some food from the canteen, played a bit of pool, dossed around etc. . Then this afternoon I had double Maths, although again that was two different modules with two different teachers.

How do you finish the day after returning from school? I usually do an homework I might get the day I get it, but obviously the amount is very variable for that, so there's no real set amount of time I spend doing homework. And invariably I'll intend to do some form of extra study, but various distractions mean I always end up doing less than I intend.

And finally, can you tell us the best thing about day to day 6th form life? Doing decent subjects at a more interesting level.


A day in the life of Troubled_Student

Year of Study: AS

Subjects of Study: History, Politics, Psychology and English Literature.

Tell us a bit about your daily preparation and morning routine: I get woken up at 7:30. drag myself out of bed and into the shower. After the shower it's breakfast and watch the news before getting dressed and ready for school. Then i leave my house at 8:30 for the short walk to school

So what did you do today? Today is a pretty pointless day [Friday] as i only have two lessons, English first and Psychology fourth. So basically in my second period, i study whatever we were doing in English first. Then third period is taken up usually by either doing whatever homework i think is good to do for another day, or going to the shop before going to Psychology.

How do you finish the day after returning from school? I come home from school, get food and a drink, then maybe watch some TV till around 4, before starting my homework which usually takes me up until around 5-6 for dinner. Then after dinner i'll either just chill on facebook etc, or carry on with homework depending on if i've got loads.

And finally, can you tell us the best thing about day to day 6th form life? A hard choice to be honest, one of the things is that the teachers do become more friendly. Teaching becomes more humorous such as a recent comment by my Psychology teacher on the Oral Stage of Child Development - "Children like suckling the breast, Children like the breast. Well we all like the breast. Other than that you have LOADS of time, free's, to continue studying. It's helpful for homework etc, as you can get others in your class who no doubt have the same free's as you, to give you a hand or sometimes the teacher will be milling around in the common room and will be available to give you pointers. Use your study time wisely, but don't get carried away, like i have around 8 hours of free's, however i don't study in every one that would just be stupid you need time to mess about or go shop, reserve a few free's for it. Also if you're good at some lessons, such as i am with History, you can ask the teachers if you can help out with lower school such as mentoring them or sitting in the lesson as a teaching assistant.


A day in the life of Daftndirekt

Year of Study: 12

Subjects of Study: Maths, Physics, Graphics and Art

Tell us a bit about your daily preparation and morning routine: Prepare my college bag the night before. Wake up at 6:30, have a shower, turn the radio onto R1. Get changed, sort out hair, skip breakfast and out the door for 7:20

So what did you do today? Today I did some lino printing, wrote an essay on art history, went to the gym, sat around, had a subway and greggs bat biscuit. Then i had physics where i learnt about conservation of mass, charge and strangenss in quarks, baryons, leptons and messons and finally i did graphics. Good fun.

How do you finish the day after returning from school? I got back home at 6:30 and I had a beer. Then i got an indian takeaway :)

And finally, can you tell us the best thing about day to day 6th form life? Having passionate teachers who actually are there to help develop your knowledge.


A day in the life of Kai

Year of study: AS year

Subjects of study: Art, Geography, French and Photography (y)

Tell us a bit about your daily preparation and morning routine: Get up at 6:45 (wayyy early), get ready, eat breakfast, straighten my hair and then i literally chuck my books in my bag before leaving =) meet my friends on the way to school and we get there about 8:30

So what did you do today? It's a Saturday today XD so i'll write about last Monday lol. Basically, I got to school on time just about XD and then went to register with my tutor in form. My form rooms in the technology block, which is good for me because i have photography and art in the same block, so i generally spend half my life in that block lol XD First lesson was double photography where I went in the school's darkroom to make prints and enlargements of some photos that i took for a project on 'Signs in the city' last week, which was a lot of fun =D and then did some bookwork. Then I had a free so went to get some hot chocolate from our school's canteen with some friends and just talked in the common room because i had no work to do that morning =D Then it was break so i went to the gates to meet my friend who has to travel to another school for two subjects and we just hung out in the common room till next lesson...oh basically we have a consortium between our school and two others so we can learn a wider variety of subjects, im at my school for 3 of my subjects but have to go to another for French...Ermmm next lesson was double geography, which is split into two lessons: human and physical. In physical we made some notes on managing global hazards and also talked through how to answer exam questions and then in human, we learnt about the Demographic Transition Model and talked about different stages within it =) so that was pretty good. Then lunch, my friends and I went to the shop down the road to get some lunch and then just spent time in the common room lol. And then last, I had double Art, where we did some polyprinting and drawings inspired by nature =)

But this wasnt a very busy day i guess, normally im spending some free lessons doing homework XD or doing art, and then on Tuesdays i have to go to another school first thing in the morning for french, then come back by minibus...and then at lunches on Tuesday and Thursday some friends and I run art club for years 7-11 because we got picked as Art Captains for this year =D so quite busy lol

How do you finish the day after returning from school? Lol, i get in, eat, check my facebook, TSR, msn and then i (try) do some work XD

And finally, can you tell us the best thing about day to day 6th form life? The best things are obviously no uniform =D and you can wear hoodies and scarves when its cold XD yay... Only learning the subjects i want to learn and theyre more in-depth so its really interesting =) The teachers also treat you more like adults and talk to you like equals and i love how they dont mind saying stuff in front of us =D Free lessons! They just rule! =D

I would say the only thing thats bad for me is that because we have the consortium thing, a lot of my friends go to other schools at times when im in our own school and we dont see each other as much as we used to...however weekends make up for that ;)


A day in the life of Samus2

Year of Study: 12

Subjects of Study: History, English Lit, Drama & Theatre Studies and RS (Philosophy & Ethics)

Tell us a bit about your daily preparation and morning routine: It varies from day to day. If I'm having a Shower then I'll wake up at 6:30, be showered and have my hair dried by seven. I then spend the next 40 minutes reading the morning news or watching GMTV. At 7:40, I walk the ten minutes to my friends house and get a lift to school. Most days, it's more like, wake up at 7:30, rush around for ten minutes, forget lots and get to my friends house at 8. Or, simply, I walk the thirty minutes to my nearest tube station and spend the next 20 minutes travelling to my school. Or, on rare days, I walk the 4.5 miles. That's not very often.

So what did you do today? Upon writing this, I'm going to say it's a monday. Mondays are good days. I woke up at 6:25, left my house at 6:45 and got to my friend Sabina's house for 7:15. We then caught up on our weekly stresses - mainly boys. We go to a local Café in order to skip assembly, order a hot chocolate with whipped cream and turn up about 20 minutes late for our first lesson. We do this on a monday. Mondays timetable goes: History, History, Break, English Lit, English Lit, Lunch, Drama, Drama. Mondays are a good day. History started out with being yelled at a little, I hadn't done an essay. Well, I had, I just hadn't quite finished it. And I'd made up a battle. But, we had a few laughs about it. Break, break is always interesting. It usually involved a trip down the high street. However, monday didn't. It involved me in my Head of Years office for my uniform. English lit, I got set an essay. Very boring. And Drama, Drama is such a fantastic lesson. We did something called Emotion memory, the lights were dimmed and we had to choose an emotion and repeat a line from a monologue we're studying with said emotion.

How do you finish the day after returning from school? Well, I walked home, and had a doctors appointment. I didn't get home till 6 o'clock. Three hours after I finished school. I came home, grabbed a snack and then went for a three mile run with my sister as we're doing the great south run together. Then I came home, took a shower and went to bed. This was all before 10 o'clock.

And finally, can you tell us the best thing about day to day 6th form life? I think it's the banter if I'm honest. The teachers treat you so much differently.