Marr college

The school in it's day

Marr College is a school in Troon, SW Scotland built from the funds left by CK Marr. 
The point of building this first class school was to give the young people of Troon an education closer to home rather than having to travel to a near by town such as Irvine to learn.
In it's day, Marr College was a gleaming, prosperous school, and is now very much a landmark of Troon, in line with other landmark features of Troon such as the golf courses, the local town hall (The Walker Hall, with the adjacent church on Ayr Street being used for the prize giving ceremonies) and the traditional railway station, as well as Glasgow Prestwick Airport, only three miles away from Troon, in which Elvis Presley once landed.
Getting back to the school itself, the most notable feature of Marr College is the green dome that overlooks the former scope of Troon, which has now expanded into new housing schemes that trickle suburbs such as Barassie and Muirhead much closer together than ever before.

Marr College in the 21st century

Marr College now has an extension building (which is of typical 1970s architecture, similar to that of Ardrossan Academy, North Ayrshire)which occupies the space once used for the tennis courts.
This extension building contains a stylish cafeteria, technical workshops, gymnasiums,modern language classrooms/facilities, a library(now with it's own online blog) and social subject classrooms.
The old building still retains classical features such as the crest that overlooks the assembly hall above the stage, the wall paneling in the Home Economic, Mathematics and English classrooms in line with the refurbished science and modern Computing departments.
The aforementioned exists in line with modern technology such as laptops, multimedia projectors, Promethean Activboards and Wireless Internet Access.
The school had also recently invested in LCD information screens to help enhance the flow of information such as non-uniform days, study/homework clubs and field trips.
The school makes use of adjacent playing fields complete with a circuit running track and a full size rugby pitch.
The school still maintains it's traditional ethics, and many students still choose to wear the Purple & Gold blazers. Every year the school holds a prize giving ceremony, in which merits the students for their results in both sport and study alike.