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Do you need some help with your A-level Spanish studies? Whatever you’re working on, from learning verb endings to improving your vocabulary, you’ll find this page helpful.

In the sections below you’ll see the latest learning resources that have been created by A-level Spanish students. Take a closer look at those or create your own using our online tools. You can make flashcards, mindmaps, quizzes and more – all really handy for making sure you remember the stuff you need to remember. 

The foreign languages study help forum is invaluable for those times when you’ve got a specific question. Pop onto the message board and add your question – you’ll soon get a response from one of the other A-level Spanish students on TSR. 

Finally, don’t forget to try the study planner tool. It automatically works out how much time you need to spend on each of your subjects, all the way up to exam time.