Apprenticeship experiences

  • Apprenticeship experiences

Username: Jermainedefoe

Age: 25(now), 16 then

Where did/do you work and what did/do you do? : General Builders in my local town, started off with general labouring and small amounts of responsibility. Worked my way up slowly, with them slowly introducing me to new elements of brickwork, foundations - > above ground level work as well as other trad skills in doors, plastering, small carpentry work, roofs etc

How did you find out about it? : Phoned local builders in the yellow pages Got an interview on site, went down and had a chat with them, they gave me a wheel barrow to sit in, which i did and i fell over

What do you enjoy about it? : Loved physically working hard (at first), loved seeing something from the bottom up, how buildings (mainly private) can look so bad when your at the beghinning stages and then how different it looks when its done, and you see how much you have played in getting it there. Rewarding What do you not enjoy so much? Getting wet at 8.30 and being soaked the rest of the day, working in the rain, being shattered in the evenings, some of the people!

Any tips/advice? Work hard, learn quickly, get friendly with customers and one day you will get your own. Dont go chasing money, be patient and the money comes(and bleed your boss for all his knowledge as you really work with them closley!)