The future of apprenticeships

What changes should be made to apprenticeships and traineeships for young people? By having your say in our official discussion threads, you’ve got the chance to get your voice heard by MPs who are looking at this issue. A selection of the posts made on The Student Room will be presented to the Education Committee in the House of Commons, as part of the Committee’s inquiry into apprenticeships and traineeships.

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How does it work?

The Education Committee in the House of Commons has launched an inquiry looking at the effectiveness and range of apprenticeships and traineeships available to 16- to 19-year-olds. The inquiry is also looking at funding for apprenticeships and traineeships and the factors affecting their uptake. The Committee wants to hear from you, the TSR community, about your views of and experiences with apprenticeships and traineeships.

What's next?

At the end of the inquiry, the Committee will publish a report, setting out its findings and making recommendations to government based on the evidence it has heard. The government has to respond to that report within two months.

About the Education Committee

The Education Committee is a parliamentary select committee, comprising of 11 Members of Parliament, which is set up by the House of Commons to hold the government to account. The Committee monitors the policy, administration and spending of the Department for Education and its associated arm’s length bodies, including Ofsted. You can find out more about the Education Committee and the inquiry on apprenticeships and traineeships on the Committee's website.

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