What's it like to have a career in audit?

If you enjoy working with numbers, it could be the career for you

Have you ever considered a career in audit? Probably not. Maybe you’re not even sure what audit is! But if you’re a fan of numbers and enjoy maths it’s definitely something you should think about.

Working in audit carries with it a lot of responsibility. And while the stereotype of an auditor might be “not cool” or “boring” it’s a well-respected career which can open doors and offer you loads of exciting opportunities.

What is audit?

For the record, audit is the independent examination of an organisation’s accounts and financial records to see if they’re accurate or not. It also involves making sure they are compliant with any applicable accounting rules, laws and regulations.

It’s not just about numbers though – those figures tell a story about a business’s hopes and achievements; it can also reveal if they’ve been up to no good! But more often than not, auditing is about looking at where an organisation is at and how things can be made even better.

It can help a company to make an informed decision about their next step, provide valuable insights into their business practices and help ensure their future is a positive one.

What does someone who works in audit actually do?

make sure they’re accurate and comply with all the relevant rules and regulations. The work often involves lots of meetings, both internally and with clients.

An auditor may also calculate taxes, look at what is owed and make sure it is paid on time. In addition, they may make suggestions to reduce costs, increase profits and enhance operations.

Jodie, an Apprentice in Audit with Deloitte, says: “We have lots of catch-ups throughout the day, to ensure I’m getting on okay with the work. These are usually via a Skype call or a quick chat.”

“The most exciting job for me was when I worked with an aviation client in Cheltenham. They gave us a factory tour while we were there, and it was really interesting to learn about the business.”

What’s a typical day like?

There is no typical day in audit; it’s very varied. An auditor might come into the office, check emails and arrange work priorities before taking part in conference calls with clients and discussing their needs, asking for information they require, talking about new industry developments and so on.

But equally, it can involve interacting with your team, enjoying social activities and undertaking a bit of study.

“The best thing is that every day is different, and I get to meet so many new people on my jobs, which makes it interesting,” says Jodie.

Where can a career in audit lead?

There are loads of different options when you have a career as an auditor. Many people work in a firm of chartered accountants, like Deloitte, and carry out auditing duties for lots of different organisations across a range of industries. 

You can also specialise in a particular industry such as healthcare or opt to go into the public sector working for the National Audit Office, auditing central government departments.

Alternatively, there are plenty of large corporates who require internal auditors to help make sure their financial records are up-to-date and compliant.

Why should I consider an apprenticeship in audit?

An apprenticeship in audit is a great alternative to a degree. Not only will you earn while you learn, you’ll hit the ground running when it comes to work experience and get a foot on the career ladder.

If you don’t feel uni is for you or have simply had enough of academic study, then an apprenticeship could be a great option. 

Jodie says: “Throughout school I kept changing my mind about what I wanted to do; it wasn’t until year 13 I decided on accounting and subsequently found out about the Deloitte programme. It just felt right for me and was the most inviting, especially coming straight from school. I applied instantly and, 10 months into the job, I haven’t looked back.

“When I joined, I barely knew what a financial statement was, it’s unbelievable how quickly and how much you learn in such a short time!

“I love working at Deloitte because… everyone wants to be here, and they make you feel so supported and welcome. I know I will have a great career here.”

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